Milo & Witney’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

Milo Manheim and Witney Carson dance Freestyle to "Ain’t No Sunshine (Lido Remix)" by Bill Withers on Dancing with the Stars' Season 27! Subscribe: Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8|7c on ABC!

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Kaitie Scheuer
Kaitie Scheuer:
I haven't felt this betrayed since Zendaya and Riker both lost their seasons
Dance Moms Lover20
Dance Moms Lover20:
This was the champion. The mirror ball is his. I’ll have one made and send it to him. I don’t care if Bobby was announced the winner, he’s the real winner.
Milo and Witney should have won....
Should’ve won, either him or Evanna I didn’t care, even if it was Alexis, fine, whatever, but Bobby... smh
Bish Wut
Bish Wut:
Wth is up with this Season milo and Witney are the true winners
Maddie Flores
Maddie Flores:
This dance was flawless. Their whole season was. He definitely deserved to win :(
I haven’t felt so sad since zendaya didn’t win her season
megan lee
megan lee:
Ummm I rooted for Milo, but I honestly would want anyone to win except for Bobby. He was last on my list, this was literally a popularity contest. Milo will always be my winner.
use me as a “MILO WAS ROBBED” button
marlen m
marlen m:
i've NEVER been so invested in a couple on the show as i were in teamwitlo. im absolutely heartbroken over a stupid mbt, but more so im upset of who he lost to. had it been Evanna as the winner, it would've been bittersweet but i would've understood, because SHE WAS AMAZING. bobby on the other hand wasnt even a decent dancer. im speechless.
witney and milo crushed the entire competition and their freestyle was the best i've seen. thats all
Jada Jones
Jada Jones:
Best dance of the night hands down! Still so proud of you Milo💛✨
I was rooting for Alexis, but after seeing this freestyle, Milo should've been the winner. This show is about dancing and who the best dancer can be, not about who can be the most likeable. Sad to see what this show has become given how long Joe was on the show and now with Bobby being the winner, smh 🙄
olivia r
olivia r:
let’s be real. Milo and Whitney 100% deserved that mirrorball the votes didn’t show it, BUT WE ALL KNOW IT HEHSJSJS
Taylor McGarrah
Taylor McGarrah:
I'm honestly so surprised he didnt win. He did amazing the entire season?!!?
I honestly expected
1: Milo
2. Evanna
3. Alexis
4. Bobby. But I guess not
Amanda Tun
Amanda Tun:
I’m so pissed that they didn’t win
Mallory Nichols
Mallory Nichols:
Let me just say i will NEVER watch dwts again. This dance was flawless with so many elements and layers to it. The show has now stopped awarding the people who are the best dancers and is now awarding the people who can suck up to america the best. DWTS we are divorcing.
Bird Trainer
Bird Trainer:
Witney and Milo deserves the mirrorball. Look how amazing they are! Even Evanna&Keo and Alexis&Alan are pretty good! But Bobby? Wtf, this is NOT a popularity contest but an actual dance contest. I still am in shook from how he won. Tinashe and Juan Pablo were better then Bobby and they both left the show. Smh, you guys need to fix this.
Maria Georgopoulos
Maria Georgopoulos:
Milo and Whitney should have won!!! They did so well with every dance!!!!its DANCING with the stars, I feel like judges votes should count way more than viewer votes.
Aanya Chadha
Aanya Chadha:
This season is rigged
Lilly Heart
Lilly Heart:
First Zendaya, NOW MILO!!??
Even though they were ROBBED with this season, can Witney at least get an Emmy for her dances this season?
Ant Broast
Ant Broast:
This was without a doubt, The Best Dance I Have Ever SEEN!!!! THEY SHOULD HAVE WON. R I P. Big rips in chat boi’s. I was emotionally moved by this dance. And I’m sure others were too.
Heart AMVs
Heart AMVs:
Best dance of the night, they won in my book.
Julia Fouts
Julia Fouts:
This is why dancing with the stars will most likely not air next year because of all the bad reviews. They were robbed Milo and witney all the way
Riley Firepath
Riley Firepath:
Freaking Bobby should have gone home not won, they should have won. What is wrong with u people who voted for him!!
Erin Hargrave
Erin Hargrave:
This is why we don't let America vote: first Trump and now Bobby...
Chris Peplinski
Chris Peplinski:
I really wish milo was then rightful winner as it should have been.
Estefany Palencia
Estefany Palencia:
It sucks that Bobby won
Alexandra Carlock
Alexandra Carlock:
I really want to be happy for sharna for winning her first mirrorball trophy but I can’t because I’m so disappointed that milo and witney didn’t win when they should have won
1:07 Can we talk about that flip tho! Amazing!
Megan Frigerio
Megan Frigerio:
I think even the judges expected him to win, sucks that Bobby won but it proves that you gotta be a showman to win which SUCKS
Edit- Evanna would have also deserved that win too. She worked so much harder than Bobby and learned from the experience. Like Bobby said he’s still clueless
Emie Craigo
Emie Craigo:
Milo & Evanna’s freestyles go down in my books as two of the best I’ve ever seen. I absolutely hated this season but I am so glad we got two of the greatest partnerships out of this. Team Witlo & Team Kevanna forever.
Vanessa Lerner Tesler Meieler
Vanessa Lerner Tesler Meieler:
Nomie Nacho
Nomie Nacho:
Bobby shouldn’t have won. I mean they just got their first 10’s. I watched this whole season just to be let down.😕. Team Whitlo should’ve won.
This was totally inspired by charity and andres from World of Dance, the lift at 0:25 and the jump at 0:30 is from their duels dance and also Charity and Andres used this song in their finals dance.
Milo and Whitney killed this, should've won smh
I know Bobby won, but Milo made it to the finals so that's a win for me! Congrats Team Witlo for making it!
Ava And Bella
Ava And Bella:
did anyone notice how perfect her leg hit when you hear the raindrop at 1:29
Aanya Chadha
Aanya Chadha:
If anyone watches World of Dance this was Charity and Andres final song too
Melody Jade
Melody Jade:
Milo is this year's Lindsey Stirling, and Zendaya. He might not have one, but this freestyle will go down in history. Well done guys!!!
I love my cat
I love my cat:
They still won to me
Kristina Meiners
Kristina Meiners:
I feel so bad for Milo and Witney. They worked so hard, and they deserved to win. I didn't even watch Dancing with the Stars until this year, and only because of Milo and Witney.
Lily Roberto
Lily Roberto:
Milo and witney were the real winners, at least we all know that. 😭 I was invested because I liked Milo in Zombies, but as the season went on, him and witney really freakin worked AND killed it!! He deserved it so much.
Kayla Elsner
Kayla Elsner:
Milo should have won point blank ex:look at the video
The best freestyle ever in DWTS History. Don't u agree ?
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter:
Who else had no words after seeing this amazing freestyle!!!
Gigie Bourassa
Gigie Bourassa:
I'll go ahead and say it, this was the best freestyle since Alfonso!
Nairi Khemichian
Nairi Khemichian:
Lets be real
70% of comments: Milo and Whitney shouldve won
30% of comments: reminds me of Zendaya and Milo and Whitney shouldve won
Gabriela Medrano
Gabriela Medrano:
Witney and her perfect choreography as usual! Queen wotney is in the house!
Bhavya S.
Bhavya S.:
i don’t care if bobby won, i will always consider milo the winner of this season.

team witlo = best team ever :))
Kenzie Lane
Kenzie Lane:
They are the true winners. I would have been happy with anyone but Bobby winning. You just lost a viewer...
Olivia Ladehoff
Olivia Ladehoff:
I’m waiting for someone to announce that they pulled a Steve and meant to announce milo and whittles as champs
W. A.
W. A.:
azul s
azul s:
I'm so sad,milo and whitney are the real winners they don't need a stupid trophy to know that they are that winners,they shine by their selfs,I'm so disappointed and confused obviously I wanna that they win but if Evana or Alexis win for me was Okey but them what a disillusioned
Arlene Sanchez
Arlene Sanchez:
Honestly milo should’ve been the winner even though Bobby won milo was still obviously the best and should’ve gotten that mirror ball
Kaitlyn Chan
Kaitlyn Chan:
Nomie Nacho
Nomie Nacho:
I am not watching dwts anymore because they don’t know who a REAL winner is. First Juan de Pablo left now Bobby is the winner?
DWTS Observer
DWTS Observer:
This was fantastic. The staccato moves blended with the dramatic Contemporary was just EXQUISITE! Such a mature and versatile performance. Plus that BACKFLIPPPPP! I loved the water as well! Such a creative theme, and genius choreography and execution. I haven’t seen the results yet... but I just hope I am not disappointed. 10!!!
Ashley Montenegro
Ashley Montenegro:
How the hell did Bobby become the winner? Milo deserved to win or at least Alexis smh
Lexie Di Chellis
Lexie Di Chellis:
If Witney doesn’t get an Emmy for her work this season I will be enraged. She’s just so good.
hişt fıstık çiki çiki
hişt fıstık çiki çiki:
I still can't believe Milo didn't win
Serena Squatrito
Serena Squatrito:
I’m shocked I’ve been dancing my whole life and I’m 18 and he comes in like 3 months ago and he’s amazing better then anyone on that show honestly can’t tell the difference between him and a pro
The REAL winner here, this is the Best dance ever. So betrayed by DWTS & for that goof ball to win instead..
Gabriela Cuentas
Gabriela Cuentas:
they were robbed, they should have won this.
Best freestyle in DWTS!!! amazing and please get Witney her Emmy right now
Kristina Meiners
Kristina Meiners:
I am not okay with the fact that they didn't win. NOT OK. CANNOT COPE. MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS, I GUESS.
Kristina Meiners
Kristina Meiners:
Wait, so you mean to tell me that they DIDN'T WIN?!?!?! In what world is that fair? They were clearly the best.
Uggg they totally should have won!! This dance is stunning!! Hands down the best dance of the whole season!! Love you guys!!❤️❤️ like if you agree!!
Maria Velardi
Maria Velardi:
Unbelievable! Milo should have won. Just lost all respect for this show. Always watched and went to see them live but now I don't want to watch anymore.
Sydney Demers
Sydney Demers:
My winner 😭😭😭 incredible choreography and the technique omg I’ve watched this 4 times already
Blanca Manriquez
Blanca Manriquez:
Loveeee witloooo!!💚💚
Chris Carrillo
Chris Carrillo:
That was spectacular! They were robbed 🤨🤨🤨
Max Culley
Max Culley:
Milo or Evonna should’ve won!
Alyssa Rios
Alyssa Rios:
Wheres the video of them announcing the winner i want to completely slander it
Ghost God_9790
Ghost God_9790:
Ophelia's Fall
Ophelia's Fall:
SO good!!!
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia:
That was amazing performs in this freestyle on dancing with the stars he is the champion on dancing with the stars.
Ginger Princess
Ginger Princess:
You were robbed, my love!!!!!! You and EVY were screwed!!! And Juan!!!
Adi Burgos
Adi Burgos:
This is one of the best freestyles *ever*
Alexi Canoutas
Alexi Canoutas:
I think him not winning was a SHOCK to absolutely everyone
J L:
Woah! 👏🏻💖🙌🏻
This was breathtaking! These two are fire!
Sparkling Mermaid
Sparkling Mermaid:
Milo and Witney... On behalf of everyone who watched this season, we all know you two were the real champions. Your routines were absolute perfection. We love you!!!
ѕυкнмαиι ѕαиgнα
ѕυкнмαиι ѕαиgнα:
I just genuinely don’t understand how this process works. Milo has the highest combined scores the entire season PLUS so many fans! How does it balance out? It’s called DANCING with the stars and Milo can dance. If anyone but Bobby won I’d be fine with it cause at least they can dance and are humble but a guy who constantly shades the other contestants is the one who won and I can’t get behind that. Done with this show. MILO you are my champ, trophy or not, and Evanna and Alexis, you both are amazing and deserved better; so proud of all 3 of you ❤️❤️
Brendan P
Brendan P:
All Freestyles on DWTS deserve a 10. There are exceptions (Frankie, Bobby), but not here. 10/10
Sofia Rose
Sofia Rose:
my winner. beautifully done. wow. perfection.
Jordan Gerold
Jordan Gerold:
love my winners of this season
Summer Rose
Summer Rose:
This music brings me back to Charity & Andres performance on WOD, but I like this one better, hands down the best performance from Milo and Witney!!!
rachel yay
rachel yay:
Honestly, this should’ve gotten 20s!! Amazing! So sad that the winner is Bobby no offense
Lexi C
Lexi C:
after zendaya lost her season i lost interest in this show and then Jordan Fisher won and I started to have hope again... I think it’s safe to say I’m completely done w this show, can’t afford to get let down again. Milo and Witney are still winners in my eyes nonetheless
Sofia Medici
Sofia Medici:
almost a month after the finale and I’m still watching this pissed that they didn’t win this is the best freestyle I’ve ever seen on this show no doubt about it
Aubree Sorrells
Aubree Sorrells:
flawless dance. hands down my favorite they did throughout the entire season
Valentina Valdez
Valentina Valdez:
They should of won they had the best freestyle
Adriana Perez
Adriana Perez:
Loved it so much they are amazing they should win
meowmeow unicornie
meowmeow unicornie:
bobby who? yall shouldve won HANDS DOWN
Wait what..? I'm reading the comments and Bobby won?! What???....
Haikal Rizan
Haikal Rizan:
Juliet herbst
Juliet herbst:
I've watched Dancing with the stars forever and they're my favourite
Karla Fiona M-R
Karla Fiona M-R:
one barely did 3 dance moves, was all stiff and flipping FLOSSED during his dance. the other did the most incredible and beautiful dance I’ve probably ever seen...

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