Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson Perform 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart'

Ellen welcomed her friends Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson to perform their hit song, "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart." #MileyCyrus #MarkRonson #NothingsBreaksLikeAHeart

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Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack:
Among the sea of autotune artists today, I sometimes forget that Miley Cyrus is actually a brilliant singer.
taylor hill
taylor hill:
Great vocals. No back-up singers. No autotune. She even sings the background lyrics herself.
İbrahim Gezer
İbrahim Gezer:
I think nobody can sing this song better than her
These minimalist style performances are definitely her major strengths.
Samiha Binte Tariq
Samiha Binte Tariq:
Ellen's team: How many backup singers do u need?

Miley: NO
Paul Dickerson
Paul Dickerson:
Dude, this is better than the official version
This is Marcooos
This is Marcooos:
I love how everyone is soo positive in the comments
Indigo Primo
Indigo Primo:
I like how she doesnt have to try hard her unique style comes out naturally
Sweet Grandma
Sweet Grandma:
Mark Ronson is an architect a musical genius
andrea collins
andrea collins:
You can’t beat that natural tone in Miley’s voice. She is amazing and a true talent.
Ozan Kalelioglu
Ozan Kalelioglu:
You can literally like every comment without reading them, because there is nothing negative to say about this video and these two talents !!!
i was hypnotized by how professional and how masterfully she sings those notes. amazing voice, amazing performance
Dirty South's Aussies
Dirty South's Aussies:
She even sings the backup herself! Amazing.
Manny S.
Manny S.:
This is the weirdest comment section. Positivity all around. She's got great voice no matter what! Not just a singer but also an artist
Maria Schoenecker
Maria Schoenecker:
her raw voice is SO UNIQUE and melodic!
Martin Amarilla
Martin Amarilla:
I sometimes forget this is completely live. That’s just how good she sounds.
presley rae
presley rae:
tbh Miley is one of the most underrated artists and she is an outstanding singer and I'm pretty sure everyone knows that.
Lucia Sanigová
Lucia Sanigová:
She sounds exactly like in audio record. Omg!! I just love her voice so much 🔥🔥🔥😍😍❤!!!
Miley is actually an underrated singer
Miss Alina
Miss Alina:
Can definitely hear the Dolly influence ❤️
Valyria Westeros
Valyria Westeros:
Im sure Liam is so proud of her❤❤❤
I'm in love this song and this is coming from a black man who grew up on soul and r&b! Miley can really sang!
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd:
First time I've been listening to Miley Cyrus lately and she's really good! Proud of her, especially for her latest "Slide Away." She maturing into a true artist!
Curious SM
Curious SM:
She's a real singer.....
I love that SHE requested them to be there for her birthday. That's so adorable and such a great way to use your celebrity!
Her voice cracks at 2:30 & it sounds so beautiful
She's an amazing singer but I also want to point out how beautiful that music is!!! You don't hear strings very often anymore and it's usually all very digital sounding. This music made me think kinda 60s/70s as well. Such good instrumental! <3
Doctor Kanika
Doctor Kanika:
Miley is a born rockstar. No wonder Ellen love her so much always, only to invite her on her b-day! 😍♥
Timothy Oneto
Timothy Oneto:
Okay, coming clean here...I was never a big fan of hers, but the more I hear of/see her singing, I'm really becoming a fan! I love that she actually "SINGS!" (Imagine THAT!) She's very versatile. Go Miley!
suryadeep bhattacharyya
suryadeep bhattacharyya:
Ellen has a good taste in music.
Kerry Evans
Kerry Evans:
Miley Cyrus can SANG..
Mark only works with the BEST... the backyard sing SONG Series is outstanding
Greetings from Dublin Ireland brother and sisters We love her HERE
Daina Joseph
Daina Joseph:
this is raw uncut, unfiltered God's giving talent, I felt every notes thank you Miley.
Clovis da Cruz
Clovis da Cruz:
This song is a modern day masterpiece.
Christ she is actually seriously gorgeous
Виталина Черепанова
Виталина Черепанова:
Miley is really talented even if someone says "her father is producer"
i love the way she says " happy birthday Ellen" before finishing music.
Miley JaneHansen
Miley JaneHansen:
She looks and sounds so healthy. A shame a passionate artist like her still doesnt have a grammy
Him Upadhyay
Him Upadhyay:
How great her voice is without Auto tune! She's underrated now.Go Miley.
Sidonie Ingita
Sidonie Ingita:
She's so gorgeous <3
Raj Iv
Raj Iv:
Miley has the best voice on earth. 😘😍🥰
This voice is realll, understand?
Laurrie Chavez
Laurrie Chavez:
She can sing anything.
Rujula Sharma
Rujula Sharma:
This is my favorite song. I can hear it all day and everyday
No back up, great, great. I love it.
Better than I could ever imagine it being sung live.
New gen Stevie Nicks
Miley is truly one of the best vocalists ever... 😍
Nicolette James
Nicolette James:
Miley sounds amazing! But did mark really think no one would notice him not playing the guitar?
Spiral Breeze
Spiral Breeze:
Mark is basically a decoration for this.
I just love Miley’s and Ellen’s relationship and the love they got for each other 💕
Oreqon_Chiq_ Qur'an
Oreqon_Chiq_ Qur'an:
Me: looking for miley's wedding ring
Miley's voice is so ICONIC
Jeremy Rayski
Jeremy Rayski:
Miley Cyrus, well she is in a league of her own, personally for me , one of the best, great.... great vocals, stage performance not to mention her versatility of songs , for example, listen to her backyard sessions ( on utube) I would highly recommend.
Ashlyn Macy
Ashlyn Macy:
Love her voice it is so amazing I don’t know she does it 🤔
yolie alvarez
yolie alvarez:
That “broken” gets me every time
Andreea Cruțescu
Andreea Cruțescu:
Just enough😌❤
I actually I enjoyed the song more without being distracted by the video clip.
eXiLe Exodia
eXiLe Exodia:
Absolutely stunning she is
_like _sam
_like _sam:
Queeeeeen. She is a real singer! I love her voice. She is in every way special!
Hazel Aggarwal
Hazel Aggarwal:
This woman won my heart. Great vocals. Without any autotune. Purely artistic.
Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife
Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife:
miley can wear anything and still look so good
She’s the best of this generation
Fabiaan Vergara
Fabiaan Vergara:
she can sing alone I’m proud of her I love that she is with her voice nothing else I love u so much you’re inspired me
Leona Wallace
Leona Wallace:
I felt moved watching this performance what a beautiful voice i almost shed a tear the lyrics were touching💜💙💚💛
Alana Nardi Crestani
Alana Nardi Crestani:
i LOVE her voice, she slays
Pals P
Pals P:
Miley Cyrus is one of the greatest singer of our decade.
Leela Cerullo
Leela Cerullo:
Miley is a phenomenal singer. She thrives in heartfelt songs with her natural vocals!!
Tiffa Alaniz
Tiffa Alaniz:
My Gosh that woman is an amazing singer and song writer i will always love her and be a huge fan of Miley Cyrus ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anushka Mitra
Anushka Mitra:
She is so amazing
Ghis M
Ghis M:
I love this minimalist performance, only talent speaks, it's like "The Backyard Sessions" 😍😍😍
Everything is possible
Everything is possible:
The most important she can sing without autotune .
Becca s
Becca s:
Pure raw talent!! Miley was meant to sing this song!! Beautiful!!
Iadira Saenz
Iadira Saenz:
She’s always been a gifted talented young lady, she just went through her rebellion phase, just like you did!
Alejandra G.Ch.
Alejandra G.Ch.:
Me encanta que ella misma hace las partes de los coros, suena genial.
Marcos Sánchez
Marcos Sánchez:
Give this song the recognition it deserves!
Kristina S
Kristina S:
And let's get reminded what makes this girl so amazing. Unlike most autotuned fake 'artists' she is a talented woman that can actually sing.
Lori Len
Lori Len:
Better than recorded version 🥰
Dr Maria Harriet StackTV
Dr Maria Harriet StackTV:
Fantastic performance..what outstanding American talent....belated Happy Birthday also to Ellen..
Miley can sing! Love her voice.
Her voice is just incredible 😍
J Santos
J Santos:
SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. that is it.
Piertotum Locomotor
Piertotum Locomotor:
Michael Mc Laughlin
Michael Mc Laughlin:
There're few 'singers' in the charts who could do that live.
carlota Delgado
carlota Delgado:
Miley gets better in every performance she does. Love her.
Miley Cyrus is one of the best "main-stream" vocalists.

cHange my mind
paris 1234
paris 1234:
I like her voice its sounds more beautiful on live
fatıma gül
fatıma gül:
Her voice is..... just AMAZING!
Ri Ranjo
Ri Ranjo:
honestly i really want to hear songs from her Bangerz era make a comeback this 2019 but i don’t mind this vocal masterpiece too 💕
Florencia Dir
Florencia Dir:
I just love how she sings this song!!! 💜💜💜💜
Woow I loved this performance, it gave me chills
Sarah Mughal
Sarah Mughal:
Miley's voice is amazing!
Aelhade Bakkush
Aelhade Bakkush:
Even better than the studio version!!❤️
Wow, Mark Ronson can really playback that guitar
Razvan Andrei
Razvan Andrei:
This is by far the best live version of this song i've heard.
Elvira Lelli
Elvira Lelli:
Love this song" she sings it beautifully " love her voice'
Divine Blessings
Divine Blessings:
GOSH! Miley you got a clear strong beautiful voice!!!!
Cris DR
Cris DR:
Miley you have a wonderful voice, as always!
Ralph Eachus
Ralph Eachus:
Would be awesome to see her perform this with Dolly Parton! It’s got that country vibe and they sing so well together!
She looks so much like she used to back in the day
I thought Ellen would’ve mentioned the fact that Miley just got married! “Congrats on being awesome” 😂