Mauricio Pochettino sacked by Tottenham: 'I'm SHOCKED!' - Steve Nicol | Premier League

ESPN FC's Steve Nicol provides his immediate reactions following news Tottenham have sacked Mauricio Pochettino. Nicol is perplexed why Daniel Levy and Spurs parted ways with Pochettino and chooses Massimiliano Allegri as his favourite to take charge. #ESPNFC Subscribe to ESPN UK: Follow ESPN UK across multiple platforms:

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Gaming Channel101
Gaming Channel101:
He deserves to be sacked, he is against the spurs ideology. He almost won a trophy!
Manka Moha
Manka Moha:
Reached final in the champion without transfer
Tyler 97
Tyler 97:
Poch made this small club relevant and they have the audacity to sack him absolute huge mistake
Soham Naskar
Soham Naskar:
They finally did the most Spursy thing ever. 😂
Omar Melendrez
Omar Melendrez:
This will make more damage to Tottenham than to Pochettino. And it may be even better for him!
Risto Borgman
Risto Borgman:
Bayern Munich has entered the chat
Rakhshan Masood
Rakhshan Masood:
how tf pochettino sacked before emery and Valverde 🤨🤨🤨🤨
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861:
Sacked in the morning
Nope :
*Sacked in the ebening🎵🎷*
running through the 6 with my woes
running through the 6 with my woes:
I sense a big move from Poch now...
Roberto Green
Roberto Green:
Everyone: How can Leicester make such a ridiculous decision?!

Tottenham: Hold my 🍺
BJ Martin
BJ Martin:
Why does everyone talk like allegri isn’t a defensive manager?
I wish Barça could've done this with their coach!
Paul O
Paul O:
And this is the moment where Tot goes back to being a mid table team
Poch made this small club relevant & made them compete with the big clubs & they had the audacity to sack.
The fact that Emery is still at Arsenal is INFURIATING!!!!
Nanker Phelge
Nanker Phelge:
Maybe Spurs should hire Steve Nichol , he seems to know it all 😂
Soumyadip Mandal
Soumyadip Mandal:
Next Better be Unai emery 😂
Greg Plush
Greg Plush:
Bring him to Argentina national team🇦🇷🇦🇷
STube YT
STube YT:
This is a stupid sack probably I’ve ever heard in my life
Zekarias Mechesso
Zekarias Mechesso:
A Blessing in disguise for Poch.
Delshad Said
Delshad Said:
Haven’t seen this since Claudio Raneri
Fredo Benji
Fredo Benji:
Ole somewhere laughing like “should’ve been me that got sacked”
TD Immanuel
TD Immanuel:
Pottlesstino 🤣🤣 Solskjaer and Emery is next... here goes the merry-go-round
MNZR 22:
Poch : 🦅Spurs
Jose :🐔 spurs
Simon W
Simon W:
Just me that thinks Spurs just love a bit of drama 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
Danny 906
Danny 906:
That Scottish guy is clueless. 😂

Does he even watch the Prem because everything he says about every club is ridiculous.

Allegri is just as defensive as Jose.

He says Rashford AND Lingard is better than Martial.
Legit jeff
Legit jeff:
Lads the last time Mourinho was in a final was in the Europa league.

Spurs are going to end up like Man U
Jordy Lyons
Jordy Lyons:
This has finished me off, can’t wait to wake up and see levy has agreed a £50 and tube of paprika pringles for Eddie Howe... f### sake
Joshua Makshofi
Joshua Makshofi:
No one envisioned Emery or Ole outlasting Poch.
DB9 saru
DB9 saru:
about time levy is listening to my ideas. i was the first to call the sack, hire me up if you want top 4, and a chance to make spurs a title winning side next season

i have the right transfer plan, philosophy, ideas, set up, and formation to take spurs back to top 3 status
Something tells me Jose is up to his antics with this ...
Spurs will soon be playing Sunderland again and I have always enjoyed those matches but they will not like the trip up north just to get beat again.
Paul Faid
Paul Faid:
3:03 this didn’t age well...
Jay Colin
Jay Colin:
Yup, good luck finding a good replacement for a manager like Poch! Spurs just played themselves so hard!
The background is making me feel sick!
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
Damn..I thought he was gonna leave on his terms. As much as I hate Spuds, this is a massive disrespect after all what he has done for them.
Gurdita Singh
Gurdita Singh:
Tottenham need BIG SAM to save them from relegation this season 😂
SkyHighCookiePlayz _YT
SkyHighCookiePlayz _YT:
Daniel-"Let's get rid of the only manager we have mid-season
Poch-"I blame Levi"
Daniel-"who's cane then"
Poch-"the one I hit them haters with but still don't sac pls"
Everyone 😪
yaqub hussaini
yaqub hussaini:
Valverde: It is what it is 🤣
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid:
He always looked like moody guy with attitude never said good evening to the fans maybe still could of had the job
Rahul Gurung
Rahul Gurung:
I am a Liverpool fan. I hope he stays in Premier League.
Best of luck: Man utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Arsenal and Bayern
Any Guess guys?
Junior Rodigan
Junior Rodigan:
Best wishes to Poch . Thanks for all you did for Spurs.
Ncedisa Feni
Ncedisa Feni:
Looking forward to seeing him as a pundit & understand how he sees football.

By the way i think he wanted to be sacked!!!
At least Poch will walk away with a multi million pound pay off & right into another job
Garcia Kerr
Garcia Kerr:
Mourinho will ruin Liverpool dreams this season mark my word
End of a golden era with zero trophies.
It's funny Spurs signs Mourinho literally hours after this video
sebastian cuello
sebastian cuello:
Spurs are going back to mid table where they’ve always belonged.
Empty new stadium pending...🐸☕️😂
Lacazette FTW
Lacazette FTW:
RIP Spurs they will never finish in the top 6 again 😂😂
mike joker
mike joker:
Lol, Pochettino said it himself he'll never leave the club, so Tottenham decides to fire him..😂😂....
But in all seriousness, he's gonna be successful wherever he goes, and Tottenham have just fired their best manager, period...
Rahmat Adrian
Rahmat Adrian:
dont forget....England reached semifinal world cup 2018....mostly player from spurs....
RG _Nald
RG _Nald:
🤦🏻‍♂️My Goodness, 5 good years, 1 bad barely half season... and they fire you
Just AFriend
Just AFriend:
''you have to spend money'': unless you're ajax

with such a youth training you'll be making money
Jonathan Doyle
Jonathan Doyle:
This was a shock when I first heard it but if you really think hard about it Levy had no choice. Poch wants out of Spurs he is looking at the vacant Bayern Munich job. Spurs have to act quick to get Jose in case Real madrid get him so really Levy has made the right decision as hard as that may seem. Poch wants to leave and will probably win the Champions league with Bayern. Jose will fit Spurs perfect .
yoo yoo
yoo yoo:
I’d be so upset if I was a spurs fan, I read that poch had a net spend of 200 million in 6 years. I think if he had got more money to spend that Tottenham wouldn’t be in this situation.
Rene Treur
Rene Treur:
Weve got 5 Dembélés running around, so lets not tag nDombele as one as well 😂
Had to happen, time was up.
david james
david james:
Well done spurs, he was bound to leave after this season, best to do the jilting first in this business, they can let a manager settle now before next season
Adam Peacock
Adam Peacock:
This interview aged well...
geoffrey watson
geoffrey watson:
Amazing how Tottenham went from a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ team with poc
Down to a ⭐️⭐️ team 😭😭😭😂😂😂😁😁😁😭😭😭😭
CHELSEA FAN 😂😂😂 I keep saying Danny is a Chelsea fan.
Jonathan Barrios
Jonathan Barrios:
No one can fix spurs atm 😭😭
They brung in Mourinho 🤦‍♂️
K J:
I bet this decision came about because Levy was drunk with a few "bottles"
Charles Trotman
Charles Trotman:
Poch gone, Jose incoming !
Brandon Bee
Brandon Bee:
Steve makes my ears bleed
Mike 7
Mike 7:
Good ebening but I am still here😂
Jose Mourinho has entered group chat: "Spurs"
I love how Spurs have delusions of grandeur now but they sack the one person that made them relevant. Here comes another 20 years of mediocrity.
He's clearly fallen out with the players. I would say the results on the pitch are a result of that.
Robert Francis
Robert Francis:
The problem started when he played harry kane in the champions league final instead of the guy who got them there. Lucas moura. The players since then have not performed
Brycen Fernandes
Brycen Fernandes:
Are you sure? I'll wait for VAR to confirm!
Joshua Awolola
Joshua Awolola:
Poch wanted to be sacked for a long time. I’m sure he’s very happy
Ziya Okut
Ziya Okut:
This will bring more damage to us!
Charlie Morris
Charlie Morris:
I think that poch has took this spurs team as far as they could go. And that cl final loss knocked him and his teams motivation heavily. He needs to move on now
Gaston A. Dal Poggetto
Gaston A. Dal Poggetto:
I wonder what the club leaders thought they changed coach. Is it that business is more important?
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Wait till you see whose the next manager
Welcome to Bayern 😏
jordan L
jordan L:
I think they just knew in their heart Pochettino gave up on the spurs project because of lack of financial backing
Cup of that Purple Stuff
Cup of that Purple Stuff:
How has Unai Emery lasted longer than Poch?????
Good for Poch, maybe he’ll go somewhere now where he’s appreciated
Ian Trotman
Ian Trotman:
Awaiting the mass exodus of players now...
lol Poch aint worried, that dude getting a MASSIVE job. Barca should be calling.
Rahul Rebello
Rahul Rebello:
They can have Emery or Tim Sherwood
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson:
Welcome to spurs well done levy 😃😃😃😃😃😃 watch us to up and up now I'm so happy
Timothy Quach
Timothy Quach:
Remember Klopp's final season with BVB? And look where he is now. Pochettino will be fine, I just hope Tottenham will be able to recover their form like Dortmund have.
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Literally nothing holding players who want to leave there now.
Cole Haan
Cole Haan:
Tottenham will REGRET!
"For me Allegri"
Lol this man is literally Mourinho 2.0
Rahim Joseph
Rahim Joseph:
Mourinio got Man U to 2nd he’s still a capable manager
Mukesh Prajapati
Mukesh Prajapati:
Tottenham's greatest blunder ever
Gave him no money to improve squad he over achieved with the funds he had. It's the owners fault look at united they have spent almost a billion in the last 4 years.
There only going to give Jose the money they should have given poch
tshepo legodi
tshepo legodi:
I think it was clear that Pochettino was tired of being there, you could tell he was ready to move on he had taken Spurs as far as they could go. It's time for him to manage a bigger club like Utd, Madrid or Bayern
David Borkwood
David Borkwood:
Keep poch & get rid of the dead wood in January, then go again. Poch the best thing that has happened to this club
bonesjuones melo
bonesjuones melo:
Not sure why but I’m getting the feeling Steve is shocked by this
Elicky Kiptoo
Elicky Kiptoo:
In football,when you at grace think twice
Zubair Motala
Zubair Motala:
Clearly poch wanted to get out of spurs for long now so why is Steve 'shocked'?
Shaquille Peters
Shaquille Peters:
I'm so jealous of spurs they sack the manager that elevated the club but my team barca is backing the coach that is ruining mine can't seem to put my hand on it that's strange
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix:
I was waiting for the 50th video about Cristiano. Well done spurs for changing the story line.