Married at First Sight: Keith and Kristine Are Married (Season 8) | Lifetime

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Naturally Beautiful
Naturally Beautiful:
They finally got a fine brother lmfao
Keith is a whooooooole snack! This is making me think that I should get on this show if all else fails! 😅
Kay Mainval
Kay Mainval:
i'm here for this black love!! yassss
Kenzie Brooke
Kenzie Brooke:
I think this is the first couple I could see the spark instantly
Milani Inalim
Milani Inalim:
The chemistry is palpable with these two, I’m rooting for them, I really hope they last!
bambi Carter
bambi Carter:
Why did they open the doors so early
Chastity Pittman
Chastity Pittman:
Look how he's rubbing her hand! I felt that. Yea. I think they'll be good together. *fingers crossed*
Stacia Speaks
Stacia Speaks:
This is the 1st couple I've seen on this show with an instant connection....
Airreona TheElevatedSongstress
Airreona TheElevatedSongstress:
They kissed each other like they’ve been dating for a while.😂😂
Beauty J
Beauty J:
I want dreads at 1:53 I called him, he’s mine.
Nyan Nyani
Nyan Nyani:
They are beautiful. Everyone deserves to be married and find happiness in the company of another. May they be sincere to their union and give it their best shot.
This show makes no sense honestly but I still watch it for entertainment
Lakeisha A
Lakeisha A:
I need to go on here cause my dating life sucks😬
Aww! He said its the best day if his life. I pray they are happy forever.
He has such a bright smile, tall handsome and in school to be a nurse, id scope him up! Haha
Mizz Mimi
Mizz Mimi:
She looks like a pint-sized Jill Scott. Cute couple! 🤗
Merveille K
Merveille K:
Awwwweee... when he said “it’s the best day of my life, I’m serious”
suuban star
suuban star:
ooooh :) imma watch this and the other black couple. shoot lifetime yall know why im here
Alisha C
Alisha C:
Why would they open the doors when she wasnt even at the door?!
A True Love Official
A True Love Official:
I think they're meant for each other. I can see that they are happy to be married. Congratulations! I wish you all the love and happiness as you start your journey as married couple.
The Debby O Show
The Debby O Show:
This couple will be interesting to watch. Hearing about his family, upbringing, and personal interests (ie. couch surfing), he is giving me man child vibes. Also both their families consider each one spoiled... this will be interesting
I hope they make it😍
Mae Beau
Mae Beau:
I just wanna say, men with dreads look good in a suit. Random comment 😝
Not Today
Not Today:
The ackwardness once they are alone must be loud.
*Jess_desire_more *
*Jess_desire_more *:
She was rushing her dad
That kiss was propaaa
Sylvie D B
Sylvie D B:
I love them already! She's adorable
christmas cat72
christmas cat72:
She looked great but giiiirrrlllll I felt bad for you when ur garter slipped down to ur ankle, then u had to yank it up several times....and during this time the entire congregation was watching you...🙈...I would be like a box of crayola....turning different colors of embarrassment..
Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ
Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ:
She reminds me of Bobbi Christina, too early to tell if they'll make it. Right now it's all sparkly new n hormones everywhere
I don't like that, "I now pronounce you *married* . What is that?? How about, "man and wife." Always trying to change stuff on the low. Otherwise, lovely 😄
CeCe’s Tyme
CeCe’s Tyme:
May they both find the courage to push through the hard times ahead and get to the beautiful part of marriage 😍....
Marvin Great
Marvin Great:
so sweet
K Moore
K Moore:
I know Keith personally and he’s a good dude. He works at a hospital in University City
Jazz Kat
Jazz Kat:
Is it just me, or did his family throw a liiiiil bit of shade in their "what u should know" statement...🤔
Park1way Way1park
Park1way Way1park:
It’s physical and if that’s what you have in the beginning I hope that’s not what you have at the end cause anything can happen will the attraction be the same ? Don’t get me wrong looks count but beauty fades joy,love and companionship last 🤷🏾‍♀️
Vocally Gifted
Vocally Gifted:
I think they’re built for one another & I’d like to see how it paves out!!
Jen360 changing my life for the better
Jen360 changing my life for the better:
These matches really confuse me. It is one thing to match different personalities but different values or lifestyle will just not work. How do you set up a self proclaimed couch potato with a woman who values working out? A mommy's boy with a " princess"
Candice Matthews
Candice Matthews:
awesome! they make a cute couple, chemistry is definitely apparent!
sk w
sk w:
So sweet, I see the spark with these two 😌
Well, I know one couple I'm gonna be watching for!
Blair InTheBurbs
Blair InTheBurbs:
Married at first sight needs to change their requirements ASAP! Anyone in their 20’s should not be on this show. Casting 20 somethings takes away from the older people whose dating pool is actually limited. The people in their 20’s on this show are not putting in a valiant effort in their personal lives and not giving themselves time. It’s all about instant gratification for them.
Sharon you
Sharon you:
Great couple💜🌹💜GOD BLESS🌷
The Jacobs
The Jacobs:
Their babies will look good
just a
just a:
Watching this small clip💍💛 made me smile😀✨💖💕 for the entire five minutes😁🌟 young love💖😍😊so Beautiful
Nicole Royalty
Nicole Royalty:
I'm rooting for them. Especially with that kiss of love. And, when he automatically said " this was the best day of my life!"
Shari Scott
Shari Scott:
ollie hatch
ollie hatch:
She looks like a Princess and he a Prince..finally a beautiful black fairytale😪
Lauren Mann
Lauren Mann:
She's stunning
Estella Butler
Estella Butler:
Marrying someone you don't know, I don't think this is a good idea. Marriages are easy to get into hard as heck to get out of. She was looking for someone: (1) Tall (2) Athletic Build and (3) Handsome. Those are her requirements for a man?
Mrs. FancyFitz
Mrs. FancyFitz:
She can’t wait to get to him lol! Leaving dad behind
Y'all peep the hand caressing or its just me
Hope Bullard
Hope Bullard:
If that wasn't the perfect kiss ever idk what was
La P
La P:
Now there was real Sparks between them I got butterflies.
How is no one concerned that he is 30 years old and lives with his grandmother?! She is a vibrant and independent young woman! I think they matched her incorrectly in that department, but yes, they have lots of chemistry.
Paula O
Paula O:
Craziness....The end...
INTROverted Queen
INTROverted Queen:
Lawdddd, does he have a close cousin 😩😩😩 Love is so genuine and evident!!!!
Uniqwia B
Uniqwia B:
1:54 he’s cute
Being Marilyn Gail
Being Marilyn Gail:
I think this my favorite couple, so far. The body language is incredible.
Sheena Mason
Sheena Mason:
Awww. Beautiful. Praying for them...if they have the courage to get married at first sight, they have the courage and strength to persevere through the ups and downs of what ultimately becomes a strong and rooted relationship. 🙏🏽🥰♥️
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I wish they can find someone for me....
World's Citizen 1804
World's Citizen 1804:
You just look so good together, please stay together. Love God, yourselves respect each other, that's only what matter. Have a wonderful life in Jesus name.
Kapisi Kukama
Kapisi Kukama:
She's beautiful...hopefully they'll stay happily together.
Daily Sip
Daily Sip:
Dread head on the front row with the pretty eyes and glowy skin 😍😍
Dime Ques
Dime Ques:
So we all gonna ignore the fact that these people just met in the how ever many minute video......
Barbie's Playhouse
Barbie's Playhouse:
Omgod hahah. Love how real that moment was. Making her grand entrance and something goes wrong. Lol. Much respect
Im so happy for them and they are still together and seem so happy..Kudos
Kia Wilson
Kia Wilson:
Does anyone have a link to watch the entire episode?
Vickie Minter
Vickie Minter:
I love their wedding, crying every I watch it!! May they live happily ever after
A. Young
A. Young:
Well they say in some cultures that rain on your wedding day means good luck. .... I think this is a good look! Fingers and toes crossed 😉
Sheree Angeleyes
Sheree Angeleyes:
Beautiful wedding. I pray that their marriage last forever.
Mary Vivi
Mary Vivi:
I watch the show to see Keith and them so much...
Ms. Murray
Ms. Murray:
I would never allow my daughter to do this. Never!!
I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness ! God bless your marriage !
Extremely Coco
Extremely Coco:
Love at first sight for real for real!! They gone make pretty babies
Nat SaidThat
Nat SaidThat:
Wow, what a passionate kiss!!! I like this couple, I think they will make it! 😊
Beautiful couple. 😊❤️🙏these two are so sweet and mature. Love watching them,,
Sharon you
Sharon you:
Wow i love this
Nat SaidThat
Nat SaidThat:
This song in the end, seal it with a kiss, who sings it??? I love it!! Adds to the love story!!! 😍😍
So here for the black love ! The chemistry is instant love It
Simantini Sinha
Simantini Sinha:
Beauty of arranged marriages. The blushing, nervousness, eagerness to know each other, giggles are worth it
Sammy Ytube
Sammy Ytube:
Shorty and tallie are just too cute.  I am feeling them until the end.
Sheena Bailey
Sheena Bailey:
That man is handsome!!!
Abby Mae
Abby Mae:
“is that him?” 😂
Bengomane Claudia
Bengomane Claudia:
Love them! There are still together ❤️
Vanessa Trammell
Vanessa Trammell:
Getting married on a rainy day is a good omen.
Tristan bby
Tristan bby:
Umhh can u say cute couple! Omg they are so happy! I can see the connection already. When they kissed it had so much 🔥. I can actually see this working out!
Imani Perez
Imani Perez:
I’m loving this vibe, I really hope they win. Cute couple!!!!!
Tshepii Banda
Tshepii Banda:
I was embarrassed on her behalf the gutter falling off 😂😭had to pause the video.. They good together thou
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
They are beautiful,but why do some people play with marriage?like what?seeing the person for the first time and marry them?very stupid indeed and then at the end they wanna God to fix their life when they did not invite him in the first stage a.k.a single stage.even the parents support this?what a mess really! no God fearing parent would do so,why would u support ur child living with a stranger u yourself never met😥😥
Renee Battle
Renee Battle:
This looks like a perfect match! 😍
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy:
🤐 just when I thought I was crazy lol. He is so handsome and yummy. Thanks for sparking the hope in black love
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy:
Wow I can’t wait to watch!
They Defoe a good looking couple tho😍
Omggg they look so cute together ❤
Ms Mo'nye
Ms Mo'nye:
Keep that some nice looking fellows and his family I'm next hi Keith is anyone single
They are so cute together and they look already happy😍😩
Valarie Cole
Valarie Cole:
They both have a strong 💪 connection already... hope it can grow into a Godly marriage
kristine looks absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown