Manus Island detainees in limbo as Australian-run detention centre to close

The Manus Island detention centre is due to close on Tuesday but about 600 refugees and asylum seekers are refusing to leave the centre. Detainees have been told the site will be returned to Papua New Guinea's defence force and 'anyone choosing to remain here will be liable for removal from an active PNG military base'. Locals report police squads have armed themselves 'like they are going to war' and detainees have alleged looting by locals after staff departed Subscribe to Guardian Wires ► Support the Guardian ► The Guardian ► Owen Jones talks ► Guardian Football ► Guardian Culture ► Guardian Tech ► Guardian Music ► Guardian Australia ► Guardian Food ►


Tom Hulme
Tom Hulme:
Sad music and pictures is there an agenda here ?
All men? Here too?
Raph K
Raph K:
Life is tough. But there is a delicate ecosystem here in Australia, sometimes one must make tough choices for the greater good.
So what is the story behind this?  The music makes it sound like someone wants to dramatize their plight. I always ask WHY when things like this come up.
Why do we bring people into Australia when there no jobs for the people that are hear most know or should that the unemployment rate is well in excess then stated, one day a week isn't employment and most people are looking for more work. The government should stop fudging the figures
Stan Kormy
Stan Kormy:
Boooooo. Hooooooooo
Shane Jennings
Shane Jennings:
Why do they want to come to somewhere they are not invited to and are not welcome at. We do not want you here get the message ...