Manchester United 2-2 Burnley - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Post Match Press Conference - Premier League

Post-match press conference with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after Man United's 2-2 draw with Burnley in the Premier League. Please subscribe, like the video and share wherever you can! I own the rights to this footage, DO NOT copy and re-upload this video otherwise copyright strikes will be made. To make sure you don't miss any of my videos on this and my other channels please : Subscribe here!: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: If you want to help with the costs involved with running the channel you can support me on my Patreon here =

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vuthina roeun
vuthina roeun:
He still refuses to blame the players. What a manager we got.
Can everyone please realise we're not gonna win every game, the mentality of United to get back from 2-0 down is fantastic, this is a great moment
Rashford CF
Martial LWF
Lingard RWF
Pogba CAM
Hererra CDM
Matic CDM
Dalot RB
Lindelof CB
Bailly CB
Shaw LB
De gea GK
Aleksandar Markov
Aleksandar Markov:
What a come back well done Manchester United please like if u love this coach🤙
Manager of the month. January💯⚽
Vilas Red devil
Vilas Red devil:
Good response from United.. we can’t play Lukaku n Mata in same time!! Too slow
Gurdit Singh
Gurdit Singh:
Mistakes cost us but we still showed quality. We will push on
Kjetil ‘
Kjetil ‘:
Lingard is one of our best players at the moment. Came on and changed the game. Hope he will be starting next match!
Garry Creighton
Garry Creighton:
Ole I've watched United the last 20 years and Phil Jones isn't good enough for our club.
p o
p o:
I'm a Newcastle fan of 28 years... All these haters on man utd.. Does not matter who wins league now... Headlines are all about Manchester United stealing the show of 2019.. All the spotlights are on ole.. Not Liverpool or man City... Nobody will think about the winner, they will talk about man utds great run..
Konstantin Todorov
Konstantin Todorov:
Another perfect interview, this time after a tough game without luck. No criticism, only positives for the team. Ole handling the press in a unique way! Bad result for us, but we should not overlook the fact that the boys did not give up!! GGMU
Chad bailey
Chad bailey:
Show pereira some respect Man U fans
Remember he didn’t start in 6 months so he is rusty
Take lindelof for example he was at first in the premier league but now he is settled
I’m begging you 🥺 please don’t put bad vibes on them
I just want you guys to blame jones
arka ghosh
arka ghosh:
We will beat PSG!!!
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald:
Bailly would have won that game. We wouldn't have conceded the first goal .
Replenish Rewire
Replenish Rewire:
No Herrera no party
OT9877 GGMU:
M.United dont lose game... they just run out of time !!
United20 02
United20 02:
We need Bailly he’s and absolute beast forgot jones too slow
Nazir Mamoojee
Nazir Mamoojee:
Good game lads.. I think you can take alot aways from the draw.. OLE time era has begun!
maddy love
maddy love:
The changes were made to see how the players react when they get their chances.... Now ole knows whom to keep and whom to show the doors..with outmost respect to them who have done tremendous job over the years...but certain things are bound to end... . Good tactics
Oussama Rhim
Oussama Rhim:
I think he’s the best coach in the premier league right now, no lost since he started coaching Man U.
Timothy Manurung
Timothy Manurung:
"We passed the ball beautifully and ended up back to the keeper" well said coach,something we need to work on for upcoming games ahead
abdool rajack peeraullee
abdool rajack peeraullee:
Ole thanks for the good job
As all human beings sometimes you make mistake. Hope next game you will not be overconfident
Charles Flynn
Charles Flynn:
Love how he pointed out that itnwas the entire team that caused the first goal with their back passing.
It's great to have a positive, motivating coach at United again!
S K:
Ole can also be Director of Happy Football. Although I really hope Ole stay on as MU Manager
It was a poor team selection, mata slows everything down and pereira isn't good enough.
Science and Cultures
Science and Cultures:
Winning or losing I am enjoying my team now... the thing I missed couple years ago
Thanks for the upload @BeanymanSports !! 👍🏽
Rohmatin Rohagima
Rohmatin Rohagima:
god jobs, coach oleee...
Freydun Faqiri
Freydun Faqiri:
I Love Manchester United ❤
Kasongo Nkhoma
Kasongo Nkhoma:
I like how Ole smiled before the corner for the equaliser was taken. He knew!
K Chino
K Chino:
i really loved the fight from the players. Great press from the manager but honestly DEADWOOD FC must go.
Raymond Sadie
Raymond Sadie:
this really reminded me of the old united look i would have loved a win but im still happy if this was under jose and no disrespect to him but if he was there this draw would have gotten a different reaction.
Amanuel Hagos
Amanuel Hagos:
What a classic character.
The tempo Ole wants only started when we went two down. As long as they learn from that we'll be ok.
Malcolm Stuart Stuart
Malcolm Stuart Stuart:
Salford citys last match
Huncho Jackkk
Huncho Jackkk:
How can u play mata lukaku perreira at the same time 🤷🏾‍♂️
Saya Setuju
Saya Setuju:
I love the way Ole handle press conference...keep cool n relax
Isaac Rick
Isaac Rick:
Nice manager😍
Imran Haqiem
Imran Haqiem:
We need to start a winning team in PL games,we cant afford to lose until were in top 4, but still good job united
zeev zafrin
zeev zafrin:
Ole is nice guy! Never used to watch Mourinho interviews, now just a shear pleasure
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas:
When will Tony return... We need him
Catarino Bernardo João
Catarino Bernardo João:
Well done... That draw is very united still close to the top four
Karim Amir
Karim Amir:
this is man United i know
Trending Now
Trending Now:
jones, lukaka please leave our club ffs.
Myo Thinn Zaw
Myo Thinn Zaw:
This time United players take responsibility ! If ole left United, United is will leave in history 😭
David Blackburn
David Blackburn:
haha, good luck with PSG
Rentboys FC
Rentboys FC:
Burnley parked the bus……
i think it's about playing without lingard at begining and about confident of sure win on players mind
Hate to see Ole disappointed like that. 💔 Let's fight back on Sunday!
I love England's accent...
Chris Dream
Chris Dream:
I new Man U would come bac down to earth
Ephraim Uchiha
Ephraim Uchiha:
He asked for it after arsenal interview then the universe provided
cliff matthews
cliff matthews:
Come on board, give him the job, he’s 100% Manchester United ! And that’s what we want !
mark thornton
mark thornton:
He is an absolute legand keep him as manager FFS
Ashley P
Ashley P:
Poor team selection, there are players that just aren't good enough to play for this club...
Mr xo
Mr xo:
Ole made too many changes to the team which was a mistake but the thing that impressed me is when we were behind 2 nil we kept fighting and coming forward and never giving up. That's the united we know! but mistakes happen and i'm sure the lads will bounce back and come back stronger and learn from this game. We didn't lose so let's stay positive and win this sunday, come one united!
Noel Bryan
Noel Bryan:
Lets all remember that the decision which causes one to be seen as a genius if had gone another way he'd been deemed a fool!!! Lets All Support Ole and remember hes human
That reality check was needed. The fans were starting to expect too much from the team. The fighting spirit is there!
Three lions on our shirt
Three lions on our shirt:
Burnley played like a Mourinho team...parked up nicked a couple until we scored then utd played the solskjaer way nicking two late goals.Rashford should have buried his chance in the first half ..Pereira panicked and was unlucky so chin up for him.
I'll say it again: its the full backs. Young an Shaw have no end product! There's no point playing someone as a wing back if they can't cross or beat their man.. Lingard immediately looked dangerous when he came on down the right. As for Lukaku as an inside forward that just isn't going to work either.
K94 Will
K94 Will:
That game is more proof we need signings
J U:
I blame freezing temp
chandran kasi
chandran kasi:
first goal was due to Jones mistakes.
So lucky... Fergie time still with olle 😀
ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ Ραπτοπουλος
ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ Ραπτοπουλος:
Come on guys he just had a test with the players to show to someone that they not deserve to be in man united
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson:
Ole has even brought Fergi Time back. We just run out of time.
Foo William
Foo William:
We gave away 2 easy goals with poor Marking , but a great fight back though !!! wee could easily won the game 5-2 if not for poor finishing and great Burnley goal keeping
The Canberean
The Canberean:
The guy's all class. Just compare his response to a match like that (great comeback BTW) to what you'd get from Mourinho. Chalk and cheese.
Doesnt slag of his players in public brilliant man management
Burnley keeper was on point tho
proper gentleman of the sport, Ole
Wong Dr
Wong Dr:
1: Burnley parked the Titanic
2: Everytime Tom Heaton plays Man Utd, he is possessed by Octopus.
3: United played a poor game
4: Andreas was naive and his error changed the course of the game
5: It’s 2 points loss for United instead of 1 gained
Enrique Aguilar
Enrique Aguilar:
The better line up its
De gea
Young, lindelof, jones, shaw
Matic herrera
Martial Pogba Alexis (lingard)
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson:
As soon as the the team was announced I thought there would be trouble.
Fitry Hakim
Fitry Hakim:
So you think he'll get the permanent job soon?
Connor Coultas
Connor Coultas:
Phil Jones is just too slow
Sam Hajudge
Sam Hajudge:
I'm so upset !!! A winning team does not change. Continue until you get to a bad game.
Dennis Gabah
Dennis Gabah:
We still ain't lose yet
blackSeeD Buba
blackSeeD Buba:
Jones out out out out and never return
XXXTourLiiF3 7
XXXTourLiiF3 7:
Bailly/Smalling and Lindelof; Matic, Herrera, Pogba; Lingard, Rashford, Martial. Mata, Andreas, Jones, Young need to gtfo ASAP!
Ahsoka The Grey
Ahsoka The Grey:
in ole we trust!
Ang C
Ang C:
Why did Lukaku play 66 minutes??? why didn´t Ole change him in the second halftime ??
papa volen
papa volen:
Ole WinwinwinwinwinwinwinwinDraw
Oliver Read
Oliver Read:
We didn’t start our best 11. In midfield we need Matic, pogba and Herrera. also Lingard is so important, with martial and rashford. Really surprised he didn’t put Sanchèz in along with rom. They play well together
Bård Haugland
Bård Haugland:
Without a win, but with plenty of class. Manager handles it with class. United stay classy.
Rashford played so weird man, losing ball many times and failed to finish an open goal.
สอดรู้ สอดเห็น
สอดรู้ สอดเห็น:
Rendi Eka Purnama
Rendi Eka Purnama:
PSG will make a call to United to make sure Pereira and Jones on field for 90 minutes 😂
eCube Events
eCube Events:
Man U all the way
Callum Walmsley
Callum Walmsley:
This result shows us this squad still needs improving on in terms of better quality of players.

Sell Valencia
Use tuanzebe or us fosu mensah

Sell young
But Ben chiwell from Leicester for competition.

Sell fellani
Use free more!

Unfortunately I love mata but let him go!

Sell Jones and smalling.
Buy manolas and milato from Porto
Khalidul Haq
Khalidul Haq:
I feel like Smalling should have played instead of Jones. And if you're playing Andreas, then have someone else play instead of Mata.

But then again what do I know, I'm not a coach so I'll shut up lol
Keren Safala
Keren Safala:
We should learn the mistakes just star focus next match
saintly sinner
saintly sinner:
well i had a lovely evening i must say 😊 best go to bed,work then leícester at fortress anfield...2 full prem seasons unbeaten at home....pure quality..goodnite mancs and thanx again 👍
Well a poor performance was bound to happen at some point. The response was good from the players though.

Actually this will be a good point to see how the team reacts in the next games. Do they bounce back and go on another winning run. Judge him at the end of the season not after one poor performance.
It’s a lurning curve for him still, still trying to understand his players. We go again.
THC 94
THC 94:
I think Lukaku could play 90 mins. You should not have replaced him.
Joe O Sullivan
Joe O Sullivan:
Football's a funny game. You beat the top teams, and then lose to the weaker teams. Weird.
In fairness though, Burnley were a feckin' brick wall last night.
Joshua 1
Joshua 1:
We should never let burnley get a point.
But it’s how we respond to this is the real challenge massive February coming up for us