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Tabishe Arshad
Tabishe Arshad:
How are City giving Liverpool the title? Liverpool have only lost one game - they are winning the title themselves
LFC Mod:
Giving us the title how disrespectful. Liverpool have earned it and have been the best team
Willian Borges da Silva
Willian Borges da Silva:
Man City with all that money can’t even beat Newcastle😴😴😴
Silvio Hrastinski
Silvio Hrastinski:
Here we go, look at this loser DT..
Now he didn't even mentioned diving, penalty.. Hahah, DT you superclown! Show the world how patetic you are..go for it! You gonna do this! 😂
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright:
How can you say city giving Liverpool the league when if we win tonight we would overturned 28 points which should be respected.
So Kolasanic & Lingard dives but no mention of course cos his name is not Mo Salah. Hypocrite? Why am I not surprised?
Jim Jones UK
Jim Jones UK:
Im a liverpool fan but im not jumping the gun. WE HAVE TO ACTUALLY BEAT LEICESTER FIRST!!!!!
Champions of the world
Champions of the world:
DT you hypocrite kolasinac dived you didn’t mention it
Sjwgamer !
Sjwgamer !:
Van dijk was back in training yesterday
Lacazette dived too
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
United fans back down to reality after all that hype on Friday 🤣🤣🤣
Ahmed Nur
Ahmed Nur:
5:01 lol the way he say tomorrow
George Singleton
George Singleton:
Pep Guardiola has only chased once and Mourinho drove him out of Spain in 2012.
DT having a field day with that salt. enjoy it while it lasts
Willian Borges da Silva
Willian Borges da Silva:
Let’s all laugh at man united again😂😂😂
Kolasinac dived but you won't mention it because he's name is not Mohammed Salah.
When Kola dives it's believable/hard to tell Salah tumbles like a ballerina it's embarassing 😂 n no1 mentioned lingard dive either
Man UTD:
"If Liverpool win they're walking away with it" ● YNWA great joke DT
taku NN
taku NN:
Rafa winning the league for liverpool.
Scars Music
Scars Music:
Always want a fry up when this starts...
Xscouse Fifa
Xscouse Fifa:
First time watching this channel got a sub from me my man.
Willian Borges da Silva
Willian Borges da Silva:
Imagine being an arsenal fan in 2019
David Quigley
David Quigley:
Man City haven't given Liverpool anything. Liverpool have won game after game and applied severe pressure. City have choked because of that
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo:
Would love to see who comes out on top when all the big six are full strength and settled .I would put money on Manchester United
Electric Forest
Electric Forest:
It was his birthday yesterday? So how old is he now? 13?
Roger Clarke
Roger Clarke:
I can't even bring myself to watch these videos any more ...Not with this gimp!
Culé Luke
Culé Luke:
Man U will still get Ko of the cl by Psg imo
The Legit Gamer
The Legit Gamer:
Yo my guy dt drink some water bro😂😂😂😂 you was dehydrated my guy
Only Kazper
Only Kazper:
Also Spurs finally get some good news ...that Son might play tonight... feel I should point that out.
Won 6/7 games in a row and still 6th place😂
Dad what is top 4 like
We don’t know son we’re man utd fans 😂😂
Always wanted a video of DT reading out scorelines for 5 minutes...
Youman 2201
Youman 2201:
Please beat man city on Sunday
Football xd
Football xd:
I hope all the United fans landed on the earth safely 😂😂
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo:
Later peeps 😂
To his defense I believe what he meant by “giving Liverpool the title” is that they aren’t even putting up a fight. They’re basically making it easier for us
United are an absolute joke 😂😂😂😂😂
John Walters
John Walters:
I don't often. But when I do. I want to share my farts with you all
we haven't even won yet, how have they fallen further behind?
Gregory Patterson
Gregory Patterson:
Great commentary man.
manny romero
manny romero:
The salt is real. lol
edward Walker
edward Walker:
are you real we beat arsenal 5 1 with no help from citee
Me Me
Me Me:
Liverpool have won the title on pure luck. No bs like they’ve had and city would be ahead
Jack Lynti
Jack Lynti:
Man will eat ya next week..
Liverpool F.C. Y
Liverpool F.C. Y:
Cmon on Liverpool Win V Leicester
How would a 7 point lead be miles ahead?
Oh yeah yeah
james millar
james millar:
What a difference a week makes
They haven't fallen anywhere liverpool ain't even played yet
Since WHEN have Manchester clubs (either) given anything to any other club?

City drew 4 Times last season and lost 2, that's 4 points out if 18.

This season they've drawn 2 lost 4 aka 2 points out of 18 !!

That's a TWO POINT NEGATIVE SWING - give them two point LFC are still sat top of the table.

Keep it real.

BTW Carrasco is woefully out of form, however on form? He's OTHERWORLDLY on the ball. Outrageously skilful
Wus Poppin Mayne
Wus Poppin Mayne:
Less bias click bait equals more thumbs up for the video.
Redchester United
Redchester United:
We started lukaku periera and mata thats why we lost 2 points.
Awais Hussain
Awais Hussain:
Can't wait till we smoke arsenal
king azy
king azy:
your gonna lose to mancity that will give manutd a boost
Callum Bliss
Callum Bliss:
Ban Kolansic for diving then seen as you want Salah banned. You hypocrite
zion song
zion song:
Laporte cost more than entire new castle squad yet they still lost
R P:
Man City have turned into a bunch of bottlers
no let me get this right for you van dijk is fit he was in training yesterday *****
Cole J
Cole J:
Curios, why don't you just do this show on your own channel daily? More often than not it's heavily Arsenal related anyway
lucky Picciri
lucky Picciri:
They don’t really, Liverpool need to make the result count
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Glad VVD isnt injured and its just an illness. God knows what would happen if he gets injured
ManUTD 4Life
ManUTD 4Life:
Hope Bournemouth get at least a draw vs Chelsea tonight then I won’t be too overly bothered about us dropping 2 points. And if City beat Arsenal and we beat Leicester on Sunday. Happy days.
I want arsenal to lose againdt city as a arsenal fan
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo:
You would lose to that burnley team they haven't lost in six games
Red Man
Red Man:
why do you speak like a robot DT
Steven Watson
Steven Watson:
Are you a Liverpool fan yet DT the real reds
They should get more interesting people on this YouTube channel
John Walters
John Walters:
Manchester City Have a very simple problem this year. We ain't good enough this year and the team as lost the hunger. Next year will be a different story.
Aaron Dodds
Aaron Dodds:
Why was this even uploaded? City are hardly falling behind when our game hasn't even happened yet, we could get smacked 5-0 and we'd be right back to where we were last week. 😂
We haven't won anything mate, take it easy.
Corey Peters
Corey Peters:
in before Liverpool lose to Leicester tonight
Lee Hilton
Lee Hilton:
It doesn't matter if Kolasinac dived or not, Mo' Salad is still the king of diver's!
Kolasinac maybe on the score sheet, but Salah is top of the diving league.
Calling D.T a hypocrite & to shut up!
U bunch of muppet's!! 😂😂
Horde Zla
Horde Zla:
Some of our players lack hunger and desire,and some are just shit like Walker for example.We have the best team on paper,but that doesnt mean anything without hard work and passion.
They havent fell any further behind until Liverpool win tonight.
red men
red men:
\if you are going to call out Salah,you have to do it with your own.Salah learns to win pens. He gets fouled and goes down. He doesn't just dive,last year he got nothing! Also Liverpool aren't further ahead of City, yet! Leicester can be a good team. We have been given nothing! We ve been beat once! Hardly be handled the title
Yung Scarlxrd
Yung Scarlxrd:
United are banter fc lmao
Dessie Kelly
Dessie Kelly:
How did they fall further behind if Liverpool didnt even play yet, DT is the noob of Youtube, time too pack it in..
You are an absolute mug. Bring back Flex and sack this prat off
Mr deep heat is triggered
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall:
They haven’t fell further behind yet unless Liverpool beat Leicester which is not an easy task trust me.
samuel greenland
samuel greenland:
Didn't mention the dive...
I’m a neutral fun but it’s so funny to see all the Arsenal Fans getting excited about united drawing. On the weekend you’ll get stuffed by city and if united beat Leicester, they go above you. So don’t get too happy to quick
Utd have 3 guaranteed points coming against Arsenal.
Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson:
DT - do you realise how much hatred people are getting towards you, people are (excuse the pun) gunning for for! 😡
pete tippett
pete tippett:
They've technically not fallen further behind at all yet Liverpool haven't played can't guarantee 3 points gap still the same until that game is done.... strange title
U not gonna mention lingards dive
dj quality music mixxes
dj quality music mixxes:
its liverpools title to win not lose theres still 14 games left
Martyn Stembridge
Martyn Stembridge:
Title race FAR from over ... I'll feel good if we have a 4-7 point lead in APRIL ... not now.
This Liverpool team are brilliant but lack experience of being in this situation ... Let's all remain calm and see where things go ...
Ishraq Islam
Ishraq Islam:
It's ok United when City beat arsenal next week we will go above arsenal
don't worry guys man city is going to batter arsenal,and we will go above them.
Van Dijk is fit
Nadir Al-Zadjali
Nadir Al-Zadjali:
Come on guys we all know that Neymar faked an injury to join Arsenal for a two year loan deal
Want to say this now rather than after the event!...Arsenal fans never look at the big picture, only what's right in front of them, they always have done.
Man City had a shock defeat last night, they will not make that mistake again and they will go all out at home against Arsenal on Sunday this week and they will batter Arsenal, its so easy to see!.
Man Utd and they way they are now playing and improving won't like that result last night and they will go to Leicester on Sunday and slap them to one side.
Outcome - Man Utd will leap frog Arsenal into 5th and I think Chelsea have defeats in them plus they all have to play each other again, Arsenal fans I said it at the beginning of the season Arsenal and Chelsea will be battling for the Europa Spot, 5th and 6th.
Joe Burns
Joe Burns:
City have not fallen behind yet becuase we haven't played. Let's get through Leicester first and see what happens.
Bow Wizz Wizz
Bow Wizz Wizz:
Man United is back in a blink of an eye to its usually BANTER club . Morinho in .
The Culés
The Culés:
Burnley should sack Sean dyche !
Not winning against that small club deserves sacking.😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Caffrey
Jack Caffrey:
Newcastle are solid and organised team, not surprised Newcastle won
London Ysman
London Ysman:
Kolasinac dive dont ever talk about salah again and that goes to all Arsenal fans
Jameca AFC
Jameca AFC:
Liverpool might just win the league.
Liverpool fans coming here talking about sead dive do u guys know what a dive is? The guy won the penalty by being smart he knew if he got to ball first and got touch he would of gotten the pen and thats what he did... A dive is what salah does week in week out
asayehegn demsse
asayehegn demsse:
Sorry Dt arsenal will never be as big as Liverpool sorry mate. Just don’t be a hater and very soon city will win a cl trophy and u gonna be compared to spurs. Arsenal play European and spurs play champions league
Very funny