Magic Johnson should throw 'the whole kitchen sink' at Anthony Davis - Byron Scott | The Jump

Byron Scott and Dave McMenamin agree that the Los Angeles Lakers should use any and every asset they have to trade to the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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board man gets paid
board man gets paid:
Lets go magic. If you need my old honda civic to throw in that deal lets do it
If Lakers trade Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma & Hart for AD, than NOLA will basically be Lakers 2.0. This will also mean Randle is teaming up with his old laker teammates again.
Basketball God
Basketball God:
I really think getting rid of kuzma would be a huge mistake
Rob Smith
Rob Smith:
Not resigning Rondo was the biggest mistake by Pels
Plot twist Lebron will get traded instead lol
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez:
Last year LeBron James traded half the Cavs team to get to the finals. This year no exceptions. #LABRONPLAN🙏
Damian Kuba
Damian Kuba:
Byron calls Magic Johnson "Earvin". Noted
ESPN is praying that this happens sooooooo bad... It's kinda sad
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:
I think LeBron, AD and three refs can win a championship. They all have to play 48 minutes. And LeBron has to coach them since Luke will be gone too.
Jordan Shavers
Jordan Shavers:
Don’t Trade Kuz
Fresh Out
Fresh Out:
He going to be injured if he throws the kitchen sink at him 😱
Anthony Gharib
Anthony Gharib:
Dude just said Ibaka Zubac @0:14
Rom H
Rom H:
Trade the whole Lakers team for AD minus LJ, then work it out later.
Paco A
Paco A:
Dang this one is gonna hurt, I love these players we have so do it like a band aid quick!
Zo 2
Zo 2:
Pelicans will get the complete starting five of the 2017 Lakers... Dont forget they still have Randle
keef davis
keef davis:
Zo, BI, Kuz, Randle, Zubac????
Pelicans, nevalost.
Jared Leonard
Jared Leonard:
I mean why not?? What the hell has anybody on the lakers proven?? THIS IS A TOP 5 PLAYER who if you trade for you wont have to pay till 2020. I say give up a first round pick, ingram, lonzo & kuzma & hart or zubac. Why wait till the summer? Cuz guess what? Boston has more assets & if you wait till the summer boston can use those first round picks, throw in tatum, brown, rozier or hayward ( who by the way are all better players then the lakers ) the lakers are not in rebuild anymore & lebron aint getting any younger. Davis with lebron are easily the best front court in the entie nba ( yes even better than durant & cousins ) a guy who averwges 29 & 13 with 3 blocks a game & 2 steals a game. If the lakers know whats best for them. They should trade who ever they want & not take a chance this summer. They missed out already on kawahi Leonard because they didnt want to get rid of kuzma & lonzo & kawahi this year is killing it , easily the best player in the east.
Open Minded
Open Minded:
Byron Scott’s bio includes calls magic “Earvin” lmao
MJ Zoom
MJ Zoom:
What will be funny is if he forces his way out and still never wins JACK! Lol
Calls magic Johnson “earving” LMAOOO
Jet Moor
Jet Moor:
“Calls Magic Johnson Earvin”
“Calls Magic Johnson ‘Earvin’” The graphics guys is a clown 😂
DJ Bash Nicole
DJ Bash Nicole:
😂damn the whole sink tho lol
Bat Vigilante
Bat Vigilante:
I already traded davis for kuzma and zubac im 2k19 and i destroyed them with the warriors hall of fame difficulty lol
HBK_Joe 7
HBK_Joe 7:
Damn right it’s a convo for discussion kd rich Paul has it covered already
ayush garg
ayush garg:
Espn won’t shutup until la lakers trade lebron for anthony davis
Hello World
Hello World:
Open memo to Magic: Throw in Denzel Washington!
Mirza singgih
Mirza singgih:
Tbh is so dumb trading so many players for ad, they will end up having ad and lebron but no depth
Tim Fox
Tim Fox:
Something tells me theres been tampering going on especially since he has the same agent as Lebum
Louisville 21 Kentucky
Louisville 21 Kentucky:
So they have like two players left
Bill Togas
Bill Togas:
*Calls Magic Johnson "Earvin"* Lol
angelica sobmer
angelica sobmer:
Yeah, including queen lebron.
Oh including himself (mj)
He's going Lakers end of story
Krenshaw Starks
Krenshaw Starks:
I don’t think they shud give up all their young talent and Anthony Davis has been kinda injury prone throughout his career and u never know what could happen look at the injuries to Hayward and cousins
keith mcguigan
keith mcguigan:
I can't believe Magic is alive and well. Blows my mind ever time I see him.
Okcguy None
Okcguy None:
I'm in magic I'll go in pelican I got my dog to his name Kobe is tht enough?
We really listening to Byron Scott 😂 ppl don’t remember him coaching the Lakers then 😂😂😂
J Stiles
J Stiles:
Damn right the whole squad should be gone except LeBron and kuzma
Jr Aguinaldo
Jr Aguinaldo:
He's going to Celtics 😂
I think Byron Scott will be the next Lakers Coach replacing Luke Walton.
Lucho Montana
Lucho Montana:
And now he's getting fined 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Rondon
Michael Rondon:
Why so he can become what Kevin Love is now in the next couple years
dreamingof00 waitingin2020
dreamingof00 waitingin2020:
When’s the deadline until AD gets his official team ??
Dekoy Gaming
Dekoy Gaming:
come on now, we all know warriors need AD on their team.
Boogie - 5,
AD - 4,
KD - 3,
Klay -2 ,
SC - 1.
i rewinded just to hear amin laugh again LOL
Follow the brick road
Follow the brick road:
I have a feeling He's gonna end up in Washington
Magic throw in my soul too.
King C
King C:
Let that deal go through and gat dammit let it be known I will be a Pelican, because i'm sure Lebron damage balls won't get it done and AD is always injured.
Selina Joseph
Selina Joseph:
Tyron Lue waiting for Luke to get fired 😂
kellie pastellie
kellie pastellie:
Nah! I wouldn't give up 5 good players for 1 injury prone great player.
Join Greatness!!!! AD do it NOW!!
Kevin P
Kevin P:
Lebron current mood “trade everyoneeeeeeee”
Chris Von Koss
Chris Von Koss:
Ball, Zubak, 2019 1st round and 2020 1st round
Damn I hope this trade happens
Santiago Rojas
Santiago Rojas:
Kuzma, Ingram, KCP, Hart, Zubac and first round picks.
Starting 5: Lonzo, Svi, LBJ, AD and JaVale. Pretty Good. If Magic somehow managed to keep Lonzo and Hart/KCP to have a good SG it would be a damn good trade.
Dan Harrison
Dan Harrison:
Lonzo and Jrue 🔥🔥🔥 best defensive back court in NBA
Saint Sibiya
Saint Sibiya:
They gonna regret giving up BI 🤞
Štefan Gabura
Štefan Gabura:
Teams are getting owned lol, cant wait for new CBA negotiations
Moshé X
Moshé X:
Don’t underestimate Pat Riley is all imma say
Milton Brown
Milton Brown:
Get move to go afted AD but he does get hurt every year and miss some games
Give him a share of the ownership!
P H:
They say Lakers and Knicks but they never mentioned Chicago
random guy
random guy:
Bryon scott 3 time nba champion 😮
2008 coach of the year 💪
Calls magic johnson earvin:
Rob Smith
Rob Smith:
I don’t see Pelicans trading AD this season. Most likely in the summer
Lebron already started packing lonzo, kcp, Beasley, Ingram, and harts bags in the locker room
go ahead and trade the young core they’re going to end up just like Dlo. They’re going to end up playing good in a different city when you need them most
Deisel 1 Time
Deisel 1 Time:
Do ESPN know that there are other teams that can trade for AD 🤦🏾‍♂️
"Ivaka" Zubac lol
chance johnson
chance johnson:
Just so happens wilt chamberlain in background play what instrument? Haha
I would try to keep Lonzo, but give away BI, Kuz, Hart and Zubac (he is the best young player honestly)... and add some picks and cash if necessary
would love for some other random team to crash in and trade for AD. That would be hilarious xD
Chris Jack
Chris Jack:
Lets get em Magic!
Wizards, calling it here.
Martial Arts
Martial Arts:
Give them Shaquille O'Neal
why would u give up core pieces when u can just wait a year and get him to sign later
Any 1 besides Zo and Kuz. Take the rest 😂😂
Joel G.
Joel G.:
Shiiiit, trade LeBron too 🤷🏾‍♂️
dominique 24/7
dominique 24/7:
still toronto year this year!
Let’s go magic if u need anything let me know
Trade Lebron for AD. kawhai and Klay will sign in the off season. You’re welcome Magic and Lakers. 😂
chazz splash
chazz splash:
I love the young core... but do what it takes to get AD.
As long as Lonzo leaves. It's a must!
Watch ad get traded to a team no one even mentioning ahaha
No Name
No Name:
It’s a really good deal for the pelicans. An entire roster of young talent plus picks for someone who is leaving anyway?
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke:
Great idea just gut your whole squad to get AD and then after losing to the Warriors watch LBJ leave and youre left with nothing.
this man lebron really out here playing chess to end up at the lakers w AD
takito butface
takito butface:
throw in lavar too
maaaaannn send a first rounder and BI to Wizards for Beal. And tell them they can get Hart too if they ask nicely
Shane Lamar
Shane Lamar:
Give them Ingram, lonzo and KCP.
jerrod carter
jerrod carter:
I wonder who's going to give up 23 👂
Yes LA. Trade all your young talent just to keep a 34 year old and get AD.

10/10 Most definitely will beat Golden State.
George Brother
George Brother:
Kuzma...hart..Ingram..ball and a 1st round pick! I'll take that but I'll trade him to Boston for kyrie...Tatum...brown
Tenzin Choezin
Tenzin Choezin:
Let's do it Magic I'm ready to throw in my used boxers and my last bar of snickers in too.
Jarvis Juice
Jarvis Juice:
Then they wouldn’t have anything in the cupboards 🤷🏻‍♂️
Derrick M. Rose
Derrick M. Rose:
This man Byron Scott tryna sound like TimGrover. Only the cleaners know who I'm talking about
Malaika Nazir
Malaika Nazir:
i lost my neck lmao
EY Live
EY Live:
Sure, lets play 5 vs 2 for the rest of the season...
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
Ingram zubac/kcp ball hart and a 1st round pick for Ad magic