Magic Johnson can’t risk losing out on Anthony Davis to the Clippers – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith highlights how much pressure Magic Johnson is under to trade for Anthony Davis before the February 7th NBA trade deadline. #FirstTake ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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An icy Baja Blast
An icy Baja Blast:
ESPN doing everything in their power to make this happen.
"i'm hearing Mahatma Gandhi is strongly considering the Lakers as well" - stephen a smith
Paul B
Paul B:
Magic can’t lowball for AD like he did for Kawhi and PG. He’s gonna have to give up 3 of the 4 young core at a minimum
Paul B
Paul B:
This show is so much better without Molly
Investigate ESPN for tampering.
potatomato :p
potatomato :p:
Gsw needs to add anthony davis, kyrie irving, lebron james, michael jordan, james harden, steve kerr, kobe bryant and kareem abdul-jabbar to the roster.
The One and Only King Chaos Covington
The One and Only King Chaos Covington:
They don’t have to trade him to LA just because the media wants them too. Take the best offer
Bartek Wohlert
Bartek Wohlert:
I’ve been hearing everyone wants to go to the laker my whole life and they’ll end up signing a Carlos boozer or a Mozgov again
Im Blue Da ba de ba da ba
Im Blue Da ba de ba da ba:
AD gets injured a lot if they trade all those players and Davis gets hurt what else would the Lakers have? Nothing except an aging Lebron
El Diablo cabron
El Diablo cabron:
Wait so if the greatest player in th world, NBA doesn't win a championship its because of magic Johnson 🤣🤣🤣🤣is this your king
Manny Manhattan Music
Manny Manhattan Music:
If Magic Johnson don’t get AD, he’s failed. Simple
Lil Dagga
Lil Dagga:
Magic can’t force trades bro everyone knows teams don’t like to deal with LA it’s on Lebron you got 3 more free agencies to draw marquee talent to LA it’s as simple as that get it done
Flareb 99
Flareb 99:
If getting AD is going to butcher our team I'm not interested, Boston can afford to lose some of their young core we can't
Mike B
Mike B:
Watch out the clips are comin

Oh yeah yeah
Jacob Goodman
Jacob Goodman:
Super teams have completely ruined the NBA
Justine Dale
Justine Dale:
Why pressure on LeBron? Getting Davis is Rob and Magic job!! LeBron already thinks he's the GOAT after that 3-1 comeback
Antus Keith
Antus Keith:
Demarcus Cousins somewhere laughing at the Pelicans...
They low-key telling AD, Magic and Bron what to do lol
Scary for Lakers.. IF AD is traded to Clipppers and Kwahi signs with them and convince Kyrie to sign with them and surround them with shooters and role players .. Lebron can just dream of Championship with Lakers
Jalen Davis
Jalen Davis:
If you give up all of the young core without stealing a player from GS, you might as well let him walk because you're not going to win anything.
0:29 "mitch butt-check" 💀
Zer0 Phux
Zer0 Phux:
If L3-6ron such a GOAT, why he keep needing all these other superstars EVERYWHERE he go ?
Damn At This Point Magic Can’t Even Skip Breakfast according to Stephen A.
Youtuber Radical Rick
Youtuber Radical Rick:
" The Bron and The Brow" good lord ESPN you are more thirsty for that duo than Magic Johnson lol.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
I guess Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka can retire. LeBron James and Rich Paul are already taking over their positions. They already want Luke Walton fired. All mutiny and civil war in Lakerland. 🍿
"Flotsem and Jetsem?" Max been watching The Little Mermaid.
D Andrews
D Andrews:
You could literally ask Max anything and his answer would be “lebron James”. Lol
Edwards Fam CPhT
Edwards Fam CPhT:
I mean when you really look into, no superstar EVER wanted to join Lebron; wherever he was. Kevin Love was acquired via trade, ray Allen was on his retirement tour, the list goes on and on.
Antonio Rivera
Antonio Rivera:
ESPN is just unstoppable in making sure Anthony Davis gets to LA.

He said contending teams, not the lakers lol
Jack Black
Jack Black:
Lebron, AD, and rondo starting 3
Márcio Gando
Márcio Gando:
Stephen A why in the hell your nose is glowing so much lollll
every time someone wants to be traded the Media is like they are going to the Lakers 😂 😂 not everyone wants to go to the Lakers 😂
Alex Sherman
Alex Sherman:
Stephen “the fact of the matter is” a smith
ya'll remember that time Michael Jordan couldn't win without Karl Malone or Charles Barkley? or how about that time he teamed up with Olajuwon
Abid. Mohammed Hassan.
Abid. Mohammed Hassan.:
No Molly again 👌
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Rich Paul will get fined for tampering. Just wait.
Eddie Bowles
Eddie Bowles:
Stephen "Having Said All Of That" Smith
That hairline on Stephen A... ma’ man, time to own up to balding and shave it all off!!!
Hope Ezemobi
Hope Ezemobi:
Lol espn trying so hard 😂😂😂😂😂
AD said no matter where he goes he’s signing with LA in the offseason so all of this doesn’t matter lmao
Juan Vazquez
Juan Vazquez:
Stephen you need to admit your wrong sometimes
AD said he’ll play the rest of the season out in a statement he made last night. He said he just wanted to inform the organization to have them aware of his intentions before hand. He not going anywhere until end of season guys
ray rice
ray rice:
Magic beatin the system how i did my wife sheesh
Ovando Graham
Ovando Graham:
If I’m the gm of the pelicans and waiting till summer so I can get Trades with Boston
Jonathan C
Jonathan C:
Jerry West > Magic Johnson
Broly Brodie1321
Broly Brodie1321:
As a Laker fan , I’m low key tired of all this 😂
When the whole nba,espn and fox sports media are helping you to beat golden state, you know you are not the goat lmfao.
king Fatman
king Fatman:
They been had chance to get another super star 😂
Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers:
Okc would be great for AD but I’m interested to see where AD will go though seriously
Laura m Rutledge
Laura m Rutledge:
Magic Johnson can blow it like he did with Paul George
Agent 10x
Agent 10x:
saints get robbed.

Pelicans are about to get robbed.

New Orleans Rn: 😢😡😫
why is it every time I hear steven A smith talk I want to punch him in the throat
Just Awesome ::
Just Awesome :::
It’s magic👌🏼
jack jack
jack jack:
If im okc, i need to be thinking how i can pull off an AD deal. Same with houston
j thugg
j thugg:
will cain should be on first take full time EVERYDAY!
Márcio Gando
Márcio Gando:
Bron Brow hahhahahhaha ESPN YOU GUYS OH MY BLUNT
dimdim dimsum
dimdim dimsum:
gone are the days when stars chose pride over ring and leading their own teams in search of the ring. now they team up, creating silly super team for the ring...
Sports Fan
Sports Fan:
It seems like every player that demands to go to the Lakers the media just gets linked to the Clippers for no reason.
Anthony Spivey
Anthony Spivey:
Lakers needs AD plain and simple....with Bron and AD, with them alone, you go to the West Finals, and people will come to play with them
Victor Vasquez
Victor Vasquez:
Dwight Howard didnt win us a ring 🤷‍♂️
The media is close to achieving sending AD to LA lmao
Trab Rex
Trab Rex:
La La Land move within 10 days , or it’s over ☘️Crimson and Clover
how’s the pressure on a player like he can make the deal
Everyday now until AD gets traded first take gonna be talking about AD to the Lakers SMH
Can you imagine saying a player has more pressure to acquire another player then the front office lol
JT Luxx HD
JT Luxx HD:
Magic is the’s his duty. Not lebrons for once lol
Charles Eskridge
Charles Eskridge:
I ain't giving up all my young good talent to win one game against the warriors in the playoffs they ain't winning with A.D. and James James and Kevin love & kyrie could not beat the warriors
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:
I will laugh if Lakers end up giving up all those 5 players for 1 player. I will also laugh if they don't and AD ends up in Boston with LeBron's ex-bf, Kyrie. 🤣
Kawhi already had his Clippers uniform Fed Ex'ed to him
Salem Khoshiwal
Salem Khoshiwal:
He will end up some where else
Packers 12
Packers 12:
Lonzo is a total flop! Waste of a first round 2nd over all pick! Bring Davis to Los Angeles and let's get the rings!
Brad Dougan
Brad Dougan:
The nba and adam silver need to make an example and drop the hammer on tampering and set a precedent and put nba players, agents, and teams on notice with a HUGE fine. Parity and competitive balance is a BIG problem in the nba.
Sosa 007
Sosa 007:
He gotta come out and say “i wanna play with lebron period nobody else “
Easy, just trade Lebron for AD so no other team can compete in the AD sweepstakes
William Pena
William Pena:
No 1 wants to play with lj!?! Hmm the kobe effects lol salute the mamba "hand down man down mama there go that man" bron knows how it feels.
Jomaru Joestar
Jomaru Joestar:
I would sit AD to prevent injuries tank and then make a trade in the offseason trading him now would do nothing for the long-term future of New Orleans. You can get potentially two top 5 draft pick worthy players plus a draft pick and a role player.
Robert French
Robert French:
Y'all are so weak with this fined talk, Rich Paul isn't getting fined, so STOP it. AD and Kawhi to Lakers!

Call it a day!
Jacko Bai
Jacko Bai:
Magic Johnston gunna put on a uni brow and get in shape at this rate
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:
All the players LeBron wants are under Klutch Sports. So Ben Simmons, you're next.
Bron dont need AD just wait for kyrie next season and they will have a chance to win a chip again
So Clippers stealing KD, Kawhi, and AD in off season from Lakers. interesting
Daniel Cho
Daniel Cho:
Stephen A makes a great point at the end. If another team gets AD this year, then that team can use him as trade bait against Magic and the Lakers, who probably will have to give up even more than they anticipated.
Bron and the Brow both have Bro in their nicknames and two bro makes its Bro's
Trent Polk Jr.
Trent Polk Jr.:
I would definitely make AD wait till the end of the year and send him to Boston for some kinda package that includes jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier otherwise Pelicans are crucifying their franchise. No way I'm sending him to a team in the same conference.
Terry Dactyl
Terry Dactyl:
Celtics FTW. Keep Brown!!
The man said he wants to sign to lakers so I would not trade for a man who will just leave
roger humphrey
roger humphrey:
im tired of saying it, bron wont get another star in LA
Intelligence Injection
Intelligence Injection:
I'm very excited to see A.D becomes a top shooter at lakers around lebum
Kyrie, Lebron, AD all together next year in LA
Death Row
Death Row:
They acting like they a general manager in the NBA an none has ever played
Devon Hutton
Devon Hutton:
Magic didn’t get Lebron, Lebron was coming there anyway, magic ain’t made a single good move since he’s been in office.
Michael Fighter
Michael Fighter:
He signed to clutch sports for a reason lol
Brixzus Jaeger
Brixzus Jaeger:
I wouldn’t trade my future Lonzo Ball, Kuze, BI, Josh Hart for Anthony Davis. AD gets injured too much and has no clutch gene. The young Lakers are improving year after year, they can win a championship in the year 2021.
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
I like will cain as a host! Keep him cut molly!!!
Ricardo Javier
Ricardo Javier:
dude there are other teams in the league -find a different narrative
Jacko Bai
Jacko Bai:
AD always injured what happens if he gets injured it will be lebron Breasly Lance and McGee lol
Refund HD
Refund HD:
Theres no offer the Lakers can make that makes the Pelicans deal AD to the Lakers before the trade deadline therefore the Celtics and other teams will get involved GN Lakers will fail again
Kirk Varnadore
Kirk Varnadore:
kyrie might be heading to LA after this season
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson:
It's all in magic hands now
William Lominchar
William Lominchar:
ESPN did the same thing with Dwight