Los Angeles Lakers BIG THREE After Anthony Davis Trade - Kemba Walker Signing Next?

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Kemba would be crazy on the Lakers!
felix diaz
felix diaz:
Lakers dont need More star, they need to sign More shooter consistent role players like : JJ redick, Danny Green or Darren Collins, and also Brook López.
C Snodgers
C Snodgers:
NBA ratings are going to be 🔥 when the Lakers play next season.
Mathew Bond
Mathew Bond:
i would rather see them bringing back Russell and then sign few good role players to complete the roster
James J.
James J.:
Kemba wants to stay in Charlotte to help the team out as it was said. My thing is he's been helping this team who doesn't seem like they want to win. Just win some then fade away from the playoffs onto next season like its no big deal. Kemba is wasting his talents as well as his age at a place that seems to do the same thing every year content on doing just okay. If Jordan was super hungry for Kemba and team to win a championship he would be smart to build a team that can and could win. Go for players like Bol Bol, Zion Williamson both can ball and produce points and add some defense.. Add a few more pieces in there now you have a contending team.. L.A. needs some more explosive defensive players Beverly definitely I'd go after him and I'd most definitely give lance Stevenson more playing time cause he can turn it on and play D.. Kuzma can turn it on and up I'm glad they kept him.. Hope L.A. has a break out year this season
Easy Rider
Easy Rider:
Rick James ~ This cat can ball man 🔥🔥
Yea. Lakers should also sign Kyrie, Kawhi, Butler, Middleton, Deandre, and Marc Gasol! Another Super team much like when they had Nash, Kobe, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, and Ron Artest.
loc power
loc power:
West Side da Best Side
Come to L.A myboiiiii!!!!!
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark:
Kurbz Garage
Kurbz Garage:
Blunt Machete
Blunt Machete:
That trade "Lebron" made is literally about to have the lakers cursed
Derek Mack
Derek Mack:
I like Walker but not for the max. If I'm the Lakers I'm still aggressively pursuing Kawhi as I think Lebron will undergo a precipitous decline in 2021. The smart play in this case would be to invest in 3 and D 1-year rentals and see if a truly max worthy player is available next off-season.
asencion divinagracia
asencion divinagracia:
Davis....good move to L A
J. Salazar B.
J. Salazar B.:
Will any max free agent would accept a cut ‘cause the Lakers seems they going to have 23/24 MiLL in cap space, so Idk.. l
m RAM:
DLO would be better. Cost less younger and would be the cornerstone with AD and Kuz when Bron retires in 4 years
Brenton Guy
Brenton Guy:
LeBron needs all the help he can get. Leonard 1st option kyrie 2nd, if Bust on both them I know Ingram and lonzo would be a great fit!
O. R. Torrens
O. R. Torrens:
Lakers need imp. A very great bench players who help A. D. Kuzma and bron
J Hamilton
J Hamilton:
Is defense a thing? Because if it is they shouldn't sign Kemba.
Darius Cunningham
Darius Cunningham:
Michael Jordan would not let happen. They want to work around hem
ThE BaD gUy
ThE BaD gUy:
I can't see kemba over there 🤷💨💯
Melissa DOnaldson
Melissa DOnaldson:
Carmelo Anthony will be there also. I don't think kemba will
Chong Zhuangyu
Chong Zhuangyu:
Additional signing of kelvin love and irving look more interesting
Charles Aaaron Te
Charles Aaaron Te:
Heck why not make the whole Lakers team of all star players so that they can win again. Lebron can't do it alone??????
Toxic_ BladeZ
Toxic_ BladeZ:
Kyrie wants play with ad and reunite with lebron
Lakers should offer Kemba 2 year $50M - 1st year $24M 2nd year $26M Player Option .... If we dont get to or win finals, leave us .... Use rest of money on others
Yo Lolo
Yo Lolo:
He would score 50ppg
Blow' The Whistle
Blow' The Whistle:
They need Kemba if the Lakers want to content for a title u have to have a real point guard play in this league if you're trying to win it all.
Gina Pandili
Gina Pandili:
maybe lakers can now acquire melo to the line-up, he still has plenty of gas remain. veteran line-up who can still play depending on coach system. as long as melo & lebron work hard with their defensive presence, lakers can go farther...
pg: alex caruso, rajon rondo, either of kemba walker or de angelo russel or kyrie,
sg: lance stephenson, jemerrio jones jr., lebron
sf: bullock, kcp, melo or jones III the former okc thunder
pf: a. davis, wagner, kuzma, muscala
c: mcgee, t. chandler, j. williams
Jaron Pollard
Jaron Pollard:
Kuzma is your 3rd all star, fill in the roster with good role players
Damian Machado
Damian Machado:
Ideally Kyrie Irving
A Day In A Dream
A Day In A Dream:
Jordan will snatch Kuzma for Kemba

Napalm in the plan boom
Brandon Da Goat
Brandon Da Goat:
To Bad Kemba is coming to my Celtics
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis:
Whoever did this video please stop it kemba Walker is not going to the Lakers
Toree Williams
Toree Williams:
Kwai!! Period!!
Christ The Messiah
Christ The Messiah:
Throw the 💰at Kawhi
600 selly
600 selly:
Correct Kim Walker will be going to la fax that's the type of point guard that they need
Reko Sosa
Reko Sosa:
Great clip!!
They need to use that money to create more depth
Tshiowa B
Tshiowa B:
Kemba is staying in Charlotte brah
Jaron Pollard
Jaron Pollard:
They shouldn't sign neither, Kemba or Kyrie, it's not enough balls to go around, build good role players around Kuzma, Lebron and AD
sagar pk
sagar pk:
If Kemba walker joins LA with LJ and AD they will become title favourites next year
ohhectizzy Carreon
ohhectizzy Carreon:
This would be beast they need a same squad like them heat days
Chirayu Desai
Chirayu Desai:
You CANNOT sign Kemba. Either use the money to get a Kawhi-level player or dont use it on a star but on role players, centered around 3 and D. They need shooting ffs.
RB Grooves
RB Grooves:
Big 4 Kyle kuzma
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson:
Not going to happen, besides that Anthony Davis will probably be wearing number 21,
Alan Pinho
Alan Pinho:
Triskelion 1968
Triskelion 1968:
Kemba walker is scorer not a play maker👍🏻 kyrie erving is much better and fit with LBJ and AD👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻
Battosai Himura88
Battosai Himura88:
Bring back TREVOR ARIZA Good 2way player.very effective esp in the playoffs!
He needs to sign there
giant dome
giant dome:
It would be great to see Kemba on the team, but I'd use that money to sign Danny Green and Darren Collinson, both excellent defenders and 3-point shooters
Charles Aaaron Te
Charles Aaaron Te:
Hope they don't suck this time.
Anunnaqi Enkianu
Anunnaqi Enkianu:
Kemba walker will be on LA
Kemba deserves that $240 million max deal... u not going to win in the NBA... but ur winning in life fam.. and that's what matters
Twilley Flacko
Twilley Flacko:
Prince Sky
Prince Sky:
Kyrie to lakers!...
Ball Movements
Ball Movements:
Which max free agent do you want to see form a Big 3 with Lebron James and Anthony Davis?
Bryant Lin
Bryant Lin:
Yo Lakers sign role players that are good veteran shooters coming off the bench that could provide elite shooting and scoring.
Tenny Rowe
Tenny Rowe:
Kembaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaa 😤
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant:
I’m not gonna give Kemba A max only like 20 Million then Resign Rondo and McGee with Signing JJ Redick And Trevor Ariza
carlton matlock
carlton matlock:
Lakers doesn’t need more shooting I know Lebron James got 3 more years to play for the Lakers put more shooting around Anthony Davis they might give him a Max deal maybe 5 years lebron James got 3 more years on his contract I hope they bring a Championship they can knock out Golden State warriors
Kevin Le
Kevin Le:
Please, no Kemba. Lebron is a point guard. Go after Leonard or Butler.
Swank Mastermind
Swank Mastermind:
They don’t need a Kemba walker. They need 3&D guys & Kemba cant guard a fire hydrant
Funny how you are going on and on about how consistent Walker is while the video playing in the background shows him bricking after brick after brick.. LOL
All jokes aside, this is the book move, get it done Lakers...
OOOOOORRRRRRRRR they can target both D'Angelo and Ariza for the same money...
Kemba said his first priority is resigning
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson:
They can not sign kimba walker,they don't have the money to sign him.
Geezee 5six2
Geezee 5six2:
We ain’t getting kemba walker bro keep ur channel real stop saying shit that not gonna happen 🙅‍♂️ walker already said he ain’t leaving the hornets he’s taking all that money coming his way
88 5.0 E Lopez
88 5.0 E Lopez:
U can try lebron with any players he ain’t getting 6rings 😂😂😂😂😂😂ring chasers 😂😂😂🔥🔥
Mark McDonald
Mark McDonald:
Heel no they need to pick up BLEDSOE perfect pg for lakers and then grab JULIUS RANDLE and that will =CHAMPIONSHIP
Kawhi would be ideal but i dont think he's leaving toronto just yet.
Hard Body
Hard Body:
I hope kemba stays in N.O LAKERS DONT NEED HIM
John. RD
John. RD:
Kemba won't sign to the lakers. He want to stay in hornets
Wavy Shon
Wavy Shon:
82-0 🤯
rhev escudero
rhev escudero:
Lakers need to disband sell the team you're not even going to the playoffs. Lebron will start blaming team mates before playoffs
Nelly Ojellav
Nelly Ojellav:
Fuck Kemba... SuperMax on this MIDGET... Are you SICKHEADED FREAK...
Loredo Jr. Garilva
Loredo Jr. Garilva:
Big 3 Superstar :
Walker - Sign

Star Players :
Rondo - Re sign

Role Players :
Mc Gee - Re sign
Favors - Sign
Stephenson - Re sign
Mirotic - Sign
Redick - Trade for KCP

Bench Players :

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