Liverpool FC - Counter Attack Kings - 2017-19

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Jesse James
Jesse James:
Me: My fave is the counterattack against Arsenal
“Which one?”
Me: Exactly.
ahmed mohamed
ahmed mohamed:
This season Alisson has been our biggest threat on the counter
ahmad khatib
ahmad khatib:
Cant believe that this team few years ago was attacking using borini , lambert and balotelli 🤔🤔
Lovely Cushioned Header For Gerrard
Lovely Cushioned Header For Gerrard:
Many managers even Guardiola are scared of Liverpool's ability to counter attack. This season especially, they try to avoid that situation by playing defensive park-the-bus football to limit the space to run onto for Liverpool's front three. That is why Liverpool signed Shaqiri to shoot from distance and for dead ball situation. Can't wait to see Chambo excels when people park their bus. YNWA
Lewis Walters
Lewis Walters:
Alisson's distribution is scarily good
I miss that Orange kit.
Johan Barnard
Johan Barnard:
The amount of times we have scored counter attack goals against Arsenal is crazy!
eko nugroho
eko nugroho:
premiere league title for the reds this year! #YNWA
Farhaad Hayat
Farhaad Hayat:
Meanwhile Man Utd think they're kings of counter attacks ... please
Dillip Kumar
Dillip Kumar:
We miss ox this season he was the most influential midfielder in counters last season
Patrick Muza
Patrick Muza:
That Robertson run against Watford 🔥🔥🔥
haunweng wa
haunweng wa:
5:29 two-pass goal. Wow!!
4:23 Allison!
Muhamad Yusuf Supriadi
Muhamad Yusuf Supriadi:
6:10 beautiful dropkick
Nigel Guest
Nigel Guest:
A great video, which really highlights the differences between Liverpool and other top teams. I take them to win the CL this year, if they can overcome multiple injuries to the back line.

Their passing in very tight spaces is incredible. Also, their long, defence-splitting passes don't go to the player, but into an open space where he's going to be in 2 seconds, turning the last defender into a useless ornament.
Moh 18
Moh 18:
Credit to Allison
Agung Satya
Agung Satya:
First give me love. From indonesia liverpudlian
Tom Pathadan
Tom Pathadan:
As always a great video, cud you also make a video of Allisons throws and kicks that have lead to goals?
MosTaFa BaLoOoZy
MosTaFa BaLoOoZy:
best counter attack in the world
and best video MrBoywunder
Alisson 😍🔥🔥🔥
Inject this into my veins. 💉💉
J N:
Strongest LFC squad in a while, Jurgen Klopp is a genius!!
Ngl many times I havent even realised that it was Alison's quick pass that got us going on the counter
Outstanding content as always
Great stuff mb, what a team we have, probably not good for the heart, having said that I would give anything to see the REDS win the league. Roll on. Thanks man. YNWA.....
Alison Becker is the last piece of jigsaw.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga:
Poor arsenal 😂 always the victims
An Bui
An Bui:
Now imagine adding Werner to the mix....
Mohammad Rasoul Fard-Habibi
Mohammad Rasoul Fard-Habibi:
It's scary how good we are.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga:
4:59 salah be like "come on come on bring the ball"
Sheer Madness
Kamal Husni
Kamal Husni:
Liverpool at their best will punish any team on the plante
Slabodan Kazlakovich
Slabodan Kazlakovich:
Man City lost today :) and I'm just watching a little preview of what's to come tomorrow against Leister City! Come on you Reds!!
Mushroom Galaxy
Mushroom Galaxy:
And soon OX is going to be back.
Seeing Liverpool 1-touch-passing is like watching Brasil-of-old at World Cups.
Blaze LFC
Blaze LFC:
6:32 and people are complaining that Salah goes down too easily. Most players wouldn't have stayed on their feet there.
Dari Salmeen
Dari Salmeen:
One can forget how good Salah assists are!
Ruslan Smailov
Ruslan Smailov:
Now after city loss against Newcastlegotreal chance for us for the title..
Eric Furness
Eric Furness:
MB coming thru in the clutch
Hector Wearden
Hector Wearden:
6:47 unreal
Ibraallino8 _
Ibraallino8 _:
counter attack goals are the best.
Sachin San
Sachin San:
Booby the
Alif Mohd K
Alif Mohd K:
I loooveee counter attacking system 👊
Sachin San
Sachin San:
Make on liverpool counter attacks 2019 mate
Abdirahmaan Khadar
Abdirahmaan Khadar:
Liverpol and real madrid only twoo teams play good counter attack
void blank
void blank:
What's the soundtrack
Ashhab Horror Gamer
Ashhab Horror Gamer:
Oh yeah yeah Salah Mane Firmino oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah yeah
shahwani footballar
shahwani footballar:
Liverpool EPL teams king 👑
Robert Blackburn
Robert Blackburn:
Naughty group of footballers absolutely frightening how quick they get up that pitch
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins:
Just beautiful to watch. This video would give the gunners a nightmare.
Milton Kazi
Milton Kazi:
City is dangerous in possession Liverpool is dangerous in and more so out of possession.
kurtis howard
kurtis howard:
Brilliant video 👌
Ufgjddfg الي بيلعب بالزمالك مبيعرفش يلعبHfgxhddh
Ufgjddfg الي بيلعب بالزمالك مبيعرفش يلعبHfgxhddh:
Helo l am egiption. انا مصري
Salio Gomez
Salio Gomez:
wishing them for the premier league
250 Subscribers before Valentine’s Day
250 Subscribers before Valentine’s Day:
cute country attack on titan
to ri
to ri:
good team work ....
Mohamad syafii
Mohamad syafii:
Julius Benbow
Julius Benbow:
Too nice of a video!
Bhavesh Ramputty
Bhavesh Ramputty:
Its my birthday 27 jan
Akmal Rodzi
Akmal Rodzi:
Can you do one on David Brooks, Bournemouth? Big fan of him, lots of natural ability, so composed on the ball, reckon he’s gonna be class in 2-3 years, bit too light weight but so intelligent on the ball, don’t think he’ll cut it at any of the top 4 sides, maybe Spurs might be fit for him
Hima Kimo
Hima Kimo:
Not new , another amazing video 💪💪👍👍👌
Your best ever video
Salio Gomez
Salio Gomez:
super club of mine
G Rollaze.
G Rollaze.:
They are crazy
Marrio Ozilla
Marrio Ozilla:
Kvin Sudarmito
Kvin Sudarmito:
rock n rush.
Ben Skyes Spiegel
Ben Skyes Spiegel:
Lit lit
Mr. Oogoo
Mr. Oogoo:
Funny Videos
Funny Videos:
Mohammad salah is so fast
Honey Badger TV
Honey Badger TV:
5:58 is just pure sex... Have seen the play probably 50 times at this point and still gives me a nice tingly feeling inside