Liverpool 1-1 Leicester City | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference

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We've increased our lead on City and yet people are crying. We weren't at our best. As City wern't yesterday. Now 5 points clear. We move on.
Aleksi Siukathy
Aleksi Siukathy:
Actually, Atkinson is an old moron and he must be fired ASAP. He was impossible. One ov the most degenerated referees I've ever seen in EPL
Lahumimi Jungle
Lahumimi Jungle:
Just so sad that didn't get important 3 points today. 😅😅😅❤❤❤
But never mind, hope our players still be strong , strength and have good energy to face West Ham on next match. YNWA! 💪💪👍👍💖💖💖
mary moore
mary moore:
1 more point is better than no points. We are still 5 points ahead. It was difficult playing tonight with the bad weather. The lads did well. On now to the next game. YNWA
mike baldwin
mike baldwin:
Leicester always give us a hard game and deserved the point. Can't win every game in this league. 5 points clear and we go again.
Paul Lee
Paul Lee:
Now we're 5 points clear and a game less to play . 😃
Our defence is showing cracks, need to get Joe and Trent back ASAP
A clear penalty disallowed but at least we got one more point than Plastic City
Stephen Grice
Stephen Grice:
We are Liverpool. We do not do things the easy way and haven't done so for 30 years. Why start now lol? This race has plenty of twists and turns left over the final third and as it stands we don't have to win the final game. in 08/09 and 13/14 we had far less composure and our mistakes cost us immediately. Right now we seem to have a different level of composure. Still do not believe Maguire should have been on the pitch to equalize.
City are the bottlers!
Lexus Bradbury
Lexus Bradbury:
I want to talk about decisions but some odd ones have gone our way also this season

They bottled it

They need to regroup and stop letting fans down when it counts

Massive chance gone

Seen it too many times

Hope they prove me wrong but tonight they lacked belief
Geng Kapak
Geng Kapak:
Why everybody just look at the negative side losing 2points? How about extend our lead to 5points. Next fixtures for city likely they will drop points again. Way to go lads
Phil Kingfil
Phil Kingfil:
Good result. 1 point more than we had going into the game. On we go! YNWA
Paul Pugh
Paul Pugh:
Disappointed with tonight's draw 4 games in 2019 we scored 6 and conceded 6 we need to stay focused, 5 points clear and we move on and hope for the best
Shane Canning
Shane Canning:
5 points clear happy days
Barrie Vesty
Barrie Vesty:
I was at the match and said after the 1st half: If we get a penalty today the ref will not give it. He gave absolutely everything against us. It was an obvious red card to Maguire. Ref was one sided (fullstop)
Patrick F
Patrick F:
Every point matters. If we draw two games now over our run in we still stay top.
Snow on the pitch didn't help our play. Robertson touch cost us big time, then stupid foul knew we would get punished from free kick.
At start of season I don't think we would be 5points a head of city.
It will go to the end, disappointed we didn't win but a Draw isn't Bad considering the conditions.
Should of had penalty but hat off to Leicester played well.
Юрій Осадчий Ukraine
Юрій Осадчий Ukraine:
Finally January ended! YNWA
Stay strong and focused lads! YNWA
Hamdi Islam
Hamdi Islam:
we lost 2 points in home
that is no good for us .
you have to focus on the race title premier league and try to increase the gap between city
philip molyneux
philip molyneux:
This match was a fix from the start it stinks stitched up by the ref no penalty mane fouled twice no red card Atkinson should resign this turns me off football the injustice of this gamer the ref was right in front of it and the only reason is this match was fixed from the start !! furious
Mo Abdel [DroidLife]
Mo Abdel [DroidLife]:
Benitez : are u fool livepool??
a quick goal in the first minute gives hope we will win easily but afterwards we give less pressure and the Foxes find their rhythm. It's urgent to win title this season so that we have a winning mentality and can win this kind of match.
Onwards & upwards! YNWA!!
Bottlers FC!
Lyaric Patois_17
Lyaric Patois_17:
We will go again and again and again.That's what we do not count points!!!
Jancie Johnson
Jancie Johnson:
Keep Calm #YNWA
Carlo M12
Carlo M12:
Harry Maguire, level 100 boss, that’s how mafia works
matty hughes
matty hughes:
U had time to sort the pitch out u put a MF in RB?
Sunny Reelz
Sunny Reelz:
Need a plan B target man.
Rak Bhogal
Rak Bhogal:
To everyone that are losing their heads, lets calm the f##k down. We got a one more point lead after this round of fixtures. We go again. YNWA.
Satria Aji Imawan
Satria Aji Imawan:
Let’s keep going, we should have attacked better from the start of the 2nd half. Left it late to try . Referee eyes were covered in snow for the penalty smh.
Tommy Chinn
Tommy Chinn:
ROBBED !! Its an opportunity denied us by a poor performance and dodgy decisions from officials but an even bigger 1 missed for City cos had they won lead would be just 2 points instead we are 1 more point better off than City than we was before this round of league games this midweek so we have to take that and sometimes be thankful for what we get in this game and in life itself. Would we have taken being 5 points clear at top of table before a ball had been kicked this season ? You bet we would and with great delight so keep the faith and keep believing.....we move on now for West Ham COYR x
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
Draw 1 all
Auggie Ghau ghau
Auggie Ghau ghau:
It is okay. Long way to go
agron gjergji
agron gjergji:
Stop complaining!
still top life is good. YNWA
gregorius joyoko
gregorius joyoko:
It was difficult pitch....
Tural Mamedovt
Tural Mamedovt:
Hello liverpool
Lee SOG:
Klopp should have bought two or three arlasses who know how to win titles - I hope he hasn't left us short - even if it's just to inspire the younger lads in the dressing room.
zaf Patel
zaf Patel:
Erm I've been a Liverpool fan for 33 years and in late December early Jan Liverpool were 7 points clear and faced city and people near me friends etc plus the media saying it's Liverpools title but me personally didn't one bit think or say it's Liverpools title .
They had a chance to get 7 points clear tonight but they fukd up .
I still believe city will win league this season. Simple as that
Damian O' Sullivan
Damian O' Sullivan:
Absolutely crazy letting clyne leave and fabinho on bench yesterday was madness too Henderson pisspoor again yesterday and vvd was cause of their goal ballwatching again
Asam Boy
Asam Boy:
You play at home and still you failed to get full 3 points against Leicester! Its not MU or Spurs but you still in complacent to said it was okay. You don't have champion mentality Klopp.
Terra Nova
Terra Nova:
It was a tough match with bad weather .Now we get ready to Go Again . YNWA LFC
Da Da
Da Da:
Can someone plz tell him to buy zaha and the left back frm palace as well both are great players yes we are in a good shape but we need better players to win 🏆 see we need clyne back as well for trent
firmino was very awful many times he give the ball to the opponent
oh glubbits
oh glubbits:
Blew it, but don't blow it guys
Nikolay Galabov
Nikolay Galabov:
I am not so sure about Henderson. The first 45 was immense apart from the goal they scored, but later on he was not that good any more. All round we were bad for most of the time.
Srinivas Iyer
Srinivas Iyer:
We have lost only 01 game and conceded less goals that make difference till end
Danny Lok
Danny Lok:
Sirius 180
Sirius 180:
no more long range shots, why so afraid to try instead bring the ball to near post and cut back?
Mohamed Arab
Mohamed Arab:
I'm Liverpool fans and I still trust klopp but today he should play Henderson on right-wing
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía:
42 more points in play. Winning 38 will be enough.
champagne veli
champagne veli:
Arsenal NEED to beat city on the weekend
Ole Romer
Ole Romer:
Change the mic's, please. My speakers puffs. And the Q's are still a secret.
playing henderson at right back it is suicide and the other never play shaqiri with keita both but play with one
allan beeharry
allan beeharry:
If it was city Atkinson would have given a pen
Sahabiya Mohamed
Sahabiya Mohamed:
Now, I’m hoping to keep winning the next 13 games..
Khalil Mohamed
Khalil Mohamed:
It could be least we're not Chelsea 🤣
5 point clear is neally big so dont worry city could drop point at some game and at least we didnt lose to smaller side unlike man city
loggo vanbastad
loggo vanbastad:
Leicester deserved the win last night to be fair they opened us up far to many times .l think it's players nerves or it could be down to not playing for 10 days
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman:
Liverpool 2nd half were poor missed on 3 points got points not good not bad to need to play better next game on Monday against West Ham come on you reds ynwa
Felt the crowd made the players jittery. Jurgen needs to manage expectations and tell them not to get on the players backs. I remember how Ranieri said his side were concentrating on getting into champions league places. Probably the best way to get the stress off the players backs.
Ahmed Mattar
Ahmed Mattar:
The referee was awful. Missed two penalties for Liverpool including elbowing Salah in the neck. McGuire should have had a red card, but he is allowed to play and score, thanks to a blind ref
tempo setter
tempo setter:
Klopp, huge win needed next game or the bottle is in reach
Ma Momma Said
Ma Momma Said:
I don’t understand the decision to loan out Clyne 🤔
The Drew
The Drew:
Shy Wonder
Shy Wonder:
January was a bad month for us hope we go into February with a lot more fire works starting with westham YNWA
King Smilex
King Smilex:
oh lord so much cry in the comments wtf is wrong with you guys? now you actually can sniff title you alrady turn into monsters who cant even handle a draw?
one of the best seasons so far and there are people who write in comments klopp should resign hahaha or he only have luck and makes only stupid decisions fu morons ^_^
if you really think that klopp came so far based on luck and no tactical skills, than you are the one whos stupid my freind.
this is not real madrid or bayern münchen and if you look at the last 26 years you should be really happy about where you are now.......
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth:
Of course we´d like to win, but shit happens. I hope the penalty never given (yeah, old story) won´t decide anything at the end of the season. Forwards, hold head up high, learn from this, more next time.
It was a hard game against a well drilled Leicester side, a point is a good result considering ManCity lost,Chelsea lost also. Leicester have taken points off other top sides also & they play better away.we will go again !!! 😀
A. K. London
A. K. London:
Hendo RB???? Lallana plays in a must win game?? Wtf klopp????? Terrible decisions by the ref but no excuse. We had more ball and more chances. All pools fault and klopp with major matters to get fixed. We play like this Vs Bayern were feked!!!!
Paolo H
Paolo H:
Martin Atkinson should be pensioned off...I think the leak in his incontinence pants diverted his attention during that pen shout!
Qemal B. BALLIU:
Liverpool needs at least a real midfielder. No one is playing the ball in the midfield.
One of the worst LFC performances in 3 years Klopp. And this has nothing to do with high expectations
nelson Lea
nelson Lea:
Too many useless back passing, no creative at all, no zeal , no drive I think the Dubai trip was a bad trip..... but Robertson was acting like a fool in this match
Leicester deserved there point, they were very good second hard.They defended well too.Hendo played well at right back, also Matip looked like he's upped his game, he looks sharper and more confident than I've seen him before.1 Point deserved by both teams.
Tam Brotal
Tam Brotal:
Everything was always fine for Klopp you know what you will win nothing with your fine team Klopp! You need more then that. Klopp will be like Poch win nothing for his attractive club!
Mark Carr
Mark Carr:
Th highest premier league points tally we’ve ever had, clear at the top by 5 points and still some clueless “fans” insist on slamming the manager and players. I read one guy saying Klopp should resign. The club is the strongest it has been in decades, is generally playing attractive and effective football and has the best chance of winning the league in years. Yes it was disappointing to draw last night but Leicester were excellently drilled and slowed us down as did the pitch. Be careful what you wish for you absolute imbeciles. YNWA
Yoda Google
Yoda Google:
Liverpool can't handle under pressure. They are used of winning nothing.
greedharry T
greedharry T:
If Liverpool attacks 100 times expect to have 1 to 2 goals. Leicester attacks 5 times expect they score 4 goals. This is the reality these days.

Klopp should stop complaining about snow or penalty not given. We are fed up seeing Liverpool attacking techniques til the opponents post and still passing just to miss.
Lallana was the man of the match!!! Often I ask why such players are still wearing the red shirt!!!
Trevor Andall
Trevor Andall:
allan george rance
allan george rance:
klopp why Liverpool keeps on playing the ball on ground and it was not working why ??? Camacho was going to play why you didn't start him ??....😡😠😡😠
ste wills
ste wills:
people need to stop complaining over that draw, had City won, yes poor result. But if We won that and City won, we would have been worse off than now. The gap still increased, the next 3 count.
Wred 4
Wred 4:
Lallana and Sturridge are not good enough to be subs at Liverpool now, it’s sad but true
Chris Long
Chris Long:
People tlk bout how hendo pass the ball the ball side to side but look what happens when he not in the middle. Keita was bad today will get better gini just came back. If hendo played in the middle he would have done better at passing wise spreading the ball
Abdiaziz Hassan
Abdiaziz Hassan:
The ref was a disgrace clear red and clear pen damn it.
El Dio
El Dio:
Awful lineup decision. Don’t know why on Earth he’d put Henderson right back and not start Fabinho
Horus Thelemite
Horus Thelemite:
Always the same after LFC go for a break. Time to stay in the UK and not go on a sunny break in the middle of winter. The penalty was as blatant as it gets, but hey that ref is a joke. One point more in the tally, onwards and upwards.YNWA RIP96
Lmao those are Premierleague referees ? The guy that fouled mane (last man) just got a yellow, so he could later foul Keita, even tho he shouldnt be on the pitch anymore and didnt even got a peantly for it. xDDD Same guy prevents two goals!
Shakoor Nundloll
Shakoor Nundloll:
liverpool fake dfefinetly
Kk Jj
Kk Jj:
Atkinson took away two points from Liverpool. That's true....
Maguire did not got a red card, next elbowed Salah (penalty), and after these he shot the goal. Was kicked over Keita (penalty 2), after Henderson (penalty 3) too. From among these one enough would have been to influence the result. Mané was in 2 metres disadventeges, after this he was in huge goal situation, but idiot referee considered upside. There will be a consequence???
McGuire should have been sent off. denied a clear scoring opportunity as the last man. Keita should have gotten a pen. English referees are terrible. Pillocks, the lot of them!
I'm gutted we didn't take full advantage of city slip up,I think the gaffer may have got his line up wrong here.
The pitch didn't help at all,but I have to say I get worried about kieta,what has he done that stands out when he's played (any game) how influential is he?
If it's a language barrier I don't get it,he's had so long to learn it if it is the issue he hasn't shown a good commitment.
But we are a point more ahead with a game less to play,so we'll bounce back,hopefully our injured lads come back quickly,we need em now.
Swarup Banerjee
Swarup Banerjee:
Still 5 points gap is better than 4 points gap
Nasiimoismail ismail
Nasiimoismail ismail:
Let's go back to 4-3-3 we were more danger
shaene ian
shaene ian:
We increased our lead on our closest rival by a point thats crucial. We match our rivals we win this thing. Todays result doesnt win it for us we have so many points to chase to get this title so we will continue to fight for every point till the job is done. No team is going to roll over for us theres tough times ahead but I know all that counts is the next game vs WHU. We control our destiny still 5 points and upwards. We go again!!!
Every time there is a chance to increase the gap LFC waste it.

We LFC fans knows the end result of the season dont we?
Its happening,
- wasted oportonities
- injurys
- player mistakes due to prusser
- not signing anyone to give an extra push

2019 loading
Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty:
People will say Liverpool have had a few soft penalties this season but they were in games where Liverpool would have won anyway IMO. It's these decisions in games where you really need them that Liverpool never seem to get. It's been said that Liverpool were the unluckiest team in the league last season in terms of decisions going against us. Liverpool still in pole position tho but a lot of hard work to do.