Lindsay Lohan Sit-down (Full Interview)

ET sat down with the 32-year-old actress at Serendipity 3 in New York City ahead of the premiere of show, 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club,' premiering Jan. 8 on MTV. Exclusives from #ETonline :

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i think she looks good all things considered. she seems very calm. i think LA is toxic for celebs.
Adam Mcintyre
Adam Mcintyre:
an icon. i’m so happy for her finally getting a second chance from the media. she deserves this more than anybody. she’s had her battles and is back better than ever. loved the first episode lindsay!! WE LOVE YOU 💕💓💘
Lisa L. Gruman
Lisa L. Gruman:
Nischelle Turner: excellent interview. You are amazingly supportive of those you interview, with great kindness and joy. The world needs the light that you bring. All the best to you, and congrats to Ms. Lohan on her success.
Clarkey Jesse
Clarkey Jesse:
She’s Beautiful but it’s the continue use of lip fillers make her old. 🙄
Giulia Pareti
Giulia Pareti:
She’s very brave. She came back to all the people and media years ago dissed her and destroyed her in the public eye. She the OG of celebrity and she deserve a second chance. Keep going Linds 🖤
babymoonlight x
babymoonlight x:
I've always been a huge Lindsay fan but when she first announced her show, I thought she'd end up embarrassing herself but wow, I've gained so much respect for her- she's grown into a strong, successful businesswoman and I'm really rooting for her. I really adored the interviewer too, she was so refreshing and sweet. She was a breath of fresh air.
Lavender Violet
Lavender Violet:
She looks so used up and washed out and like she has had a hard life with possibly a history of sexual abuse.
Dude I remember listening to her music. Glad she's back!
S H:
The interviewer is a nice lady. The ending was weird. Like the publicist cut it off, "Don't ask about the other Lohans projects!"
Alison DiLaurentis
Alison DiLaurentis:
Here come the “oh she looks old” comments... She looks great! She’s in her 30’s now & yes, I agree that she looked better without the plastic surgery, but she still looks good.
Cristian Jones
Cristian Jones:
Her show is so entertaining and I can’t wait to watch more of it. I enjoy seeing Lindsay succeed. She deserves it. Media has trashed her like it trashes many celebrities over fake stories or overrated headlines and she’s coming in stronger than ever. Her hard work Is really paying off and now people see her for who she really is.
Nobody’s talking about how down to earth is. I’ve never seen such an honest energy in a celebrity. Girl’s been through hell and back and is so strong.
Wilfred Lacandazo
Wilfred Lacandazo:
This is a great interview. The host clearly came prepared and she's caring. Kudos!
Evolved Media Productions
Evolved Media Productions:
It sounds like they are running a day care in the other room....I really don’t want to hear screaming children during an interview. It’s very unprofessional.
Khol Ellsworth
Khol Ellsworth:
You can tell she sounds well or doing better than she was. I love it. I’m proud of her.
So good to see her back. The years of habitual smoking has taken a serious toll on her.  She definitely looks much older than her 32 years. Much luck to her.
patricio rodriguez
patricio rodriguez:
The 00s are coming back
Cesar Ruiz
Cesar Ruiz:
I’m glad she’s back on the spotlight healthier than ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t understand the people saying she ruined her face? #GoLindsay
VS2015 M.
VS2015 M.:
Please don't do lip fillers! It looks weird on you!
King Payan
King Payan:
I’m happy she’s getting another chance here in the U.S. but anyone else notice her face changed? Not like aging but almost like bloated not just in this interview but in others and her show too she looks swollen or bloated.
I’m really happy for her. One question though, is she gonna eat that ice cream? Because if not, I will.... Is dairy a carb?
Tadashi Stark
Tadashi Stark:
i stan (1) intelligent and savvy entrepreneur who didn't want to compare/pit women against each other as well as steer away from family talk when she's trying to build her empire lmao
Been there this summer 2018 in september, the club is beautiful and the beach is gorgeous.. But the staff is sooo rude, and sooo full ofthemselves.. really didn’t like it... Saw her in the old city Mykonos and she looked quite normal
L S:
She reminds me of a red-headed Meridith Grey...
failed scientist cafe
failed scientist cafe:
She needs someone nurturing and open minded i think.
Jen- A-Purr
Jen- A-Purr:
She’s really changed. Proud of this woman!!!
Patrick McPheron
Patrick McPheron:
This interviewer is top notch!
Sky Vibez
Sky Vibez:
Even after all crazy stuff we've heard about Lyndsey and her issues, I am a fan. I support her because she's gone through so much yet she's back and ready to try again! And I respect the hell out of her for that!
Alicia Walker
Alicia Walker:
Lindsay’s done well for herself👍🏾
lylarain C
lylarain C:
I WISH WE HAD HUMANS with your understanding by living it first and , GIRL you got this in your pocket!! I can't wait to see you accomplish your goals and continue to watch you grow.
Awesome Gambler
Awesome Gambler:
If she were smart she would of starred in life size two, make it a real movie not a made for TV movie, and that would of been the best comeback she could of done.
oakley F
oakley F:
That was really uplifting to watch. It takes a
certain skill to interview the way she did.
I was really surprised with her answers - because of how genuwine they seem. She doesn't get thrown off either. I liked watching this
M E:
She's been through a lot. So happy she's in a beautiful place in her life.
Rojoe Casey
Rojoe Casey:
She's so emotionally mature now.. genuinely. It shows. She's an inspiration. And still so hot..
Chonpen Tsopoe
Chonpen Tsopoe:
The one cute lindsay had changed a lot...
Bless her. She’s so great
MikeMike 1025
MikeMike 1025:
Welcome back girl 2019
This interviewer don’t give af about that mess or that cancelled show she just wanna secure that 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰lmaoooo Paris is laughing 😂
I’m glad she opened a place in Greece. Bringing as much revenue from tourists as possible is so needed after the crisis. God bless Lindsay we are rooting for you since when back when mama
Leah Jordan
Leah Jordan:
I'm always rooting for Lindsay. Love her & this interview♥️
Working End
Working End:
Im so happy to see Lindsay so focus, working hard, being totally real, I love it Lindsay Congrats 👍👍
Lorena Carvalho
Lorena Carvalho:
OMG what's happening with her lips!
She's continue a be most beautiful but her voice now it's different!
I hope Lindsay Lohan comeback!
I didnt hear an accent or change..
Dayo P.
Dayo P.:
I love the interviewer and Lindsay's response to her; it was like two old friends catching up with ome another at brunch.
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks:
awe the cute 11 year old Lindsay was so honest <3
Phillip Chapin
Phillip Chapin:
The straws in the milkshake on the table are flipped each time the camera switches !!
I love her, grew up watching her. I'm glad your back Lindsey ❤️
She starting to look like old Lindsay. I’m proud of her always projecting love in some fashion.
Alondra Vianney
Alondra Vianney:
The person interviewing her seems awkward
Chloe R
Chloe R:
I started crying when young Lindsay popped up!😢💖
Megan Free
Megan Free:
"i love that..."
Awesome interview. Insightful questions, great answers.
Peaceful Love
Peaceful Love:
She's so pretty. I want that dessert omg.
Rachael Zabel
Rachael Zabel:
Great interview. And great to see Lindsay so proud and excited for what she's working on.
tae sica
tae sica:
This is a good interview..d interviewer did a good job..
moon child420
moon child420:
Im so proud of her. She has been through hell and back and is the best version of herself today. Girl is gonna take over the world and im here for her!!!
Kennedy Wilson
Kennedy Wilson:
Looks like she's got some miles on her
M A:
this is a result of why you don't exploit women
Night Star
Night Star:
I love the show and I still can't believe how good it is OMG
Caitlin Robinson
Caitlin Robinson:
Such a great positive interview.
She kinda is resembling Wendy Williams with her facial features now
Wow...her eyes are so deep and telling!
Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard:
Loved LiLo in high school. Was down for her hard partying. Everyone struggles and the press hit her hard....but she is SO insecure in front of a reality/interview camera setting. She needs to own her past. She seems so fake and she has really fully owned everything we know she's done and becomes so defensive and guarded. For her and this show to succeed, I think she needs to just own the shit that she did and the fact that, deep down, she doesn't really think she has an addiction. Because let's be real, she doesn't like saying it because she doesn't believe it.
ASMR Melıssa
ASMR Melıssa:
i love this interviewer <3
Flor Quibol
Flor Quibol:
Finally she back . I love to see her
Sinuhe Guzmán
Sinuhe Guzmán:
I'm so happy for her, she is endearing, fast talking, vulnerable... She really seems sober this time and doing full business the right way. Also this enterviewer managed to squeeze her a lot of questions without appearing invasive or rude, great job.
pocket change
pocket change:
she's is so beautiful and talented...
Lindsay on the "Hunt", for "New Meat"!
“This is bananas to me” 😂
Rein 18
Rein 18:
We hear a rumor that your mom might be on celebrity big brother I just made it up is that true?? 😆
Aaron Saltzer
Aaron Saltzer:
What a weird ending. No thank you or goodbye.
I wish I could be in beautiful mykonos ! I know u love it in Italy so amazing
Dayum I never heard of the Athens club?!?! For 4 + years?!
The Cursed Dinkleberg
The Cursed Dinkleberg:
I really hope she's okay.
Love the dance ur so real it’s amazing
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson:
Mean Girls or Herbie Fully Loaded cast reunion at the Beach House.
Abby Molyneau
Abby Molyneau:
Good for her! Watched the first episode earlier, will keep watching.
Kikisquad Martin
Kikisquad Martin:
So many questions from this lady this poor girl is overwhelmed with questions😂😂
Priscilla Barr
Priscilla Barr:
She's still so beautiful 😍
Nina Sky
Nina Sky:
she is looking amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing lately
tina pedersen
tina pedersen:
I love Lindsay ❤ so glad she got a second chance. Wish you all the best..
Brooke Starr
Brooke Starr:
Anybody else want her to take a sip?That drink thing looks yummy
I'm glad shes starting something new in her life.
miriam ar
miriam ar:
Lindsay we're all rooting for you girl ❤️
Alex Heaton
Alex Heaton:
Interviewers are so cringy with the fake laughing
Zui TV
Zui TV:
Omg almost cried what a queen
I love Lindsay and great interview 😊
Deja Chhun
Deja Chhun:
I'm so happy Lindsey is back! I love u and want u to win!
Lucy Vivian Sousa
Lucy Vivian Sousa:
I love her since I was a Child
naomi hollywood
naomi hollywood:
I thought i saw alesso in the upcoming season
Natali Martinez A.
Natali Martinez A.:
We’re here for you Lindsay 💝
God is amazing Candi love
God is amazing Candi love:
I don't know you personally I was just thinking about you " I'm happy to see you doing well" don't worry about what people think " there not happy with there self's that's why they treat people bad and talk about people and do wrong things to people to make them feel good " keep doing you ❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝 always stand in your truth always " 🙏
the interviewer was so sweet and humble. best lindsay interview. 13:36 was hilarious!
Opens with the use of the word addiction...cuts her off...asks her about needing a man...
Terrible interview.
Great interview!!!!
Anoop Tiwari
Anoop Tiwari:
Love ❤️ I N D I A
Selena Wilson
Selena Wilson:
I can’t wait to read honeymoon!
Melinda Jones
Melinda Jones:
Very proud of Lindsey. Keep up the great work !! Don't allow others to discourage you or try to bring you down!!!!