LAPD Detective Comments On The Death Of Kim Porter

LAPD detective David Peteque comments on the death of Diddy's ex-girlfriend, model Kim Porter. Subscribe to Get the Latest News!: GET MORE HIPHOLLYWOOD!

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Queen Sparkle In Texas
Queen Sparkle In Texas:
I’m truly praying for this family. I’m truly saddened . Her children smh I’m blown away by this news. RIP Kim Porter💗
Kimberly Thomas
Kimberly Thomas:
It's so sad when anyone loses their life Especially a mother with small children breaks my heart
Sharel SweeTz
Sharel SweeTz:
R.i.p Kim porter so sorry for the kids🥺🥺🥺
April B
April B:
I can't believe some if these comments...These children have lost their Mom and people are already playing detective...Smh!!! RIP Kim Porter.
Neisha Win
Neisha Win:
What a loss she was a Diamond 💎 may she forever shine. 😢
Barbara Owens
Barbara Owens:
So so terrible to lose your mom...I hope and pray it wasnt foul play but my heart goes out to her and her family
Voiceovers by Stef Marie
Voiceovers by Stef Marie:
Sending my prayers and condolences to her beautiful kids and family. She was so beautiful and I'm so 😢 sad for her kids. May the Lord strengthen them all during this difficult time
Nette Love
Nette Love:
Prayers for her children, and all those that loved her, sleep well Kim Porter.
JEd Griffin
JEd Griffin:
Totally shocked. She was a jewel. A dime piece. Always glamorous. Enjoying life. So sad. Thats Quincy Browns mother.
Rea Postell
Rea Postell:
How the reporter asked the same question two different ways. So diddy was there. Sad pray u RIP
Wow damn this is so sad on so many levels R.i.p
The Kid's😢
45 Jugga
45 Jugga:
Something weird
DARK SKIN TV rashida strober
DARK SKIN TV rashida strober:
soo sad..such a beautiful woman and her babies. Lord they lost their mom
#BlackMomsMatter My Heart Is w/Her Children.
If the cause of death is flu related, the 1918 to 1920 Spanish flu influenza pandemic caused an estimated 50 to 100 million deaths and they were all mainly young healthy adults. People today underestimate how deadly flu can be.
Meechie X
Meechie X:
Police officer should have no emotional connection to Diddy. So we learned that Diddy was there but children werent. Police acted like he covering for somebody. I think she was given anti freeze
Pneumonia is a hard illness to get over.
mzurilove beauty & fragrances
mzurilove beauty & fragrances:
So sad and heartbreaking x
News reporting is soo intrusive! What kind of questions are those?
Black Diamond 87
Black Diamond 87:
She was only 47YO that is so young to die 😭 😭 RiP Kim
Chitown rillas
Chitown rillas:
I believe this could have been foul play I really hope they found out what happen to diddy kids mother RIP Kim porter diddy hey bruh keep your head up 👀👀🤔🤔😉😉
Marilyn Kookiebaby
Marilyn Kookiebaby:
Dayum they said first she was found on the floor in her home unresponsive🙄and I thought she was 46 until Dec🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️something sounds fishy bout this
I am milan
I am milan:
It doesn't feel real. God bless puff & the kids. 😢
Fatou Darboe
Fatou Darboe:
This hit me so hard I swear it feels like I’m known her in person💔😢
Coder Gurl
Coder Gurl:
Homicide detectives? No signs of foul play yet? Hmmmmm nah I'm not convinced
Jomo Hector
Jomo Hector:
So sad my condolences to Kim’s Family friends love ones Diddy the children, unfortunately death is a part of life but it hurts no matter what or who, so R.I.P Kim Porter.
Honestly the cause of death is no ones business and they will not release that information. This is private information. These reporters/ people are vultures for a horrible time in ones life. It isn't a homicide it is UNDETERMINED and THEY WILL NOT release this information it is for her family to know NOT YOU!! Like I said prrior any underlining issues with her death WILL NOT be revealed other than what you already know... Pnuemonia....
Enlightened Mind
Enlightened Mind:
My heart goes out to her family. Shocking and very sad news. Rest in Heaven
Just a small girl In a small world
Just a small girl In a small world:
I didnt know her.But I could tell she had a good spirit so many people showed love
God please bless her family😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏
Lady Gee
Lady Gee:
They always question the husband or boyfriend first. 😕
May God Bless her soul and give strength to her family, friends and adorable children.
Lorraine Banath-Yasharahla
Lorraine Banath-Yasharahla:
Why no release as to who called 911? Why the SECRECY?
S Moody
S Moody:
My heart goes out to the family R.I.P LadyKp
Thomasine Miller
Thomasine Miller:
Good Mouth
Good Mouth:
These people commenting didn't even remember her or who she was bc she was so quiet. I bet they had to Google her name and half of them still don't know who she is. I remember her bc Diddy and Trick Daddy both had darkskinned women at the time and I was surprised they went outside the box bc exotic women were the "norm" at that time..
This interviewer keeps asking about Diddy smh
Laquinta Mentlow
Laquinta Mentlow:
Wow! R.i.p. Kim porter sending my prayers for her family and friends especially her babies
Afrikan Intelligence
Afrikan Intelligence:
They Don't Know What Killed Her.
muhammad muhammad
muhammad muhammad:
If it's undetermined why is everybody shouting PNEUMONIA?
Everybody knows what's up...
Beatrice Julien
Beatrice Julien:
Sadned by the news . My heart and prayers goes out to the kids and her families. Such a beauty. RIP queen
RIH Beautiful!!! 💔💔
Lawrence James
Lawrence James:
He sounds confused and don’t know what to say . Something ain’t right .
Edward Highland
Edward Highland:
found like pimp c . in bed in Los Angeles.
Ira Soul
Ira Soul:
Sad loss my heart goes out to her family rwg Kim Porter
RULE Numero Uno: LAPD is Shady, we know that from Big's Death. Proceed.
Tammy Bullard
Tammy Bullard:
Rip Kim porter!
Obaapa Patience Twum Barimah
Obaapa Patience Twum Barimah:
Rest in perfect peace...
Nurse Necole
Nurse Necole:
Is it MEEEE or does it seem as if the REPORTERS ARE SOOOOOOO INSENSITIVE??? MY GOD THE WORLD WE LIVE IN 😩😩😩😩😩🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Ruth O
Ruth O:
I really hope none of her children witnessed her death. I lost a brother and let me say it took me ten years to be able to look at his picture.
Out of respect to Kim I don’t want to do a video but this is a trend with him
Sharon Harrison
Sharon Harrison:
Some of you folk really need to find COMPASSION. Along with RESPECT for her children Folk need to stop speculating on what they are not prevy to her children are going thru to a very traumatizing, path in their lives they will never recover from. Nothing like a Mother's Love .SIP Kim.
Ruby Bigby
Ruby Bigby:
She was a beautiful person inside and out who truly and adorably loved her children and life. I pray for strength for her family, friends and above all, her kids. My deepest condolences 😢😢
Odessa Richardson
Odessa Richardson:
RIP Kim Porter. Condolences to the family. This reporter or interviewer whatever he calls himself is full of it. He is outright targeting Diddy. They need to take his mike away
Warren Lightning
Warren Lightning:
Does anyone else feel thus detective is nervous and lieing?
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson:
Keep 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾in family
Julian Gibbs
Julian Gibbs:
So Diddy was there ..upon her death ...🤔
be·lov·ed Mceniry
be·lov·ed Mceniry:
Detectives involved hmmmmm
Tmoni 78
Tmoni 78:
I’m so sad and sorry for her kids to be without their mom. 😢😢 she was the true First Lady of bad boy records. Rih queen 👸🏽
Lonnie Jolly
Lonnie Jolly:
He know wat really happen. Who found her. Who found her. They always alone. Who found her. No she has cameras.
Patricia Williams
Patricia Williams:
RIP Kimberly
Patricia Williams
Patricia Williams:
My prayers hope grasp the kids my mother left us babe brother was 14, 17, 19, 20 yr old but we knew nothing cause she covered her children. It still hurts but it get easier. As a motherless child I know how the kids feel. Prayer for the Porter's, Goodwin, Brown & Combs family 😘😘😘
Pretty Alexis
Pretty Alexis:
Tennicesha Thompson
Tennicesha Thompson:
It sounds like Kim was sick for awhile and family members might have suspected that she was going to pass soon. They are celebrities they don’t have to let the world know what their ailments are. Rest Up Kimmy. This s 💔. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Stang Life
Stang Life:
He killed her !!
Dipped In Moonlight
Dipped In Moonlight:
The questions the reporters asked are sofa king ridiculously insensitive and far fetched. Have a professional public statement, intially, then after further details, as well as some more time, have a reporter interview. Damn, people, have a bigger heart and mind. 🌅
Crystal Dupree
Crystal Dupree:
Suspicious like M.J. meds Prince Meds Anna Nicole Meds ump ump ump..Kim Rest in the children please except my condolences...Do not forget about your moms family...God Bless u all...
taboo Irby
taboo Irby:
Notice how the detective said he can't comment if Diddy was home at the time of her death but immediately answered no the kids weren't there at the time of her death...Hmm that don't sit right!
Adut D
Adut D:
Ik wunz
Ik wunz:
Diddy sacrifice that girl
that reporter wanted something out of this so bad....
iamFeliciaRenée 7
iamFeliciaRenée 7:
So sad! Rip
The West Coast Is Not A Place To Live w/Fukushima Waste In The Pacific Ocean, Smoke Inhalation In California Burnings, LeBron James Has Been Reported Sick Too. However, Don't Take The VaXXed-Cines💀...Flu Nor Pneumonia.
Nelear Walls
Nelear Walls:
Who made the darn 911 call????? geesh.....
livelove &laugh
livelove &laugh:
This is just sad.
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller:
Great Question by the interviewer 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Taliban Tour
Taliban Tour:
She was a Sacrifice you dummies can say what you want the truth hurts Wowwwwww
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher:
Aww so sad I guess the kids will have to go cry in there muti million dollar mansion. Drive around in the RR or Bentley. So sad. Must be tough.
Angela brookes
Angela brookes:
So sad RIP
Amanda Mc
Amanda Mc:
Lets find out who killed her.
Enlightened Mind
Enlightened Mind:
FOUL PLAY ALL DAY . . . . ! ! ! ! !
Charon Julien
Charon Julien:
Rip...Kim Porter...Condolences to the kids and Diddy and Alb.Sure for those who dont know of her oldest...That is Alb.Sure son.. I know this is hard for both Musician's....
Dee .F.D
Dee .F.D:
So much death around that man Puff. .that women wud not have left without her kids..truth will com out..r.i.p. Kim porter
Jennifer Cavazos
Jennifer Cavazos:
I guarantee you diddy was there. She didn't die of the flu or whatever there saying. The truth will come out. Something is not right. RIP Kim fly high angel. Miss you prayers to the family and friends. So heartbreaking.
This is all about cocaine use. It would never be all this added attention to someone having a bad case of the flu or pneumonia. And everybody's talking about her being a gem, a diamond, a classy lady, gorgeous (long hair works wonders), a sweet Y'all need to stop. Now, all of a sudden y'all gonna forget her nanny saying she sniffed and sniffed in the presence of her children and residue was on at least one of the kids? Y'all gonna forget how she dug for gold, starting with Al, but went on to the "next" when Al's light burned out and bank account was down to pennies? Yep, the "next" being Puff. She pushed out three of his platinum coins to guarantee herself a continued glitzy lifestyle to fill her Hermes bags. And, in a real platinum-digging-boss lady-move, suckered Puff into taking over Al's child support for Quincy. I'll bet this death was drug-related. Yep, she was a sweetheart alright. Stop sucking up to and for these folks you never met nor will ever meet.
T sich
T sich:
The reporters questions are cold. Geesh.
Ashley Victoria
Ashley Victoria:
Doctors don’t believe black women. I’ve experienced it first hand. Lupus. Someone said she may have been AIDS and I wish I could find that absurd but it almost makes sense
45 Jugga
45 Jugga:
Why can’t he comment on Diddy being there
Donna Parker
Donna Parker:
45 Jugga
45 Jugga:
Mieka Degerness
Mieka Degerness:
Reading Comments here . Where 1 for sure says a Comment about the Death is only the Family's Business . In one sense I agree .But in another I tend to Disagree . Their are those Doctors out Their Who are The World's Biggest Pill Pushers . And then their are Those people in this Industry . Who Kill their so called Loved 1's to get ahead with Their Careers . With Satan behind them .It's call Sacrificing . Which is a very Evil Thing That Does happen in this Business . I was expecting Alcohol or Drugs . Like Whitney and her Daughter and several other's including an Actress from Died this way . Ugly Business to be in . Wealth is not that important when it comes Down to Keeping a Wonderful Relationship with God and Protecting Those you LOVE
Karim Nash
Karim Nash:
I truly despise White media. They are asking so many questions as to put some speculation behind their interview so that they could give the public some Reasonable Doubt that Kim Porter died the way she did. I mean they even reached in question of P Diddy's reaction. I'm disgusted by the White media.
Rae Love
Rae Love:
Cassie reunites with Shawn Combs will help him raise his daughters
G-Trackz Beats
G-Trackz Beats:
Keep a eye out for Quincy Taylor Brown, the son of singer Al B. Sure! He's about to blow up in Hollyweird, we'll see...
Butterfly 99
Butterfly 99:
Why was she not in the hospital????? 3 weeks Pneumonia, sounds not right at all, Dr????????
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli:
Diddy sacrificed her to the aliens. common lets be real no one dies of pneumonia in the western world anymore. It was a sacrifice!!!!.!!