Kourtney Sends Sofia Richie A Message On IG! Hailey Baldwin Caught Creeping On Selena Gomez! | DR

Kourtney Kardashian just sent a shady yet subtle message to Sofia Richie on Instagram! Also, Hailey Baldwin was just caught creeping on Selena Gomez! All this and more on an all new Daily Rewind! #dailyrewind Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToHS #hollyscoop Get the scoop - Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com/entertainment Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyscooptv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyscoop Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollyscoop Hollyscoop brings you the latest entertainment news and breaks down what's happening with the celebrities everyone is obsessing over! Ship Jelena? We have the coverage! Want to know more about the Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony feud? We've got the inside scoop! We will give you all the deets on Millie Bobby Brown, Gigi Hadid, and more! We keep you up to date with the latest buzz out of Hollywood.

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100+ Comments:

“he has it all” and? a person can still be unhappy, money doesn’t buy happiness. only temporary.
Mundaiwuru Barney
Mundaiwuru Barney:
Just because he’s so famous doesn’t mean depression won’t exist for him js
Money doesn't give you happiness. Bops and success doesn't cure depression. Please stop being so insensitive and do some research on what depression is before making such claims!
Isabel Maribell
Isabel Maribell:
I’m sorry but I have a problem with the beginning of this. Depression doesn’t choose it takes anyone. You can have EVERYTHING in the world and still feel empty inside.
midnight fox
midnight fox:
"How can you be unhappy Justin?" Really? Just because he has fame and money and he's married doesn't mean that he has everything there is to be happy. You can have all these things and still feel sad and empty. Especially when he's been in this industry since he was 15. Nobody knows what he's dealing with. Maybe he's depressed, maybe something else is going on. What you're saying implies that you think he's not allowed to be sad, because he's rich and famous and has a wife. Well, sad to inform you but it doesn't work like that.
A R:
You know you are too early when the comments are weak asf
Bucky Buckminsterfullerine
Bucky Buckminsterfullerine:
6 minutes and 18 seconds of my life I'll never get back
be respectful
be respectful:
I'm not surprised, actually. Justin isn't happy, because he understands that Hails isn't "that one", with whom he wants to spend his life.
Mary Hearts You
Mary Hearts You:
Hailey needs to get real about the situation she's in. If she has to creep around and online stalk his ex that means she knows deep down inside that she is Justin's second or third choice for a "wife" because his first choice rejected him. It may be sinking in that she is a possible rebound relationship that Justin married to feel better about himself, not because he actually loved her. Because she was so desperate to be "Mrs. Beiber" she put herself in a lot of Justin's emotional drama. It's not going to be a great marriage attached to a guy that is unstable and unsure about where he is in his heart and mind.
Daisy Winn
Daisy Winn:
I totally understand why hailey is so paranoid, I would do the same thing if I know I'm just second choice of the man i married
Simone Tylee
Simone Tylee:
False title. I thought Kourtney literally messaged her. I want my view back.
Debbie D
Debbie D:
He is unhappy because he married the wrong person
ciel Ho
ciel Ho:
we all have our own struggles. even a person who seem to have everything. we just don't know what it feels to be them. & its alright we just have to be supportive guys.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person:
May be Justin is still feeling guilty about how cheated on Selena and how that led to their break up...and now that he rushed into the marriage...he is all trapped now.
R C:
Sofia, leave him! You are young and beautiful!! Some people do Co-parenting well and can be healthy with other people. You are too young to try and absorb all of this... enjoy your youth. Find someone who doesn’t have to divide their time!
Lux Love
Lux Love:
Justin is unhappy cuz he just realized Hailey looks identical to her dad .. 😆
Ranjita Udaseen
Ranjita Udaseen:
Hailey , what a creep
Enna Enna
Enna Enna:
I think Justin misses Selena!😭
Alex j M.
Alex j M.:
I’m pretty sure everyone loves selena even Hailey Baldwin lmao 😂 every Justin’s exes even all the girls he’s hooked up with and also selena exes like The Weeknd and Charlie puth and Bella hadid liked a selena post. Wow selena is powerful.
Queen Kechi
Queen Kechi:
Scottney for the win ❤😚
Mariaguadalupe Aispuro
Mariaguadalupe Aispuro:
Maybe Justin is still in love with Selena.....
Hailey isn't the one for him!! That's the only damn point..
Lady M
Lady M:
Kourtney is being very childish how can she be competing with a 20 year old to start, and second when Scott is in her life she treats him very bad. And when he is gone she wants him. That is not a healthy relationship at all. She is alone so now she wants him.
Topics with Kristie
Topics with Kristie:
He isn't happy because his true love is Selena and he is young so I'm sure he knows he made a mistake marrying hailey....
DOCTOR crazy
DOCTOR crazy:
I only like to watch Hollyscoop because of Courtney Revolution..🙃.....I know why Justin is not happy, its because his not with Selena Gomez
Deyanira ADS
Deyanira ADS:
I remember in some other interview Hailey said she actually stalk people sometimes or something like that lol
Roselyn Barro
Roselyn Barro:
I must say.... Wrong "WIFE" maybe😔
Kristine Faunce
Kristine Faunce:
Probably regretting not getting that prenup
Hailey and Justin are both obsessed with Selena she got caught HAHA she knows JB still wants Selena in his life in any capacity and it worries Hailey because she know's that her Husband of 2 months can't get Selena out of his mind .
Karlee Lynx
Karlee Lynx:
wait how did they now that Hailey followed Selena's fan page account like are you guys always on Instagram or something
"What is not filling him up like a pizza hut pizza??" 😂 LMAO
Jahaira Calle
Jahaira Calle:
Wait so kourtney & Scott should just get back together because they have kids and a past with each other ? Are you serious they had a lot of issues as well . Hellllooo don’t forget Sofia brings the good of him ! And deals with him he needs her . Kourtney & Scott is the past ! Stop that .
Shelly Bremer
Shelly Bremer:
He's so unhappy with Haley!!!! He needs to get a divorce so he can be happy 😀 again!!!!!
Setso Amantle
Setso Amantle:
It literally was a family photo what the hell 😂😂😂
Laura Cifuentes
Laura Cifuentes:
I don’t think Justin truly loves Selena or Hailey. He needs to work on loving himself first before being in a relationship.
Now Kourtney and Scott is just a toxic relationship period.
beautifulangel42 lol
beautifulangel42 lol:
I thought khloe was ariana grande in that thumbnail
Noreen De Loera
Noreen De Loera:
3:14 hailey follows selena gomez fanpage

4:18 kourtney posts a family pic with Scott
Kourtney is a waste of a kardashian with her being desperate/obsession for scott
Destiny Hodge
Destiny Hodge:
Even tho him and Selena didn’t work they will always be his boo she knows that I wouldn’t have gotten married to a man that goes back and forth with a Selena nah even if I’m dropped dead gorgeous
"I'm dead *for* you...!" 💀💕😗
*I mean... I’m not surprised Justin isn’t happy. I did a video about this. I need my homie good again.* 😕
Snehal Auti
Snehal Auti:
Noone could even imagin how happy i am to listen he is not happy maybe now he can understand he could never be happy with hailey baldwin
Steph Obrien
Steph Obrien:
“I accidentally followed you” just me that thinks that’s really rude
Angella Jordyn
Angella Jordyn:
"Having all" does not mean that a person cannot be depressed
“hOw CaN yOu Be uNHapPy” this made me so mad.
R P:
the diversity problem is fixing and i love it, thanks you guys
SaNia Demery
SaNia Demery:
I absolutely LOVE COURTNEY ❤️❤️❤️💕
Hannah J
Hannah J:
I think he really is in love with Hailey tho, just bc he feels like he’s lost doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with her
anna cheryline
anna cheryline:
Bruhhh.. Justin should go out to other side of the world and more appreciate living ...to do some social stuff.. Gezz
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
when you achieve one goal, learn to seek another, having it all..you reach a point where you ask yourself what next? and you stand there stuck with your pasts achievements.
Nalilat Seunnapha
Nalilat Seunnapha:
He feels there is something missing because if he was with Selena. He’d be like “yep. I’m not missing anything anymore”. That’s how much they’re meant to be together.
Mary Sparks
Mary Sparks:
Lmao 😂 obsessed much Hailey? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly:
You can tell that Madison really loves working with Courtney. He is only on about once a year though for whatever reason
Terrokee Wright
Terrokee Wright:
This is an easy question to answer.

Question: why is JB so unhappy when he clearly has it all?

Answer: He doesn’t have it all if he’s unhappy because you can’t buy happiness.

The end
I understand yall are still hook on jelena being together but let it go they have tried and tried many times it didn’t work out you can’t force a relationship if it’s meant to be then it will be
Alma Ruiz
Alma Ruiz:
Thank you Courtney bringing hollyscoop realness and life.
bunu limbu
bunu limbu:
I really like justins music and his fans including me will always love and support him but him messing us around is not good 💔
samantha lee
samantha lee:
When you say source like name the source or put it in the description section cause now you sound like teenagers writing an essay without citing the evidence makes you seem even more unprofessional.
Cuca Awaqate
Cuca Awaqate:
Depression doesn't discriminate dude
When he said we love a supportive and I was about to say sister😂😂😂
Justin's book titled I married the wrong person
Thank u next
Thank u next:
3:36 that was me (kylieximages ) lol
Tiffany P
Tiffany P:
Can we get more Courtney Revolution, please??!!!!
Lucy MacLarty
Lucy MacLarty:
Scott will always love his baby's my and they just suit each other
Ena B-l
Ena B-l:
🤣😂🤣😂 he’s so fast with the come backs!!! 💖💖💖💖
Mariah Sarmiento
Mariah Sarmiento:
“He has everything he could ask for!” Maybe that’s the problem.
#Jahseh Onfroy
#Jahseh Onfroy:
"He has it alllllll!! YOU have it all JB!!!how could he be still unhappy??!".....😕Ummm😑because he's not with the love of his life Selena Gomez❤........geezzz
Heidi Rodriguez-Padrón
Heidi Rodriguez-Padrón:
Gratitude 🙏🏻... when people have it “all”(e.g. $, fame, women or men, etc)& still feeling empty. They are missing the point! Yes we can say he’s suffering mental issues. Which i totally understand can be a never ending uphill battle. In the end, it’s finding gratitude in the small things in life which make you truly happy. Material things are temporary, they will never fulfill him. I wish him the best with Hailey.

Sophia Richie needs to move on & live life. Too young, too seriously involved, & beautiful to be this involved with a father of 3. She will never come first.
Our Gucci Life
Our Gucci Life:
Jesus Christ fills the empty heart ❤️
Towett Shiow
Towett Shiow:
2:47 throwback to when Hailey was dating Shawn rip
D K:
He will never be happy until he has his TRUE LOVE! And the meaning of TRUE LOVE is “SELENA GOMEZ”
karina J
karina J:
Lamfo! I'm sure Selena creeps on both of them all the time too!😂😂
Madison Maestas
Madison Maestas:
Yes we love Courtney!
Leslie Oy
Leslie Oy:
When a relationship hits the marriage stage (in this day in age) it usually means that the relationship has hit a stagnant or possible end point.
MR. M:
They’re trynna be like clevver🤷🏻‍♀️
The finger pressure being featherlight got me 💀💀💀
Linda 01X
Linda 01X:
Justin and Selena
Scott and Kourtney

Alllllll i wantttt😭
S S:
Courtney is such a much needed addition love him
Hanna Salvador
Hanna Salvador:
Justin and Hailey look so good together, they look like they’re having a relationship with their brother and sister. If you can’t notice that, LOOK CLOSER
Justin is still waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy toooooooo young to “settle” , just kinda like Ariana and Pete. Smh.
maru dawson
maru dawson:
he really doesn’t love hailey, still in love with selena
simran singh
simran singh:
kourtney ponytail remember me ariana 😂
Hailey feels insecure...that's all
Nola Girl
Nola Girl:
You just know Selena is soooo happy right now! Living her best life!
Alyssa Martinez
Alyssa Martinez:
And you can have everything and still not be happy I was once there
And deal with everything Kourtney💖🦄☺
Lindsey Gotti
Lindsey Gotti:
Love the new guy I see Y'all lol
Laura Lee LeBlanc
Laura Lee LeBlanc:
Hailey's STILL insecure about Selena 🤦 I'm embarrassed for her 😂😂
Nah, Scott is going to STAY with the beautiful Sofia Richie! lol Kourtney is just JEALOUS
Legal 32
Legal 32:
I love Courtney! Lol He is funny as hell!!
🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ Even if Justin’s not happy with Hailey, he needs to get over the fact that Selena is officially done with him(so she says).
Mimiey W
Mimiey W:
Life hack, save your time
::: 1.25x speed it up
AI Beta
AI Beta:
I swear if they don't leave me in the 1st wall I am going to scream so loud and totally lose my marbles
Kourtney and Scott 😍😍😍
Kaia Paris
Kaia Paris:
You can still be unhappy if you have “everything”
Kimmy limsy
Kimmy limsy:
Love is everything when its real 😊
stacie wellsand
stacie wellsand:
Can I say how much Kourtney looks like Ariana Grande in the thumbnail❤️❤️
Life of a Kath
Life of a Kath:
Accidentally following someone can happen easily, chill out :)