Knicks Fan Reacting to the Knicks Trading Kristaps Porzingis...

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fuck me
Andres Macias
Andres Macias:
lol the Knicks traded their best player, to get a player they should’ve drafted in the first place 😂😂😂
tetbet 11
tetbet 11:
“With the first pick in the NBA draft the New York Knicks select Liangelo Ball”
The One
The One:
Dallas front office holds this W for straight robbing the Knicks 😂😂
Jarebear 24
Jarebear 24:
Remember that kid that cried on draft night

This is him now feel old yet
Jacques Lafleur
Jacques Lafleur:
Adam Silver: "I have a trade to announce: the knicks trade the 1st pick to the lakers for a bag of chips and a unprotected condom"
Gabe Jorgensen
Gabe Jorgensen:
RIP MATT AND EVERY OTHER KNICKS FAN... at least you’ll get Zion
Knicks be like: Hey Dallas! You miss prime Dirk? Here’s kristaps for free!
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson:
What a terrible Trade. I’m honestly in shock
J Loading
J Loading:
i feel bad for you, guess it’s Zion SZN
Owen Ikeakhe
Owen Ikeakhe:
Knicks are like zombies they are dead but they are still alive...
Michael Pagano
Michael Pagano:
Hey. You can always be a nets fan. They are in New York! Brooklyn. But still New York.
Browns Fan Since 2017
Browns Fan Since 2017:
It’s time to become a nets fan bro
#1Raptors Fan
#1Raptors Fan:
After the trade I wanted to see ur reaction
Janis Stradins
Janis Stradins:
Luka and KP is gonna be so lit
Aidan Costello
Aidan Costello:
hopefully dsj can maybe be something
Joshua Keeton
Joshua Keeton:
Knicks got bent over the desk in this one
Rated Zigs
Rated Zigs:
Mavs fan our future is bright
Dont cry dont cry cuz if you cry ima cry and i dont wanna cry
Joshua Duarte
Joshua Duarte:
I feel you stay strong you got a chance to get Zion in the draft.
GodZingis Team
GodZingis Team:
Sad Bro... I'm really Shook.
I don’t blame you if you jump ship SROS
Sam -
Sam -:
I am so sad right now
Rishi 2
Rishi 2:
Next thing you know, the Knicks trade their unprotected first for Phil Jackson as their new GM. 😂😂😂
Grizzlie’s #1 Fan
Grizzlie’s #1 Fan:
Bro I feel bad for you.
I’m a grizzlies fan and they will probably trade Conley and Gasol 😭😭😭😭😭
Savage One
Savage One:
Lose the unicorn and now lessen your odds on the number 1 pick! Wtf knicks!
Jabril Muhammad
Jabril Muhammad:
Like Tupac Said..."Keep Ya Head Up"
Jaden Walker
Jaden Walker:
Lance tryna dunk on Kristaps was honesty weak as hell 😂
Jake 03
Jake 03:
Kp might not even play good after his injury
Wil Pete
Wil Pete:
Come and be a nets fan😀
Mavs fan here, i know it's not an exciting trade for you guys, but trust me Dennis is fun to watch and i honestly believe he has All Star potential. The trade can work for all of us.
Erick Toscano
Erick Toscano:
That's how I felt about my Spurs trading Kawhi. He was my favorite player ever
Damari Walker
Damari Walker:
When he make a mavs rebuild he gonna be pissed
Rishiraj Pandya
Rishiraj Pandya:
Well that didn’t age well at ALL
Rishi Krishnan
Rishi Krishnan:
A good challenge is to rebuild the New York Knicks.
I thinks time to root for the brooklyn nets
Y’all got completely fleeced. Y’all could have drafted DSJ now you trade KP and THJ to get him? I know y’all cleared cap but cap means nothing if you can’t land a star.
Carlos Breton
Carlos Breton:
Porzingis demanded a trade from the Knicks
Daniel Aguayo
Daniel Aguayo:
Nets fan from 1 hour ago to now
Notify Golconda
Notify Golconda:
Knicks finally gets blessed to be great with a super star then trade it away because they don’t want to make the playoffs or be great
Knicks= R.I.P Like for one prayer for Sixringsofsteel
Cowboy Johnny21
Cowboy Johnny21:
And Antonio browns leaving the Steelers…rip
Callum Mahoney
Callum Mahoney:
At least the Steelers are going to have all their best players next season... oh wait
Hugh Jaynis
Hugh Jaynis:
I'm Mavs fan, glad we got KP, but you guys got such a good deal getting DSJ, DJ, and 2 first round picks, plus cleared up 30 million cap for next season. KP was leaving anyway so at least you got something for him. I hope it pays off for both teams!
Nathan Colvin
Nathan Colvin:
Honestly it was a pretty good trade for both teams, you get Deondre Jordan, y’all needed a center and he can get you almost 20 and 10 potentially, smith, who has really good potential and then just Mathews yeah idk about that dude. Plus it’s smart to trade him before he leaves because it was a matter of time before he asked for a trade because his dissatisfaction with the franchise was known to the world
The Knicks might be my favorite team in the East now.

Knicks got 3 players I like, and traded away 4 players I don't like.
Barboski 79
Barboski 79:
Two 1st rounds picks is good! 😂 Knicks fan myself since Ewing days. All I can do is laugh at this point, move on and hope once again that this works. Durant and Zion or Barrett.
Dylan Doughney
Dylan Doughney:
That’s tough, so when we gonna see the Knicks DSJ or Kristaps Mavs rebuild 😂
At least you gonna have KD and Kyrie and Zion. Not a bad trade at all.
Swae Slime
Swae Slime:
“KP” rip knickerbockers till next season
Shane Welling
Shane Welling:
😭wah wah you were probably crying when they picked porzingis and now everyone is so sad he's gone
Dude I’m so glad they got DSJ tho I wanted them to get him in the draft even tho frank has potential
Travis Phillips
Travis Phillips:
Hey y’all got the kid from Ville you’re good
delroy GotNick
delroy GotNick:
We finally traded Tim hardaway Jr so look on the bright side please dsj is alright I guess.
Mark P
Mark P:
I feel so bad for you, Matt, the Knicks just traded KP and also the steelers are probably going to trade Antonio Brown this offseason. I applaud you for staying loyal.
Ethan Thomas
Ethan Thomas:
I came right to this channel for the reaction as soon as I got the notification from espn 😂
King Scorp
King Scorp:
Come to Brooklyn hahaha
Mahendra Bassoo
Mahendra Bassoo:
Omg never seen him curse which means he’s mad af
Chris Polinsky
Chris Polinsky:
I feel you man, all of the L’s since 2013, the triangle, derek fisher, jeff hornacheck sitting kp in the 4th
mazari chakib
mazari chakib:
You look like you've been crying for the past 30mins LMAO
Hasmine H. Cruz
Hasmine H. Cruz:
I feel u bro imma bulls fan lmao
Guap Johnny
Guap Johnny:
Go to Brooklyn😂⚫️⚪️
Atleast you got DSJ, Top 5 pick and 74m free cap space :) Be a little more happier ;)
I came when I heard the breaking news. Thanks! ATL and N.Y😎
Pittsburgh, Philly, NC and NYC all represented by this dude. His loyalty is all over the place.
Laker Fan
Laker Fan:
Bro Matt I’ve never seen u this intense it’s aight y’all getting Zion and y’all got mad cap space
I was waiting for your reaction😂😂😂
Brandon Kaplan
Brandon Kaplan:
I’ve been crying about this for the past 2 hours
Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid:
Look on the bright side you got two firsts and a promising young guy, who knows maybe porzingis isn’t good after the injury you never know 🤷🏻‍♂️
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh:
I’m gonna cry
James Pugh
James Pugh:
As a Celtics fan, I really enjoy your comedic content. Please make more soon! 😂😂😂😂
Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford:
As a lifelong celtics and Kings fan I've never been scared of the Knicks in my lifetime but I also can relate to dumb moves from watching Sacramento lol
Liaam Hendrick
Liaam Hendrick:
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. I was waiting for you to make a video😂😂
First person I thought of when the trade news broke. Lmao
Luke Stefankiewicz
Luke Stefankiewicz:
Love u Sixrings. Good content as always. This is a tough one.
James Kearney
James Kearney:
that’s what happens when you boo a star player on draft night😂
Daniel Lucio
Daniel Lucio:
At least you’re getting KD & Kyrie on the offseason... oh waitttt
John Cena
John Cena:
When i saw this at first I thought they got AD
Porzingis is damaged goods. Will turn out to be a great move in the long run. You'll have Zion Williamson and KD next year.
Noah Murray
Noah Murray:
This reminds me of when the Eagles traded Lesean McCoy for kiko Alonso
Baldeo Taijman
Baldeo Taijman:
We got my favorite player dsj so im good 💯😂😂
Devante Benton
Devante Benton:
Damn both of your teams are falling apart😂 they should’ve talked to KP and figure out a solution, but at least y’all got DSJ
Korbin Burkhart
Korbin Burkhart:
This reminds me of when lost and unbound made his rant about kd
Captain Capalot
Captain Capalot:
Y’all still got a good young piece in DSJ
Craig Baptista
Craig Baptista:
I actually cried laughing at this
Remember the Kings traded Cousins for Buddy and look at us now we are winning with a team 😁💪💪
Andrew Dolan
Andrew Dolan:
Time for the Nets to own NY
Just bid ur self on eBay to change their team like that other dude
John McLean
John McLean:
Damn I almost started crying and I ain't even a Knicks fan
zup 3000
zup 3000:
If you quit on the knicks, whose next?
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian:
Knicks coming for that fifth seed in east this year
Daniel M.
Daniel M.:
Bold prediction:
Knicks won't win this season anymore
You were the first person I thought of when I saw the trade.
Imagine Knicks got DSJ instead of frank, Porzingod was healthy, then Lebron signed this season 😯
max asher
max asher:
When i first heard about this trade i was thinking about how sad sixringsofsteel was
Anthony Bearese
Anthony Bearese:
To my fellow Knicks fans we will make it though this tough time and get an amazing player in the draft and free agency. Peace ✌️ Porzingis you served us well with your time with us
2Slick Jordan
2Slick Jordan:
This is how I felt when the raiders traded Khalil Mack
I feel this on a spherical level 🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Saggy Chips
Saggy Chips:
Considering the knicks didn’t want Him in the first place, this is only fair