Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkthrough Part 1 Lost Strength (PS4 Pro Gameplay)

KINGDOM HEARTS III Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1. After 13 Years Sora & Company are Back. Travel to NEW Worlds starring Disney & Pixar characters. Bring together the 7 Guardians of Light and Stop the Darkness. This is a Sponsored video. BIG Thankyou to Square-Enix for giving us Early Access to Kingdom Hearts 3. Part 2 of Kingdom Hearts 3 - Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide PS4 Pro - Kingdom Hearts 3 Contest Rules 1. Subscribe 2. Like this video! 3.Tell us your favorite Kingdom Hearts character & why 4. Discover the secret phrase in episodes 1-3 New Site - KH Birth by Sleep Guide LIVE - This Let's Play is made possible by our Friends Over at Square-Enix and will cover the Story, Prologue & Secret Ending. Kingdom Hearts II PS4 Guide - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix PS4 Guide - Patreon - Kwing Merch - Subscribe to the #1 Family Friendly Youtube Channel - ● Twitter - ● Twitch - ● Facebook - ● Instagram - ● My Channel - #KingdomHearts #KingdomHearts3 #KingdomHeartsIII

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Ian Channel Studios - Personal
Ian Channel Studios - Personal:
5:55 "We're like totally in synch right now, Luke."
"We oughta be after 13 years."
Young MX
Young MX:
Birth by Sleep isn't a spin-off game.
Trace Markgraf
Trace Markgraf:
Kwings... I want to watch but I also don’t want to spoil this game for myself. Love you guys though
Ernesto Chacon
Ernesto Chacon:
30:06 - Kwings the reason Phil doesn't talk in the game has to do with the death of his Japanese voice actor who passed away in 2014. Because of this Phil is left silent out of respect of the Japanese actor as they didn't want to recast him.

Secondly, Danny DeVito hasn't voiced Phil in ANY of his later appearances as he's voiced by Robert Costanzo.
sgat the wolf
sgat the wolf:
I feel like secret password is seasalt ice cream
Faded Kiira
Faded Kiira:
5:30 square enix have taken kingdom hearts to a new level with digimon in the game
"The power of the warrior invincible courage" Smash bros leaks show brave and i see this you already know what im gonna say next..... SORA 2ND DLC CHAR FOR SMASH.
"May your heart be your guiding key"
My favorite character is probably Axel or “Lea”. I really like his attitude towards every situation. It was also hilarious when his Keyblade materialized and he was just so chill about it lol. The phrase is “sea-salt ice cream is darkness.”
My favorite character is probably Axel. His abilities, sarcasm and catchphrase is what made him one of the best characters in the series for me. Hope you get it memorized.
How you're literally saying "Digital Monster" and not saying Digimon is beyond me. There's not just Pokémon 😂
the panda nation of america
the panda nation of america:
Seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa salt ice cream is darknessfavorite character sora because he Is a lot like me
Ryan Hogan
Ryan Hogan:
Favorite Disney kingdom hearts character is goofy cuz he’s crazy
Anderson Contreras
Anderson Contreras:
Yes Finally the Series begins 13 years in the making and first view of the game before my copy comes in with my Ps4 pro bundle and wow this looks amazing and commentary by the Kwings always makes the game more fun thanks for being the youtube family been watching you guys since arkham city back in 2011 or 2012 not sure and your lego city lets play the original not the dc games or harry potter you'll always be my favorite youtubers 🖖🔥💯 #MayYourHeartBeYourGuidingKey
Neo Blaze
Neo Blaze:
Seasalt ice-cream is darkness donald because I can relate with his fed up attitude
Michael Calderon
Michael Calderon:
Sora is my favorite because he's always focused on doing the right thing even when its the hardest or least logical thing to do.
Sea salt ice cream is darkness. Come on ssssora you can do thees. Awh the feels... the feels!
My favorite Kingdom Hearts has to be Aqua without a doubt. I love her good heart and willingness to do anything to save her friends. You can tell she loves Terra and Ventus like they’re her family and the loyalty to them is so amazing.
I think my favorite character has to be Ven...

Mister Sauce
Mister Sauce:
None of the Kingdom Hearts games are spin-offs especially not Birth By Sleep it's the beginning of the timeline for the console games.
Connor Stierman
Connor Stierman:
One of the most anticipated games in all of gaming.
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson:
Aqua is my favorite character and the word is sea salt.
Sean&Nate pok'e league
Sean&Nate pok'e league:
Sea salt ice cream is darkness
Narquise Sneed
Narquise Sneed:
SeaSalt Ice Cream Is Darkness...favorite KH character is Goofy
Janet Eggleston
Janet Eggleston:
The password for this game is seasalt ice cream 🍦it's like saying mushroom for Mario bros
anthony ramcharan
anthony ramcharan:
My favorite character is Riku due to his story arc in the series.
Mata Nui
Mata Nui:
7:01 Dude it is FAR too early to be predicting that.
Mario Lurita
Mario Lurita:
My favorite Kingdom Hearts characters are Sora, cause I relate to him in the way that he always helps people even if he doesn't know who they are
My favorite Character will forever and always be Kairi. I have liked her since KH1.
Andiss Darkstar
Andiss Darkstar:
My favorite character is by far Demyx. Also... Seasalt
I really missed these guys I’d say Roxas!!!
Sea Salt ice cream is darkness
Favorite character is Lea/Axel got it memorize.
Bell Matthew
Bell Matthew:
My fave KH character is King Mickey, cause i enjoy the unique setting Mickey’s in, you know, for a Disney character. Additionally, I like how Mickey portrays a king with wisdom, and isn’t afraid to seek help when he needs it; that’s the mark of a truly wise individual.

And “doh.”
Favorite character is usually Donald because I always gravitate towards magic characters and characters with a blue color scheme. But Aqua has been slowly overthrowing him for the past couple of years since she's both of those things PLUS an all around awesome character.
ali yodi
ali yodi:
My favorite character is favorite character in Kingdom Hearts Sora
Flare Mawile
Flare Mawile:
My favorite male character is Axel; "Got it memorized?"
And my favorite female character it has ti be Aqua.
Psytrix Gaming
Psytrix Gaming:
I love KH, my fav is Ienzo/Zexion
Phase: Sea-Salt
Phase 2: Icecream
Phase 3: Is Darkness
Troy Dietrich
Troy Dietrich:
Roxas is my favorite. I used to be a big Nintendo kid so I always had a DS. So naturally my first KH game was 358/2 and I fell in love with his story and his character.
Phrase: Sea salt icecream is darkness (Sea-salt Ice Cream Is Darkness)
CaptainAmberC !
CaptainAmberC !:
My favorite KH character is tough because I love my girl Aqua, who is super badass, but also love my boi Axel, for how far he went to get Roxas back. :)
Phase: Sea Salt Ice Cream Is Darkness
King'KorFooL K
King'KorFooL K:
My favorite character is Axel got it memorized
My favorite character in the kingdom hearts series would have to be.......Luxord. I love his style and believe he is a fun to watch kinda character.
Best character: Aqua, because badass babe is badass.

Least favorite: Kairi, for the exact opposite reason, mind u she is so much better now but still.

After seeing some of the “Leaked” cutscenes. I must say, I ship Aqua x Sora, the characters complement each other so well!! Bye Kairi!
Na, I’m just teasing, this is just my opinion. Feel free to ship whatever and whoever u want and to freely express yourself.
Aggressively Mediocre
Aggressively Mediocre:
Favourite kingdom hearts character is axel/lea (cool hair, cool weapon, cool dude)
So the world is actually called Olympus and not "Olympus Coliseum" seems like we are outside of it and there is more to it now. Thats pretty cool.
Marquise Pixley
Marquise Pixley:
The dream eaters was amazing
; *Karma* ;
; *Karma* ;:
Riku is my favorite kingdom hearts character
Seasalt icecream is darkness
Mark Hoadley
Mark Hoadley:
Anyone think that Sora will set the time line right?
Phase: Sea-Salt
Phase 2: Ice cream
Phase 3: Is Darkness
Scott Harris
Scott Harris:
Favorite character? Probably Xigbar. Sea-salt
Khalil Guy
Khalil Guy:
My favorite character is Xemnas because he was the only villain with any true motive behind his actions, which was to use Kingdom Hearts to obtain a heart.
Niro Altice
Niro Altice:
Riku is my favorite. He is the only character to actually control darkness without losing his humanity
Wind Legume
Wind Legume:
My favorite character is Donald Duck ❤️ Sea Salt ice cream is darkness
The Dark Brother
The Dark Brother:
I love kingdom hearts character Roxas and Xion
Shadowy Draco
Shadowy Draco:
Favorite character is Riku because even though from 1and 2 he may fall into darkness but one person reminded him overcome it which was sora,king mickey and Kairi. But more importantly the reason he my fave is because is able channel the darkness by not letting it consume him while following path of light
Eduardo Juarez
Eduardo Juarez:
Is darkness
my favourite kh character is roxas.
sea-Salt ice cream is darkness
Phase: Sea-Salt
Phase 2: Ice cream
Phase 3: Is Darkness
what would u like 2 see in kh4??
Fabrice Laguerre
Fabrice Laguerre:
my fav kingdom hearts character is aqua 🥰💧
Jacob Bell
Jacob Bell:
Btw how many soras do we need to tell a single story
we have Sora, Not-Sora, Kairi-Sora, puppet-Sora, Not-Not-Sora, Sora-Not-Sora, Digi-Sora, and Dream-Sora.
[Sora, Roxas, Namine, Xion, Ventus, Venitus, Re:Coded Sora, 3D Sora]
Man, the name Sora lost all meaning.............
Isaiah Rucker
Isaiah Rucker:
Anyone think that Sora will set the time line right?
Devin Henderson
Devin Henderson:
"You regain all the strength you lost"

bladewolf 941
bladewolf 941:
Of course they will be my best characters forever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ricky Bennett
Ricky Bennett:
Kairi and Larxene are my favorite KH characters!!
Jojo Zeppeli
Jojo Zeppeli:
Axel my favorite character.
Kris Harden
Kris Harden:
"Sea Salt icecream is Darkness" Ahhh I want this game! I can't wait to see my boy Roxas!!!!🤩 I hope this still looks good and flows well on my regular ps4 since I don't have the pro.
Marquise Pixley
Marquise Pixley:
My favorite kingdom hearts character is Riku
My favorite character is goofy, he was my child hood so i cant let him down
Can't wait for Tuesday, what world are you most excited for kwing?
ShiO Up Next
ShiO Up Next:
For real kwing and kwife I’ve been watching them sence brave and the bold I love them
Kendall Mcinnis
Kendall Mcinnis:
Ventus is my favorite character in kingdom hearts cause of his design and how him and roxas look alike and his keyblade
gold techigami
gold techigami:
I think the ability you was discribing is flowmotion and i really enjoyed kh3d like a lot also my favorite character has to be lea/axel (hope i spelled his name right) edit; now that seen more of the video i was not aware that flowmotion was in this
happy 13 Years guess your part of the 13 Seekers of Darkness
shai Downey
shai Downey:
I love that Sora’s voice sounds older!
My hear 🥺❤️
Marquise Pixley
Marquise Pixley:
kingdom hearts dream drop distance was a awesome game
Finally it's out I can't remember how long I was waiting it
Flame Raider 609
Flame Raider 609:
THIS IS SO GOOD ! Sea Salt...
Can’t wait to for his reaction to the ending
Dark Wolf Gaming
Dark Wolf Gaming:
The first phrase is Seasalt.
My guess is "Seasalt ice cream."
3 words, related to a Kingdom Hearts game.
sea salt ice cream, my favorite character is dark sota when he gave into the darkness for the 1st time! it looked so cool!
My favorite character is aqua, because unlike her companions, she never seems whiny, and is always cool. Oh, and sea salt. I hope to get kh3 when it comes out, but may have to wait a few months until around April. Still can't wait!
Jerad Turner
Jerad Turner:
Riku has always been my favorite character
Fire is bad at music.
Fire is bad at music.:
My favorite character is Aqua, from how nice and caring she is! I feel very strong to her, from how she got character development in 0.2, as it really shows how much she likes her friends, and cares for them, no matter how much they go into the darkness...

Sea Salt
(For ep 2)
(For ep 3)

(to be edited... :D)
6:57 Not every day, hearing Kwing dropping a F bomb on his video. But in his defense, this game does indeed look f&cking amazing, plays great too lol.
Critical Fumble
Critical Fumble:
Brooke Peters
Brooke Peters:
My favorite Kingdom Hearts character is Kairi, which is also my daughter’s name 🖤
knucklez BZ
knucklez BZ:
I love you guys I’ve been watching since the Disney infinity vs series ❤️
Nicky Ruth
Nicky Ruth:
My favorite character is a tie between roxas and xion

sea salt
Synnder Zinn
Synnder Zinn:
14 years man I've waited so long
Fashionably Me
Fashionably Me:
I love this game so much. My boyfriend and I have been playing it
2:59 it's Sora's Chain of Memories
Kolson Mcneill
Kolson Mcneill:
I love kingdom heart
Casey Jarrell
Casey Jarrell:
My favorite kingdom hearts character is Sora. Kwing and Kwife I love your videos!!!
I see it's Meg there... But I can only hear Rose Quartz
My favorite character is Kairi! Sea-Salt, Ice-cream, is darkness
My favorite Kingdom Hearts characters are: the Twilight Trio. Roxas, Xion, and Axel.
I also really love the Land of Departure Trio. Ventus, Aqua, and Terra.
My favorite character has to be axel, I love his twist in the game!

Seasalt ice cream is darkness
Immortal Flame
Immortal Flame:
Is Thanos in the game because Disney is marvel now
Roger Muncy
Roger Muncy:
Seasalt icecream isdarkness my favorite character is goofy.
KHfan 13
KHfan 13:
Favorite character: Roxas
Code: Seasalt Ice Cream Is Darkness
I’m so excited to play this Tuesday. Love you both can’t wait for the rest of the series
can someone explain why it said "kingdom hearts 2.9"?
I've loved Roxas since Kingdom Hearts 2 <3