Kingdom Hearts 3 - REVIEW (Spoiler Free!)

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It turns out that the special attacks can be selected. I thought I had tested the buttons but I must've only hit R2, not L2, which does let you select which one to use. So yeah, battle system is even better than I thought! ~Derrick
Christopher Moon
Christopher Moon:
The story of the series is confusing

Who the hell is Mickey Mouse
Adrian Amaya
Adrian Amaya:
The biggest plot twist in this game is that the plot is understandable
Peecah Tresh
Peecah Tresh:
“Spoiler Free”, huh?
Well, you can’t stop me from spoiling that Shaggy kills Thanos in Infinity War Part 3!
"dont let the fear of an incomprehensible story keep you away from an unforgettable journey." What a great line. Awesome review. If I had a ps4 this would definitely be a buy. Maybe it'll come to switch. Who knows.
Ecua- 73
Ecua- 73:
I laughed so hard after a building fell in Olympus and goofy said that I hope they have insurance
Opening in Awe
Opening in Awe:
It's been 13 years

Something something confusing plots something something Darkness and Light.
Yuu Hyakuya
Yuu Hyakuya:
Nice to find some positivity here after the hate train against the series was fueled by Dunkey's review.
That is a really good thumbnail!
Holy shit, I thought that Jack Sparrow was real for a sec.
*Y’all really outdid yourselves with this review. No seriously, everything about this was amazing*
Cruz Medina
Cruz Medina:
Gonna drop acid and play through the entire game
Darkness Cosmics
Darkness Cosmics:
I would just like to say when I reached Zeus’s palace or heaven, it was so beautiful and gold that I just had to pause and admire it for a while, I can see why they delayed KH3 for so long, the game is beautiful. Well done Namoura and everyone who worked on KH3
Evan Sinclair
Evan Sinclair:
Ign: 8.7. Too many kingdoms, not enough hearts
Cade Trujillo
Cade Trujillo:
At around 8:00, you mention that you didn’t like how you can’t pick and choose which situation command you have access to but that’s not true. By pressing the L2 button, you can cycle through the commands you have access to.
Inside Disney
Inside Disney:
*_I think this might just be the only GameXplain video relating to my name._*
dSavage 420000
dSavage 420000:
7:55 you can actually select which triangle command you want to use by using the d-pad.
You can choose which individual triangle command, it's one of the trigger buttons, it's weird that the game never tells you.
Reegan St. Clair
Reegan St. Clair:
In the old games you were able to fight the villains of the worlds. And help characters along in a story arc. In this game you are literally just there while they do their movie. You fight heartless bosses thats it. The frozen boss literally was so dumb. It didn't even tie into the world in any way. Combat is awesome. But I do not feel immersed in the worlds. Tangled was literally just the movie remade into a video game they just happen to run into you once or twice. And again the boss doesn't have anything to do with the world. Or the characters. Was a little let down with that. The worlds look great. The combat is awesome. Kingdom hearts plot was good. But the story of each world was a let down. (Some worlds were okay. Like toy box and San fransokyo)
Pun Intended
Pun Intended:
I want, nay, I need this game in my hot little hands
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson:
The third ever perfect score. I wish I had the systems to play this series.
Kamuro Tetsu
Kamuro Tetsu:
No Final Fantasy characters at all. I'll wait for the Final Mix version.
Junpei Animates
Junpei Animates:
God! Love the Thumbnail!
"10 years since kingdom hearts 2"
One Google search aaaaand it's been 13
Blake Shoemaker
Blake Shoemaker:
*Spoiler alert*

Shaggy is the final boss
Super Sorrow
Super Sorrow:
Ign need to take notes that's how you make a review
Jeremy Woodruff
Jeremy Woodruff:
I have been waiting for this almost as much as the game itself.
Thanks GX!
HOLY GOD, the Pirates of the Caribbean characters look stunning!!
EPM 101
EPM 101:
The Funk Phenomenon
The Funk Phenomenon:
Damn good review. I cant wait to pick this up.
Jose Mario
Jose Mario:
What if he accidentally reversed the words in the title? “Kingdom Hearts III Spoilers! (Review Free)”
Joey Margolian
Joey Margolian:
As this game got release, people still l want Sonic Adventures 3!
This guy love's Clannad68
This guy love's Clannad68:
I got my copy of kingdom hearts 3 last night. And it's amazing, can't stop playing it.
*review rating spoilers*

Wow, not every day you see that rating. Guess it really did live up to the hype.
The Green Dragon 53
The Green Dragon 53:
To quote HMK:
"If Joker can get in, then Sora can get in."
I'm not inclined to disagree with him.
Pikachu Doo
Pikachu Doo:
I can’t wait to play this game I’m getting it Friday
RPG Nut:
"Absolutely mind-blowing" huh. Well, to me, it's just a decent action RPG nothing more.
cLoud unDerWeather
cLoud unDerWeather:
"Its a long running joke that kingdom hearts story in an indecipherable mess"

Um.... Joke?
Who else blocked every channel that has spoilers in it? Is it just me? :>
“Can’t dual wield”
Literally Unplayable.

Lol jk
...Honest to god until it started moving, I thought that was just a screenshot from the Pirates movie.
Roi Itzkovich
Roi Itzkovich:
15:08 I saw the face and I knew, MIND-BLOWING! It's Derrick's first mind-blowing.
I would've ranked it the same.
Roi Itzkovich
Roi Itzkovich:
7:46-8:10 Derrick, there is a way to switch between the situation commands. Just press the R2/L2 buttons.
Kirby Star Allies New DLC looks great
Dat Boi
Dat Boi:
10:06 Is that a rendered cutscene or a live action one? I really can't tell.
Professor Spaghetti the Lunatic
Professor Spaghetti the Lunatic:
10:14 I actually thought this was a scene from one of the movies
I have been looking forward to Sora's happy ending since KH first came out. After playing the other games in the series, the long wait was over and I was so excited to play KH3! Halfway through KH3 game and I am disappointed. The game is visually stunning but distinctly lacking in plot, relationship interactions between original characters (Sora, Riku & Kairi), original worlds like Traverse Town/Destiny Island, and details/tasks like unlocking Trinity marks and such that made Kingdom Hearts so enjoyable. Running through beautiful scenery with nothing much to do is boring. So far the game has been all looks and no real substance & lacks character arcs. I'm hoping that the ending does this story justice, but I'm afraid it won't.
The exploration aspect was so good, when I came upon a split in the road, I still checked out both ways, even though it was obvious that they connected 3 seconds later again
The Name's Christian
The Name's Christian:
10:07 for a second I thought that was a live action clip from the movies... technology has gotten really far
Nicktendo 1
Nicktendo 1:
Despite having never played a Kingdom Hearts game before, I’m really excited to try this one. Really nice to hear it’s more accessible to newcomers!
Garrison Burrows
Garrison Burrows:
This review actually brought some tears to my eyes what is going on
Piriya Sambandaraksa
Piriya Sambandaraksa:
"Don't let the fear of an incomprehensible story keep you away from an unforgettable journey"
Lol. I agree.
Jacob Schlenker
Jacob Schlenker:
Me: I have been waiting for this game for over ten years, wondering how it would feel when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.
What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?
Nomura: It will be.
Me: And what if it is, what then?
Nomura: Well that’s the good part I guess. You get to find a new game...

(Kingdom Hearts 4)
Claude D'Netto
Claude D'Netto:
"Will it even be fun" - ign 2019
Bret Ginn
Bret Ginn:
Too many Xehanorts and Soras.
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez:
Wow, that cutscene but at the beginning perfectly sums up my anticipation for the game.
Gamecube Grant
Gamecube Grant:
Donald is the MVP. Especially in THAT scene, but my god, he’s actually smart!!
Nicholas Vernacchio
Nicholas Vernacchio:
Amazing review Derrick! Can really feel your passion pouring through on this one!
Hey hey hey, watch the camera, buddy
Miguel B
Miguel B:
Not sure if this was patched after release or what since i got this game a few weeks after but you CAN switch between what special "triangle" command use. if you have multiple triangle commands saved up and don't want to do an attraction before a buddy team up, just tap L2 to switch between them. Also, you know how you have 3 shortcut sets to assign special attacks to? well if you equip stuff in the sets outside of battle, you can switch between entire shortcut sets IN battle by holding L1 and tapping the up and down d-pad. you're welcome.
6:49 that Hercules spinning animation looks rough
Matthew Kozar
Matthew Kozar:
Now THATS a Kingdom Hearts review. ::Glares at everyone else::
Basim Khokhar
Basim Khokhar:
I havent watched the video but I know your's will be the best one I've watched
You can switch between the triangle commands with L2 on Ps4
I run past the heartless. Ain’t nobody got time for that
Roberto Salvaderi
Roberto Salvaderi:
Someone knows if the english version of KH3 Is multi language?
Ainz Ooal Gown
Ainz Ooal Gown:
Jeez this game looks so freaking amazing on the X. My oh my.
Great review! Best one I've seen! One thing though, you can choose which Situation Command you can use. You can toggle them with the d-pad, or with L2
Wow I'm very surprised and impressed that Kingdom Hearts 3 got this rating. Not even freaking The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild got this. I can't wait for tomorrow.
I bought the all in one collection and I'm loving it
Wish I had played kingdom hearts before but better late than never
This was a excellent review heck one of the channels best imo. It made me even more excited for KH3 then i already am. Hell i even felt my eye tearing up which is most likely i sign for when the game releases.
I was iffy at first, but after hearing this review I know what I'm getting tomorrow.
Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven:
6:48 Hercules spinning that bolder looks... Weird.
Jason Borne
Jason Borne:
Kingdom hearts 3 really puts me in a good mood I feel happy when I play kh
Dan Waddle Dee
Dan Waddle Dee:
It's been a loooooong time in between console generations, you all. SO HYPED!!!
Keiz Hardy
Keiz Hardy:
The 3 things that I don't like of KH3:

The lack of secret bosses, there's one but it's a little lame.

There are some fights nearly at the end of the game that you had already in the prequels, feels like a copy-paste battles.

The time travel, a mediocre solution for the story to take its course. You don't understand something? Don't worries, it most be a time travel thing. So cheap.

on the other hand, the game offers many positive things, the new worlds are visually amazing and the gameplay it's quick and fluid.
Kenneth Ayoob
Kenneth Ayoob:
That quote from Tangled at the start of the review really puts our expectations into perspective, doesn't it?
2:01 for a second I thought the thing in the bottom right was the Smash logo and I almost had a heart attack
Joseph Cabral
Joseph Cabral:
This was a well rounded and fair review. I’m more middle of the road with it. I was satisfied and disappointed at the same time.
This needs to be on Switch lol
I'm so happy to hear that the game is excellent. Can't wait to have this game in my hands tomorrow!
Rob Barrons
Rob Barrons:
Watched. A Kingdom Hearts 3 commercial while watching this Kingdom Hearts 3 review
This is a fanboy’s review and I absolutely loved it!
Ben Daniels
Ben Daniels:
Kingdom Hearts 3 for Switch!!!
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
Why are there like nine games before the third game?
*review rating spoiler*

As far as I can recall, Super Mario Odyssey was the only game to get a Mind-Blowing right?

So I guess Kingdom Hearts in general, not just 3, is good?
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen:
I love this Kingdom Hearts 3 game!
Ah! My favorite band. (Elvis Costello &) the Attractions
RIP Johnny Depp. I somehow am not used to hearing this new voice actor, guess we'll see once the game is available.
Max Boudewijn
Max Boudewijn:
When Derrick was talking about jack sparrow eye twitch, I seriously thought that what he was showing was from the movies😂
Love the review!!! Getting a sub from me
Take out the Kingdom Hearts characters and the final fantasy-ness and I would likely get into Kingdom Hearts.
I'm new to Kingdom Hearts but I can't wait to play it
Corbin Garrett
Corbin Garrett:
I hate when people try and correct me when I say "I've been waiting 10 years for this game" yes, I know the game was only announced to actually be in development only a few years ago, but I have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 since I finished Kingdom Hearts 2. Yes I've played all the other games since KH2, but they weren't "Kingdom Hearts 3"
Seven years, technically, since the last new release (Dream Drop Distance), seventeen since first exposure. I didn't think the fanbase would wind up growing older than the protagonists back when it was just 1, Chain Of Memories, and 2.
Man i cant wait for this game. I am going to be live streaming this game and making videos for it SO HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm new to the series and thought I'd take a punt on this game so glad I did it's breathtaking amazing game
Trent McGovern
Trent McGovern:
I got into the Kingdom Hearts series recently, I'm on birth by sleep right now, and I really wish I got into it earlier. I really just want to play kingdom hearts 3, so hopefully it won't take me too long to beat the last few games!
Milo Carpenter
Milo Carpenter:
You can switch between the Triangle Moves/Y Moves with the L2 Buttons.