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Kingdom Hearts III review is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the twelfth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, a sequel to Kingdom Hearts II, and the final chapter in the Dark Seeker saga. Set after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, returning protagonist Sora is joined by Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey and Riku in their search for the seven Guardians of Light and the "Key to Return Hearts" as they attempt to thwart the restored Xehanort's plan to bring about a second Keyblade War. Their journey has them cross paths with characters and visit worlds based on different Disney and Pixar properties. Like the show? Support the show! Patreon us! SUBSCRIBE! and add me on Twitter! Facebook us! ‪SUBSCRIBE to my new Movie channel here!‬ Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should! #KingdomHearts #KingdomHearts III

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Boomstick Gaming
Boomstick Gaming:
This is looking to be an insane year for RPGs!
2019 is already awesome in month 1.
Brian Emond
Brian Emond:
I wish other people did reviews like this with passion and excitement and no spoilers whatsoever
2:03 "To keep this simple"

Me: and clean
Eclairè farron
Eclairè farron:
btw dont watch ign review..its full of spoiler gameplay
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson:
You can jump into Kingdom Hearts 3. You might not get what's going on, but don't worry, neither do the writers.
Silver MrE
Silver MrE:
This is an emotional moment for me. This is not just a game for me but a time capsule of a good portion of my life. From high school to adulthood to marriage to family. This game series has always come out at various points in my life and it makes me emotional. Apart from that it is also an amazing series and one I look forward to playing and revisiting many times in the future!
A good time for Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts? Is this 2004 with better graphics? I'm in
Yeah Mickey's original KH voice actor passed away in 09. 358/2 Days was the last time he would portray the character. I think they could've picked a better impersonator. I hated it the 1st time I heard it 2.8.
Jack Collins
Jack Collins:
Sora gets tuberculosis.
Commander Lionheart
Commander Lionheart:
Both Mickey Mouse and Xehanorts voice actors passed away sadly thus the voice changes
Gameplay-wise, it's fantastic. Story-wise, it's still like playing through the fever dreams of a madman like it has been for the past fifteen years.
Eddie V
Eddie V:
Sora: Donald heal meeeee.

Xeno Blade
Xeno Blade:
Love that one comment you said : KH3 never stops impressing till its END .
Dem Raptor Haunches
Dem Raptor Haunches:
No review would have changed my mind about getting this game, but I gotta say, your review made me let out a big sigh of relief. I'm super happy you loved this game and just those clips you showed and the bits you did tell us about have shot my hype through the roof! Awesome review man!
Oh yeah Kingdom Hearts 3 starts at the gyaaaammeess
No Fun Intended
No Fun Intended:
This looks shockingly a lot like kingdom hearts II. I was worried we wouldn't actually get a follow up to kingdom hearts II but instead a follow up to dream drop distance. This feels like waking up after a 12 year long coma.
Mary Leaf
Mary Leaf:
So Donald will hopefully actually do his job for once? Awesome
Most reviewers i find to be extremely annoying, overly critical, and negative. Not you. You and your channel are a breath of fresh air. Your respect for Japanese culture and the history of gaming are great.
Jalapeno Poppers
Jalapeno Poppers:
Awesome review! I'll definitely buy this game, thanks for keeping it spoiler free Johnny. ^^
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph:
I'm disappointed that there's no Final Fantasy cameos in Kingdom Hearts III.
Great and very helpful review. I’ve never played any of the Kingdom Hearts, but plan on it now.
John Doe
John Doe:
I appreciate you saying no spoilers in the title..your awesome bro 👍
If you like Final Fantasy characters in your Kingdom Hearts, then I got bad news for you.
Slush G
Slush G:
I’m getting KH3 for Xbox this week. I have not played a KH since my PS2 days but I’ve tried to stay up to date through other means. Super excited to play this one.
Puddi Panda
Puddi Panda:
Kingdom Hearts *3*
*12th* game in the series
Ooh... head hurt...
Ghost in The shell
Ghost in The shell:
So excited for kingdom hearts 3
I remember playing the Hercules PS1 game
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez:
As long as we don't get a musical level like the little mermaid level in 2.
No Fun Intended
No Fun Intended:
Really sucks we don't have sir Christopher Lee or Leonard Nimoy for this production. They brought some much needed grit and weight to the story that really helped legitimize this absurd fanciful plot. They are dearly missed on all accounts, not just for kingdom hearts of course and I know they'd be proud to see this after such a development hell.
BryanX 64
BryanX 64:
Wow, Kingdom Hearts 3 and RE2R. What a week!
Does anyone else feels like they're counting down for New Year's waiting for the release of this game?
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey:
I am glad the game was done well :) As the wait for any game this long is insane :). My wife loves and adores the franchise so she was very teary eyed happy to know they did the game right. I just hope for people who love and adore the game they NEVER have to wait this long... but as a Final Fantasy fan and Dragon Quest fan I can sympathize with having to wait for far longer then we should have to :).
Mike  Marks
Mike Marks:
I can already hear my wallet crying for 2019
Julian F
Julian F:
Can someone tell me where to find a WIFE that walks in and enjoy you playing any kind of video games?
Wait...kingdom harts.....3.....that exists? WHAT !!!!!
Leon Reaper
Leon Reaper:
Are you going to review the remaster: Trails of Cold Steel that's come out for ps4
Toker to the right
Toker to the right:
Thank you I've been dying to play the game and can't wait for tonight when it releases this just assured me that the wait is worth it
I'm gonna be playing Kingdom Hearts 3 on a OLED LG 60" 4K TV.. Imagine the graphics on that...
Gibran Otway
Gibran Otway:
"I'm not gonna spoil anything" Meanwhile playing frames of cutscenes that have never been seen before -_-
How does that actually work when you play games that are not released yet. Do people in your friendlist see that you are playing kh3 ? Do you have to be offline , Extra Account or can they just turn off via patch that it is visible to others
I'm playing it right now and it's everything I ever wish it to be.
HEX waifu
HEX waifu:
I hade so many memories of kingdom hearts 1&2 on my ps2, love the franchise, looking forward to buying the game sometime #broke boy
Peter Rumm
Peter Rumm:
Can’t believe that last fight with goku, reverse-flash, and Alfred Hitchcock
Ray l
Ray l:
Kingdom hearts is my all time favorite game since i was in high school. Im hooked on it. Still my favorite game ever period
Loved the review! Enjoyed hearing a fan's impressions! Can't wait to play this one!
This game is a masterpiece! full of magic!
Nega Rell
Nega Rell:
I've been a Kingdom Hearts fan since kh1 and I love the energy in this review. This is what the game means to me, excitement
You have the best No Spoiler Reviews. Thank you!
Sean Scarborough
Sean Scarborough:
Your reviews always feel like they come straight from the heart, no pun intended. I can't wait to get my hands on this
He keeps saying keep it simple I just want him to say "and clean" after.
"Is this real?" hahaha lol Thanks for not giving spoilers :)
Glad the game is good, been waiting all these years since the first one was
released. Will be a very emotional moment when I get to play this game aaaa
Dza Harsher
Dza Harsher:
I’ve loved kingdom hearts n was one of those hearts that wrapped with excitement for this game but rn I’m just so bloated of the same ass moves and ride commands.
Darren Green
Darren Green:
It's finally here! I love the KH's Games. I have them all. Love them all! Can't wait to srart playing Kingdom Hearts 3 :) Great Review!!!
zack karriem
zack karriem:
Dude you've done an amazing job reviewing this game I Damn well know how hard it is for You try not spoiling anything. but you done a great job 💘 the review 💥💥💥💥👍👍💥💥💥💥
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson:
when a heartless dies, a pink heart floats up from them and disappears; interesting yes?
That persona collection in the background is beautiful :')
Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith:
I saw the opening and I almost cried 😂 over 10 years of waiting!!
Blank Ages
Blank Ages:
The game looks so beautiful, I can't believe this is real...

You did a great job reviewing! I love how genuinely excited you are for the game, which gives me high hopes.
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson:
It’s really amazing and fresh to listen to someone with so much excitement and passion!
Thank you for this review as a huge kingdom hearts fan I feel the need to not worry about this game anymore and when it comes out I'm going to have the time of my life!
I’ve been waiting for this game for so long. Man i can’t wait til Tuesday. It’s great to hear from a true fan that it lives up to expectations. We’re the only ones whose opinions matter
Tyson Duffield
Tyson Duffield:
This is exactly what I wanted to hear! Thankyou for the passionate review!!!
The gummy ship was oddly one of my favorite parts of KH2. I'm glad that it's back in KH3
Joshua Whittaker
Joshua Whittaker:
This has been the best review of Kingdom Hearts 3 that I have seen. Very well done!
Dave pool
Dave pool:
I can't wait, I bought the deluxe. From everything I have seen it looks amazing. :)
Skadisson Deboye
Skadisson Deboye:
Goose bumps galore :D thank you for the Review
Matthew Vaughn
Matthew Vaughn:
Not as excited as I would’ve been like. Ten years ago before it got complicated and went on a trillion different consoles. Hope i know what’s going on 🤷🏼‍♂️
Pick 0
Pick 0:
2019 already off with a good start!
What a great Review! Not spoiling but making me want that Game even more Thank u x)
I thought I was done with KH, but this review makes me want to buy it.
The Cardinal Review
The Cardinal Review:
Brilliant review! And, as always, I love your positivity, cheers!
Thank God someone did a good review without spoiling everything 🤙🏿
Okay it's time to subscribe to this channel, I love his enthusiasm, it makes me even more excited for games!
Andrew Lukan
Andrew Lukan:
To those who are looking to get into this series:

Just buy "Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far". The bundle contains every game released made specifically to catch people up.
once this releases today im going to drink so much energy drinks! xD
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez:
Thank you for making it a no spoiler, appreciate your hard work!
Goon Squad Skateboarding
Goon Squad Skateboarding:
Thabks Johnny this looks great. Never played a Kingdom Hearts game before.
Hey John thank you for reviewing the game without spoiling the game!
The excitement in this review is so cute lol
Proud Dog
Proud Dog:
So exited for this and top review as always John. How long roughly did the 1st play through take you? Big HCG fan for years from UK
Kissa Kissa
Kissa Kissa:
when watching youtube i feel like everyone is allready playing the game i have been waiting for 14 years.....
I saw a review video where the guy was like "I'm gonna try not to spoil anything" then proceeds to show clips from the Hercules final boss fight
Popjake 01
Popjake 01:
Thank you for this informative, spoiler free review! Been avoiding major reviews because of spoilers. Played about an hour and loved it. This only made me happier. You earned a sub :)
Thomas Sifuentes
Thomas Sifuentes:
Genuinely, thank you so much for a spoiler-free review. I’m don’t check from big reviewers because as you mention, they have a habit of spoiling things. But your review was full of life, love of the series, and excitement. Thank you!
Michael Ziegelbauer
Michael Ziegelbauer:
Thank you so much for this amazing, well-made review. Bigger companies don't know how to keep unseen footage out of their laughable reviews. I appreciate the no spoilers as well, there are some very disrespectful people around this game....
John Vu
John Vu:
Thumbs Up. Every review you do you seem to give us real reactions and real feelings that you have for the game and i appreciate that.
Jacob Jordy
Jacob Jordy:
I remember playing the original KH back in the gap, I always thought the alice worls looked like you where in a cardboard box the whole time
I am sooo excited for this game! I cannot wait! Sadly I have to wait till weds or thurs for my copy cause the seller I bought it from is sending it LAUNCH DAY!
Adaumis Gaming
Adaumis Gaming:
13 years of waiting, this game feels underwhelming in some parts.
Great review! I found you when I was looking up Ace Combat 7 reviews and I really appreciate your style and agree that a lot of other reviewers give you too much and don’t focus on the stuff that matters but instead basically use the book report formula.
Dis duck
Dis duck:
First time watching a video on this channel, really appreciate the way the review was handled when it comes to spoilers
Carson Lester
Carson Lester:
Just found my new favorite reviewer!!
The real question is, did it make you teary eye? Good review by the way as always.
Great review 👍🙂 think I’ll pick this up after a price drop though 😌 need to crack on with Resi Evil 2 😄
Der König
Der König:
9:30 "it's been in every game and it's a staple"

Me: gummi ship, gummi ship, gummi ship, gummi ship!

Him:...."it's the GUMMI SHIP!"

Amazing review, love your energy!
Avan Redline
Avan Redline:
U r awesome man loved ur review, I like how u didn't spoiler anything of it.
I have played KINGDOM HEARTS on PS2 all week. So hyyped for the game!😍
Kent Karlsson
Kent Karlsson:
I love this game, it’s really amazing. Just as you says. The thing with mickey in my head is that he sounds weard because he sounds serious.
I thought that in one point of the game it becomes harder vary fast, the first 4 worlds are vary easy then after that the difficauty hits you right in the face XD i like it 😂👍🏻
Liam Moore
Liam Moore:
I bought the HD 1.5+2.5 ReMix only to realize that they just came out with “The Story So Far”...