Kingdom Hearts 3 - English Walkthrough Part 9 - Big Hero 6 World & Aqua Boss (Full Game) PS4 PRO

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Jamaal Ellison
Jamaal Ellison:
I love seeing Sora use his in game powers in cutscenes he looks badass standing on top of that building!!!
Dan of Steel
Dan of Steel:
GoGo: It looks the right size to me.
Me: Oh, Heavens. It appears that my wee-wee has been stricken with rigor mortis.
Fook u
Fook u:
is it just me or does wasabi sounds like cyborg from teen titans
is it just me or does baymax's face look adorable
Can anyone imagine Sora in the Transformers G1 universe, with Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, Starscream, and the rest of the G1 Transformers? If he reacts like that with the robots of this world, can you imagine him in the realm of Transformers, or even on Cybertron itself?
Captain Valourous
Captain Valourous:
And I just realize that when it comes to this kind of Situations Goofy was able to work his Brain.
Subject Deltaレドラゴ
Subject Deltaレドラゴ:
If Disney makes a part 2 for big hero 6 then I'd be really happy if they went with where kh3 left off, two baymaxs.
Sora confirmed for Avengers Endgame
50:00 Did Sora actually just say, “Damn it!”??? O.O
Pam Zipp
Pam Zipp:
I finally found someone who completed the game on youtube in english!!
Ashleigh Perkins
Ashleigh Perkins:
17:00 hidden mickey on the yellow cord rack
I think I've found my favourite world in this game.
Nikolaj Steffensen
Nikolaj Steffensen:
awww. i wanted to smash dark aqua...
Me and my giant Baymax plushie are loving this one <3
Oblivion Glow
Oblivion Glow:
10:29 Newcomers to the Kingdom Hearts Series! They don't understand the story
Mone Bear
Mone Bear:
I had a really hard time playing this proud mode on my life!!
Lynette Morel
Lynette Morel:
Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình
Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình:
12:37:43 Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?
Artemis 2D
Artemis 2D:
It looks the right size to me
Mary Wells
Mary Wells:
Anyone else having issues with gogo? Anything I try literally clips right though the ball she's stuck in.
Ismael Párica
Ismael Párica:
16:11 You know... i can't really blame you for taking a picture of her lower parts. The cutscene about shugyo ended with the camera being behind GoGo , as if they wanted us to take a look. And, let's be honest, GoGo looks hot as hell in her battle suit.

51:50 Didn't expect her to speak spanish, but if we consider she's the only one who pronounces Hiro's name properly (and also that she's probably latina) it makes sense.
Xavier Griffin
Xavier Griffin:
16:14 damn girl
Okay so this is the only one of the property so far that I haven't seen should I stop and watch the movie before finishing this playthrough or do they avoid most big spoilers
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith:
Shame none of the characters picked up on the Darkubes looking like Bug Blox.
David Wayne
David Wayne:
1:45:32 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1:01:58 Its the master hand from smash bros xD
What ever happened to demyx after this
Savannah Fish
Savannah Fish:
Help!! How do you do the fling thing to get wasabi out of the magnet!
Captain Valourous
Captain Valourous:
I miss Luke Skywalker 😥
Blank Riven
Blank Riven:
Hahahaha lol! why take a picture of go go's booty?! 😂
1:31:38 Renting an apartment for the first time
Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia:
Does anyone know how beat mission that say objective explore the world
Sable Branwen
Sable Branwen:
My most anticipated world.
It's still weird seeing gameplay of this still, I remember when I saw the gameplay trailer in 2015, it felt like yesterday I saw it. But now it's out, and it looks SO fucking good.
I just love how Wasabi is voiced by the same voice actor for Cyborg from Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!

as soon as i heard that voice i immediately recognized it
Roberto Scalia
Roberto Scalia:
Adoro Hiro in "tuta!"
dude really took a picture of gogos butt 😂
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman:
What Would Leela and Amy From Futurama Say If They're In Kingdom Hearts?
Rockin' Readings
Rockin' Readings:
WOO!!! San Francisco NATIVE!!
I cried so much when Aqua woke up in Destiny Islands :,D
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi:
Looking at GoGo's booty, Shirrako?😂
And wow Cyborg and Aqualad for Wasabi😂they couldn't make another voice actor for him🤔
Gregory Carrillo
Gregory Carrillo:
That’s a Sonic reference!
Mo Suan
Mo Suan:
Jah’s favorite game.. 🖤
Landon Fausett
Landon Fausett:
16:13 Really dude?
Mygill Rain Bagnas
Mygill Rain Bagnas:
That Gogo's butt HAHAHAHA
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman:
Put Leela and Amy From Futurama In Kingdom Hearts
How do you defeat the ball? I keep wailing on it and nothing; I never get the prompt to do the special ability either like in the video.
1:06:45 so... he knows he is Replica Riku from CoM and not the real possessed Riku from KH1? Because later on he seems to believe he is the real Riku from the past, but here he seems to know he is the Replica.. wtf
Dustin Kopperman
Dustin Kopperman:
Will you please defeat dark baymax for me cause i can't do it on my own
San Fransokyo is the best world in Kingdom Hearts III
Emilio Delgado
Emilio Delgado:
You know. This story of the game big hero 6 makes me think 🤔 They should make a movie out of this for big hero 6 the series like a hour and a half special or just a hour.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith:
Bring back Disney infinity
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown:
It's not fair after all of his achievements does is still not a true keyblade master?
16:10 big butty six
Miftah K. Ramadhian
Miftah K. Ramadhian:
16:25 really? do you really like booty?????? you did it too on ollete 😂😂😂
1:02:20 wow it's like mini rasenshuriken :v
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman:
Leela and Amy From Futurama Into The Wild Green Yonder
Theo Keith Jones
Theo Keith Jones:
That is funny even a video game you taking photos of a female butt.. 😆
The space kitten0913 A
The space kitten0913 A:
This is so funny 16:17
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis:
Baymax sounds like frickin' male Siri
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin:
I'm stuck. I don't believe I've beaten the Evil Baymax boss but I'm just running around the city not sure wtf to do. Come back to it after a while and no cutscene or guidance anywhere where i'm supposed to go. I finished those evil cubes but yeah any help would be great
I demand a PC port of KH3 lmao
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues:
Damn Aqua looks so hot
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman:
Leela and Amy From Futurama
Well since Big Hero 6 is Marvel based, it would be cool if to see Sora With Spiderman or a least the Avengers
WaluigiFan ToyChicaAC358
WaluigiFan ToyChicaAC358:
Freddie is hard to free
buttermy croissants
buttermy croissants:
Yet no one questions the talking duck and dog
Ani Bazikyan
Ani Bazikyan:
another way u can hit the blue and red thing to save lemon girl is use sora’s magic
JoeyPlays Digital
JoeyPlays Digital:
Imagine Jotaro Kujo in Kingdom hearts? Like if you agree he should be a playable character.
Patrick Santos
Patrick Santos:
Me and my mom play this cool game
Keithlyn Triplett
Keithlyn Triplett:
1:45:33 the view is nice

no one
no one:
this game really wasted an opportunity to develop kairi and axel by having them be soras partners over Donald and goofy....such a waste

sora-we are the keyblade hero 3!
*awkward silence as axel and kairi stare at sora with embarrassed looks on their faces*
kairi-..I..i think its kind of...cute..
axel-kairi don't encourage him

skip to scene of sora,kairi,axel and hiro having ice cream on the bridge
axel has a momentary sense of nostalgia and when he looks towards sora and kairi a brief flash of roxas and xion comes to him causing him to shed a single tear of both joy and sadness...kairi notices and asks him whats wrong but axel just looks the other way embarrassed saying its nothing
kotík vnější
kotík vnější:
2:48 did they seriously leave someone with a concussion behind to fend for themselves? At least call a ambulance to pick them up :(

Other than that oversight, San Fransokyo is the best world.
norted riku blew my mind
Interceptor Wing is so floaty

it's a joke
junior dusuchett
junior dusuchett:
hello im baymax
Michael Foti
Michael Foti:
I would have preferred to see sephiroth in this world
Stardust Todoroki
Stardust Todoroki:
You have to face Aqua
Emilio Delgado
Emilio Delgado:
For this plot of the big hero 6 story I got to say for the bad guys they they steal the inventions that hiro makes like how Callaghan yokai stole hiro’s microbots. How Yama stole the blueprints for making a Baymax body in the series and globby stealing honey lemon purse that hiro made for her and how obake got hiro to create that electric nulifire So he can steal it And create a tsunami 🌊 in the season 1 finale. So now it brings us to this plot where riku has the chip where the original baymax had and now uses it to turn that baymax evil and attack Big hero 6.
Arief Jamil
Arief Jamil:
Will this be a canon for Big Hero 6 like Toy Story?
Josué Naim Zárate Cordero
Josué Naim Zárate Cordero:
Can we address the fact that Honey Lemon is probably Spanish?
Діана ангел
Діана ангел:
So cool 😁💖👍
Big hero 6 my favorite world
Chris Bradford
Chris Bradford:
Am I the only one who didn’t like the baymax boss
Paul Clark
Paul Clark:
I thought this was garbage they should have put in a christmas carol instead of this horrible flop first i never liked big hero 6 it should have never been in production in disney films theres nothing magical on this movie 2nd there shouldv been 2 boss battles for christmas carol
1 for ghost of christmas future and scrooges heartless wouldv been nice
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch:
This world ruined the game for me I was having fun until I got here.
Uncle Grimsley
Uncle Grimsley:
San Fransokyo was wasted potential if you ask me.