Kingdom Hearts 3 - English Walkthrough Part 12 - Final Boss & Ending + Epilogue (Full Game) PS4 PRO

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Now we wait 20 years for the next game
Calling Kings
Calling Kings:
Ven and Roxas seem pretty chill seeing a walking copy of themselves for the first time lololol
Vince Paolo Pagaling
Vince Paolo Pagaling:
*looks through the comments below*

Well, Nomura did say that the ending of KH 3 will be hard to accept.
It's been almost two decades of screwing characters over, let the fandom have this cheesy-ass happy ending.
Booger Uppercut
Booger Uppercut:
In Kingdom hearts 4, they go to Rick and Morty world and make funne meme! haha weee!
Patiparn Pinyopornpanish
Patiparn Pinyopornpanish:
Master Xehanort: X-Blade
Sora, Donald and Goofy : Hoy!!! *Reflecting X-Blade*
Master Xehanort: What!?!
Here goes KH3 Final Mix, KH3 Final Mix+, KH3.5 and KH3.8!
James Hannan
James Hannan:
Next game Kingdom Hearts : the road to Kairi
The Quacker
The Quacker:

Michael Carrillo
Michael Carrillo:
Ventus and Roxas Spiderman pointing meme.
Nate Mahabir
Nate Mahabir:
Tbh the writing in this is similar to how Naruto was written during the War Arc... Alot of questions that weren't really answered, some Things that they established in the series were kinda tossed to the side and has new things added on....
The big baddie that they we're building up to wasn't really impactful tbh.. both we're outshined by the other Villians. The ending was confusing and odd also. Also the game is isn't really challenging, you can breeze through bosses and enemies quickly.

Gameplay was amazing one of the best in the series mixing in Flowmotion, Forms, fantastic combos, Magic, and the New Keyblade transformations, Team attacks and not to mention Shotlock. You can tell that they took their time with this.

The graphics were also amazing from the character animations, the scenery, and enemies.

Overall Kingdom Hearts was really good but I'm not gonna lie it was held back slightly by bad-writing moments and somewhat off ending, Villians that tbh were sometimes just there just to be there. The game didn't really answer some of the questions that we had it only brought up more questions....

I give it a 9/10
abortion survivor_PR
abortion survivor_PR:
“7 black pieces?” Foretellers, Luxu and Master of masters... 😨
nekon ravenfox
nekon ravenfox:
i have this odd theory about what might be in that damned box. many think its a weapon but what if it is and at the same time is not. what if inside the box lays the master of masters heart waiting to be set free. also what if the master of masters is someone we know someone who we known the whole time. what if the master of masters is a full grown sora cause remember if you will the master of masters did say to one of the fore tellers that one day he might just vanish, poof, disappear and what happens to sora at the end he just disappears. also thing of how the master of masters acts his personality reminds me of soras alil.
What nothing with demyx at the end lol
Nicky B
Nicky B:
Gameplay-wise: the best of the series. Post-game features could've been a bit better.

Story-wise: bland and mostly filled with fillers. A lot of returning characters like Marluxia and Vexen were wasted and the long-awaited conclusion to 358/2 was disappointing. The teasers shouldn't have shown Aqua which is the only big twist in the game.
Jamaal Ellison
Jamaal Ellison:
How does Xehanort get a happy ending!?!
Varun Goyal
Varun Goyal:
All you kidding me? Xenohart should have died in agony for all those games worth of crimes. He even killed Kairi. I mean seriously, WTH.

How the hell did they bring Roxas and Xion back without Sora? It's weird that they completely bypassed that, when they specifically mentioned that he had 3 hearts in his heart earlier in the game. They didn't actually need Sora to reconstitute either Roxas or Xion, but did for Ventus. I guess they used their data equivalents? Regardless, it feels like the developers were like, "Just forget it! Dues Ex Machina this shit so we have less work because we ran out of time!"

And now everyone is on destiny islands at the end, even though theyve been whining about world order the entire game? And how it's against the rules to take people to other worlds or even talk about other worlds? Seriously??

And now Sora and Kairi are back too? When did that happen? And then Sora disappears again? What? Or was that just symbolic and neither of them are there?

And now the Foretellers? And it turns out that the black box holds all of the past stories/prophecies? KH union isn't even done yet, and we are getting references to stuff that we would know if that KH union game was done, like how the unions sent keyblades into the future to help or how Xemnas points out that those specific people in the organization all have keyblades (which none of them used).

Seven black pieces and just watch? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? What is that even supposed to mean? Now there's 7 new evil people of darkness to watch out for?

I'm also offended at the complete lack of Final Fantasy/Square Enix based characters in this game. It feels half assed compared to their normal main titles. The graphics and gameplay are great and look wonderful, but the game feels half done without the Square Enix characters. "Spin off" titles can have them missing, but main title ones shouldn't.

Clearly Square Enix hates their fan base, because this did not feel like an end. And in Classic SE fashion, we'll probably get the next main game in 15 years. After they milk a bunch of games for console.
I lowkey love how Xehanort just flexes his fingers every time he does a magic thing.
It'd dumb but I love it.
Lilly Is here
Lilly Is here:
Well... I watched all 12 what?
32:04 this next moment reminds me of the movie Dr. Strange.
Superwholockian Life
Superwholockian Life:
Who does Disney think they are? Sora just vanished? WTF? 12 years and this is what we get?
tetrahedron in space
tetrahedron in space:
Okay, 49:13 syncs up PERFECTLY with the music
Weird Guy
Weird Guy:
What the hell of ending is this with sora vanishing?!
So this is a stretch, but this girl that they keep bringing up, what if its Kairi's mom?
The devs must really like Xigbar huh?
Zachary Morales
Zachary Morales:
Thanks for the entire series appreciate it
32:03 goat sounds
Lightwork Z
Lightwork Z:
Kingdom hearts 4 let's go boy
Justin Y. Alter
Justin Y. Alter:

I don't feel so good Kairi
Yasmeen MO
Yasmeen MO:
yay namine is back I love this
Thanks for the amazing adventure Shirako.
Zen the15
Zen the15:
Conclusion: Kingdom Hearts is Shirrako's favorite games of all time :)
The was beautiful 10/10 amazing thank you for this walk through It allowed me to see everything. Can't wait to see what's in store for the next game now.
Ismael HDalyth
Ismael HDalyth:
Nomura must really hate Sora x Kairi
Didn't sora leave to go find Kairi? Why are they both back in destiny islands. Unless it skips the part where he finds her. And why does he vanish?
Sooo... what price did Sora had to pay exactly?
Zachary Morales
Zachary Morales:
1:13:05 what did she say any guesses
Kevin Iz
Kevin Iz:
lol This ending made me think of FF9's ending in a reverse sort of way.
In the end of that, the hero separates from his girl to go risk his life to save someone; fails at doing that, but is revealed to have made it back safe and sound at the last minute.
In the end of this, the hero separates from his friends to risk his life to save his girl; succeeds at doing that, but is revealed to not have made it back safe at the last minute.
Good stuff.
Debra Carter
Debra Carter:
They went to Seaside Hill from Sonic
Asa Ayazida Aunu Robby
Asa Ayazida Aunu Robby:
Even though leaving me with a lot of question, KH3 is so good!
Can't wait for the next chess war!

Btw what with Xehanort giving up after all of what he did! XD
I think the negative emotion of giving up is a lot stronger than darkness itself. Giving up from darkness LOL
David Wayne
David Wayne:
24:48 i want it gauntlets & greaves !
Gilang Mastana
Gilang Mastana:
why u never block the attack?
What a amazing ending. A game that was worth the wait.I can't wait to see where they take future games.
Eunju Dongtae
Eunju Dongtae:
thanks bro! looking forward for your next stream of Kingdom Hearts after 100+years :-)
I just want to see Isa in that outfit again.
Owyn Hammersley
Owyn Hammersley:
Kingdom Hearts 3 has an Auto-Reload feature for Items, same as Kingdom Hearts 2.

And the black box in the end. That must be the one Pete and Maleficent have been looking for through the course of the game.
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon:
Namine,Roxas, Xion and the birth by sleep trio are back!
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues:
Shirakko you only need one lucky emblem to get the secret ending in proud mode
Pam Zipp
Pam Zipp:
There may be another game.
This whole series has been great 👍🏾
Giovanni Duarte
Giovanni Duarte:
Mark Hamill you son of a gun
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi:
How the hell did Sora won the fight. Xehanort moves is so cheap as heck. Xehanort has a teleportation Kaguya jutsu.. All those freaking hooded guy and those Laser how did Sora even survive that. Terra almost whoop Xeno's 1v1
Abyss Phantom
Abyss Phantom:
,what happen with our sora?? did he go to sonewhere? i'm so curious!
Rich 88
Rich 88:
*Kingdom Hearts 3 is the best & I love it.*
MJ Sambo
MJ Sambo:
So can someone answer me who are the 12 darkness clones at 25:13?
I have 10 out of 12

Ansem (Heartless)
Young Xehanort
Replica Riku

Are the remaining two Terra-nort and Xion?
If theres a Mini Saga of Kingdom Hearts the main characters will be

Maleficent and Pete
hardest bosses ever
Flip Hert
Flip Hert:
are you a bot?
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander:
Good walkthrough. I new the guys from KH X union would show up at the end. So Luxuhas his keyblade back. The same guy that supposedly started the first keyblade war. So let me guess, Sora will go back to the final world to rescue Kairi at the start of KH4.
Is the seven black pieces a référence to final fantasy 7 hmmmm i dunno but yeah
Pretty Alright
Pretty Alright:
I love how even at the end of this game, they still don’t explain what Kingdom Hearts actually is or does. Is it like heaven? You go there when you die? Or your heart does anyway? But then what is the final world??? Are they the same? And was the whole last bit at Scala ad Caelum INSIDE kingdom hearts??? Was it in the past??

Ayuelia De La Patate
Ayuelia De La Patate:
Luqman Haqeem
Luqman Haqeem:
Kingdom hearts 3 world have 10 world , kingdom hearts 2 world have 16 and long to play, i think kingdom hearts 2 is better
WTF?! What kind of ending is that? I was hoping for a happily ever after, not having the hero disappear! Where is he? Is there a Kingdom Hearts 4? I mean, seriously, what gives!?
How the curaga
Zero Hour
Zero Hour:
I still can't believe that Xigbar was the Master of Masters apprentice all this time, and what is in the Black Box that Maleficent and Pete are after, and more importantly what girl were they all talking about when she disappeared?!
What's the problem with Square Enks can not make a happy ending for everyone if they have to kill Sora
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
35:32 *kamehameha*
Sin Sakkda
Sin Sakkda:
Is it just me or sora from KH 2 is stronger and the boss fight is also better as well?
marvin henderson
marvin henderson:
is inthe on the good side if he had a key blade
spectator 1357
spectator 1357:
so theres more... great...
And we still have mo idea what's in the black box...
Theo Keith Jones
Theo Keith Jones:
They r making KH 4?
Huawei Y6ll
Huawei Y6ll:
Sora nooooooooooooo(T[]T )
Leo Leo
Leo Leo:
Is Sora dead??? Cause if he is i'm gonna cry but he maybe transported to another dimension/place?? KH4 better come soon or else I am after your ass Nomura!!!
Shamus McFuckYourself
Shamus McFuckYourself:
Wtf happened?
thoriq rasnan
thoriq rasnan:
Previous on kingdom hearts 2 sora and Riku defeated Xemas and return home but when they got home they found a letter from king micky and thought was all over. But unfortunately they thought wrong and now 13 years have past and sora and his friends have return for last stand Against the Organization 13
Joshua Figueroa
Joshua Figueroa:
Not having to do with the ending but still a question
How the hell did Aqua survive for 10+ years in the realm of darkness? I mean their is water but wtf did she eat? I don't think Heartless are able to be eaten and we barely saw any form of vegetation, if any at all. This has been bothering me for the longest time
I’m hoping that they’ll make another Kingdom Hearts game soon. And hopefully, we’ll get to see more of the Disney Princesses. Because we got Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna.
So hopefully soon, we’ll get to meet Merida, which I would love for them add her in the series.
Now as for Tiana, idk how they’re gonna do that, because her setting is in the 1920s of New Orleans. And I don’t think it would work that way. 🤔....or maybe what they could do like with Ratatouille, they could have her restaurant in maybe Radiant Garden. And maybe Sora could do a challenge with her on cooking or you know, something like that.
Pocahontas, idk if they’re ever gonna add her in there because she is a real person.
There’s also Moana, idk how they’re gonna do that with her.
Austin Cho
Austin Cho:
After replaying this game and its ending, I realized these 8 Disney worlds are arguably appropriate (including Frozen for its winter melancholy music, Sora barely do anything for Elsa and the others and importance of Act of True Love by Eugene and Anna- same feels for Hercules desperately saving Meg in the movie as for Sora and Kairi) for this dark KHII, there is no other game or movie that ever broke my heart or ever feel very emotional and despair. This music easily surpassed Star Wars EPIII ROTS dark melancholy music/score.
Sora Hitcher, Donald Duck,goofy goof, sonic the hedgehog, Timmy turner and fairy god parents cosmo and Wanda and poof,Pac-Man and all your favorite kingdom hearts Characters are back. In their most epic action packed adventure game yet. But this time they travel to new worlds meet new friends and new foes and get cool new weapons
I'm messed up guys. No, seriously. I'm super messed up over this. I don't even...
Yasmeen MO
Yasmeen MO:
who is ava?
Manticore Galaxy
Manticore Galaxy:
peter mokran
peter mokran:
this is the worst video game to this day I have ever played and I have played some real stinkers such as agony, ride to hell retribution, watchdogs to name few. It is pure nonesence n convoluded clusterfuckofgame.
Afro Kid
Afro Kid:
Why Your Video Not A Copyright By disney?I Already Upload KH3 But its Copyright disney In all countries
Devon Emmons
Devon Emmons:
that final fight was awful
Man, I'm glad I passed on buying this game.
cant beat him....keep dying. I honestly don't know what to do differently. I lose the moogle coin and then I die again I just load my self up with Elixers or what? I'm only level 54. Even if I was max level I don't see how I can do it. Right when I get to the under water part which is the worst type of fighting....the under water battle commands suck....they basically make me useless
Miftah K. Ramadhian
Miftah K. Ramadhian:
i'm so confused.
1. who is the boy who help sora and summon keyblades in keyblad graveyard?
2. where the others former organization 13 like demnyx?
3. how did xion back?
4. are maleficent and pete really dummy? they did nothing but chased the box? the hell i really confused
5. my favorite or our favorite: WHAT DE FCK XIGBAR PLOTTING AT AND WHO ARE THESE GUYS???? maybe i fucked up because i dont follow KH0.5, KHBBS, KH3D, KH2.8, etc.

oh yeah almost forgot
IS SORA REALLY DEAD??? yes, i got namine, xion, roxas, terra, aqua, and ven back, but really? sora is dead? or you could say he's vanished? well damn. thank you nomura. i've waited for 1000 years to get Sora's death.

BUT Great Adventure, shirako!
Keithlyn Triplett
Keithlyn Triplett:
Is sora dead
Law Thirtyfour
Law Thirtyfour:
Has it's faults, but it's easily KH3 is easily the best game in the franchise to date.
Christopher Townsend
Christopher Townsend:
I like old man Xenhonrt's new voice actor Square really out done themselves.
Wilkins Vega
Wilkins Vega:
im gonna get this game it looks fun and hard to beat
Most of the complaints people are making about the ending are wrong and are at their own fault. I'm not gonna say the ending was perfect. But everyone is forgetting what Kingdom Hearts is. We're always left with more questions coming out than we are going in. And some complaints you guys make are things you should've known. And the reason you guys find the ending unsatisfying is a lot of things are intentional. Others are do to not paying attention. This is the problem with Kingdom Hearts. Everyone calls it confusing and complicated. Most of the time it's due to the player just not paying fucking attention to what's going on.

Was the ending perfect? No. It has it's flaws that I won't get into. But it was satisfying.