Kingdom Hearts 3 - English Walkthrough Part 10 - Vanitas Boss & Final World (Full Game) PS4 PRO

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Caped Baldy
Caped Baldy:
*_Lmao, Maleficent still thinks she’s the main villain_* 😂
Xionsicecream 1
Xionsicecream 1:
Sora: *Dies*
Also sora: *takes selfie*
christopher lambert
christopher lambert:
so sora isnt given the rank of master even after saving ven and aqua? i mean he woke ven up
Ismael Párica
Ismael Párica:
10:37 Okay, that sounds extremely erotic to me. Like they both had a wild night, Aqua got up first and woke Ven up.
Nate Mahabir
Nate Mahabir:
I love how chill Sora is about "Being dead"
Eric Rautio
Eric Rautio:
And so Sora ascends to what may or may not be Olympus with his last teammate: our lord and savior Jiminy Cricket.
Cindy Hartanu
Cindy Hartanu:
15:21 axel/lea is me when i have to remember to many ppl 😥
Random note:
Chirithy's voice actress also voices Kari from the OG Digimon dub. That was a nice nostalgic slap
Aubrey Oates
Aubrey Oates:
First Link dies in BotW and now this. How many (nearly) dead main characters in a video game can we find today?
The Alvaman
The Alvaman:
[Axel breaks the 4th wall]
All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put the 4th wall back together again
1) It seems that Ven doesn't remember anything specific about when his heart was inside of Sora's. Just dream like impressions. 2) Loved that bit where Lea lampshades how complicated the overall plot is. And did Jiminy technically break the fourth wall while explaining the Gummiphone? 3) Would have been funny if Aqua has difficulty with the Gummiphone. She has been gone for 12 years. So she would've have difficulty understanding the modern times.
devin carson
devin carson:
58:35 reminds me of the smash ultimate trailer
Magical Duckye
Magical Duckye:
15:21 I feel ya Lea... er I mean Axel, I mean er... Don't think I have that down yet... xD
I bet that was Ven's Chirithy! Assuming he also had one like all of the other Keyblade Wielders in Union x. I mean that Chirithy said that their friend no longer remembers the past and Ven for now seems to fit the bill, unless he remembers Union x and has been lying to everyone....inb4 Ven is the real final villain lol
That fight reminded me of the ps2 heartless fight. Button mash and no threat because hardware limitation.
26:55 This is basically when you have schizophrenia
Theo Keith Jones
Theo Keith Jones:
That train whooping everybody's ass, super special part.. I like it
Rockin' Readings
Rockin' Readings:
Love you Axel/Lea, my favv 😍
Radioactive Pugman
Radioactive Pugman:
the final world just looks like an animations test they added in
Manticore Galaxy
Manticore Galaxy:
I knew Chirithy has the same voice actor as Kari from Digimon
Lara Jill Miller
Why does Chirithy sound like something from Spore?
Isa and Lea are just like brothers lol
Artemis 2D
Artemis 2D:
1:02:10 in a chess game, there's no such thing as 'not fair. lolol
Jay Carr
Jay Carr:
I just subscribed. And man u deserve alot more fans for the amount of work u put in your videos 😂🙌 hour long streams. Nice!! Good selection of gameplay to
Zero Hour
Zero Hour:
I still don't know what girl they were talking about.
Ray Klein
Ray Klein:
Of course they won't kiss, Sora's too gay for any women
tarki acharkipalomaris35
tarki acharkipalomaris35:
Tanuks you forma this gane km lovet
lol me and my bro made a joke about the final world with Tokyo Ghoul

op 1 if u dont get it of tokyo ghoul

super great anime

then my bro said sora is gonna go to the Tokyo Ghoul world next 😂

i screamed when Sora hugged Kairi and when Kairi hugged Axel and i cried when my pure sora called himself worthless 🥺
Aoi Blue
Aoi Blue:
I find Ven same as Roxas. Why ?
Vince Paolo Pagaling
Vince Paolo Pagaling:
So who is the girl Lea and Saix were talking about on the clock tower? Kairi? Strelitzia? Another character for future titles?
Eternal Sentry
Eternal Sentry:
I know who Chirithy was talking about when she mentioned her friend.
Saxy Man
Saxy Man:
Didnt know you could take selfies....
Allen Davis
Allen Davis:
If there is another game I hope we can play as roxas,ven or xion either in different storylines or in the same party and you could switch characters you play as while them being in the same party
Sable Branwen
Sable Branwen:
Is this what weed is like?
Why do I find Isa so sexy?
Ms. Mowz
Ms. Mowz:
I didn't know Donald was Galeem
But unlike Galeem...
He only used 2% of his power for that move
Varun Goyal
Varun Goyal:
Who is the girl that Axel and that guy apprenticed to Ansem to save?
Robert Nicholas
Robert Nicholas:
whats up
aqua vs vanitas. who will win?
Can someone replace Aqua's English VA? Not that i'm too demanding but the works in BBS is bad already and this is worse
Wisdom Hoo-Campbell
Wisdom Hoo-Campbell:
yes good show vary good show
I hate how they didn’t give Sora the different forms like in KHII
alicia brock
alicia brock:
1:20:50 You forgot about the nameless star! There's a scene where Sora talks to a nameless star.
Darwin Waterson
Darwin Waterson:
They must like zippers
João Vitor Alves
João Vitor Alves:
Omg, Vanitas voice is terrible I prefer the Birth by Sleep version even if the actor are the same, when in BBS vanitas sound like a creepy but SEXY psychopath in KH3 he sound like a possessed drunked kid ... Disappointed Square 😞