Kingdom Hearts 3 - English Walkthrough Part 1 - Prologue (Full Game) PS4 PRO

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game PS4 Pro Xbox one X No Commentary 1080p 60fps HD let's play playthrough review guide キングダム ハーツIII プレイ Showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all boss fights / boss fights, side missions, upgrades, outfits / costumes, best moments, final boss and true ending, secret ending. Shirrako Store: Discord: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitch: Follow me on Twitter:

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Kit Whatever
Kit Whatever:
I finally can grab some popcorn and watching this now.
Robert Valenti
Robert Valenti:
Wow couldn’t even put the FF characters in the opening as a memory from KH2 lol
Captain Valourous
Captain Valourous:
Luckily Hades did not Hired Kratos
The moment Sora asked whose hearts are breaking I screamed "MINE".
Isha X
Isha X:
Thank you, my dude. Can't get time off of work to play this so I can't tell you how happy I am that I can at least catch a play through in my spare moments. 
Have goosebumps and have already teared up just by seeing you select the game... Lame, I know! ^__^"

*I just can't believe it's finally here!!!*
Ramr Ganteng
Ramr Ganteng:
Thanks for choosing proud mode ma boii
Lilly Is here
Lilly Is here:
at 1:45:17 donald says "Thats it!" but it sounds like hes saying "Shit!"
Gotta love james woods and his hades portrayal
Lily Shang
Lily Shang:
bruh rikus hair changed mid-cutscene
even the heartless thought his hair was a mess
Isaiah Marcel
Isaiah Marcel:
Game starts at 7:40 for anyone who wants to skip the intro. Second one ends at 16:06
Mister Brent
Mister Brent:
2:07:15 Hilarious
Why's all the voice acting so stiff..
Perfectly Prejudice
Perfectly Prejudice:
Lmaooo the “ooh” Sora does at 1:01:30 is a fat mood look @ my child
Yummy Nukes
Yummy Nukes:
Man sora's voice doesn't match his face, being a teenager sucks
Peyton Mccrary
Peyton Mccrary:
You know what annoys me? They finally introduce Water magic in this game, instead of in a earlier game like, say, Birth by Sleep, where they could have given Aqua a water based command style like they did giving a ground based one to Terra and a Wind based one to Ven. Seriously, that is one of my only issues with that game, since that was a wasted opportunity.
Mesa Mashuri
Mesa Mashuri:
1:01:16 good guy Herc still cheered on Sora while supporting a collapsed building.

He's the real hero here.
One of the best game ever made. can't wait to get my copy soon
Omg. I'm rewatching the prolouge here. I already watched it on Tetraninja's channel and I like this playthrough a thousand times more. You actually lock on to your target and instead of wasting time killing Shadows, you're actually fighting the boss. JESUS why didn't I know this was up yesterday?

Let me're also not going to needlessly destroy every container you see? That'd make my fucking day.
This cheeky mf just changes time zones on his ps4 to play all the latest games.

Not hating, it’s a pretty smart move
Artemis 2D
Artemis 2D:
notice when Sora hits Heartless, four Playstation buttons spring from them.
I don't like how weak Ice titan is, but other then thaT GREAT
Paulo Redfield
Paulo Redfield:
I love Kingdom Hearts :D
I like this playthrough already. Anyone who starts a playthrough by playing Proud Mode is ok in my book.
Besyandi Mufti
Besyandi Mufti:
Bit annoyed when you didn't grab a chest quite a bit much, but great video though. Keep up!!
Kevin Maddy
Kevin Maddy:
FINALLY I can watch this in ENGLISH
Hello!Thanks for this!
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson:
I still have 13 hours until I can play 😢
Rhon RE4M
Rhon RE4M:
the first minutes of Olympus reminds me of God of war 3 a bit lol.
Paulo Redfield
Paulo Redfield:
I love Kingdom Hearts :D
NPC Kap #53-25
NPC Kap #53-25:
Maybe it is mine but the sound is fading in and out in the beginning of the video
I can't wait to pick up my copy of this tomorrow!!! I'M SO READY!!!! XD
55:00 Sounds like they're sneezing. :P
Heroes of the stars
Heroes of the stars:
" The guiding key guides the crown to kingdom hearts. While the crown uses its powers create a new world. A new story begins in a world. " - unknown voice
Please tell me what you do to make it so this dosent get copyright I really want to start my own channel to the ending of my favorite video game ever
Azam Musa
Azam Musa:
Kingdom hearts 3 2019 ps4
Brighid O'Leary
Brighid O'Leary:
Zeus: Hah! Now, watch your old man work!
Me (Titans): Uh oh
You Can Because You Can't
You Can Because You Can't:
Kevin Maddy
Kevin Maddy:
I have a question, what's second form M
Саша Бондарчук
Саша Бондарчук:
Okay 25:33 is a funny joke
Oh 13 years haven't made me miss Donald's voice at all. I still want to slap a clip on his bill lol
Dominique conner
Dominique conner:
I thought goofy died in kingdom hearts 2
Thisll get demontized n blocked bc of the intro w the intro :/ still hyped
Damn they all look good.
Kendall Masters
Kendall Masters:
23:59 is it just me or did i see a Square & Triangle button from a ps4 controller on that keyblade
Doug Prishpreed
Doug Prishpreed:
Is the opening scene literally haley talking to himself as i think he voices both characters
Caroline Naber
Caroline Naber:
Yup, it is still a mess of a story.
My favorite part is when the audio fades out for no reason in the middle of the opening multiple times
I think I got about 4 more hours give or take until I can play it....and no way to bypass that sodding countdown.....
jeremy2684 Millbrooks
jeremy2684 Millbrooks:
I pick mines up tonight I can't wait
Paige Hoxie
Paige Hoxie:
Cool I can't wait to get to Kingston of hearts 3 for ps4
I am picking up my deluxe copy today or tomorrow. I am just here to like your KH3 English videos.
2 quick questions

What is proud mode and why does his keyblade look like that in this playthrough?
Turtle Boi
Turtle Boi:
Question, does this game connect to the past games? I’m curious because I never really was in the game and want to decide if I should buy the game or Not.
Mr. bizketz
Mr. bizketz:
Bro...they actually have FINGERNAILS now!!! How far we've come....
Tahzib Hussaini
Tahzib Hussaini:
is this a bug? song quits in the middle and starts again after some time....
I don’t have a PS4, so this is great for me! Thanks!
Γιώργος Φελέκης
Γιώργος Φελέκης:
No voice for phil? What?
Nemesis -.
Nemesis -.:
finally someone recording a gameplay without to worry with copyright system like
Man, Yen Sid is savage.
Also, with the way Donald loses his cool, he could be cussing everyone out and we would never know.
Just started watching. I hope you picked the warrior class
Mateus Guidelli
Mateus Guidelli:
hi could i use your gameplay for my kh3 analysis?
I will leave in description your channel, your name and link to your video.
So... hands raised. How many people were trying to spot all the Disney characters that never made it past KH1 or didn't return, like Mulan, Tarzan, Aladdin, Wonderland Card Knights, etc...?
Still hard to think that Sora never got to see them again ;_;
Who else just wants all of shirakkos games I'm new and the first walkthrough I watched was ntbss
The best anime Lover
The best anime Lover:
Ok only kh game i played was dream drop so can some one PLEASE explain to me that whole opening
Love how people are only now realizing how stiff the dialogue in this series is.
Theo Keith Jones
Theo Keith Jones:
Damn 3 bosses at the same time
RedX Oscar
RedX Oscar:
aww this gonna be good
Bakerutsu Bakerutsu LALALA
Bakerutsu Bakerutsu LALALA:
Oh my gosh nostalgic ans cute
jeff barber
jeff barber:
First orchestral piece was beautiful!
Theo Keith Jones
Theo Keith Jones:
Yes engish TY
Farhan Alternative
Farhan Alternative:
Thats one epic long ass intro
Chainsaw KP
Chainsaw KP:
I was disappointed when we didn't get to fight Hades
Furia FatalGamers
Furia FatalGamers:
Como você pra postar sem soar direitos autorais?
Luis Otávio
Luis Otávio:
Is the song of the opening fadin out some times? I came here only to watch it... =/ I just don't want to see anymore! haha
Gordo Vallejo
Gordo Vallejo:
On 31:46 sora and hades have the same reaction of seeing the same thing
WelpThatHappened 64
WelpThatHappened 64:
Damn shame the music is copy-write that opening is banger
Heroes never die! Err, I mean quit!
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell:
After playing Resident Evil 2 almost every PS4 games looks last generation now 😏
wish gamestop opened on midnight 💔
What the nuniverse/ story of the kingdom Hearts franchise?
grim reaper
grim reaper:
Spoiler for those that didn’t see the epilogue

Is luxu the master of xehenort and eriques? Or is it Ava?
Navo Solo
Navo Solo:
I don't think I will get used to Sora's voice. It just sounds so....unfamiliar?
Tahzib Hussaini
Tahzib Hussaini:
look everyone its the all mighty evil rat!!!
Puspita Cirana
Puspita Cirana:
Young Xehanort you look so cool, how come u lost all ur hair dude??? better ask Eraqus hair treatment XD
john mckee
john mckee:
1:58:05 why did it stop mid sentence like that?
that one guy847Ω
that one guy847Ω:
Why did u make some parts of face my fears quiet
Nery Josue
Nery Josue:
If I bought standard can I still purchase that wallpaper?
H K:
It’s like all of the past games has come down to this game
Rockin' Readings
Rockin' Readings:
That rendering tho
Kevin Mickens
Kevin Mickens:
2:10:15 Why has Sora pushed away?
rebecca raine
rebecca raine:
Popcorn 🍿 yummy in my tummy
Power of Waking?
More like Dues Ex Machina
Green 494
Green 494:
The sound is weird and not timed with the game
avencer _
avencer _:
ive never played this game is it worth playing
1:32:20 its so sad
It only took an eternity
It's Cakey
It's Cakey:
That tornado knocked you OUT
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi:
Thank you Shirrako 😏
And Sora your other half is Ven not Roxas 😂
Domonic Santalucia
Domonic Santalucia:
Why can’t they have all the titans not just two
Harry Hartanto
Harry Hartanto:
play it on youtube will got you into problem due to copyright, won't it?