Kingdom Hearts 3 - 14 More Things You Need To Know Before You Pre-Order

It's been a long time coming, but Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally almost here. What started as an ambitious crossover between Disney properties and Final Fantasy during the early days of the PS2 has blossomed into one of the biggest JRPG franchises of the industry with a massive, devoted fanbase, and soon, we get to see it all come to fruition. As we count down the days to its imminent launch, let's first take a look at fourteen more things that you need to know about Kingdom Hearts 3.




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"Before you pre-ord--"

Literally everyone: "Too late!"
Dante alighieri
Dante alighieri:
Pfft I preordered the moment it was allowed
King Lionheart
King Lionheart:
I pre-ordered in like 2014
O S:
I was hoping to see Halloween town again 😭😭😭
chadwayne fraser
chadwayne fraser:
Too late, already pre ordered
I pre ordered yesterday I'm pumped. I like what they did with the secret ending, good job on their part.
Jason Dean
Jason Dean:
"before you preorder-"
Fans: "you're too late."
Dwayne H
Dwayne H:
Too late I've been waiting 13 years
Brother Shield
Brother Shield:
Every fan of kingdom hearts already knows all this, its not really a need to know
Fcktherules Orsuckmyjewels
Fcktherules Orsuckmyjewels:
That was just a long ass kh3 advertisement. I loved it.
I get kingdom hearts 3 on Monday. GameStop is doing a *midnight* release.
Calling it now: when Kingdom hearts 3 comes out. Nintendo will post a video on the next DLC character for smash/ which will be Sora and then after show that Kingdom Hearts the story so far and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be coming to the Switch.
"Before you preorder"
"GamingBolt, you're too late..."
Rick Khemai
Rick Khemai:
i preordered kingdom hearts 3 a year ago
Jhon Stamos
Jhon Stamos:
Just 6 days till the 29th-day of kingdom hearts 3. Now 3 days. Now 2
Banana Man
Banana Man:
I haven't even played kingdom hearts!

Why am I here?
Deklan Burrows
Deklan Burrows:
Can't wait for that Kingdom Hearts 3.5 Final Remix HD and Knuckles
Lui Cambio
Lui Cambio:
"Before you pre-order " brah, ninjas pre-ordered 13 months ago! Lol
This shit looks dope!
Corey Mckee
Corey Mckee:
You have the title wrong. Should be
"50 things need to know"
I preordered this game on amazon for 40 dollars....January 2015 😂😂😂
I was hoping for the incredibles fml
ChaoTic Sky
ChaoTic Sky:
1:18 how does that free dlc of the secret ending work? I mean, can you still download the dlc when it’s released, or do you have to play the whole game first then get the free dlc of the secret ending?
Kawaii Pyromancer
Kawaii Pyromancer:
For everyone complaining about the secret ending, you can still get it from both the physical and digital versions and it will be available to download for free as a Day 1 treat. However, it will only be available upon completing specific requirements in the main game itself.

In case you're wondering why, it's because the game ended up getting leaked very early with people managing to get early copies and leaking them on YouTube, thankfully due to it being Day 1, they are unable to leak the ending and secret ending.

For those who think that it's a bad excuse, it's not. Would you rather have a bunch of leakers spoil the whole game for you before it releases? Or have the most important stuff as a Day 1 download so that leakers are unable to spoil it for you?
Probably wishful thinking but I hope we get to see Noctis in this game.
Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson:
A bit of an error in this video. Yes, this game is the end of the Dark Seeker Saga, but Tetsuya Nomura has said himself that this will likely not be the last game in the franchise, and might not even be the last one as Sora as the main protagonist. This isn't the end of the series, just an end of a specific story arc.
Keyblade Terra
Keyblade Terra:
"pureblood heartless" ... this man knows his Kingdom Hearts lore
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka:
i can't wait for kingdom hearts 3
sim_ tastic vids
sim_ tastic vids:
Wish this would be open platform and come to pc .
Harvey Degree
Harvey Degree:
“With Skrillex and Pooh Bear...” I’ve heard it all now
I couldn’t think of a good username
I couldn’t think of a good username:
“Your too late”
Mental Popcorn
Mental Popcorn:
I can already see it a couple years from 3.5 hd remix
Another fun fact: It has been confirmed that the events happening in Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts are CANON and take place between Toy Story 2 and 3
I pre-ordered it as soon as I could when that All-in-One package was announced.
Pre ordered and paid off already!
JW Games
JW Games:
Honestly I'm really tried of stuff I already know
Tim Duffy
Tim Duffy:
I’ve never played kingdom hearts but this looks really good and I really want it should I get it? Bc it looks soooo good!
96283522847192 17372
96283522847192 17372:
Should’ve made this video months ago when I preordered, or 5 years ago when it was announced because that was when I made up my mind.
I pre-ordered this, literally 2 years ago
SomethingThatMake YouSayAwesome
SomethingThatMake YouSayAwesome:
Got email confirmation that my Bring Arts edition will be arriving. So, 🤔 .. Idk 🤣 can't wait!!!
I loved the 1st 2. I WANT to want this one. I think I've grown up too much since 😭
Nicholas Curran
Nicholas Curran:
Hope they add some old worlds as a dlc I loved Halloween town
bennie carrillo
bennie carrillo:
I mean I remember reading about the secret ending but my only comment is "What in the Marvel!" That is all keep scrolling
Ella Schwartz
Ella Schwartz:
Uh, a little late for a "Before you Pre-Order" just 5 days before the game drops.

Nice try though?
I waited until the special pre-orders were annouced and got the best one. I'm getting the Toy Box figures!
Pre-ordered the game in summer 2018 :D In the mail and coming.
I feel like it's a little late to tell people "before you preorder" lmao
David Anthony
David Anthony:
What do you mean “before” you pre order
Peter Tilton
Peter Tilton:
Awww, I wanted to go back to Agrabah.
Mental Popcorn
Mental Popcorn:
Got a kh ad on this video, it's almost here!
Dark Phantom
Dark Phantom:
The deluxe edition 😭I will get you next month
(Next month is my birthday)
Daniel Titford
Daniel Titford:
If i have never played any of these would it be a good idea to start from the first or just jump into this? Cheers in advance :)
smh... it's SquareEnix... moreover it's Kingdom Hearts... i'll wait for the final mix version...
"scratch that she made 3 the English and Japanese ver and Face My Fears" yeah she did a english and japanese ver of that too...
Deltath Riylaan
Deltath Riylaan:
Not one of these things do you need to know.
Correction on the keyblade switching thing, you'll be able to equip 3 keyblades and switch them on the Spot while playing. Like he mentioned in the video each keyblade has its own stats and attributes meaning you'll be able to min-max your character to fit your playstyle more efficient
TLil EatsAss
TLil EatsAss:
I would’ve loved to buy this because it looks so good but the game is so confusing that I’m just giving up on learning it.
Kingdom Hearts 3: after you preorder
Damn man... you do know theres only 4 days left before the games being sold, right? (yes 28th for phyiscal copies depending on who you preordered with)
6 years of waiting... I'm confident it'll be worth every day
Marco Ramirez
Marco Ramirez:
i dont need to know nothing ive played every game and been waiting patiently time to play kh3
Howard Smith
Howard Smith:
*sees pre order bonus * meh *deluxe edition* I'LL TALE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!
Poop Poop
Poop Poop:
This is literally not a need to know the voice cast is something most players could care less about
Izzy C
Izzy C:
I still haven't preordered Everyone don't hate me lmao I love the game and plan on going to preorder tomorrow 👍🤣 😁
Andrew Butcher
Andrew Butcher:
Damn I think I understand why it took thirteen years lol. With all these big names they had to get the funds
Steven McLean
Steven McLean:
This guy is trying waaaaay too hard to sound like Tim Rogers
I've already pre-ordered it it's too late...
Ashsaf Uddin
Ashsaf Uddin:
Will there be any other worlds please tell me anybody need to know
Justin Araba
Justin Araba:
I just pre-ordered this game before watching this video 😂😂😅
Chris G. Sweeney
Chris G. Sweeney:
As someone who plays exclusively on the Switch right now, please make a Switch version!! 😂😂
Disapointed in the low amount of old disney but im glad its coming out. Like that keyblades are upgradable and hope there are drives that copys every organization members weapon, we already got duel guns and shield. The hype is real.
I bought the all in one package the second it dropped. Best hundo i ever spent.
Can't wait the 29th can't come fast enough
Nikolai Brown
Nikolai Brown:
So stuff we already know?... Leave the "before you buy/preorder" to gamerax please.
Riku still died after he defeated Merged Xehanort though..
Arend King
Arend King:
ERROR! Turns out it was actually 4 songs because Face my fears has an english and japanese version as well :P
Thought this video would dissuade me from wanting to preorder but it only made me more and more excited with each entry.
The Mighty Oh
The Mighty Oh:
Just pre order the game, this guy will fk up things in game, just buy it wait and enjoy the experience. It will be a good one ☝️🥳
Devonte McDaniel
Devonte McDaniel:
Preordered literally 2 years ago
Rukia Kuchki
Rukia Kuchki:
Lol I agree your too late already pre ordered it I've played the others it's been too long can't wait to finish the game
Kixxie _J
Kixxie _J:
*Clears throat* So, this is a before you buy, right?
Haley Joel "Osmond"?
Damn, I was kind of hoping for more world's :/
Daniel Avila
Daniel Avila:
I need Danny devito to be in this game
Emanuel Cruz
Emanuel Cruz:
I already pre ordered my game. No need to explain. 😉
Dang then there is no jack skelingtin in this one
Omega Sekro
Omega Sekro:
I'm making sure I'm off work Monday to play this all day
Hunter x craft
Hunter x craft:
Wait tf that jingle opening is from skinz!
4 days til 9PM and i can GET THAT SWEET SWEET KH3 Preorder AWESOMENESS
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez:
If theres a secret scene included at the end of the game then that means that KH3 wont be the end☺
Will this video explain how sora knows about ventas, can someone please answer me before the 29th with a easy yes or no
A switch version for my sister will be nice. make kingdom hearts fans keyhole at least. are systems have divided us. The future looks bright for kingdom hearts 3
Kawaii Pyromancer
Kawaii Pyromancer:
*Was about to watch video only to realise they already pre-ordered the PS4 Pro Bundle.*
*Still watches it anyway because it's Kingdom Hearts.*
Jazzy space opera
Jazzy space opera:
I already pre-ordered.
I preordered over 4 years ago. Oh yeah yeah
I pre-ordered two days ago. I am just now seeing this video. I have no regrets, but why does this always happen like this?
Will there be any final fantasy characters in KH3?
Kc Link
Kc Link:
A bit late for that.
Ruin Paladin
Ruin Paladin:
I'm hating myself right now. I spend so long trying to not get hyped before the game's release. Then I say this video in my recommended, and my hand moved without me thinking.