Kim Porter Found D**d, But Why? ALL BROKEN DOWN AND MORE!!

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The Truth Show
The Truth Show:
Christina coles
Christina coles:
Someone killed that lady....
Vanessa H
Vanessa H:
To me her death screams sacrifice. I wouldn't think that if Diddy was still with Cassie. They always have to sacrifice someone close to him so I think that's why Cassie left all of a sudden. It was like she knew it was coming. I also believe the rumors that Diddy is gay, I could never understand why he didn't marry Kim, she's beautiful.
P diddy know excalty what happened he gone scarficed ,biggie , Craig Mack and now his baby momma
Kema Johnson
Kema Johnson:
. As soon as it was announced she was mind went directly to Diddy馃槕馃様 so damn plain to see
This is eerily similar to the death of Brittany Murphy...
PutSomeRespect On My Name
PutSomeRespect On My Name:
Her Death sounds suspect
Rip 馃槱馃槩
Angel Love
Angel Love:
Sis.. I heard she was releasing a book in 4 weeks! Look into this please
Virolet Adams
Virolet Adams:
He sacrifice her it was time for him to do so... Iluminati is Real and your stupid if you don't believe... They killed Prince and MJ
She was a loving Mom but Combs never honoured her love and loyalty.
Steve Pruett
Steve Pruett:
Another sacrifice to Goat Lucy.
caramel king200000
caramel king200000:
[email protected] Sacrifice !!!
Paula Hameen
Paula Hameen:
I wonder who found her and made the 911 call? Strange that鈥檚 not been released yet.
Walter Shan
Walter Shan:
I prayed to GOD to forgive me for having a suspicious mind. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks something sinister took place. If it is indeed the case, may our Father in Heaven make it come to nought.
THE Connie Lee
THE Connie Lee:
Kim Porter was gorgeous.
No that's not true, all celebrities have to make sacrifices when it's time! In order to stay on top. Celebrities painfully kill their loved ones all the time. Sacrifices is part of the agreement when you cross over! She was not killed out of jealousy! And she was not sick!
YaGirl Uneek
YaGirl Uneek:
The fact that she said casey is a good indication that this person don't know wtf she is talking about 馃槧
no meat plz no meat plz
no meat plz no meat plz:
Kim knew too much and sometimes the elite make the decision for you and you have to deal with it.
There is a thing called Walking Pneumonia...but I dont think she was a sacrifice, tho
tree tea
tree tea:
I just read Kim had a book coming out and it had info about diddy. 馃う
Baddi Maddi
Baddi Maddi:
People pass away everyday.... we all have an expiration date. Dang... is that too unrealistic and unreasonable to believe. Geesh
K Gregory
K Gregory:
I was thinking about the death of the actress Brittany Murphy who had pneumonia before her sudden death. People reported Kim appeared fine not long before her death. It seemed her pneumonia like symptoms appeared suddenly and she had called a doctored because her symptoms were not improving. I do believe Quincy鈥檚 career will sky rocket after this as this was his sacrifices to boost his stardom. Also, her daughters will be left in Diddy鈥檚 care full time and means he can pimp them out any way he so chooses without Kim鈥檚 permission or resistance. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and who benefits the most from her death.
Queen Malikaent
Queen Malikaent:
How you going to say your prayers go out to him after you just said your first scenario is that he killed her you really need some help people do anything for clout
Candy Kendrick's
Candy Kendrick's:
馃 I think there was a little more to this situation
Galaxy ride
Galaxy ride:
P.Diddy is THE black widow.... always surrounded by dead.... wicked ways
My thought is that she is human and humans are fragile. I believe the woman passed away from lack of medical care for a situation that she thought would pass. My baby was diagnosed with pneumonia just two weeks ago and was up chillin and being 7 up until the day she suddenly got a high fever - i took her to the ER that same day. Our bodies can betray us and we never know what hit us. I am so sad for her family and for her - such a young, vibrant spirit.
Kenyata Jones
Kenyata Jones:
My first thought blood sacrifice
Ciaobella Amour
Ciaobella Amour:
Diddy/bad boy curse/ sacrifice 馃憖馃拝馃徑馃憗. Cassie better 馃弮馃徑鈥嶁檪锔忦煆凁煆解嶁檪锔忦煆凁煆解嶁檪锔忦煆凁煆解嶁檪锔忦煆凁煆解嶁檪锔忦煆凁煆解嶁檪锔忦煆凁煆解嶁檪锔 & don鈥檛 look back
Mel Neal
Mel Neal:
I think Kim was just ill and the Most High called her home. Kim looked a little strained in the face maybe due to illness. RIP Kim馃檹
mireya Gonzalez
mireya Gonzalez:
He sacrificed her
Blood scarficed 馃挴
Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell:
Cocaine keeps coming up in my head. I bet she did drugs, rip tho such a random death. Diddy definitely was due for a sacrifice too
Envious Fisher
Envious Fisher:
Why can't God just call people home, why does it always have to be someone was murdered. SMH
Alicia camacho
Alicia camacho:
Wtf did i just watch ? Her own son as a suspect ? Her first born ? Keep your day job sis 馃檮 smh
Latoya Fox
Latoya Fox:
Kim Porter was a beautiful lady ,her snap back game was on point ,she has 4 beautiful children and she seems like a great mom and looked very happy in Most all of her pictures with her children!!!!!but I believe Sean combs had her sacrifice because it鈥檚 been a long time since he has done one,or it could because he has got tried of Do all those sick Demonic Rituals !! something bad went down at this woman home !! But We the Public will never know the real Truth!!!!!!!!!!
no meat plz no meat plz
no meat plz no meat plz:
If President Bush Sr. can recover from pneumonia almost hundred years old I don't get it unless she had chronic asthma or an immune disorder or on drugs
Kimberley Kennedy
Kimberley Kennedy:
Y'all need to stop with all this who do nonsense let kim porter rest in peace and let her kids grieve for their mother
Phillip Forbes
Phillip Forbes:
Dont need that demonic witchcraft sound effect between intermiission !!
I think p diddy gave her hiv
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
Soon as I heard the news... I said: 鈥淪ean, Puffy, P Diddy, whatever the hell he wants to be called..... Had Kim killed鈥!!! He is a huge Satanist and he was due for a sacrifice. 馃懝Satanist love to offer up those closest to them. Read up on it. This story doesn鈥檛 make any sense at all. Kim Porter was killed. We all know who鈥檚 responsible.... the Gay Negro dancing all up in the videos.... Sean Combs!!!! 馃挬
Daily Destiney
Daily Destiney:
I just really hope this not true my God! But then again idk what to believe anymore this hip hop world is so crazy ! I dont want to believe he could do something like this!
Sasha Mcneil
Sasha Mcneil:
I read she was coming out with a book exposing puffy bisexuality nd others...
James King
James King:
Tj Lewis
Tj Lewis:
Why can't people just die it's gon happen anyway. Why does it have to be a conspiracy?
Yvette Spencer
Yvette Spencer:
I can't believe what you just said how dare you point out her son and her baby father and a time like this you should be ashamed.馃挴馃挴馃挴馃槨 Rest in peace 馃暞锔弇y prayers goes out to the kids in the family 馃挴馃挒
Soul 8th Saturn
Soul 8th Saturn:
Casey??? I believe it's "Cassie" and I'm not sure about a few of these theories!
Michelle P
Michelle P:
She seemed like a genuine loving mother and person, I pray for her children.
Mandee Law
Mandee Law:
Walking pneumonia is no joke. You dont even know you are sick and the severity of it. You can carry on with normal activities then... boom!
goldy blood
goldy blood:
Come on now not her son tho...this internet out of pocket..
Shawndala Williams
Shawndala Williams:
It's so shocking but the real question is what is this a distraction for what is to come,,with us focoused on her what is Trump & the government up to???
Joan Marquis
Joan Marquis:
I鈥檝e got one thing to say Mr. P Diddy sacrifice his baby mom.!Just follow the money trail, Kim RIP
Shawndala Williams
Shawndala Williams:
Prince Brittany Murphy now Kim,,Its a cover up because you know celeberties have top of the line health insurance,,look at Majic he is suppose to be AID free,,
Cheryl Riggins
Cheryl Riggins:
Lord have mercy please let her family be. Diddy nor her son had nothing but love for Kim. Ppl are so sick and low down to even come up with something like that. Why not say it could very well be drugs, or that pneumonia was the cause of death. I know many many ppl men and women who mixed alcohol well taking meds. But no pun intended ijs.......
This broke my heart cus deep down we probably already know what happened I pray it isn鈥檛 true cus all I thought of were her kids... 馃槗馃槗馃槗
Pamela Williams
Pamela Williams:
Go to Gematria... Breaks down her sacrificed for diddy--- i knew!!! He broke off w Cassidy so she wouldnt b sacrificed - she will b gettn back w him soon!

$hame- sell out
I say a combination of things spiritual and physical.
She died of complications from pneumonia. It's not that difficult to understand. People die of pneumonia and or flu. Sad and unfortunate. Blessings to family.
melanin OnPoint
melanin OnPoint:
I don鈥檛 think they even buried this woman yet and you and other people are with the BS with these Videos, She has children show some respect people do get sick and die baby.
A W:
5th theory, the devil simply came and collected. She been sold out along time ago tho, yes she was young the devil doesn't care...
The fact that you are pronouncing 鈥楥assie鈥 wrong, is the only thing disturbing about this video
Crystal Wallace
Crystal Wallace:
Girl Quincy loves the hell out of his mother, he wouldn't hurt his mother. Diddy sacrificed biggie.
Le'ia Onassis
Le'ia Onassis:
Why diddy and cassie get back together after her death and kim was writing a tell all book
She was 46 when she died. Wonder why the media is changing her age
Yea they got Kim..smh it makes sense why cassie got on so they will be back together soon
Michelle Singleton
Michelle Singleton:
I had pneumonia twice, in if you dont take care of it ,you will die.
Lovely Libra
Lovely Libra:
You are going to have the worst Karma. You speaking your opinions not the Truth!!!
Let her Rest In Peace. It鈥檚 sad the things ppl do for likes & views.
Kanye West mom, Bruno Mars mom.... Quincy has the most to gain & wants fame; he鈥檚 playing in movies and is in the tv show Star. Kim seemed like a beautiful soul 馃檹馃徑
Christa Dennis
Christa Dennis:
I agree.. I feel this was for Quincey fame not Puffy but I feel it mite be time for Puffy to have a sacrifice and that's why him n Cassie split
Let God be the JUDGE. ...
Fresh sox
Fresh sox:
no one get sick and die anymore everyone is a sacrifice smh ...
Bella Taylor
Bella Taylor:
I'm sick of hearing about the Africa trip. I've traveled abroad. You have to get malaria shots along with other shots to protect you from diseases. Figure it out folks.
Nicole Woods-Bouie
Nicole Woods-Bouie:
This video is so dumb and out of order! #offensive
shonta barre
shonta barre:
Today the Police said P Diddy was on the scene already when they got there. Why was he there already so soon?
Angel Love
Angel Love:
SATAN COMES ONLY FOR SOULS. He doesn't care who he uses
Darius Lithav
Darius Lithav:
I bet p diddy killed her. Just like biggie.
Nickole #smile
Nickole #smile:
Sometimes when someone is a sacrificed they will poison them long before they die.. and or she also could've had walking pneumonia but like you said we will have to wait an see who makes a come up
I thought Quincy sacrificed her...I mean a lot has been going on for him lately just like when Kanye sacrificed his own mom... I would not be surprised...or even Diddy did sacrifice her...she was murdered RIP babygirl...
Guess what
Doctors in America don鈥檛 listen to black woman on their symptoms. No one believes black woman. Why they always die from a health problem.
Temesha Neal
Temesha Neal:
Nah. I truly believe the death was due to poorly treated pneumonia. My mother suffered from it and was placed in ICU for two weeks. Had it not been properly diagnosed, I would have lost my mom. She鈥檚 happy and healthy today. So folks take care of yourselves 馃挋馃挋
Magnolia Again
Magnolia Again:
Diddy sacrificed his baby momma smh
V free
V free:
The enemy steals kills and destroys it doesn't have to be in a particular order.
John Oulds
John Oulds:
That's what I don't understand. They are always alone!!!! Nobody is never around.
Melanin Piece
Melanin Piece:
I don鈥檛 even know her but she looked sick, tired and just ready to be free. 馃檮馃槖 but she does look a little like Cassie 馃
Quintin Banks
Quintin Banks:
Sounds Fishy but there is more of the story though...
Justice100 Wil
Justice100 Wil:
Alright, so I can speak from being a nurse working in Long Term Care and the hospital. Also from being a patient. Now I can only speak for Wisconsin but we have got some mega bug ( bacterial/ viral germs) going around like crazy for the last month. I have personally been ill for approximately 3 weeks now with flu like symptoms. So have my nasty ass co-workers and I say that because they just run around hacking, coughing, sneezing touching on everything and don't wash their hands nor do they cover up when they cough or sneeze. None of us should have been at work but in healthcare they could care less if you're half dead they just want you at work. No consideration for the patients either. Now what's weird is that the patients haven't gotten sick so far but we have. I went to Urgent Care and they found that I have a ear infection, strept throat and post nasal drip considering it's bacterial I was put on a antibiotic no treatment for the flu like symptoms as that's a virus. I finished my antibiotics but I'm still sick with the same symptoms sometimes they will not put you on a strong enough antibiotic or the wrong antibiotic. The antibiotic has to match/ be stronger than the infection to beat it of course. That's called a culture with sensitivity type testing. Anyway looking at how things are going now anything is possible Ms. Porter could have actually been sick and was neglected. In that case then they need to sue her Doctors entire ass off. My elderly patients have gotten Pneumonia and we put them on Antibiotics, monitor them until the infection clears.Back to life they are. Lastly, I was at the hospital prior to surgery and had pains breathing, my Doctor quickly ordered me a X-Ray and I was positive for Pneumonia he put me on IV antibiotics so fast it wasn't even funny so I was treated right away. That was the worse pain ever. Funny because I mentioned how I had been nowhere but in and out of the hospital. Yea it was a nosocomial infection. Look it up for yourselves. Nosocomial infections are hospital acquired infections. Yes you can get sick from some other shit while at the hospital ( workers don't wash their hands for starters). Anybody visiting me had to wear a mask but the nurses refused even when me being a nurse recommended they should wear the mask.( Nope just spreading more shit around), SMH!!! Anyway is it a possibility Ms. Porter had Pneumonia and didn't know? Absolutely but a X-Ray will let you know, that's a simple and quick investigation. Although Pneumonia is super painful I was already in pain so I didn't know nor suspect I had Pneumonia. Never had it in my life. Thank God for the quick actions of my Doctor. Too bad Kim's Doctor sucked. May you forever Rest In Peace Kim Porter, no Mother ever wants to leave her kids behind. 馃挆 馃槩馃槩馃槩.
Joanne Goodrich
Joanne Goodrich:
I had a very bad cold and coughing alot...i went to work and did my normal things in life until i develop a high fever...went to ER and by my surprise i had walking its possible that she probably didn't think her symptoms was i did
shonta barre
shonta barre:
Why did Cassie cross my mind? I seriously thought of Cassie because Sean combs always spent holidays with Kim Porter and the kids. Hmmm
Mina Malaika
Mina Malaika:
OMG so now cassie and him are back together!!! Seems suspect!! If they really loved each other and shit then why did she have to die in order for them to be馃
leah nicole
leah nicole:
The woman is not even buried yet. Damn, have you no respect? Give it some time, sis.
they said she was sick, then they said cardiac arrest. and her name is cassie hunnie not casey
omonomose a
omonomose a:
wow!are you ok?something is wrong with you you need serious help
What鈥檚 with the Demonic voices between intermissions ?馃馃敟
Cecile Kenty
Cecile Kenty:
The First thing i thought of when i heard Kim died WAS " it was a Sacrifice"!!! Brittany Murphey and her Handler Husband Died of the same thing. I Guess after Brittany Died They Had no Use for HER HANDLER Husband ... funny how people that have Money for the Best Doctors in the World Can die from a cold. but i think Kim might have Threatened to Out Puffy for Something.. but i believe Cassie left for a Reason. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY????..but i believe it Might have had something to do with why Kim Died !! never crossed my mind that her oldest son could have possibly sacrificed his mother for his gain in fame.. But Heyyyy u REALLY NEVER KNOW... if Mr. Kardashian "GET OUT" WEST , & Vanessa Hutchens, could do it... etc and the list goes on .....Whitney and her Daughter, NO LIE I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE NOTE SAID THAT WHITNEY Gave Brandy ... U KNOW when Whitney so publicly interrupted THE INTERVIEW WITH Clyde DAVIS, MONICA AND BRANDY on Camera to give brandy a note the night before she died????? Mr. MAC, PRINCE !!!etc
God is boss
God is boss:
Girl you work fast. I have some tea...
gina Jaszczuk
gina Jaszczuk:
That was quick, u don鈥檛 play!!
Come on this beautiful angel just died and y'all want to come up with this bs. Can she rest in peace. And y'all have no regards for the kids. Really this is trash
Joyce Allen
Joyce Allen:
My grandson had pneumonia and his lungs didn't have a fever or anything didn't even know he had pneumonia so if she had pneumonia it's possible no one else did either unless she went to a doctor sending prayers to her family and her kids
Sophia Gibson
Sophia Gibson:
She wasn't suffering from anything that's a lie, they always say something
Patrice Waters
Patrice Waters:
I believe she was a blood sacrificed or the elite killed her because of Diddy's work in helping black folks 馃し馃従鈥嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆锯嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆锯嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆锯嶁檧锔
K1 Paigee
K1 Paigee:
My second thought was the Son, as well. If Diddy had to pay. He has definitely raised the bar for all these other rappers who have been successful and due for payment. Time will tell. I noticed whenever Cassie separates publicly from Diddy she is always photod covering one eye. As a peace offering that she will not tell the secrets. So far she lives for another day. Ijs

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