Kim Porter Found D**d, But Why? ALL BROKEN DOWN AND MORE!!

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The Truth Show
The Truth Show:
Christina coles
Christina coles:
Someone killed that lady....
Virolet Adams
Virolet Adams:
He sacrifice her it was time for him to do so... Iluminati is Real and your stupid if you don't believe... They killed Prince and MJ
She was a loving Mom but Combs never honoured her love and loyalty.
Steve Pruett
Steve Pruett:
Another sacrifice to Goat Lucy.
Kema Johnson
Kema Johnson:
. As soon as it was announced she was mind went directly to Diddy😑😔 so damn plain to see
P diddy know excalty what happened he gone scarficed ,biggie , Craig Mack and now his baby momma
The lil Bubble
The lil Bubble:
Her Death sounds suspect
Rip 😩😢
Vanessa H
Vanessa H:
To me her death screams sacrifice. I wouldn't think that if Diddy was still with Cassie. They always have to sacrifice someone close to him so I think that's why Cassie left all of a sudden. It was like she knew it was coming. I also believe the rumors that Diddy is gay, I could never understand why he didn't marry Kim, she's beautiful.
THE Connie Lee
THE Connie Lee:
Kim Porter was gorgeous.
This is eerily similar to the death of Brittany Murphy...
YaGirl Uneek
YaGirl Uneek:
The fact that she said casey is a good indication that this person don't know wtf she is talking about 😠
There is a thing called Walking Pneumonia...but I dont think she was a sacrifice, tho
caramel king200000
caramel king200000:
[email protected] Sacrifice !!!
Angel Love
Angel Love:
Sis.. I heard she was releasing a book in 4 weeks! Look into this please
Paula Hameen
Paula Hameen:
I wonder who found her and made the 911 call? Strange that’s not been released yet.
Baddi Maddi
Baddi Maddi:
People pass away everyday.... we all have an expiration date. Dang... is that too unrealistic and unreasonable to believe. Geesh
Candy Kendrick's
Candy Kendrick's:
🤔 I think there was a little more to this situation
No that's not true, all celebrities have to make sacrifices when it's time! In order to stay on top. Celebrities painfully kill their loved ones all the time. Sacrifices is part of the agreement when you cross over! She was not killed out of jealousy! And she was not sick!
Michelle P
Michelle P:
She seemed like a genuine loving mother and person, I pray for her children.
Envious Fisher
Envious Fisher:
Why can't God just call people home, why does it always have to be someone was murdered. SMH
Cocaine keeps coming up in my head. I bet she did drugs, rip tho such a random death. Diddy definitely was due for a sacrifice too
Mel Neal
Mel Neal:
I think Kim was just ill and the Most High called her home. Kim looked a little strained in the face maybe due to illness. RIP Kim🙏
Queen Malikaent
Queen Malikaent:
How you going to say your prayers go out to him after you just said your first scenario is that he killed her you really need some help people do anything for clout
Galaxy ride
Galaxy ride:
P.Diddy is THE black widow.... always surrounded by dead.... wicked ways
Walter Shan
Walter Shan:
I prayed to GOD to forgive me for having a suspicious mind. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks something sinister took place. If it is indeed the case, may our Father in Heaven make it come to nought.
Blood scarficed 💯
tree tea
tree tea:
I just read Kim had a book coming out and it had info about diddy. 🤦
Kenyata Jones
Kenyata Jones:
My first thought blood sacrifice
no meat plz no meat plz
no meat plz no meat plz:
Kim knew too much and sometimes the elite make the decision for you and you have to deal with it.
mireya Gonzalez
mireya Gonzalez:
He sacrificed her
no meat plz no meat plz
no meat plz no meat plz:
If President Bush Sr. can recover from pneumonia almost hundred years old I don't get it unless she had chronic asthma or an immune disorder or on drugs
James King
James King:
Ciaobella Amour
Ciaobella Amour:
Diddy/bad boy curse/ sacrifice 👀💅🏽👁. Cassie better 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️ & don’t look back
She was 46 when she died. Wonder why the media is changing her age
Tj Lewis
Tj Lewis:
Why can't people just die it's gon happen anyway. Why does it have to be a conspiracy?
Kimberley Kennedy
Kimberley Kennedy:
Y'all need to stop with all this who do nonsense let kim porter rest in peace and let her kids grieve for their mother
I think p diddy gave her hiv
shonta barre
shonta barre:
Today the Police said P Diddy was on the scene already when they got there. Why was he there already so soon?
Let God be the JUDGE. ...
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas:
Stop ✋. This lady have little girls. 🛑
Come on this beautiful angel just died and y'all want to come up with this bs. Can she rest in peace. And y'all have no regards for the kids. Really this is trash
Alicia camacho
Alicia camacho:
Wtf did i just watch ? Her own son as a suspect ? Her first born ? Keep your day job sis 🙄 smh
K Gregory
K Gregory:
I was thinking about the death of the actress Brittany Murphy who had pneumonia before her sudden death. People reported Kim appeared fine not long before her death. It seemed her pneumonia like symptoms appeared suddenly and she had called a doctored because her symptoms were not improving. I do believe Quincy’s career will sky rocket after this as this was his sacrifices to boost his stardom. Also, her daughters will be left in Diddy’s care full time and means he can pimp them out any way he so chooses without Kim’s permission or resistance. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and who benefits the most from her death.
shonta barre
shonta barre:
Why did Cassie cross my mind? I seriously thought of Cassie because Sean combs always spent holidays with Kim Porter and the kids. Hmmm
Phillip Forbes
Phillip Forbes:
Dont need that demonic witchcraft sound effect between intermiission !!
Shawndala Williams
Shawndala Williams:
Makes me wonder when celebrities die & the media say RIP does it really mean Ritual In Play??
Daily Destiney
Daily Destiney:
I just really hope this not true my God! But then again idk what to believe anymore this hip hop world is so crazy ! I dont want to believe he could do something like this!
Soul 8th Saturn
Soul 8th Saturn:
Casey??? I believe it's "Cassie" and I'm not sure about a few of these theories!
Sasha Mcneil
Sasha Mcneil:
I read she was coming out with a book exposing puffy bisexuality nd others...
The fact that you are pronouncing ‘Cassie’ wrong, is the only thing disturbing about this video
My thought is that she is human and humans are fragile. I believe the woman passed away from lack of medical care for a situation that she thought would pass. My baby was diagnosed with pneumonia just two weeks ago and was up chillin and being 7 up until the day she suddenly got a high fever - i took her to the ER that same day. Our bodies can betray us and we never know what hit us. I am so sad for her family and for her - such a young, vibrant spirit.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
Soon as I heard the news... I said: “Sean, Puffy, P Diddy, whatever the hell he wants to be called..... Had Kim killed”!!! He is a huge Satanist and he was due for a sacrifice. 👹Satanist love to offer up those closest to them. Read up on it. This story doesn’t make any sense at all. Kim Porter was killed. We all know who’s responsible.... the Gay Negro dancing all up in the videos.... Sean Combs!!!! 💩
melanin OnPoint
melanin OnPoint:
I don’t think they even buried this woman yet and you and other people are with the BS with these Videos, She has children show some respect people do get sick and die baby.
Shawndala Williams
Shawndala Williams:
It's so shocking but the real question is what is this a distraction for what is to come,,with us focoused on her what is Trump & the government up to???
Crystal Wallace
Crystal Wallace:
Girl Quincy loves the hell out of his mother, he wouldn't hurt his mother. Diddy sacrificed biggie.
Mandee Law
Mandee Law:
Walking pneumonia is no joke. You dont even know you are sick and the severity of it. You can carry on with normal activities then... boom!
I thought Quincy sacrificed her...I mean a lot has been going on for him lately just like when Kanye sacrificed his own mom... I would not be surprised...or even Diddy did sacrifice her...she was murdered RIP babygirl...
Come on now not her son tho...this internet out of pocket..
I say a combination of things spiritual and physical.
Melanin Piece
Melanin Piece:
I don’t even know her but she looked sick, tired and just ready to be free. 🙄😒 but she does look a little like Cassie 🤐
Diddy sacrificed his baby momma smh
Shawndala Williams
Shawndala Williams:
Prince Brittany Murphy now Kim,,Its a cover up because you know celeberties have top of the line health insurance,,look at Majic he is suppose to be AID free,,
Yvette Spencer
Yvette Spencer:
I can't believe what you just said how dare you point out her son and her baby father and a time like this you should be ashamed.💯💯💯😡 Rest in peace 🕯️my prayers goes out to the kids in the family 💯💞
Angel Love
Angel Love:
SATAN COMES ONLY FOR SOULS. He doesn't care who he uses
If you’re gonna narrate, you’re gonna have to learn how to enunciate.
Le'ia Onassis
Le'ia Onassis:
Why diddy and cassie get back together after her death and kim was writing a tell all book
This broke my heart cus deep down we probably already know what happened I pray it isn’t true cus all I thought of were her kids... 😓😓😓
Darius Lithav
Darius Lithav:
I bet p diddy killed her. Just like biggie.
Yea they got Kim..smh it makes sense why cassie got on so they will be back together soon
Michelle Singleton
Michelle Singleton:
I had pneumonia twice, in if you dont take care of it ,you will die.
Temesha Neal
Temesha Neal:
Nah. I truly believe the death was due to poorly treated pneumonia. My mother suffered from it and was placed in ICU for two weeks. Had it not been properly diagnosed, I would have lost my mom. She’s happy and healthy today. So folks take care of yourselves 💙💙
I’m Here For Mukbangs
I’m Here For Mukbangs:
U forgot to say it could be her time to go and that everything is in gods hands not Diddy or Quincy IN GODS HANDS y’all giving the devil to much of ur time
I’ve got one thing to say Mr. P Diddy sacrifice his baby mom.!Just follow the money trail, Kim RIP
Latoya Fox
Latoya Fox:
Kim Porter was a beautiful lady ,her snap back game was on point ,she has 4 beautiful children and she seems like a great mom and looked very happy in Most all of her pictures with her children!!!!!but I believe Sean combs had her sacrifice because it’s been a long time since he has done one,or it could because he has got tried of Do all those sick Demonic Rituals !! something bad went down at this woman home !! But We the Public will never know the real Truth!!!!!!!!!!
Skyy Hawk
Skyy Hawk:
no one get sick and die anymore everyone is a sacrifice smh ...
Nickole #smile
Nickole #smile:
Sometimes when someone is a sacrificed they will poison them long before they die.. and or she also could've had walking pneumonia but like you said we will have to wait an see who makes a come up
A W:
5th theory, the devil simply came and collected. She been sold out along time ago tho, yes she was young the devil doesn't care...
What’s with the Demonic voices between intermissions ?🤔🔥
She died of complications from pneumonia. It's not that difficult to understand. People die of pneumonia and or flu. Sad and unfortunate. Blessings to family.
Everybody is being sacrificed
Kanye West mom, Bruno Mars mom.... Quincy has the most to gain & wants fame; he’s playing in movies and is in the tv show Star. Kim seemed like a beautiful soul 🙏🏽
Quintin Banks
Quintin Banks:
Sounds Fishy but there is more of the story though...
Pill Cosby
Pill Cosby:
Now Angela Simmons b.f sounds more like a sacrifice but what do I know I’m not tmz
Joyce Allen
Joyce Allen:
My grandson had pneumonia and his lungs didn't have a fever or anything didn't even know he had pneumonia so if she had pneumonia it's possible no one else did either unless she went to a doctor sending prayers to her family and her kids
DeJane Robinson
DeJane Robinson:
This sounds ridiculous
BarbieGang Jones
BarbieGang Jones:
I love your channel but it's not that serious. Why would you disrespect the family like that? Why is everything a sacrifice with you? Ppl do die of natural causes. What happened if your family member passed away and someone made up a video like this about you.
leah nicole
leah nicole:
The woman is not even buried yet. Damn, have you no respect? Give it some time, sis.
Raythell Jordan
Raythell Jordan:
Why is there always a conspiracy? NEWS FLASH: People Die! we all will
Avivah Loca~
Avivah Loca~:
Eminem thew a shot at Diddy.... saying that he put a hit out on Tupac. It’s in his dis track to machine gun kelly. Listen to Killshot.
V free
V free:
The enemy steals kills and destroys it doesn't have to be in a particular order.
Guess what
Doctors in America don’t listen to black woman on their symptoms. No one believes black woman. Why they always die from a health problem.
Pam Codner
Pam Codner:
Why say she was 47 when she was 46, those elites love their numbers
Deni Deni
Deni Deni:
How do this celebrity folks die of colds and us regular ppl get well from it hmm 🤔 it’s soooo strange !!! It’s either killing ur self.. cold. Or crash 🤔that’s how all celebs die.. and it’s always alone
Charmaine Berry
Charmaine Berry:
She is a beautiful woman
Ray Prince
Ray Prince:
I call BS. No one with those kind of resources dies of pneumonia. Ask any doctor, the most vulnerable are those under 12 and over 60.
Bella Taylor
Bella Taylor:
I'm sick of hearing about the Africa trip. I've traveled abroad. You have to get malaria shots along with other shots to protect you from diseases. Figure it out folks.
ShaDaria Lashae
ShaDaria Lashae:
It’s bothering me that you’re saying Casey instead of Cassie
Pamela Williams
Pamela Williams:
Go to Gematria... Breaks down her sacrificed for diddy--- i knew!!! He broke off w Cassidy so she wouldnt b sacrificed - she will b gettn back w him soon!

$hame- sell out
Uly Johnson
Uly Johnson:
Why the scary sounds