Kim Porter Death - P. Diddy Responds to the Death of His Children's Mother.

Last week, the model and actress Kim Porter was found dead in her home. She is the mother of 3 kids by P Diddy and one child by Al B Sure. Kim Porter Death was a shock and she had been fight a respiratory infection. #KimPorterDeath #Pdiddy #RIPKimPorter Channel support Links of products seen on the Channel Subscribe to our free Email List for More Life Gains: Coaching and 1 on 1 consultation for anything seen on this channel $30 For 30 Mins: Lamont/Life Gains Back up Channel: IP Vanish with 30% off Code- Respondent Reviews Make $100 Per Survey: Life Gains Amazon Store Please shop - Earn $25 for referring Friends to Ebates: Robinhood Free Stocks Investment App Get Free Stocks - Kick Start Your Diet With Two Week Diet Plan: Best Email Marketing System : Life Gains Shop Store and Blog: Life Gains Patreon Donation Link- Stardust App Profile(30 Sec Movie Reviews) Coaching and 1 on 1 consultation: IP Vanish with 30% off Code- Printful (Print your own T-Shirts and get paid): Save up to 70% off your drug with PharmStore: Mention Lamont Tyson and get $20 off when you call PharmStore at 1800-281-8347 ———————————-Building a Youtube Channel Links—————————————— Make Money Downloading Youtube videos: Morning Fame 1st month free (Fastest Way to Build your Channel) - Tube buddy for Building Youtube channel - Social Blue Book- Small Channel get Sponsors here: ———————————-—Follow Me on Social Media Links————-——————— Dr. T Kidney MD (Wife’s Youtube Channel) Life Gains on Twitter link - Life Gains Facebook Group Page: Life Gains Instagram - Life Gains Pinterest Link-


RIP, Kim. My heart goes out to the family my prayers are truly with the children. May God bless them and keep them under his protection in the mighty name of Jesus Amen
John Wihebrink
John Wihebrink:
Illuminati sacrifices continue. P(athetic) Diddy. But I guess she knew what she was getting into
Shrinking Sharon
Shrinking Sharon:
Her passing so sadly 🙁 Unexpected!!!!!!
Allen Zollo
Allen Zollo:
so sad ✝ my deepest condolences ✝ ,,,,, z
Rose Wallace
Rose Wallace:
Puff daddy (Diddy) Dildo 🤣wat happen there🤔I mean again 🙄 More money more problems 👌I mean Ciroq 🤣
Pneumonia kills a lot of people. I know one friend who is going to die as the result if pneumonia destroying his lungs. God bless her and her family.
hello hello
hello hello:
I think she had Aids, and they are keeping it low key.
Mr Watto
Mr Watto:
Who .?
tracy reed
tracy reed:
Why doesn't the autopsy report say pneumonia because her lungs would be full of fluid if that was the cause. The autopsy report says undetermined.
King Supreme
King Supreme:
RIP KimPorter🙏
Lamont Tyson
Lamont Tyson:
Kim Porter, model and actress dies possibly to pneumonia. She was the mother to 3 of P. Diddy's children and also the mother to Al B. Sure's oldest son. RIP
Sekinah S
Sekinah S:
Do U know how much sins u could be getting from assuming this and accusing someone of her death like what if it really wasn’t him?
Virgo Smith
Virgo Smith:
Play not!!!! Don’t underestimate that Sickness
Yvonne Weary
Yvonne Weary:
This was ritual night..,it wasn't no damn memorial. They rejoiced her death this night. The doctor got paid to inject her with a substance that killed her. She wasn't 47 yet! Look at the numbers,,Quincy and his daddy about to blow up! She had good insurance she didnt die sick she was killed. Money changes things...we won't ever get the real reason why she died...,the funeral is gonna tell it....casket carried on the sholders =SACRIFICE. ,.watch!

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