Khloe Kardashian FINALLY Addresses Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal!

For more Khloe: Khloe Kardashian might have kept things mature in the delivery room but prior to Keeping Up With the Kardashians…she revealed on Instagram that she did some not so mature things to Tristan before all of that was filmed. I’m breaking down WHAT Khloe revealed in the comments of her latest post PLUS what went down during last night's Keeping Up right now…so stay tuned. ‘ Subscribe ►► #hollyscoop Get the scoop - Check out our site: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Instagram: Hollyscoop brings you the latest entertainment news and breaks down what's happening with the celebrities everyone is obsessing over! Ship Jelena? We have the coverage! Want to know more about the Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony feud? We've got the inside scoop! We will give you all the deets on Millie Bobby Brown, Gigi Hadid, and more! We keep you up to date with the latest buzz out of Hollywood.


Mary Williams
Mary Williams:
Once a cheater always a cheater.....
Erikson Estrada
Erikson Estrada:
Didn't he cheat again? Recently? LOL
Haven Sabaini
Haven Sabaini:
Yeah, but she still stayed with him. Why? Low self esteem? I have zero idea, why a self sufficient, self respecting women would EVER stay with someone who cheats on them. Sad for her, really.
Dee Roman
Dee Roman:
He already cheated again lmao😂
Lande Barber
Lande Barber:
If he cheats again she will keep forgiving him a leopard doesn’t change their spots and people like him hardly change in my opinion her daughter matters like any child with their parents and I hope she can do what’s right for her child that’s what counts ♥️
Guttah Snipe
Guttah Snipe:
Thank you, NEXT (in my Ariana Grande voice)
Sheila Ann
Sheila Ann:
This is real tired and SAD
Queen Miki
Queen Miki:
At the end of the day it's her life
And her family🤷🏾‍♀️
Dont have to agree with her decisions but you should respect it
And stop calling her names!
Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman:
KHOLE KARDASHIAN what you talking about don't even matter lol. You walked your sorry ass around all summer with TRISTAN THOMPSON and now you want to talk lol that's pretty good... 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊
Stephanie Wright
Stephanie Wright:
Unfortunately he will do it again! It’s who he is. He did it to his last baby mama know he is doing it to her and I am sure he has done it several times. It’s just the fact that he did not get caught! My dad always says... A man will get away with w/e you allow him ! So if he already cheated on you and you decide to stay and he does it again... You set your own self up!
Mizz Ladee
Mizz Ladee:
Damn she looks like OJ!!
Feb 18, 2019 update: he did it again
Kat Ejail
Kat Ejail:
Shes the one desperate to ve with him,, he dont want her LOL
Erikson Estrada
Erikson Estrada:
Stupidity should be the episode title. Once a cheater always a cheater. Sure, it's all good now, wait till it happens to true, who's going to look stupid!
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose:
You're mature enough? OK SWEETIE. Then don't open your legs to the first black guy you see and get knocked up without even knowing the guy first..
Elaine Figueroa
Elaine Figueroa:
She probably cheated on him with her ex French Montana to get back at her baby daddy 🤷🏽‍♀️
Nobuhle Khumalo
Nobuhle Khumalo:
The man she attracts? mmh Gives so much to them,babysits them,in return they cheat on her and disrespect her...
Estela Braza
Estela Braza:
That's the problem with uncommitted relationships. If getting married is too much commitment then be ready to deal with these type of situations.
Allison Williams
Allison Williams:
She's settling for treatment she thinks she deserves. That's why she stays.
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty:
Thank you, next!
JoJo Faithh
JoJo Faithh:
Thank you, pls NEXT
arge torres
arge torres:
She has to wait like the rest of her family when the episode comes out
SunnySide BluSky
SunnySide BluSky:
Im sure getting cheated on hurts but who makes a family with some one and doesnt try to fight for their family..? Y is everyone so quick to judge her choices. Its her family, its her biz how she wants to go about it. YouGoKlohe❤
Licensed and insured A
Licensed and insured A:
Dang!!!! Her lip fillers are out of control, they have a life of their own. He would have been banned from the hospital had he done that to me, once a cheat always a cheat.
Queen Miki
Queen Miki:
Just watched that episode
I seriously dont get why people hate the show
I love it
Its like a 6/10
Not boring at all
It is so sad how hard is for this girl to let go..but some day she will understand that her happiness is the key to make her bby happy..Not a Man..
Kimberly Thomas
Kimberly Thomas:
Khloe has the strength of a .....
I really don't know how to finish that sentence. I don't have that in me.
Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman:
KHOLE KARDASHIAN I guess you want your FANS and TROLLS support since TRISTAN SPLIT lol... 😹😸😹😸😹😸😹
kyla reviews
kyla reviews:
I’m early
Meaghan Kennedy
Meaghan Kennedy:
Khloe, I back you up in any any decisions you make about YOUR life and YOUR relationship. It's so easy for people to throw shade and make negative comments but i would love to see what they would have done in your situation... hang in there girly ❤ ps: True is BEAUTIFUL!!! Just like her mama
Pinky Johns
Pinky Johns:
Khloe is not going to stand up to Tristan. She wants him in her life no matter what he does.
Natalia Stornello
Natalia Stornello:
I would've dumped him
lowri jones
lowri jones:
Great 😚
Marjorie Krebs
Marjorie Krebs:
I hope that it all works out and that he changed his ways for the sake of the child involved
Hurricane_ Katrina1211
Hurricane_ Katrina1211:
Miita Santoyo
Miita Santoyo:
I belive she need to get hit in the head and remember how a man should treat her . i have a questioms why didnt kris tell her daughters dont date someone that is all ready merried or brake familys. why is she teaching her daughters ita ok to be the side chick and brake familys. Mmmmm.? I will say loom at kourtney. Have some simpathy for women in general .
benny_ ward_1234
benny_ ward_1234:
Thandeka T
Thandeka T:
Cardii gotta be there
u yadz
u yadz:
If its real love than mistake can be forgiven but only if its real. True never ends. Love and hate are powerful feelings from one or both and are very 💪 strong 💪. 💯
Brenda Masinde
Brenda Masinde:
Wait .. so she still let him back in her life? Girl got more money than she know what to do with it .. I👏JUST👏CAN'T👏RIGHT👏NOW👏 UUUGH 😒
Brittany Keefe
Brittany Keefe:
Who already watched the KUWTK episode but just here to see what they say
Katia Nicole Raygoza
Katia Nicole Raygoza:
Rosario Varela
Rosario Varela:
Shes Mature for what ??
Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman:
AJD /:
The Kardashians are tainted in cheating genes
Karishma Nehar
Karishma Nehar:
Once a cheater, always a cheater.
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas:
Stupid ! This guy will continue cheating he’s young and stupid after all
Brenda Edwards #1
Brenda Edwards #1:
Oh we all been cheated on and yes we are big girls so STFU and let the gurl make her own decision she'll live thru it like the rest of us 😂😂😂
Gwendolyn Carter
Gwendolyn Carter:
Oh I forgot, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Robert Kardashian and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. You don't leave that klan unscathed.
Nicole Chandler
Nicole Chandler:
Khole who are you fooling? You enjoy being cheat on stupess
Elizabeth Cruz
Elizabeth Cruz:
Lmao, once a cheater always a cheater. Didn't she learn anything with Lamar. She is better off by herself.
terry leclair
terry leclair:
Klhoe got her a baby girl. Anything else is frosting on the cake. If he doesn't shape up, you know he'll be shipped out. Love you Khloe. :)
No comment
Chrissy power
Chrissy power:
This show cancel
Misty Grimsley
Misty Grimsley:
Tennillie Smith
Tennillie Smith:
I have 5 kids and not 1 of them came clear 2 many people in the delivery room strange and friends to Jesus on the main line tell him what you want cause that baby came out with no milk like stuff on her
Kris Jenner amazes me. She is in her 60’s with very nice, gorgeous mature feet. Very perfect.
Anne Antoine
Anne Antoine:
I thought the Kardashians don't stay with men that cheating on them. Lamar odom Scott disick, True T is not an excuse that Khloe doesn't leave tristen what about Kourtney has 3 kids with Scott still leaved him.
Genevieve Capuano
Genevieve Capuano:
Lol tea
Sharon Dockery
Sharon Dockery:
She ain't leaving him she's so pathetic and fake girl bye
La Princesa
La Princesa:
benny_ ward_1234
benny_ ward_1234:
I didn’t dudes could have babies.
Marvel mofe
Marvel mofe:
This guy is not worth it idc
Kevin Mcclintock
Kevin Mcclintock:
Plain and simple Khloe is a doormat! Always has been and will always be. She is not secure with herself, her body and her abnormal ass. And you date a man that cheats, and has a history of cheating, and you expect different cause you date him?? LOL, talk about stupidity or, in her case, false confidence.
Linda Slaughter
Linda Slaughter:
Jessica Salazar
Jessica Salazar:
Lorene Tallie
Lorene Tallie:
first of all I think you are so stupid and nieve you are not helping true at all with this demon in her life,this let's her know that its OK to let a man dog you out,and you don't look like khloe anymore you changed your face so he don't see who he fell in love with if he ever did.and stay off social media with this bullshit it's old and boring that's why y'all ratings gone down he not no morer daddy to true than he is to his other child.stop worrying your family with this and breaking y'all up Cleveland been played out except that freezing ass cold weather. you make the value too your self seems solo looow
So what she knew he was cheater when she got with him. She was his side chick when he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with her. I guess she thought he would not cheat on her.
S S:
Khloe if you see this girl what are you thinking he cheated he didn't care about you or baby.. why stay? Am I wrong?
Omfg, TRISTAN IS A CERIAL WOMANIZER. Lord, wtf is it about the basketball.players, GROSS, haven't you had enough? It's about self respect. I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. Human pampilona virus mean anything to you? Ir causes cervical/ uterine cancer. From stds!!! Wake up because he has other baby's Mommas, your NOT SPECIAL TO girl..he's literally slapped you in the face non-stop. Dude, make him sign an agreement that will hurt his WALLET. .MAYBE THEN HE WILL THINK TWICE BUT NOT UNTIL YOU HIT HIM IN THE WALLET GIRLFRIEND! !!! HARD!! HE's A CHEAT AND YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE HIM OR SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! NO MAN IS WORTH THAT

BE A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUR DAUGHTER AND USE TRISTAN AS AN EXAMPLE. Bye Felisha- Tristan u loser ass hole STD having mother fucker. .your too good 4 him.. fuck this.
Kathryn K. White
Kathryn K. White:
Khloe deserves SO much better than that cheating, selfish, self absorbed POS!!
Tasha Lokhan
Tasha Lokhan:
She is not strong like Taylor swift
Mary Hodgenson
Mary Hodgenson:
Her makeup looks bad on her face looks REAL BIG
Mary Hodgenson
Mary Hodgenson: