Kevin Hart Supports Jussie Smollett

With the latest details on Jussie Smollett being attacked, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil share the reactions of Kevin Hart and “Empire” co-stars Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: FOLLOW us here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #JussieSmollett #KevinHart #TarajiPHenson

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Jussie should go to jail for making all this up. Roseanne lost her job for making racist comments, Jussie lied to the entire world and the FBI.
Toni Hotep
Toni Hotep:
I know I'm probably going to get slammed, but, for some reason I'm just not believing it. I'm looking at the images and it's just not matching up
OMG....Kevin Hart is so phony just like his tired jokes. He is going hard to come across as concerned lmao!! And the Oscar goes to.......Kevin Hart!! Go get your Oscar little man.
Chat With Chi
Chat With Chi:
It's silly to be surprised that Kevin is supporting him. Comedians joke about many things, it doesn't mean it's what they believe.
Hadley Pleasanton
Hadley Pleasanton:
Very low IQ. Sad.
Char Char Binks
Char Char Binks:
Hart knows which side his bread is buttered on.
David L
David L:
Yeah, this story is still changing everyday. No Maga hats- ski masks; initial police report mentions nothing about people screaming “make America great again- a day later he changes story; no video evidence; no witnesses....
sunia akaveka
sunia akaveka:
Of course Kevin Hart will support Smollett - he’s a sell-out!
Meme Cakes
Meme Cakes:
The video was unnecessary from Kevin, he’s doing too much. Just get on with your life you have already apologised
I live in a rough area and I know what a man looks like after he's been jumped and I've never seen someone get jumped and have a little scratch on their face. I looked at every bit of evidence I could find and the biggest piece of evidence he has is a little scratch on his face that could have happened by a twig.

Several men beating him down would have made his face huge and purple also the area where the scratch is would have been significantly swollen if it had enough Force to protrude through the skin.
Vic11 Rob74
Vic11 Rob74:
Kevin is going to have a field day with this 😂
Bob Tillman
Bob Tillman:
He got beat up with a Nigerian foot long 😱
The guy on the left comes across so not interested at all.
Proof or it didn't happen.
So I see all of these videos where celebrities and the media jumped on this when it first came out, but NOBODY has posted anything apologizing for it after it’s been exposed as faked and rehearsed. Lowlife liberal agenda !
Bryan Solano
Bryan Solano:
4 doritos later jussie smollet lied.😂
Dena Allen
Dena Allen:
When the "news" takes the spotlight off of the two white men who did it and turn the focus on Kevin..smh
Todd Smith
Todd Smith:
I live in Chicago and it’s too many eyes in Chicago this story is a big Hoax also Chicago is a full liberal city so this story is bull🤔
Voice of Reason 4u
Voice of Reason 4u:
Oillia King-Johns
Oillia King-Johns:
And it wasn't on the news in Chicago. R. Kelly gets his studio inspected and every media outlet is there. And gay people love calling the police and he didn't call the police hmmmmmm. really two white guys in Chicago at 2 in the morning with ski masks on riding around 20 below with nothing else better to do and see him and say hey that's that fag from empire let's get him and make America great again Gtfoh. I believe it is a publicity stunt. He wasn't a victim like them girls on lifetime talking about R. Kelly wasn't victims. They had a story to tell for a 💰 and he probably got in to a domestic dispute with his boyfriend and covered it up✔☑💯.
Lee Thompson III
Lee Thompson III:
Any witnesses see men put a rope on this guy's neck! I will pay you if you find a video with a witness!
"Vengeance is mine says the Lord!"
jenny gore
jenny gore:
Slaving his conscience
Stephen Yount
Stephen Yount:
It was the Covington Catholic boys it sounds like their M.O.
Look for a station wagon with Kentucky plates leaving the scene...
elle 2U
elle 2U:
Its not 'shocking he looks so good' - its a blessing and courageous he allowed the pic - God bless.
Latavian Gardner - Word For Today
Latavian Gardner - Word For Today:
I love the older guy!! With the grey hair. He is level headed and remains on topic. The other guy seems to not like his honesty and wants to foucs on being one-sided....interesting
Dana Alexander
Dana Alexander:
ET these interviewers have ZERO flavor or spunk...
damn Kevin Hart went from being real and standing his ground on the next day and every day after pandering!?
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark:
I would respect Kevin Hart more if he just fall back from certain situations. People going to claim your support is fake based solely off situation from the oscars. Just stop trying so hard.
Max Riggah
Max Riggah:
The whole damn cast sounds sketchy like their in on it too.
The delusional left never ceases to amaze me.
0:57 ”I wish what happened to my baby was just one big joke, but it wasnt and we all feel your pain right now”
Be careful what you wish for ;)
Michelle Small
Michelle Small:
OMG this is sad... God bless and walk with us all, Kevin made a joke he's a comedian, that's what they do... prayers 😑
Pixel 18
Pixel 18:
“What do you think of Kevin Hart showing support for Jussie Smollett?” 🤦🏽‍♀️ jeez people their human. ☝🏽Spread love not hate
a P
a P:
....... and still bring up the tweed from 10 years ago 🤮
This isn’t about Kevin. Its about someone being attacked by some idiots😡
J Bennett
J Bennett:
Chicago, Sub-Zero weather, 2am, Bleach, Rope and MAGA. Something smells and I think its Jussie. These two guys just happened to be on the street equipped and ready to go?
Kevin supports this lie he's telling?
Umole Halice
Umole Halice:
I can't believe this is happening to my everyday crush @ Jussie smollett. I wishh u speedy recovery❤💋💕
Kimba Chapman
Kimba Chapman:
What do you mean you don’t know how they are going to catch them!! From doing great detective work that is how!!
Kevin heart is apparently very small in courage as well as intelligence like most leftist as I can see.
Marquell Johnson
Marquell Johnson:
But what was the point of demonizing kevin first for?
Carl Justice
Carl Justice:
Kevin wrong move u knew he was lieing..😂😂
Donna Dixson
Donna Dixson:
He doesn’t realize what Kevin Hart said was a joke years ago and people grow & views change.
Zion Israel TV
Zion Israel TV:
Joann Parker
Joann Parker:
Kevin, I thought you were smarter.
Simone Stewart
Simone Stewart:
🙏💪speedy recovery
Kyle Jurek
Kyle Jurek:
We're waiting for Anderson Pooper to weigh in.
Ms. Monic
Ms. Monic:
Very sad! 😭🙏🏾❤️
Katrena Sheperd
Katrena Sheperd:
Watch the story on TMZ. ET has left some stuff out
Todd M
Todd M:
He was viciously attacked by two me ,poured bleach on him and all he has is a surface scratch on his calling BS...if I'm wrong I'm sorry but this story doesn't pass the logic test for.several reasons
Ah oh, do those two guys realize the just woke up a den of Lyons? Better start running like gazelles ! ! !
Elizabeth Cummins
Elizabeth Cummins:
Jussie seems like such a sweet,kind caring person. I think something happened but not how he said it happened. I think this was personal and this was the cover story.....We still ❤you Jussie!!!!❤❤❤
Trust God
Trust God:
Someone saw this attack! Come forward! Someone heard about this attack! Come forward! Be brave and help identify and prosecute these hateful cowards! #comeforward! Just think you could be a hero for coming forward and speaking up! I am speaking to Chicago! I know someone witnessed this and or personally know these attackers.....believe you me they will brag about this hate crime!
brett mehrer
brett mehrer:
What is the name of this show
" two stupid dudes " good
Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl:
Ya'll been HAD!
Mister Cannoli
Mister Cannoli:
This aged wonderfully
F MAGA! This is next level for sure!!! Kevin learned perspective??!!! Uhhhh...he's Black dude!!!
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson:
Wait-- you can request for police to TURN OFF their Body Cams?- I've never heard of that? that's very odd....
Looks more like someone gave him a dirty Sanchez
Question: Why would he ask the police to turn off their body cameras and if so why would they comply and did they?
Angie Holstein
Angie Holstein:
Wasn’t it like -20 degrees when this was supposed to happen .
Tomika Davis
Tomika Davis:
Praying for you to get Justice Jussie,🙏🙏🙏🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️♥️
William Sullivan
William Sullivan:
He put up a good fight, his assailants had to scratch his face
Rick Williams
Rick Williams:
He's full of it all for hype and publicity
Hoax !! I'm from Chicago and that subways was closed!! Lol what a big hoax!!
Lashon R
Lashon R:
Whoever got paid to help staged this got paid some good money cause I live in Chicago to be out there 2 in the morning with temperatures at -22 definitely got paid to do this
Diane Sills
Diane Sills:
I'm so sorry this happened to you! My thoughts and prayers are with you. The ignorance of people is sad and disgusting
I wonder what happens when you pour bleach on maggots. Someone please research and share results.
Stevie Dee 29
Stevie Dee 29:
Yeah and after they jumped him they hopped In there UFO with bigfoot driven by a unicorn with pigs flying in the area!
Thank you dude in the blue blazer for checking the guy in the back jacket! You get it!
Mannnn ill kick y'all ass if y'all try to blame this on Kevin no body gone mention Donald Trump nobody okay cool m.a.g.a nobody rite ok cool my blessings go out to u stay up big homie 🙏💪👊
Machette Freddy
Machette Freddy:
I barley recognized him, what a savage beating.. FIGHT HATE!!
Amin Waters
Amin Waters:
Who you think that it might have been the FBI CIA
Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher:
Oh wow it must be true since Kevin Hart supports it!! No evidence or video footage needed. All I needed was to see Kevin back this up to know it's absolutely true.
cameron baiers
cameron baiers:
Read his tweets & replies prior to this alleged attack.
Tomika Davis
Tomika Davis:
Shocking He was Attacked, He didn't do anything to no one. LORD !!! PLEASE!!! SEEK Justice to end this crime. In the name of Jesus. AMEN AND AMEN. 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙏
Kevin Hart BYE! Stop apologizing! You know that man was out booty hunting in freezing temps @ 2am in the morning. He just happened to catch a beat down.
Blu Moon
Blu Moon:
Never ride the bandwagon you have no idea where it's going.
Does he still support him now? Haha...
Dominique Ray
Dominique Ray:
He may support him but that doesn’t mean he believes him. Liar 🤥 pants on fire 🔥
Every news site I go to (about 15) so many comments are calling into question this story and they would be right.
Benny R
Benny R:
A desth letter was sent to him a week before hand so it could be true.
Marjorie Gilbert
Marjorie Gilbert:
Taraij so much more but jussies somllett taraij I wasn't they was a couple Like please
Zai Vid
Zai Vid:
I really love Ross... You make a lot of sense each time you open your mouth...
Lee Thompson III
Lee Thompson III:
My ex girlfriend put more marks on face than that. Hell out here with that !
May Flower
May Flower:
After watching Rent live I realized we shouldn't be fighting with each other Jussie did not deserve this to happen to him no one does
Maybe he made a mistake if posting online as he was landing in Chicago.He's rich no bodyguard? I'm glad he ok. Could of been worse😒
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust:
ET Canada needs to replace the old gay bitter queen on the left...his personality is bleh 🤢🤢🤢
Jay Burnham
Jay Burnham:
Guess he finally took Don Lemons advice. The industry is one hell of a place
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia:
Read below excerpt from National Review page. Sounds fishy

So let’s recap what Smollett says happened, together with what Chicago reporters have heard from police. Two men recognized a gay black actor from a TV show at 2 a.m. on a Chicago street during an extreme cold snap while he was on his phone. Instead of taking the phone from him, they began to shout slurs at him. The assailants happened to have a rope and an unknown liquid with them. They put a rope around his neck, but instead of strangling him with it, they just left it there and then ran away. Instead of calling the police immediately on the phone, Smollett walked into an apartment building and past security, without informing anyone about the alleged assault, and he kept the rope around his neck for some three-quarters of an hour. He neglected to tell the police about the MAGA remark in this first interview, revealing it only later in a subsequent interview. He took himself to Northwestern Memorial Hospital that morning and was released later in the morning. TMZ posted a picture of Smollett with a small scratch or cut beneath his right eye.
Jay Smart
Jay Smart:
Why did jussie ask that they turn off body cameras?
Rosen Daniel
Rosen Daniel:
this didnt age well
Dora williams
Dora williams:
Kelvin got his cookies back pat on the back
feefee 542
feefee 542:
This has me sick to my stomach. I pray they find who did this and they get what they deserve. Jussie you are and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. 😢❤
Dennis Tokay
Dennis Tokay:
What would he gain by making this all up
Michael Collins
Michael Collins:
I wonder right now if you was just the ordinary black person with a noose around his neck because he was black and was not gay would they be talkin about it on et.........
Christopher Nichols
Christopher Nichols:
Just confirmed it was ralph nordham and liam nieson ! And they do have a wittness its Stevie wonder!
kevin hagarman
kevin hagarman: