Kemba Walker SICK Highlights Hornets vs 76ers 2018.11.17 - 60 Pts, 4 Ast, 7 Rebounds!

Kemba Walker Full Game Highlights | Philadelphia Sixers vs Charlotte Hornets | November 17, 2018 | 2018-19 NBA Season ✔️ Subscribe, Like & Comment for More! ✔️ ---------

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Asa Walker cjcj
Asa Walker cjcj:
Lil Dagga
Lil Dagga:
When you win these games go down in history, when you lose they forgotten...plz get this man out of Charlotte he been wasting his time their
william hardenbergh
william hardenbergh:
most underrated player in the league average 27 or 28 PPG Just CRAZY 60
Carmelo The Goat
Carmelo The Goat:
Kemba needs to leave Jordan doesn’t know how to own a team
60 point or not, someone needs to appreciate this commentator
Rohan Rangarajan
Rohan Rangarajan:
How is 60 points (minus fts obviously) fit in two minutes 😂
alan alan
alan alan:
People really trying to say he aint underrated? C'mon now
James K
James K:
They gotta get this man some help. Nicholas Batum makes 24 mill a year and me and him had the same amount of points tonight smh.
Hassan Haulcy
Hassan Haulcy:
SMH dropped 60 only to lose. He needs to seriously leave them. He should go to Detroit
A Friendly Hobo
A Friendly Hobo:
Friendly reminder Kemba Walker is only paid 12 million a year.
Harrison Callaway
Harrison Callaway:
Kemba NEEDS to be traded
Sanjith Vijay
Sanjith Vijay:
Lebron sympathizes with him 🤣🤣
Saad Elafati
Saad Elafati:
Kemba to Milwakee buks next year
Mr. Slime
Mr. Slime:
These commentator are low key🐐s
Brother Malcolm
Brother Malcolm:
Why is he wasting his talents in Charlotte ?
Anton Davis
Anton Davis:
He the like button if you want Nic Batum off this team. 24 million yr. Zero points. Kemba need help
Lebron during the finals: How can I drop 51 points and still lose the game?!
Kemba: Hold my beer
Who else saw that they posted this but it said 58 pts before the game was over
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Giannis Antetokounmpo:
So nobody gonna talk about how he drops 50 and 60 and 40 and all this shit and lose. 🤦🏽‍♂️ get out of there kemba
Chef Kwon
Chef Kwon:
Michael Jordan the GOAT ball player, the WOAT general manager 😔


JOIN KP IN KY (or if KD goes there, ya never know🤷‍♂️)
wow and we loss on an amazing performance
In the words of Kevin Hart... Kemba said" you gon learn today" his overall game is improving take notes NBA
NYC PradaG
NYC PradaG:
The Bronx Bomber 🔥🔥 So Glad To Be From The Same Borough As Him But He Needs To Demand A Trade & Go To A Contender FAST.. So Happy For Him Either Way Though 🔥🔥
Trap 4 Thr33 #MyNameisDarrell
Trap 4 Thr33 #MyNameisDarrell:
Me: baby come through I wanna give u something

Her: boy what???

Me: This 1:47
Dean Story
Dean Story:
Kemba need to come to the Pistons you be playing with two all stars Blake and Drummond we can make it to the playoffs
I love nick But I don’t like you
I love nick But I don’t like you:
Kemba 60 on 34 shots

Mitchell 31 on 35 shots
Ah Umm
Ah Umm:
Sooooo, we're just gonna act like his shit getting batted at the end of the game in a clutch moment NOT be a highlight?
Unlucky. Drops 60, but his team doesn't get the win. I mean he did go 1/5 in OT and got blocked by Butler twice in OT, but 60PTS!!
Mohammed G
Mohammed G:
You know you in a bad team when you score 60 pts and your team still lose !!!! Smhhh 😑😑😑😑😑
Raptors should trade for him and get rid of Lowry
poboy fresh
poboy fresh:
Kembas moves are extremely good... He’s so good with the dribble pull ups
Manny Manhattan Music
Manny Manhattan Music:
Kamba having his best year yet
TXNJI The rapper
TXNJI The rapper:
Kemba walker an Tony Parker only thing keeping me a hornets fan
Chris Ferrero
Chris Ferrero:
Kemba is the greatest PG of this era!
Kiel Aaron Alcala
Kiel Aaron Alcala:
When you realize your best player in charlotte had his greatest game ever but it just fell short to take the win.
Matthew Spurs
Matthew Spurs:
Best PG in the East hands down. Refs rigged it for Philly to bolster the Jimmy Butler SMH rigged league
Kevin Juls
Kevin Juls:
Kemba scored 60points while his teammates 59points smh
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever:
kemba's definitely gotta be in MVP conversations and he needs to make all-star this year
he's been playing PHENOMENAL basketball this year
at times he's the only one producing offensively for this team
J Flo
J Flo:
This man deserves better teammates.
Or just leave the team
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook:
Trade Kemba and Kd to Knicks with Porzingas
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz:
The scary thing is he's only 6'0 if he was 6'4/6'5 he would be the 2nd greatest basketball player in the world
Kemba so goddamn underrated it’s a shame on the entire NBa
Still lost and he scored more points than his whole team combined super underrated
If i'm Masai Ujiri a Kemba for Lowry trade should be on the table
Yik Hei Chan
Yik Hei Chan:
He deserves to be a MVP Kamba>kyrie
Tay Jackson
Tay Jackson:
2 minutes of highlights? Are you Deadass?
Rey Parker
Rey Parker:
When you turn on the sliders for your 85 OVR PG in 2k
Matt KnowsNuthn'
Matt KnowsNuthn':
What if Kemba and KD went to The Knicks?
Michael Batiller
Michael Batiller:
this man deserves the MVP. AWARD
Bachir 6 for 6
Bachir 6 for 6:
Just WOW just WOW most underrated in the game !
Logan Colston
Logan Colston:
could this partially be a product of the 76ers' using Butler to guard point guards?
Aries Nyuratik
Aries Nyuratik:
So much noise going on in the NBA, then there Kemba, the silent killer. 🏀
Jah Fresco
Jah Fresco:
Kemba gotta take John Wall all star spot man..
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson:
This makes me mad like 60 points and lost like kemba needs to demand trade or demand more help asap
jonathan Bruno
jonathan Bruno:
Yooo Kemba needs to leave ASAP come to the KNICKSSS!!!!
What a great performance and game but yet First Take and Unidisputed would talk about what Lebron had for lunch first....
Avner Andrew
Avner Andrew:
get this man a team how do you lose mj get this man some better players
TheColor Orange
TheColor Orange:
kemba saw his 2k rating didn’t increase 🤣🤣🤣
Franco P.
Franco P.:
There you go get the first 60 piece this year, my man. Wish you got the W but tough when you on the Hornets :(
This is what could've happened if Kobe stayed in Hornets
Xavier 76th Man
Xavier 76th Man:
rip jaws1738
rip jaws1738:
This is going to go down in history for being like Devin Booker and dropping insane numbers and your team still loses. I wish Kemba the best i hope he gets a better team next offseason.
Kemba aint underrated after tonight. He just needs to go to a better team and a bigger stage.
TheColor Orange
TheColor Orange:
kemba saw his 2k rating didn’t increase 😂😂
You like My profile pic
You like My profile pic:
KD Should take his talents to Charlotte with Kemba Walker
Franklin Flores
Franklin Flores:
What a performance by Kemba he just needs a better team
Malik Martin
Malik Martin:
Kemba been a killer since them UConn days. Put some respect on that man’s name.
TXNJI The rapper
TXNJI The rapper:
That court is drippy
Basketball Enlightenment
Basketball Enlightenment:
Best PG in the east.
Phaul Peralta
Phaul Peralta:
Great game by kemba but wouldnt call him underrated. Hes been an all star and he isnt in the mvp tier no disrespect. I understand he scores alot but who else gonna score for them ?jeremy lamb? Cody zeller?😂
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams:
"Kemba is the hero this team needs, but not the one they deserve."
khryss valdez
khryss valdez:
Kemba and Davis deserves each other
Todd Gurley SZN
Todd Gurley SZN:
Damn man him and Batum combined for 60 tonight. Dynamic duo!
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons:
60 points but still took a fat *L*
Nick Sacco
Nick Sacco:
How tf did wilt score 100 points
Refund HD
Refund HD:
If we dont pick up Fultz option Kembas welcome here we will have a max slot for him
Julián Suárez
Julián Suárez:
You should put the assits and the rebounds in the thumbnail of all the videos :)
Not even surprised, it was only a matter of time for this dude
Based Angel
Based Angel:
Kemba Giannis and Middleton would be a sick trio
imagine if Kemba was on an actual team
Mahmoud Adel
Mahmoud Adel:
scored sixty and still lost
thats when u know the hornets are trash
l ICE C0LD l
l ICE C0LD l:
For all the people saying he still took an L your 76ers went to OT with a way better roster let that sink in
Captured ByKen
Captured ByKen:
and they still lost ...damn mann
Parker Lamor
Parker Lamor:
Best guard in the east
King Wani
King Wani:
For the love of god magic gets this dude out of Charlotte
Musty Martian
Musty Martian:
Kemba is like, dam, I gave the 76ers sixty and we still lost. Time to go, lmao.
Joey Hager
Joey Hager:
This man is never going to get the recognition he deserves.
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez:
He dropped 60 and they still lost Trade him,his talent is being wasted
Zach Rush
Zach Rush:
Kemba don’t deserve this smfh
When is he a unrestricted agent . He need to dip ASAP no Rocky
Paris Watson
Paris Watson:
Is it me or does Kemba Walker look likes Terrence Bud Crawford
Help me
Help me:
Kemba and Batum both combined for 60 tonight
And he still loss! Jimmy buckets 🔥
Aes Sedai
Aes Sedai:
wtf this highlight doesn't include every scoring at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michael lewis
michael lewis:
Reminds me of when Kemba was at UConn.
Chirayu Desai
Chirayu Desai:
Youve gotta be kidding me💀
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang:
I wonder how many people have him on their Fantasy Sports Lineup
Fadli _
Fadli _:
76ers vs kemba
Lebron James
Lebron James:
Kemba is the 🐐 but he needs to request a trade

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