Kemba Walker should sign with the Celtics - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby break down the decision facing Kemba Walker in 2019 NBA free agency, in which he could join Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis on the Dallas Mavericks, sign to play alongside Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown on the Boston Celtics, or stay with the Charlotte Hornets and get more money. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN+ ✔ Get the ESPN App: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: Exclusive interviews with Rachel Nichols Stephen A. Smith on ESPN ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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Charlotte failed Kemba. Just look at their draft history since drafting Kemba in 2011.

2011: Drafted Tobias Harris then traded his rights for Bismack Biyombo because they thought that a 6ft.9 Biyombo would eventually grow to 7ft. 8 years later Biyombo is still 6ft.9

2012: Drafted Michael Kidd-Gilchrist over Bradley Beal.

2013: Drafted Cody Zeller at #4 over CJ McCollum. 2013 was weak at the top. The stars of this class (Greek Freak, Gobert) were drafted outside the lottery. Charlotte can be excused of making a mistake here. However, offering Zeller a 4year $55million contract in 2016 was confusing.

2014: Drafted Noah Vonleh over Zach Lavine, Gary Harris, Jusuf Nurkic, Dario Saric. Vonleh only spent 1 year in Charlotte before he was traded to Portand for Nicholas Batum. Hornets would end up giving Batum the worst contract in the NBA at 5 years  $120million.

2015: With Justice Winslow being the best player avaliable on the board, Charlotte were on the clock and Miami were the next to pick. Boston offered Charlotte 4 1st round picks to jump ahead of Miami and draft Winslow. Charlotte rejected that offer and drafted Frank Kaminsky instead. Kaminksy was drafted over Winslow, Myles Turner and Devin Booker.

2017: Drafted Malik Monk over Donovan Mitchell. Despite then coach Steve Clifford support of Mitchell, he was overruled by management who wanted Monk.

2018: Drafted Miles Bridges. Bridges showed alot of flashes and potential during his rookie year. It seems as though Charlotte finally have a hit after   6 years of misses.

Michael Jordan is either surrounded by yes men or just terrible decision maker. Either way they have failed Kemba.

Mitch Kupchak has made some solid moves since his hire in 2018 but the Hornets do not have much flexibility to make splashes to help Kemba. This is because the decisions of their past is limiting their flexibility. The Batum contract ($25m), other terrible contracts and the draft misses still on the books that earn $10 million plus. (Zeller,MKG,Marvin Williams,Biyombo.)
law is here
law is here:
From Kyrie to Kemba.🤔

At least Kemba's not a locker room cancer.

Sign me up!
TF you lookin at
TF you lookin at:
Damn celtics have been point guard rich for the last 10 years going from Rondo to Isaiah to kyrie and now prob to Kemba sheesh
Taco Badger
Taco Badger:
Kyrie was the problem in Boston, constantly running his mouth to the media and cutting down his teammates while acting like some basketball messiah. Its come out that he was a diva in Cleveland and in Boston. His teammates have said as much, the Nets have already stated that they don't want him without KD. I'll take an elite guard that is coachable over some fake woke diva any day. Bring on Kemba go Celtics.
Varun Srivastava
Varun Srivastava:
Kemba in Boston will be like IT, except with Tatum, Brown, Smart, Hayward instead of Bradley, Crowder, Horford and Johnson
Afnaan Syed
Afnaan Syed:
As a Celtics fan facing the possibility of losing our two best players, yes please!
Marlavine 35
Marlavine 35:
This is not The Jump lol
Celtics Chick
Celtics Chick:
Lavar BaLL
Lavar BaLL:
Kemba + Wonderboy + Tingus Pingus 💯
Jalen blinks too much. Hard to watch.
TTV Hryan6
TTV Hryan6:
Come to Celtics baby ☘️☘️
Kemba should leave that poverty franchise
CrabApple Jones Jr.
CrabApple Jones Jr.:
When i play 2k Kemba always goes to Boston so go to the Celtics Kemba!!!
Jon hoge
Jon hoge:
Think about Kemba's legacy if he goes to Boston and does what Kyrie couldn't. We know he can put up numbers on a bad team. If he can be a leader on a good team, even if he has to sacrifice a few stats, his stock in this league will skyrocket
Ray Ray
Ray Ray:
Don’t tell another player where to sign to let him make his own decision pls
Wally Celtic
Wally Celtic:
After what Jalen said I like him. Of course I'm a celtic fan.😂🇵🇷 I saw two of the three games that we played with charlotte and Kemba was game.
Big Mike
Big Mike:
Kemba is one of the last of his kind. In many ways, he’s a throwback player from days gone by. He’s giving Charlotte every chance to do what is necessary to keep him there, even possibly taking less money in order for the “TEAM” to have the added cap room to make moves to bring in talent

That’s something that you don’t see anymore from players.
Everyone wants to join forces with max deals and get easy rings, and at the end of the day, most of these type players still have 💩legacies
Max is slowly influencing Jalen
Héctor Vega
Héctor Vega:
Go with the most popular team in a weaker conference... 🙄
No one wants to come to Dallas 😒
Mr. Hall
Mr. Hall:
Dat Mavericks move would be lit
H B:
9 pts and 3 assists per game. Please lets stop talking about rozier getting an offer sheet of more than 20m per year.
Thank you
T.E. V.
T.E. V.:
Kemba goes west and he never makes an All Star team. He seems like the type to stick with his team.
Mike J.
Mike J.:
Kemba is the perfect teammate!!!!
derrick couts
derrick couts:
I hope he joins a good team! He doesn't get the credit he deserve! Charlotte needs to give him MAX CONTRACT OR ELSE HE NEEDS TO GET THE HELL ON!
Between Tatum’s need to develop and Hayward still being introduced into the lineup I’d suggest Kemba stay in Charlottes since he won’t get good play. Not everyone will go down as an all time great and Kemba is just another good not great player Stay and get the Max or close to it
Mike J.
Mike J.:
great players don't usually make great coaches or now you can say OWNERS
Eddie Everything
Eddie Everything:
Kemba is like a mix of Kyrie without attitude and taller Isaiah Thomas
Kemba the perfect fit for the Celtics
John g.
John g.:
Nope why sign a lesser version of what just left .
Wave da Breaker
Wave da Breaker:
Kemba would best fit to mavs
Flossy B
Flossy B:
Jay Burnham
Jay Burnham:
I'd easily go to Dallas for a PG and I was way ahead of the media on it... There running the Luka System so as a PG you can chill and pick your spots. Some of these guards would benefit by doing less.
Alan KS
Alan KS:
it'd be another 'good on the paper' type of roster again.
mavs need to sign pat bev
Hypanic HD
Hypanic HD:
Realize how much jalen rose is blinking
Pyroman /
Pyroman /:
Sucks qualifying for a supermax on a team that isn't going pay for the supermax anyways hard for one of the smallest markets to pay a supermax
Emanuel Castillo
Emanuel Castillo:
Why? So when they underperform again they can blame him ?
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon:
If he ignores how Boston treated and blamed IT and Kyrie he is doomed
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316:
Preferably, but the Mavs aren't too bad either
WAIT A MINUTE! I Thought the Lakers were getting Kemba? As well as Kyrie, KD, Kawhi, Klay, Cousins, Butler, Tobias Harris, Nikola Vucecic, Al Horford...
braymax plays52
braymax plays52:
Damn...y is Jalen blinking so much....hmmm
nathalie floreal
nathalie floreal:
Kemba save yourself from the blame. When those overrated young players don't show up they would blame you Kemba. They say your a nice guy now but just wait till you play in a ego driven team. Kyrie is gone now so when the same shit happens next year who would they blame
Brian Astro
Brian Astro:
Not the jump
Joel Kinqq
Joel Kinqq:
Can someone help me really quick ? I thought former NBA players aren't allowed to wote for the all NBA team, mvp etc. How is it that Jaylen was allowed to ?
would not max pgs
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
Brogdon over Kemba
I wish he’d come to Boston But I don’t see him leaving Charlotte
David Rupert
David Rupert:
Ppl don’t understand how central Kenya is to the hornets. Hornets gonna suck if he leaves cbarlotte
Bruh you always secure the bag. I dont give a damn about a championship ring I'll buy one that says I WON AT LIFE!!!
mm mm
mm mm:
who the hell is Jacoby lol
You are a Prophet LOL
Jamey Cassady
Jamey Cassady:
Kemba on the Mavs would be really fun to watch and would work perfectly.
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse:
he'd be soo cold with the mavs bruh.
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia:
Go get that ring
Shamrock Kev
Shamrock Kev:
Dallas had Dennis Smith Jr. and let him go because they wanted the offense to run through Luka what's all this want for another ball dominant point all of a sudden also I think Kemba should stay in Charlotte specially if they give him a solid roster but maybe find a winner elsewhere idk if Boston is the right fit unless he like really want's to be there.
Reginald Jeanmarie
Reginald Jeanmarie:
A combination of Celtic pride and Kemba’s ferocity and skill set has awesomeness written all over it.
J Newsome
J Newsome:
If he went to Boston they would have to rely on Robert Williams and tacko falls🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Musty Martian
Musty Martian:
Kemba should go to the 76ers. That would be crazy.
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders:
Charlotte is doing nothing for Kemba. He's been there for years and has no been winning. Boston is a winning team.
take the money, then ask for a trade
Jay T
Jay T:
So they can say kemba isn’t a leader.... he good.
Celtics r in the East and have been a playoff team, no brainer (but if I wanna be illogical tht Mavs team would be funnnnnnnn)
ReVo's Residence
ReVo's Residence:
If he goes to the Mavs, they become contenders
Jacobys nose is insane tho lmao
Big Mike
Big Mike:
Im from NC, and Charlotte doesn’t deserve Kemba. I hope he stays, but they haven’t exactly hit any home runs in the draft to show Kemba that they have a plan in place
“No one wants to sign with Boston”
James Marshall
James Marshall:
Fine Jalen right now
Maryann Hemphill
Maryann Hemphill:
either you're building around Brown and Tatum or you're not if you are going to build around them then build around them do not bring in another guard that's going to take more shots than they will because he's more developed and he's more confident in his game because it will only lead to what just happened with Kyrie Irving regardless of what people believe shot 54% from the field Kemba is the same style guard less accurate shot 43% from the field streaky with no playoff experience . That ain't going to work why even put him in the frying pan to be ridiculed for his style of play like the Celtics wouldn't know what they were getting into again.
Jamario Stevens
Jamario Stevens:
Kemba and Nikola Vucevic should join the Celtics
Sign and trade to Boston why leave 50 million on the table
Moncia Griffin
Moncia Griffin:
Kd should sign to celtics👀
Ha Kai
Ha Kai:
Tf u got TheJump logo for?
Yeah kemba should take less money to not get anywhere near a championship in boston smh.
kemba should stay in the east and get as much money as he can

and btw lol this is some interesting cross-branding going on
Charles T.
Charles T.:
Hell yea!!!! Kemba is exactly what Boston needs!! But he should get his money 💰 first then go!!!!
Phanuel Laurent
Phanuel Laurent:
Take the money
Brescias19 •
Brescias19 •:
Celtics Fan
Celtics Fan:
Jalen Rose blinks so much anyone else realize?
The Pride of London
The Pride of London:
BIG FACTS !! The grass is always greener 🍀 😏 come to the Celtics .. we need a BLUE COLLAR star on an already good team ..( even with horford /rozier/Kyrie more than likely leaving ) .. We would embrace you
Noooooo! Kemba don't leave us...but i definitely understand if u did.😢
salva segarra
salva segarra:
He is 29, if he wants a shot at winning the championship in the next 3-4 years he has to go the Celtics.
Hopefully Kemba isn't listening to any of you fools.
Julian Jefferies
Julian Jefferies:
If Kemba gives up his super max offer to go to a city and state allegedly dripping with extreme racial issues. He's the stupidest basketball player ever.
M 0C
M 0C:
Antus Keith
Antus Keith:
Michael Jordan needs to sell the Team. He's not been able to make a small market team get into the mix....PLUS Jordan ain't gonna give that supermax
Nader Bourham
Nader Bourham:
Ewww i've been avoiding all the jump videos and anything rachel nichols only to get to see her in the end.. ewww
Don’t worry. There hasn’t been one Af Am max, or near max, player to ever sign with Bos as a free agent. It’s not happening. Horford was Dominican but many folks in Bos think that’s the same as Af Am and that’s the issue. Never been a problem with the Celtics it’s many of the fans and people....I went to school up there. Also, the players do remember what the Celtics did to I.T.
Big Mike
Big Mike:
Don’t get it twisted, ALL NBA PLAYERS are awesome. But there are levels to this 💩⚠️

Even the guy at the end of the bench was a superstar some time or another, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the nba period.
Charlotte needs some all star drafts
obese beast
obese beast:
Kemba to pacers would be a better move in my opinion. If you join celtics, you're banking on jaylen brown and tatum to improve to be a possible maybe a 4 seed but in indiana with oladipo back and turner and domas improving, thats a team that could be a third or even second seed if the chemistry clicked
the business handler
the business handler:
Kemba>Kyrie I wonder if Kyrie will stay if Kenna comes. They would play well together kyries better at the 2
East End Dayton
East End Dayton:
Kemba would be an upgrade from Kyrie. Kembas never had good players around him. Kyrie had a squad last year and choked.

Kembas a much better defender too
Shawn Chia
Shawn Chia:
Kemba to the Mavs is very interesting. I like that mix.
Angelo Walker
Angelo Walker:
He goes to Dallas, he wins.
He goes to Boston? He has a chance to at some point. Especially on the East.

Jalen said this almost word for word. What a waste of a comment.

New prediction Charlotte gets a chip in the next 2 years
nyghtryder 3
nyghtryder 3:
Why would he want to join that dumpster fire lol I hope he stays with us in Charlotte
The Family
The Family:
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill:
First view!!!!

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