Kemba Walker on the Mavericks, not the Celtics, would be a better fit - Matt Barnes | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Matt Barnes discuss a report from Adrian Wojnarowski that the Boston Celtics have emerged as the front-runner to sign Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker in 2019 NBA free agency, amid interest from the likes of the Dallas Mavericks and more. #TheJump ✔ Subscribe to ESPN+ ✔ Get the ESPN App: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: Exclusive interviews with Rachel Nichols Stephen A. Smith on ESPN ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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Jamario Stevens
Jamario Stevens:
Kemba is a humble and unselfish player. I think he can play with anybody
Vsxu Grixh
Vsxu Grixh:
I'm just here to see how many words my man Matt can get out without taking a breath
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
Listen to Matt bench depth and good role players play a huge part in winning championships
Austin Downey
Austin Downey:
I would love to see Kemba with Luka and KP. People underestimate how good they could be.
Matt Barnes is a spectacular analyst. Ramona not so much, Ryan H not so much, Paul Pierce not so much, Perk is cool.

Rachel needs to burn tho
Julio Castro
Julio Castro:
Matt Barnes is great analyst! He knows what hes talking about.
Rotimi Oyemade
Rotimi Oyemade:
Dude said "Van Pleet" 😭😭😭
Terran the Black
Terran the Black:
Hearing Matt Barnes say “I like Dallas” is just weird to me. He gave my mavs extreme heart burn for years. I agree with him
Robert Lennig
Robert Lennig:
Matt Barnes is ten fold correct the Mavs need him kemba is five times better then great jj bearra it would help them with luka
The "U" In Super:
Matt Barnes is a spectacular analyst! Please keep him and not RYAN HOLLINS or The Truth( truth is dwade is wayyyyy better)
Matt The Knicks Fan
Matt The Knicks Fan:
if im the mavericks im throwing the *BAG* at brogdon, not kemba. brogdon is bigger, a better defender, shooter AND can play/has experience playing offball. perfect next to luka
Kemba deserves to be on a winning team. It’s that simple
Magic Man
Magic Man:
Mavs are the best option for him.
Mavs might sneak in the playoffs next season 👀
Matt Barnes be high af on these shows 💨😂
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett:
*Kemba, Luka & KP? Definitely could win 50+ games & be a tough matchup in the playoffs*
Capitan Chorrizo
Capitan Chorrizo:
The mavs should sign goran dragic to play alongside Luca. They’ve already won the European championship. They have chemistry and know how to play together. Plus dragic is a great scorer
Nelson Housos
Nelson Housos:
Kemba would be pretty dope on the Mavs 🔥👌
Chivv Sensei
Chivv Sensei:
I think Mavs should prioritize depth or shooting not a high volume pg, cuz you got Luka and he is basically like James Harden
He leads the offense with his ball handling.
So I just don't see it
A B:
I really think the best fit at that other guard position is Patrick Beverly. He’s a great defensive player and doesn’t need the ball in his hands on offense all while shooting a solid 38 percent from deep in his career
Dennis Galabo
Dennis Galabo:
I died with Barnes' reaction when Ramona said Hornets are trying to make the playoffs. Savage MOFO!! Haha!
Hornets ain't trying to do shit.. most least competitive team in the NBA.
Melanated God
Melanated God:
If my Mavs pull this off....I'll cry lol.
Jordan is the second-worst owner in the NBA. The OBVIOUS move was to trade Kemba at the deadline. You cannot win with that core. Rebuilding was the correct choice.
Dominicano 0069
Dominicano 0069:
Shut up!!! Kemba to Celtics☘️☘️☘️🔥🔥🔥
Did Ramona just say "I'm even smaller than you?!" 🤔
Shordy in the black jacket built like a ladybug
Kemba should go to dallas. We all saw a superstar like Kyrie go to the Celtics and we know how that turned out if Kemba goes to Boston it'll just be another kyrie situation.
Tim Zahler
Tim Zahler:
I bet Rachael gives hella dome
plantec smiths
plantec smiths:
Doncic already a pg ....
Tommy Canlas
Tommy Canlas:
Kemba fits best with the Mavs he’s not a 1st or 2nd option on a championship team especially at his size.
1. Luka
2. KP
3. Kemba
Would be the pecking order and Kemba needs to understand that if he does choose the Mavs .

Also I do not want Kemba handling the ball it should be 50/50 with Luka and Kemba
kemba gonna be better than IT on celtics
Creed Master
Creed Master:
Kemba go to the mavs, along side with luka and Kristaps
Jermaine Williams
Jermaine Williams:
Free kemba walker somebody please Cough*Milwaukee*
Abhi Menon
Abhi Menon:
nah let doncic run the team
K Hardy
K Hardy:
I think they should just sign Patrick Beverly & Tobias Harris. Trade Tim Hardaway Jr. for a quality role player and 2 future round draft picks.
Y Not
Y Not:
🤔IT'S Kemba's time to shine.💯
Daniel Miranda
Daniel Miranda:
Love Matt’s takes but the “Van Pleet” got me dead 💀😂
H B:
Sorry, gsw have a big 5 and andre iguodala off the bench and shaun livingston. thx
Dennis Brooks
Dennis Brooks:
The hate for the Celtics is real . nobody wants anybody to go there 🤣🤣🤣🤣
That guy who is banging Ayesha Curry
That guy who is banging Ayesha Curry:
Kemba to Dallas would be nice to see
ROCKETS(jimmy) vs Celtics(kemba) 2020 NBA FINALS. HTOWN IN 6 🏆🏆🏆
Jimmy Lopez
Jimmy Lopez:
Missing the playoffs would be a better fit🤔🤔🤔
The Hornets might be ready to max out Kemba, but not to supermax him
- 23
- 23:
These NBA guys...

Yeah let your rising star ,who is a Point Guard for your team , play off the ball...

Just like idiots tought that DSJ and Luka are a good fit smh..
A’R Steelo
A’R Steelo:
If kemba leaves we gonna be the worst team with no star 😂😂😂😂
Nick Lee
Nick Lee:
hopefully jordan can do one thing right by keeping kemba
Dylan Rademacher
Dylan Rademacher:
Kemba on the Mavericks would be nice he would fit in very well and think they could be a good playoff team with him in a few years
Van Ranque
Van Ranque:
Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher in the Same Table Please.......
The Jump...... to Adultery
Nick Owen
Nick Owen:
Kemba and luka would be crazy to see whichever person doesn’t get double teamed is hitting the 3.
Jack Salonsky
Jack Salonsky:
I couldn't disagree more.. Doncic needs the ball in his hands.
Kemba to the Mavs is a championship coming
Jorje Wins
Jorje Wins:
We were getting offered first round draft picks for kemba and now he will leave for nothing
D J:
Kemba and Luka would be like a young Bron/Kyrie
but see if you have "big 3" then you have the luxury to rest one every now and then, and still come out on top, if you have 1 super star and a good bench you cant afford to rest your superstar, look what happened to OKC and Westbrook, he burnt out getting them triple doubles.
Tevin Jones
Tevin Jones:
Aha you think your gonna replace Kyrie a champion with 5'10 kemba😂😂 and your worried about who your replacing Al Horford. Listen Horford is a good player but he isn't a great player he wouldnt even be an all-star in the west. You win with superstars there's been what 2 teams in NBA history to win without a superstar you got the lakers try to build the greatest team of all time with lebron ad and Kawhi and then if that happens kd would actually be stupid if he leaves the warriors so still got that amazingly great team but hey the Celtics got kemba😂😂😂😂 I wonder why the lakers have 10 championships in the modern era of basketball and the Celtics have like 4
Intellectual Black King
Intellectual Black King:
Kendrick and Matt need a show I would watch them talk basketball. But they both kinda laid back so maybe pair them with someone a little high strung like Stephen A or Shannon Sharpe.
Knicks should get Kemba. He's from the city and we would love to have him here with our younger players.
Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez:
If kemba goes to the Mavs the Mavs will definitely be alright playoff contenders
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze:
MJ still needs some Naphcon A or Visine.
Can somebody help me out and tell me what beat that was in the beginning? 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Edit: 00:04

Edit 2: I got it y''all. Its caterpillar how could I forget 🤦🏼‍♂️
Luis Morales
Luis Morales:
FALSE, what are you going to do with luka doncic and don’t tell me your putting him at small forward
Kemba is staying with Charlotte
Jose Morales
Jose Morales:
Luka is better than any other player on the Celtics roster
Jarvis Juice Landry
Jarvis Juice Landry:
Who’s here after Kemba verbally signed with Boston
I really think they should get DLo instead. Nice young core moving forward . Tatum, J Brown and DLo
Mavs don't have any rim protection. They need a big man. KP is fragile
Celtics should try acquire Rajon Rondo if the want to put the focus on their others "stars".
Rafi Latif
Rafi Latif:
Kemba to the Pistons
Juniorii Jr
Juniorii Jr:
Kemba is one of the most underrated players in the league
So Hortford is going to the Clippers with Kawhi? 🤔
Kemba on the Celtics is an immediate upgrade from Kyrie. Basketball is more than acquiring better talent. Its about chemistry. Kemba will fit right in
Ben Weagle
Ben Weagle:
I disagree here. Luka needs the ball. Kemba is the one piece a playoff contender needs. He fits right in with Boston and Brad Stevens.
Water tentacion
Water tentacion:
Already signed with the Celtics
monblanc noland
monblanc noland:
Let's not forget matt barnes drove 90 miles to give Derek Fisher the fuking work hhahaha
I'm not entirely sure why analysts keep saying a team full of primary ball handlers will work. You want the ball in Luka's hands pretty much at all times.
Paquette Stephen Brett
Paquette Stephen Brett:
Celtics need Tobias or Randle with kemba
Tomislav Nikolić
Tomislav Nikolić:
Kemba would just take the ball away from luka.
He needs a secondary creator, not for him to be the second creator.
Jesse Alexander
Jesse Alexander:
Knicks should do short term deals with C+ & B- players:
3 years Julius Randle (45 mil) (team Option)
2 Years Pat Beverley (26 mil) (team option)
2 years Danny Green (20 mil) (team option)

With the remaining money see if it is worth signing a max
The Mavs are just fine at PG to say the least. They should be alot more interested in Jimmy Butler.
Classic Drip Rob
Classic Drip Rob:
It's sad the GOAT Owns A team that Can't make the Playoffs 😏
Master Jedi
Master Jedi:
They should have Matt Barnes on more often. Articulate and great points. Great player in his day as well.
Reg Jones
Reg Jones:
I have no idea why these guys don’t want to come to Dallas? Great city and incredible women (for athletes, that is)!
Krucifer 420
Krucifer 420:
If CHA let’s kemba go they’ll be the worst team in the league next yr so they’re just tryna get that high draft pick so they can draft kwami brown jr
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller:
Lmao Luka is literally their point guard. This doesn't make any sense.
Jay Heo
Jay Heo:
"admirable" damn savage
Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson:
The Mavs have Trey Burke. Dude is playing good ball......on the cheap.
Dmav 27
Dmav 27:
Mavs have been linked to kemba for months, and like 2 days ago because Boston is now involved due to kyrie mess, we get somehow ignored by a free agent yet again, guess it’s better to go to Boston and be the next IT, or kyrie and I can’t figure out why guys wouldnt wanna come to Dallas but they want the Celtics, so they can get burned, or they wanna go to LA to enjoy one more year of a good lebron and no bench whatsoever
I knew Kemba leaving would happen sooner or later
DeNiro JuarEz
DeNiro JuarEz:
As a MFFL .I have to say No to this . We need Defense Defense & Rebounds Rebounds first .
Daniel  Dominguez
Daniel Dominguez:
Celtics should just resign IT at this point.
Ramona is going to go to HR because Matt Barnes touched her shoulder.
Mike M
Mike M:
Celtics should keep Rozier and Morris. Never mind these little jump shooters.
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic:
No just,Doncic is a ball hog and Kemba also likes being ball dominant,wouldnt work!
kayvon jefferson
kayvon jefferson:
Thank you Ramona, we spend all that money on Kemba who is a very good player but now we don't have no starting caliber Center or PF
Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson:
PLEASE, Kemba come to the Mavericks!!!
Kemba on the clippers would be better lou williams and kemba walker. Starr walkee keep William's on the bench could be a champion team my opinion
Matt Barnes should be on every ESPN show for now on
gribble of the sand
gribble of the sand:
The mavs don’t want any non white player! Jk

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