Kemba Walker Follows Up His 60 Point Performance with 43 POINTS | November 19, 2018

Just two days after scoring 60, Kemba Walker erupts for 43 PTS (21 in the 4th) to lift the Charlotte Hornets over the Boston Celtics 117-112. Which players owned the night? Catch up on all the top individual performances around the league in the Top Performers series. Subscribe to the NBA: For news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at Get NBA LEAGUE PASS:

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Ramen Struggle
Ramen Struggle:
Hornets need to get another star, kemba deserves a chance to make it to the finals
Michael 🐐 Jordan is not letting Kemba go.
Edit: unless he gambles him away
duce Kong
duce Kong:
These last two games are looking like that NCAA Championship run
kgn 20
kgn 20:
Like the way he expressed himself in the interview by remaining humble n giving the one above praise
w j
w j:
Captain Rogers
Captain Rogers:
MVP MVP MVP MV..... is it just me oh well 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Will always be underlooked smh
TheWhite Howard
TheWhite Howard:
Best PG in the East right now
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia:
I genuinely think kemba is happy being on the Hornets
Thouxanband Swavy
Thouxanband Swavy:
Kemba cold asf, top 5 pg in the league rn 🙌🏾
Sufyman 905
Sufyman 905:
My top 5 point guards:
Stephen Curry
Kemba Walker
Russell Westbrook
Kyrie Irving
Damian Lillard and Kyle Lowry (tied)
Mr.Sauceman X
Mr.Sauceman X:
Kemba needs to take his talent somewhere relevant.
Kemba improves his 3s alot this season
kgn 20
kgn 20:
Totally showed up against kyrie tonight he's playing at mvp level and being slept on
The Blade Jimster
The Blade Jimster:
Whos playing the my league games on rookie
Will Christenbury
Will Christenbury:
Triston Wilson
Triston Wilson:
He's in Boston now
Guitah Amir
Guitah Amir:
why does he remind me of drose so much
All NBA First Team forsure he’s tryna get that MVP
Joseph M.
Joseph M.:
Kamba needs another star to help him out, he’s been doing everything for charlotte
_ iAnonymous! _
_ iAnonymous! _:
Omg Kemba needs to go somewhere else. He too good🔥💪🏻💯
Ta'Shawn Ellison
Ta'Shawn Ellison:
One of the most underrated player
D Swervin
D Swervin:
Kemba🔥🔥 btw first
Dominic Gonzalez
Dominic Gonzalez:
Kemba is doing so much for our city. MJ needs to bring us another star and decent player so we can contend
Lucas G
Lucas G:
Kemba wants to get his 2K overall up lol 😂
Sholo BC
Sholo BC:
Kemba Walker MVP 2019
Recuerdenlo 23.11.18 5.45pm 🏀 💪
Kemba Walker MVP 2019
Remember 23.11.18 5.45pm 🏀 💪
Dominic DiNinno
Dominic DiNinno:
Smooth moves👌
Makhi Taylor
Makhi Taylor:
Kemba got on some lucky 'like mike' type of jordans, he had on the same ones in his 60-point game.
Digital Gravity
Digital Gravity:
How come I never seen crowds chanting “underrated” but “overrated” only. This dude is so underrated and people need to put respect on his game more smh
Onur Aslan
Onur Aslan:
Kemba: I'm just playing basketball.
Triston Wilson
Triston Wilson:
How come the media never talks about Kemba? The dude has been ballin these last couple of seasons. He hit 60 the other night and now 43....amazing! I understand that the Hornets aren't a premiere team and they're not winning alot right now but give Kemba some props. It's like all the media talks about is Lebron, KD, Steph, CP3, Draymond, John Wall..etc. Those guys aren't the only great players in the league. Not to mention Kemba is 2nd in the league in scoring behind Lebron.
Kemba talks.
Armedas WorkShops
Armedas WorkShops:
Most improved already great player
Langston Galloway
Langston Galloway:
Kemba should come here to Detroit. Trade him for Reggie Jackson and a pick or something
Abdu Om.
Abdu Om.:
Kemba killing it!--
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia:
He’s putting the team on his back...
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid:
No one will mention how he spoke on his belief in GOD though.
MaGe Miralles
MaGe Miralles:
Ok Kemba, we see you.
Lil Drezzy
Lil Drezzy:
Abel Munoz
Abel Munoz:
King Anthony
King Anthony:
Kemba been tuff.
Hugo N
Hugo N:
Kyrie might be salty again tonight
Prodigy Sl
Prodigy Sl:
60 points and i have NEVER heard of this dude??? DAAAMNNN. I gotta start follow hornets game
celtics need to break ther team up
Brocolli Macarole
Brocolli Macarole:
Charlotte might be wasting Kemba's prime but Kemba 43 against my Celtics? Respect man
Played out hella good.
Hassan Baig
Hassan Baig:
top 5 point guards in my opinion
stephen curry
kemba walker
kyrie irving
damian lillard
russell westbrook
Illuminati Mr.
Illuminati Mr.:
thomas wilson
thomas wilson:
Connor Mead
Connor Mead:
Come to philly and be the new AI
Munoken 23
Munoken 23:
Kemba putting the Nba on notice
Victor D' Great
Victor D' Great:
Kemba for M.V.P
Abel Munoz
Abel Munoz:
And third
Nunca Desista
Nunca Desista:
Kemba 4 MVP
Alex McLellan
Alex McLellan:
Kyrie can’t guard Kemba or really any pg
Matthew 2700
Matthew 2700:
Muniko Muniko
Muniko Muniko:
Instant click
Actually a god
J Stiles
J Stiles:
Kemba is PG of the east and then kryknees
Osagyefo Agor
Osagyefo Agor:
aton pamintuan
aton pamintuan:
easy basketball means........"kemba"
Jean O
Jean O:
Lakers big 5:
Mark 2909
Mark 2909:
As celtics fan they need to trade hayward for melo
Nhia Lo
Nhia Lo:
Kemba is so underrated.
John doue Quebec
John doue Quebec:
he really should get traded for real wasting his prime
Abel Munoz
Abel Munoz:
Michael Cutruzzola
Michael Cutruzzola:
He is a hooper
calvin chia
calvin chia:
There 8-8 so they str8
OzMo410 Nothing But Factz
OzMo410 Nothing But Factz:
Stay in Charlotte keep balling and show these goofys team hopping is for the birds.
Homeless to Greatness
Homeless to Greatness:
Don't get injured tho.
Bit Ray
Bit Ray:
Cool 🏖🌴😎🍍🍹👍
dont ever compare kd to kemba again, that would be an disgrace.
james deroc
james deroc:
hayward said after the game , our whole game plan was to stop the guy and he still gets 43 . .
Pete Eisan
Pete Eisan:
Can we please bring defense back to the NBA?
Kheidy Jave Dorado
Kheidy Jave Dorado:
kemba the imba
R G:
Pixelated Dreams
Pixelated Dreams:
We're living in the golden era of Basketball people.
Jeremiah Bacsafra
Jeremiah Bacsafra:
He playing like he’s asking for help or to be traded to a better organization.
Morgan Hart
Morgan Hart:
Reminding me of 2011 Huskies Kemba...just TAKES OVER!!! He did this in the national championship...This is CARDIAC KEMBA, ladies and gentlemen
redsahx 64
redsahx 64:
I'm a Celtics fan but damn it's fun watching Kemba play. I think we're looking at the most improved player.
josh hann gwapitos
josh hann gwapitos:
Enjoy Kemba while Curry is out.
Fultz and a first for kemba
Delbert Grady
Delbert Grady:
Ben Gordon 2.0

(That’s not a bad thing)
Elisha lee
Elisha lee:
Sixers beat hornets at home, celtics lose to Hornets at home. Sixers>celtics? I wish lol
Rootless AK
Rootless AK:
00:53 Definitely not a foul smh. They need to go ahead and make some refbots already
Farid Isham
Farid Isham:
Rap Citii
Rap Citii:
Plz come to the knicks
Buckets 101
Buckets 101:
Kemba is top 3 point guard in the nba, hands down.
Dam/Russ(kyrie is still too inconsistent imo)
charlie Wilson
charlie Wilson:
Dang, I was early this time, lol. 48 views and 62 likes, good job YouTube.
Jake Celestial
Jake Celestial:
Get Drummond. #Huskies
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
He is wasting his talents there. if he was somewhere else he could be a mvp candidate
Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards:
Kemba making a statement. He’s leading the league in scoring. He’s trying to prove he’s worth the max and he deserves it.
patrick santino
patrick santino:
lakers can trade lonzo for kemba n they can win a ring
Fatih Aslan
Fatih Aslan:
Better than Westbrook.