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Hunter Mize
Hunter Mize:
Noti gang love u Matt no homo
owen mcknight
owen mcknight:
say bye to Mirotic ]: 1 like =1 prayer for him to play good at Barcelona
Thomas Simpson
Thomas Simpson:
Please do a what if the raptors accepted the harden for valanciunas trade back in 2012. I’ve been asking for this for over 4 months now. Please Matt.
Abdel Nader
Abdel Nader:
Celtics went from contending to rebuilding to contendingish in like a month
Fantasy Football Now - FFN
Fantasy Football Now - FFN:
Do a Hornets rebuild without Kemba where you can't sign a FA above 83 (making it realistic since nobody going to Charlotte anytime soon)
Nikola Andrejic
Nikola Andrejic:
Thank you Matt. I've been bored all day. CAME IN CLUTCH
Aaron Benny
Aaron Benny:
The Celtics are going to do better with kemba than with kyrie. Kyrie is just team cancer
Myron Gholson
Myron Gholson:
Great video...but the Memphis pick is Top 6 protected in 2020 then unprotected in 2021
Loren Aguila
Loren Aguila:
How did ben simmons was in grizzles and they defeat the celtics, that's not fair.
Johnny Schwa
Johnny Schwa:
Your awesome matt could you also maybe do a keitia bates diop and KAT rebuild
domen matoh
domen matoh:
Can you please do Spurs Luka Samanic rebuild, you know keeping the Spurs tradition with drafting foreign players!🙏🏼
Sam Parker
Sam Parker:
Hey mate love the rebuilds! Good luck doing a realistic post Kemba rebuild in Charlotte! 😭😭 that’ll be a tough one! Keep the rebuilds coming
PDF Datei
PDF Datei:
Please do a what if Steve Nash stayed in Dallas rebuild
This year's free agency is CRAZY!!!
Chris Put Me On
Chris Put Me On:
Unpopular Opinion:
If Kyrie wasnt traded to the celtics they wouldve been better with IT
Evert Kari
Evert Kari:
This was probably the most hype gameplay ever
Devin Booker averaged 27 points and 7 assists this year, he needs to leave phx
Savita Silhi
Savita Silhi:
Kemba will have his best season will average 25 7 4 on 46 37 87 somewhat what isiah did trust me they gonna be in ECF if they trade for Adams
Alexander Jonathan
Alexander Jonathan:
Lin really brought a ring for milwaukee. HMM.
Jack Walker
Jack Walker:
Can you do a no Kemba hornets rebuild
Kirklin Thomas
Kirklin Thomas:
Jimmy Butler sign and trade to Miami/Houstin??
Josh Mishra
Josh Mishra:
Brogdon lamb and Warren pacers rebuild
Aquito Coleman
Aquito Coleman:
Grizz pick is too 6 protected :) next time make sure u got it right my guy
Amer A
Amer A:
Do I hear shopify notifications in the background there? Ahaha
Description: Nba 2k15?
Trisha Woods
Trisha Woods:
You do know you can manual turn on klays and KD injuries even with injuries off right ? it stays the entire season
Vukašin Perišić
Vukašin Perišić:
Next video jimmy butler rockets rebuild
CJ Garcia
CJ Garcia:
To make al horford decline his player option before you go through team/player options change his loyalty to 0 and his financial to 100 then u can change it back to what it was after you go through team/player option
Brad Bunko inch
Brad Bunko inch:
Dafuq u getting so hyped for when Brown dunked 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
Do a what if the Kyrie Irving trade was never completed. Now that the Celtics (most likely) do not have kyrie anymore.
Page Pogi
Page Pogi:
Jimmy Butler Heat rebuild!!!
Kyrie having flashbacks to last season with Celtics while on Pacers in 2K lmao
You should go live when free agency starts
Arby Bell
Arby Bell:
Ya know I’m gonna be on honest idk what to say I’m so early
i am the first one broo!!❤️❤️ really love your content!!!👍👍
John Gerard
John Gerard:
An innocent Matt that doesn't know yet that kd and kyrie signed with the nets
Jaden Bourski
Jaden Bourski:
Hi great video 💪👍🤘
Nikola Djordjevic
Nikola Djordjevic:
KD to the Nets not a good day for Nicks fans.
Bro your rebuild videos are amazing! Keep up the great work! Noti squad
Sweaty_swerv 08
Sweaty_swerv 08:
Matt you are so awesome! You keep posting and working so hard, staying up and being cool. Everyone who sees this sub to sixringsofsteel!
Jason Gura The Mad Republican
Jason Gura The Mad Republican:
Terry Rozier(Hornets)
Kemba Walker(Celtics)
Kylie Irving(Nets)
Are Gone
matt deloatch
matt deloatch:
As a hornets fan I’m pissed. Can’t catch a break but I’m not mad at Kemba at all. Maybe a terry Rozier hornets rebuild🤷🏿‍♂️
Do the jimmy butler and Miami rebuild
Daniel Silets
Daniel Silets:
First, love all your stufg
Benny Carroll
Benny Carroll:
Derrick Rose pistons rebuild but in his youth
Timothy Quirk
Timothy Quirk:
Lets be honest, everyone and their mom are rumored to sign with the Knicks and Lakers.
TC H12
TC H12:
How did you get those exact rosters?
Young Jøshuah
Young Jøshuah:
How dare you bro..
Kemba over kyrie all the way
Alex Scriver
Alex Scriver:
Matt predicted the sign and trade for rozier
Surya Surapaneni
Surya Surapaneni:
Hound And pound
Hound And pound:
#Noti Gang
David Leslie
David Leslie:
ALL THEN DAMN ADS😢 love you man but that’s just bs
bseed05 _
bseed05 _:
Kawhi Going To Lakers
Miles Silver
Miles Silver:
Bruh 4 a sec I thought Kemba was kg on the thumbnail lol
Da Goat
Da Goat:
Power Rankings: 1, 1 and 1

Matt: Stands up to flex his Astroworld hoodie.
Why would okc get rid of Steven Adams wtf
Benjamin Coyle
Benjamin Coyle:
Best Celtics rebuild yet...
Carval Sports
Carval Sports:
bro you're the best youtuber ever Matt much love
owen mcknight
owen mcknight:
bucks will sign Tobias Harris?
Camden Gregware
Camden Gregware:
“GOBERT GETS BLOCKED BY... UH KEMBA” has me dying laughing
Fortnite 003
Fortnite 003:
That would be a great big 3
Mr. Highlights
Mr. Highlights:
Matt u kinda look like Brad Stevens
Gage Watkins
Gage Watkins:
Kd to the nets rebuild
Cashboy_ jpn
Cashboy_ jpn:
Who's here after KD just signed with the nets over the Knicks lmao😂😂😂
Thecanadien sports
Thecanadien sports:
Thx for the video. I was getting bored before your video dropped.
Sros: Gobert gets blocked by Kemba. (Teammate)
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady:
Make a Terry Rozier Hornets rebuild
dope video✏️
Daniel's Perspective
Daniel's Perspective:
You have inspired me to start my own channel bro!!! Keep up the good work
Jan Jaraszek
Jan Jaraszek:
Downgrade? LOL.. Kemba way better leader than Kyrie
Patrick Mattern
Patrick Mattern:
You and Kenny both got Ed Davis
Loren Aguila
Loren Aguila:
Jason Tatum is super man!
Swaggy_Fruit _22
Swaggy_Fruit _22:
How is jaylen brown a offensive threat?!?!? You have no clue what you taking bout. You just ramble
Gavin Christoffersen
Gavin Christoffersen:
The grizzlies pick is top 6 protected, so I don't think you would get they pick.
Johnny 2k
Johnny 2k:
22:35 "And Gobert gets blocked by ahhhh Kemba"
big money swag
big money swag:
Terry Rozier to the Hornets rebuild
Tristen Sanguino
Tristen Sanguino:
All you do is go into the players contract and if they have a player option switch it to none
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety:
Man i would be so happy if they traded hayward for steven adams lol, that's what weve needed
Ronnell Ray
Ronnell Ray:
KD to the nets Rebuild 👀
Its MOODY!!:
You go to edit player go to contracts an take off the player option
Kaab Dawit
Kaab Dawit:
You the best 1st 👍
Zack Stoiko
Zack Stoiko:
Lillard signed extension with Blazers for 4yrs/$196mil with player option on last year for $53mil holllyyyyy
Jackson Zettler
Jackson Zettler:
DO THE WORST SYSTEM PROFICIENCY REBUILD!!!!! so the whole time you have to use the worst proficiency or try to make it as bad as you can love the vids. LIKE SO HE CAN SEE!
Hunter Tacut-Carrero
Hunter Tacut-Carrero:
Not a down grade, I’d take Kemba or Kyrie tbh no disrespect to kyrie still love em
Rafa Yam
Rafa Yam:
2011 Dallas Post Championship rebuild get dirk another ring
James Vaughan
James Vaughan:
Grizzlies pick next year is top 6 protected...
nd irish7
nd irish7:
Kemba is already a better PG than Irving
roee hamuy
roee hamuy:
22:37 lmao gobert gets blocked by kemba i died there
Make a Jazz Bogdonovic, Ed davis Rebuild
Gives up tacko smh
Anna Chackur
Anna Chackur:
Only sign Players wiht age over 30
Kris Garland
Kris Garland:
When cavs were up 3-0 lol 2k being 2k
Kyle Mulkey
Kyle Mulkey:
Would love to see heyward for adams. Okc fan also
Elliot Ng
Elliot Ng:
Anyone agree if the pels trade BI for Micheal Porter Jr, Bol Bol and a first
Celtics Patriots
Celtics Patriots:
Brogdon to ind
Lamb to ind
Kemba ti bos
Rozier to Charlotte
Who is the best hornet besides rozier
Ben Simmons made a three in that series with the grizzles woah
Loris Trotter
Loris Trotter:
Kemba looks like KG in the Thumbnail.
Recon Lui
Recon Lui:
Do a video where you can only pick someone of a letter in their name like a S Ben Simmons
Declan Robertson
Declan Robertson:
Pacers Brogdon rebuild
Chase Montgomery
Chase Montgomery:
If u want to put Al Horford into free agency, lower his loyalty before player/team options and then he will decline it

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