Kelsy Karter - Catch Me If You Can

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alexa Reynoso
alexa Reynoso:
I came to see the girl who tattooed Harry in the face and ended up falling in love with her songs
Guys, if she didn't tattoo her face, would you be listening to her music?

Woman has to promote herself somehow.
Yobaida Moreira
Yobaida Moreira:
Nobody is actually talking about how beautiful she is
Ali A
Ali A:
Why does this remind me of Jade from Victorious?
Dom The Alien
Dom The Alien:
Came here because of the Harry Styles face tattoo stayed for the decent content. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
She played us all well if the tattoo is actually fake and was just a ploy to get all the Harry fans to check her music out lol
Half the views on this video are people trying to figure out who this random artist that got a face tattoo of Harry Styles is.
What Girl
What Girl:
I like this Girl's music. Thank you for bringing harry into this otherwise I wouldn't be here lol
kyleigh frickers
kyleigh frickers:
I ran away with only ten bucks in my pocket
And a twenty thousand ransom for my head
My baby said I didn't take it like you wanted
So I kissed him on the neck and shot him dead
He's such an artist how he'd paint a broken promise
Now he's laying on the floor covered in red
And if I'm honest you're the man to keep him modest
Yeah, he broke me so I had to get revenge
When they come for me, oh, I'll be gone for miles, baby
And I'll think of you this way to your favorite song
When they find me I'll be riding high in style, baby
And I'll look down and I'll say
Catch me if you can
Ooh, I, mmm
Catch me if you can
Oh, he had a face so pretty
Typa smile that makes you dizzy
Uh, it almost took me down, hey
And when it hit me, yeah, he started acting fishy
Bet he wishes he was nicer to me now
Such a composer how he wrote the story for us
But you didn't see this coming, did you now?
And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't crying
But he broke me so I had to take him out
When they come for me, oh, I'll be gone for miles, baby
And I'll think of you this way to your favorite song
When they find me I'll be riding high in style, baby
And I'll look down and I'll say
Catch me if you can
Ooh, I, mmm
Catch me if you can
Ooh, I, mmm
Catch me if you can
It's over now
But I'll see you in another life
Can't catch me now
It's over now
But I'll wait for you up in the sky
It's over now
When they come for me, oh, I'll be gone for miles, baby
And I'll think of you and slay
When they come for me, oh, I'll be gone for miles, baby
And I'll think of you this way to your favorite song
When they find me I'll be riding high in style, baby
And I'll look down and I'll say
Catch me if you can
Ooh, I, mmm
Catch me if you can
Ooh, I, mmm
Catch me if you can
Fairys Honey
Fairys Honey:
Not sure about the face tattoo and song about harry but
she's actually a pretty good artist i surprisingly really love her voice and her vibe and i think most her songs are really catchy and well written
Add Eva
Add Eva:
The band in dresses is such an iconic scene
mayala's world
mayala's world:
She's maybe a bit creepy and acts like a psycho...but her music is really good 😂 I love it...❤️ But I wouldn't be here if she didn't tattooed Harry on her face and wrote a song about him
oliver hyde
oliver hyde:
im a harry stan but wait this is actually a bop 💀
Hannah W
Hannah W:
Here cos of the Harry Styles tattoo...way better than I expected 🤔🤔
Jan US
Jan US:
I'm here for harry styles tatoo 🙊🙈
natalia rodriguez
natalia rodriguez:
Is she on Spotify cause I can’t find her and her songs are really fkn good
Jisy CK
Jisy CK:
It reminds me of some 2000s teenage-emo-pop-rock shit. Anyway, love u 💞
Russell Allen
Russell Allen:
The music is really good.
Bzzzbzzz Bzzbzbzbz
Bzzzbzzz Bzzbzbzbz:
Sooo she got Harry Styles on her face now..
Maria Jullyana
Maria Jullyana:
You're brillant girl. You have a new fan. Wooowww
Christopher Dean Howard
Christopher Dean Howard:
With respect, Ms Karter: I think you're going to deeply, deeply regret the Harry Styles tattoo.
Michael Maughan
Michael Maughan:
Here for the fashion chicken
Funko Popping
Funko Popping:
This song was AMAZING 😍😍 You're officially one of my many rock music inspirations
Grigori Rasputin
Grigori Rasputin:
I love this
you definitely have a new fan
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie:
Hope the tattoo’s fake (I’m sure it is) because her music is actually really good

Also, she looks like the love child of Megan Fox and Lana Del Ray
this was uploaded on my birthday um
i found this from the harry styles thing. it kinda sucks that kelsy is/has been problematic (with harry incident) because this song is a bop and kelsy actually as a good voice.
EDIT i really hope the tattoo and everything is fake and for a publicity stunt because it would be rocking if she wasn’t so problematic
AJ designs
AJ designs:
i love the style of your videos hilarious bout time someone put men in lingerie lol
Hanna Marie
Hanna Marie:
Her voice is good. Can’t say the same about her new face tattoo which I hope is fake #yikes
Danielle Xo
Danielle Xo:
Bet she was an emo scene kid in 2007/08
James Moreland Oliver
James Moreland Oliver:
Kelsy, I'm in South Texas and I'm watching "Daily Blast Live" on t.v. and they're about to do a story on you and your Harry tatt! You're a celebrity! I super-love you and your amazing band. God Bless and keep on kickin' ass!!!
you make such good music!! <3333
Memorizing and a amazing pop song. But I think it lacks the kind of authenticity which made songs like god knows I've tried or out of drugs unique.
The Harry tattoo brought me here i have no idea who she is 😂
Arnold Suarez
Arnold Suarez:
guuuuuuuuurl, you've earned a new fan hereee ♥
I remember the time when women would make a sextape to jumpstart their careers. Now it’s face tattoos I guess.
"Legacies" brought me here! Such a good workout bop.
oh baby that's sad
oh baby that's sad:
her songs are so fucking good i can't even omg
iain snapped with his looks.. whew
Di p
Di p:
Here because of tattoo of Harry on her face and I ‘m happy i saw it. Now I’m in love with her music
sad she had to ruin her face like that
She loves her switchblades and I respect the hell out of her for that
Who else was here before the tattoo. 🤷‍♀️
Love and Peace
Love and Peace:
Love her wish I had her confidence
I got recommended to listen on a buzzfeed quiz 🤷🏽‍♀️
Joe Lynn
Joe Lynn:
Saw her live last night supporting The Struts on tour. I'll be honest... Thought she was fuckin amazing... Talented & good songs. More power to her
Alleigh Bal
Alleigh Bal:
I found this on Spotify and I am so in love with this song.
Alfredo Vázquez
Alfredo Vázquez:
The tattoo didn't give her the attention she deserves, this girl is BRILLIANT and her music is amazing. She's got talent, and deserves waaay waaaaay moreee.
This song is so underrated, it’s so good!
she's insanely beautiful
the music's awesome too
ryu tatsu
ryu tatsu:
Love her voice ... I want to ruin my face with a Tattoo from Kelsy ;D
khanza r
khanza r:
your music is such a bop, keep it up kelsy!!
Sega jennasis
Sega jennasis:
Saw this the first time yesterday afternoon cuz the whole tattoo thing and then heard it on Legacies (spin off of the Originals) last night! Super effing trippy
Ariana Medina
Ariana Medina:
I’m only into this because I’m getting more of Harry’s brand 💆‍♀️🐓
I actually love this!
Fanny Jacquemin
Fanny Jacquemin:
Am I the only one who discovered her through my Spotify recommendations or is everyone just coming from the Harry Styles fake tattoo thing ?
Hipster Potato
Hipster Potato:
the definition of underrated
Mrs Sassa
Mrs Sassa:
This is so good!
JT francis
JT francis:
Never heard of her before the fake face tattoo. Well done!!! I've listened to your music.
Ok but the music is so fuckin good? I love it and ngl i did come from the tattoo stunt but it was such a crazy=genius thing to do to get recognition lmao
Ximena De Loera
Ximena De Loera:
Who is here because of After?😂❤❤✨🌚
Tenley Morgan
Tenley Morgan:
This has to be one of the best... I love your stuff so much Kelsy.
Silvana Paredes
Silvana Paredes:
The dead one remind me a lot of johnny depp.
Julie Spune
Julie Spune:
hearts to Iain Shipp
Ruby Eleazu
Ruby Eleazu:
I love Harry and all but that tattoo was a great business plan and now I’m in love with her music so go Kelsey
You've outdone yourself again Kelsy
Michael Gaertner
Michael Gaertner:
Damn. I'd let Kelsy kill me like the guy in the video
Elizabeth Van Oorschot
Elizabeth Van Oorschot:
Damn this is amazing. love. Love. LOVE
Kataya’s ass
Kataya’s ass:
I love her music and her voice damnn!!💞✨💖
Uni Corn
Uni Corn:
The song's melody gives me vibes from the show "Victorious"
also, hey iain! long time no hey violet drop :(
Styles uwu
Styles uwu:
What a beautiful voice you have
Honeycomb Studios
Honeycomb Studios:
Love this! 😍
k a y '
k a y ':
Her music feels like 2010 and I love it
Alter Ego
Alter Ego:
Never herd of her   if  she  didn't get a tattoo on her face I probley wouldn't have even   watched this  but I do have to admit  she's not  bad in a morbid  kind of  way  but she  needs help lol
Random vids about Js and WDW
Random vids about Js and WDW:
Ima now listen to this song everyday to school now 🥰
José Augusto dos Santos
José Augusto dos Santos:
phoenix colson
phoenix colson:
i love this woman with all my heart 🚀
I love this girl🤧
J R:
It's always a pleasure to receive a notification from this channel
Love her aesthetic so much
saw her live yesterday and i’m now in love
b r e n d i t a xdxd
b r e n d i t a xdxd:
lie to me georgia
lie to me georgia:
im so in love
Kooks Shooks
Kooks Shooks:
Fook. I love this song!
Kiersten Pham
Kiersten Pham:
She reminds me of Mars Argo
Amelia W
Amelia W:
We need this for today's youth, this girl is gunna make rock cool again 🤟
andy routine
andy routine:
When u ruin ur life for 90k veiws
Milagros Ramirez Cabral
Milagros Ramirez Cabral:
Well, the publicity stunt did work bc now im here watching her videos. You gotta admit it, that was a good one
Yes. Very LA rock n' roll. Love it.
Why do I love this so much?
george biel
george biel:
keep making this kind of music you gonna make it
adèle ltg
adèle ltg:
can't get enough of that song
Monica Rosas
Monica Rosas:
🤦🏻‍♀️ Seriously why a Harry Styles tattoo on your face!
jay chamberlin
jay chamberlin:
Zane sent me im glad he did!
Isabella Benavides
Isabella Benavides:
¡Me encantó!
Farida Shabana
Farida Shabana:
Evanescence is that you?
zilan s
zilan s:
shit I love her music.
AJ Sweiss
AJ Sweiss:
Came from the tattoo but you have a fan in me. Awesome music.