Kate Fischer TZIPORAH MALKAH on homelessness depression and the white caravan project

Still beautiful TZIPORAH MALKAH formerly kate fischer reveals how she became homeless ' the paparazzis devastating influence which may have become a turning point in her life which lead to a new career start and finding love in her life and also what she is doing to help women who are homeless and need to transition into their new lives after they have lost everything


Susan James
Susan James:
Well done to her for highlighting the issue
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts:
'Tziporah'?? Really?? What did her parents say? 'We will draw eight letters out of a Scrabble bag & name her in the order they come out' ... smh :-(
Fozzy Bear
Fozzy Bear:
Also, it seems impossible that she lived in a homeless shelter for 2 years- unfortunately, women who have been subjected to domestic violence often miss out on places at these shelters- they are always full- and 2 years there for Tziporah? Utterly questionable.
Got a good friend who knows her intimately in real life. She is a money grabbing, alcoholic who rings the tabloids on herself to sell photographs of her swimming or walking around in a sheet. She has an awful personality too. So self entitled. Being homeless taught her nothing. She is the least humble person I have ever known. And by the way, she's not even Jewish. Hilarious!