Justin Bieber’s Ex Chantel Jeffries SPEAKS OUT About His Marriage To Hailey Baldwin!

An EX of justin bieber’s is SPEAKING OUT about his marriage to Hailey Baldwin…and no…it’s not Selena Gomez. Luckily, the biebs and his beau aren’t phased by the blast from the past because their social media PDA reached new levels today. Let’s get into it right now. #justinbieber Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToHS #hollyscoop Get the scoop - Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com/entertainment Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyscooptv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyscoop Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollyscoop Hollyscoop brings you the latest entertainment news and breaks down what's happening with the celebrities everyone is obsessing over! Ship Jelena? We have the coverage! Want to know more about the Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony feud? We've got the inside scoop! We will give you all the deets on Millie Bobby Brown, Gigi Hadid, and more! We keep you up to date with the latest buzz out of Hollywood.

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Lucille Anna
Lucille Anna:
lol chantel thirsty for some of this publicity
Daijiion Smith
Daijiion Smith:
Woah never knew he dated Chantel!!! Entirely shook!!!!😳
Indonesian Girl In Singapore
Indonesian Girl In Singapore:
Let Selena alone please Media!!!
She deserve happiness more than with Justin!
Chipo Maupa
Chipo Maupa:
Weather she is okay with it or not... They are married and it doesn't change much...
Yasmin Warsame
Yasmin Warsame:
Chantelle wasn’t an ex lol she was an escort and slept with Justin for free that’s why she became famous.... I’m done 🤣
Mimi Meyers
Mimi Meyers:
Justin and Hailey gross me out. Still in the Honeymoon Fase. Can't wait until it's over. How bout everyone else?
Tru Calling
Tru Calling:
This kid is like 24, 25 I think and never really got a normal life since he had fame from an early age, seems like he has a lot of soul searching to do and getting married is what he thought was missing but it didn’t help. Idk, just my opinion, what do I know 🤷🏽‍♀️
Miss. Eerie
Miss. Eerie:
I love how people claim Justin to be happy with his new marriage yet he's having nervous break downs so often. Smile Justin. Just keep smiling until your face cracks.
Anaiis Grabeel
Anaiis Grabeel:
Wow the acne in that thumbnail is horrible. Haley, sweetie, what did you do to him sis?😟
Makayla Cole
Makayla Cole:
I’m just gonna be honest it seems like their relationship is superficial because at first the paparazzi following them seemed natural and real but now it seems like they’re asking them to come and find them. Plus I do believe Selena has taken a to on their relationship bc as soon as she’s released they start posting about how much they love each other which shows she does pose a threat. I’m not wishing anything bad on Justin and Hailey may God be with them but it seems like they’re trying to convince the world that they’re in love rather than just have the self confidence that they know they’re in love. Bc anyone can post cutesy pictures and comments but we don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. It just seems like they’re trying to get everyone to believe they’re in love. Pretty soon the honeymoon phase will wear off fyi.
Unpopular Talk
Unpopular Talk:
She was an escort why would she be bitter?
Angela Trujillo
Angela Trujillo:
Lol thirsty much ?
Selma's Life
Selma's Life:
No I’m not surprised that Chantel moved on. It’s been years and Justin quickly moved on and he had so many flings and gf in his life, I think the only one that had a very important impact on his life was his relationship with Selena. Chantel and the others are all doing their own thing now but I don’t know, I feel like Justin is moving on too fast and I don’t feel like this is gonna last. Also, he needs a shower #sorrynotsorry
Alex j M.
Alex j M.:
Ewww LoL 😂 justin is weird
Anna Marie
Anna Marie:
Justin is creepy af
what the hell man ___
what the hell man ___:
He looks like a broke pizza delivery boy 😂😂😂😂😂
shruthi lakshmanan
shruthi lakshmanan:
Who's she and why does she look like a Kim K rip off😂
Harsh Dhir
Harsh Dhir:
1:15 hailey looks like the boy Justin looks like the girl 🤣🤣jk
idc lol
idc lol:
chantel is always sweet and I don’t see the reason for people to harass her by saying that she is thirsty for fame and that she only slept with him to get famous. chantel has put that shit in the past and even though she has been asked many times about justin she ignored all of them and told someone how she feels about him ONE time
I wish Justin would’ve stayed and married Selena. Selena is a cutie way prettier than Hailey. With such fine, cute feet.
Crazy Daze
Crazy Daze:
They never dated , they hooked up 🐸☕️ chantel only wants fame
Emely SJR
Emely SJR:
Chantel dated everyone 💀💀💀💀
Jade Amelia Thirlwall
Jade Amelia Thirlwall:
She’s beautiful chantel is prettier than halie
*Chantel said, Im happy for him it’s all good. She doesn’t care.*

*2 minutes of your life saved*
Jennifer Kassir
Jennifer Kassir:
They dated? Hm. Guess I live under a rock
Eileen Ngawati
Eileen Ngawati:
wont last. Too young
A whisper of Patricia
A whisper of Patricia:
American people love celebrity gossip too much mind your own business for once.
grace sento
grace sento:
why haven't u still talked about a cockroach found under dream kardashian cake Kylie posted that video
Anna Loke
Anna Loke:
hate chantel jeffries and hailey baldwin they are both so annoying #teamselena
His ex just wants attention and fame.
Joanna Camacho
Joanna Camacho:
Just get to the point, Hollywood scoop!!
D V:
Uhmmm.... Who is chantel?
Naima Johnson
Naima Johnson:
Who here thought Chantel was Kim Kardashian.
( I’m probably the only one )
Alex King
Alex King:
He dumped her a long time ago so she is probably bitter.
anyi s
anyi s:
the more you show off the more insecure you are
arun joon
arun joon:
Jean Grey
Jean Grey:
Y'all make it seem like she's going TO SPEAK OUT something negative about the marriage, great click bait you got me.
Arlene Julissa
Arlene Julissa:
Idk how it all happened but I don’t think Justin could just forget Selena that easily? After all they’ve been through deep down he must still love her you can’t just get married with someone so quickly and love them like nothing ever happened in the past.
I only know Chantel because of Catherine Paiz.
Who tf cares Selena told him to move on plus she broke up with him.
Klara Kk
Klara Kk:
to safe your Time: she‘s happy for them and she is unbothered
katia m
katia m:
0:28 yeah i can see why justin liked her.... she has -big boo-
Lizzy Delgado
Lizzy Delgado:
Well they are ex's, i mean i think the right and healthy thing to do is to move on
Vain Lim
Vain Lim:
hailey baldwin is justin's erika costell
AI Beta
AI Beta:
I thought we were a comment community 😐
Yougirl Kperry
Yougirl Kperry:
Chantel is just jealous,
She’s never will be close to Justin Bieber
marie christin
marie christin:
Justin and Chantel never really were officially dating, they just had a thing and I think she couldn’t care less 😅
jackie kook
jackie kook:
Justin looks like he'd work at a gas station
Chantel Jeffries ??!
Pokadots andWhatnots
Pokadots andWhatnots:
Chantel was with justin???? I never knew that....
Luv __
Luv __:
This Channel is good on making something out of nothing.
Ha he he Ho ho
Ha he he Ho ho:
She was just a fling she’s boy his ex 😂
karen simon
karen simon:
She was just something to pass time with , they never dated
Janice caid
Janice caid:
Y'all post about these people to much 😂😂😂 I'm bout to go get me a boy toy in a minute (Ain't no PDA stuff going on tho) bc lort we know these folks are married, we know he has acne, we know he kissed Hale in the shower, we know he ate a taco the other day (But wait it wasn't him but yet we know😂) point I'm tryna make is "We" can only know things due to people "Talking" so there is no such thing as talking to much these days obviously...I can't stand neither party BUT may they both be blessed or eat shyt and live in most cases 😉
Maria Andersen
Maria Andersen:
Is it possible to be head over heals in love and still feel empty or unhappy?
Shouldnt the guy put his hands around the virls waste and the girl put her hands on the shoulders ig haileys the man of the relationship
Michelle Sollenberger
Michelle Sollenberger:
She's still has low self-esteem
Dorothy pham Vu
Dorothy pham Vu:
Tbh I didn’t know they dated at all thought they were friends or just together but didn’t know they dated
Alana Fares
Alana Fares:
Honestly i this that justin and hailey are cute but they looks like they're siblings
Ki den
Ki den:
Chantel is living her best life. Leave her alone.
Asap Breezy
Asap Breezy:
Natalie Dowling
Natalie Dowling:
Justin be dating girls way out of his league omgggg
I feel like who ever write these stories haven’t dated before
Hannah Smiles
Hannah Smiles:
I’m assuming the people in the comments didn’t watch the video.. she didn’t say anything mean about their relationship.
Snuffle G
Snuffle G:
jayda morgan
jayda morgan:
I love Chantel, and i thought Catherine from the ace family also kinda "dated" (not really) him??
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly:
Chantel is romantically connected to Justin and Abel and is probably distrusted by both Bella and Hailey. I like her though
Jae Icon
Jae Icon:
How y'all late to the name change 😂😂😂
Exotic Chaos Juan
Exotic Chaos Juan:
Who came here for the thumbnail
jiya swtu
jiya swtu:
Disgusting. Absolutely Disgusting.
Camila Aya Assainova
Camila Aya Assainova:
They dated like 2 seconds
Careen N
Careen N:
0:20 wish I could kiss someone like that 😌😌😭😭
A J's Makury
A J's Makury:
If not JB then S. Gomez's mine 💜 ....
Hannah J
Hannah J:
She’s not even an important ex lmao wth
Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison:
Never trust a woman with fake body parts.
I wouldn’t consider her an ex.. more of a past hookup
Brandon Carlson
Brandon Carlson:
Slow news day?
Money Mitch29
Money Mitch29:
I still have hopp for jelenia
Camila Aguirre
Camila Aguirre:
We all know Chantel does anything for the clout
he hella breaking out
C. Tusiggaa
C. Tusiggaa:
This channel reaches too much
Why do y'all think Justin is upset, where do y'all get ur info?
2chainz Datruff
2chainz Datruff:
Another thot wanting some clout
Bethany Gibson
Bethany Gibson:
Woah! I’m shook! I never knew he dated Chantelle!!!
Clearly this is fake 😂
Dorothy pham Vu
Dorothy pham Vu:
Don’t throw shade at chantel leave her alone let Her be
Kelly Eileen
Kelly Eileen:
Didn’t even know they were a fling lol
Isabella Victoria
Isabella Victoria:
i didn't even remember he dated Chantel
Diosina Gomez
Diosina Gomez:
Chegua loca.
Prina Stars
Prina Stars:
0:22 it literally look like 2 girls kissing lol
cactus jack
cactus jack:
Chantel is a celebrity pass around
Anaiyah Gonz
Anaiyah Gonz:
She looks like his twin sister
exskinny legend
exskinny legend:
woah woah woah when did they date
tamim ontu
tamim ontu:
Chantel was just a side chick
Chaze Frater
Chaze Frater:
For Christ sake congratulations to them. Every second something for them appear and I so do not watch these stuff😒. Why the hell these keep on appearing?
Tiana castro
Tiana castro:
I love them but I’m jelena fan
Adnan A
Adnan A:
I didn’t even know he dated Chantel
Y B:
She dated him???? What, when he was 13???

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