Jussie Smollett "Potential Persons of Interest" ID'd - LIVE COVERAGE

Chicago police say they've identified "potential persons of interest" in the alleged racist & homophobic attack on "Empire" star Jussie Smollett. Get the latest details in our LIVE COVERAGE. In a tweet, Chicago police said they will soon release photos of the potential persons of interest (who were located on surveillance footage). Smollett told police that two men approached him on the street early Tuesday morning, shouted racist and homophobic slurs, and assaulted him. But police reportedly have yet to find any video or witnesses that corroborate Smollett's allegation. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the potential persons of interest found in the Jussie Smollett alleged hate crime attack, and he'll also read your comments and questions on the air. Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/AgendaFreeTV Follow us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/AgendaFreeTV Follow us on Periscope! @AgendaFreeTV Your donations keep us on the air! Donate at http://agendafree.tv Or get cool Agenda-Free TV rewards by supporting us on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/agendafreetv

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I wonder why when he was home called his manager waited for police & still had the rope on his neck. The first thing I would do after getting away is removed the rope. Keep it but take it off! Just odd!
jay long
jay long:
Deep state in full effect
steve check how cold it was at 2 am then check at what temp bleach freez lv,, could it be bleach? i think not
Dora williams
Dora williams:
2 in the morning nasty subway sand
vicki sigler
vicki sigler:
Happy travels.
Melissa D
Melissa D:
It is that doorway with the grating above it — if you notice in the picture the white wall that is just behind the brick — the picture gives the appearance of a smaller door because of the angle but it it’s the right place for sure. Also if you look at the drive in the pictures there are tire tracks/marks — which means it’s a vehicle entrance.
Ashleelala Smith
Ashleelala Smith:
Masks bc it’s cold outside
Jason black
Jason black:
Even those damn images look like a man and a woman...
Miss Marlene
Miss Marlene:
You have to be kidding me?
Jean Arthur
Jean Arthur:
shoes show front shape
Craig Childers
Craig Childers:
People get attacked all the time in these ways and I am unsure as to why so much focus of attention is on this person. Is it because he is a Hollywood star? We just had a guy imbedding human remains into planter boxes in Canada. and there is eight confirmed victims. Seems like everywhere you learn about serial killers, there is a hyper sexual fixation attached to it, whether it be prostitutes, children, or gay men. Wonder what the connection is? This person got away which is a good thing, but these incidences are rampant in everyday people that are not Hollywood stars, although in Hollywood, there is a lot of hyper sexualism. Hmmmm.
Wendelyn Young
Wendelyn Young:
The article is purposely inaccurate. This can lead to a dangerous witch hunt on innocent people
Mark Pinther
Mark Pinther:
Natural gas fire at at pump station near Detroit has the Michigan Governor asking people to turn down their heat to avoid running out! On the coldest night of the year.
Ashleelala Smith
Ashleelala Smith:
Their gonna put POI bc it fits the race baiting agenda
Investigative Journalism has turned into Political Activism. They deliberately leave out words and twist the story, propagating a lie that benefits their political party and upholds their political beliefs.
The sad thing is this obvious hoax will remembered as truth. Welcome to the Socialist States of America.
Bravo Victor
Bravo Victor:
Fake fakity fake fake fake 🐒💥💨Hollyweird attention weirdo
They are NOW saying these 2 are walking away 15 to 30 min prior to the alleged attack.
Seek Wisdom
Seek Wisdom:
The images of these two people in the photo is a fake cropped image, the photos bogus there are no doorways with gradings directly on top of it at that address, the whole story is made up nonsense.
Jacob McPh
Jacob McPh:
These guys in Chicago waited in the -10 degree weather to get Jussie. Jessie was brave and got away with just a scratch. They also found the only place to hide away from the camera's
Hoax! Also, they are only peopke of interest. Does not mean police think that are suspects.
Keep a look out for Slender Man
Marie Langemeier
Marie Langemeier:
Thank you so much for getting these "journalists" straight. It's gotten out of hand over the last few years. By them leaving out the word "potential" they could be putting someone in danger that maybe has nothing to do with this when the reader only reads the headline that is wrong & sees the images. Journalists really need to be more careful.
those pics look just like the average white mans clothing and stature.... .......... Just sayin
Chris Peters
Chris Peters:
It sounds fake.
Private EYE Aerial Imaging
Private EYE Aerial Imaging:
Jessie Jackson & Rick James in the photo, after beating up Ms. Smollett in the back alley! TMZ reported!....... Fake @$$ beatdown!
Nick Spaloss
Nick Spaloss:
The script keeps going
David Higgins
David Higgins:
Now we're hearing Smussie Mullet's music manager, Brandon Moore is saying the pair were on the phone together when he heard all the Maga country stuff, with the Maga hats, Maga rope and the non freezing Maga bleach. They both just happened to be on the phone at 2am during the one minute 'attack' time frame. Between known video surveillance.
Yet Smoggie Jollett refuses to turn over his phone and perhaps the managers phone as well.
Both phones needs to be subpoenaed as evidence, and/or phone transmission data for that area recovered.

The cops investigating this must smell a rat by now, they know it's fishy as heck.
They'll get to the bottom of it if it's a pack of lies. Bet it all comes down to Juggie Mallett just SLIPPING OVER.
He went out, on his way back he slipped over on the snow & ice. Hence video of him with rock salt on his sweatshirt entering his chums condo. He didn't enter his chums condo from the backside of the building, but supposingly from the front, as seen by the lobby security guy.

Some on twitter are saying it could even have been Joggie Smegger's Failed Suicide Attempt.
IF it all comes out in some Oscar winning live BLUBFEST after the Cops close in on him, we could get the back up story of the suicide spiel, an overwhelming of the sympathy vote amongst the Public, conjured up by the news media and all the celeb/online/political dems & their sympathizers. Mental health blah, blah, blah, lets move on, no story here.
Nobie Dupree
Nobie Dupree:
Ashleelala Smith
Ashleelala Smith:
Those could be black guys? Lol
Ashleelala Smith
Ashleelala Smith:
Fake fake fake