Jussie Smollett hospitalized after being viciously jumped! (PRAY FOR JUSSIE)

Empire actor, Jussie Smollett, sadly was hospitalized after an unfortunate incident. Watch video to get full details.. #EmpressiveHottopics #jussiesmollett #empressive Business Info ***** Contacts: http://twitter.com/EmpressiveTV Instagram: @EmpressiveTV snapchat: EmpressiveTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empressivetv Email (business inquiries only): [email protected] Website: www.empressive.tv **** ________ Music: "Cosmic" A.V.A Beatz (Please Give credit for usage) https://soundcloud.com/avabeatz

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Jussie was a victim of a planned attack. The two men who sent hate mail to him are the same two men who brutally ambushed him and called him racist and homophobic slurs. Prayers up for Jussie! Hate has to STOP
Megan Quick
Megan Quick:
Who carrys bleach and rope around like its natural?!
This crime doesn't pass the smell test, with all the cameras around major cities these days, yet no video and no witnesses?
Nicky Krystals
Nicky Krystals:
So Jussie was out in minus 20 degrees weather at 2 am cruising for a 12 inch? Sumin ain't adding up. Keep it 100 he was trying to get stretched and shit went left!
Eric B
Eric B:
Are people really this guillible?
l'éléphant rouge
l'éléphant rouge:
Girl, don't tell me you fell for this!
SerenaD Love
SerenaD Love:
Something about this just doesn’t sound right. How did they know he would be on the subway at 2am? How did 2 men with ski masks happen to be there at 2am? I think someone set this up
Sooo a grown ass adult drew that ridiculous picture and glued magazine letters together to threaten him. Bruhh😔😂this don't sound right at all
Arrowhead Telecom
Arrowhead Telecom:
Countdown to the day this is exposed as a hoax and lie. Nobody did this
Anyone who believes this story has a single digit IQ lol...
I don't know Why but something about this assault just isn't sounding right .
Apparently this attack never happened. Anyone with a brain knew something was fishy about this story from the beginning.
Litti Cheese
Litti Cheese:
Interesting how those men had bleach on them and had on ski masks already. Not saying it’s fake, just interesting.
3 weeks ago, you guys fell flat on your faces with the jazmine barns case, 2 weeks ago, you guys fell flat on your faces with the Covington catholic kids case...you ready for a 3 peat? I’m putting all my chips in on the attacker’s being black
Trumpy Bear
Trumpy Bear:
This story is not sound. There are so many holes in this story. Now TMZ is coming out and saying the guys screaming "This is MAGA country" never happened. Come on who would be just standing out on one of the coldest nights on record in Chicago. That area of Chicago is an upper class district and down town was completely closed. Then he sat at his friends house for 45 min with the "noose" around his neck waiting for the cops. Then the noose was made out of like a shoe string material. Then they just happened to have bleach at 2 am for what reason? It smells so damn fishy. If it is proven to be a fake story he needs to be fired and shamed.
pretty reddbone 1996
pretty reddbone 1996:
I love jussie he is so real and cool and very handsome people can be very ignorant
James Jones
James Jones:
Is there any evidence.... Because the Chicago Police don't have any.
Shelia Aikerson Aikerson
Shelia Aikerson Aikerson:
I don't care there is something fishy about this story!!!
cyndiii 123
cyndiii 123:
Shameful political plug. Of course somehow it's Trump's fault. Everything on this planet ain't Trump's doing. Wake up stop being apart of the problem..... ❤️✌️
*The masses bought his story and anyone who said that something wasn't right with the story was ridiculed and insulted with words like "conspiracy nut, tinfoil hat wearer" etc. And now look...*
It's sad that most of the people in society are so dumbed down that they can't think for themselves, and only go by what the media/government says...
He went to subway...for a nasty sub...2 in the morning.....that's the crime.....eating nasty subway....
He needs security with him at all times!!!
so people in sub freezing weather is walking around with bleach and a noose. and even if they were racist why would racist people watch an all black show. this seems very questionable
L. Bay
L. Bay:
Hope everyone is have a good day just want you all to know Jesus loves you ❤️ you are never alone even when you feel lonely. Jesus is amazing John 3:16 “ For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life” I you do believe it’s best to find a local church that believes Jesus as Lord and has died for our sins and rose again and now sits at the right hand of the throne and attend it and also repent meaning turn away from your sins and confess them to Jesus sounds hard but God will make a way. Also read the Bible and talk to Jesus start by saying abba father... of course we’re not going to be perfect but we believe in the one who is perfect
P J:
This sounds odd. I understand the racism & homophobia, that would be expected. But not a lot of White people(str8 ones at that) watch Empire, & to carry bleach/a noose, & just happen to run into him at 2am? 🤨🤔 hmmmm....
Lisa Orr
Lisa Orr:
I do not believe him
sourpatch kid
sourpatch kid:
*Is anyone here after it was revealed that he paid two Nigerian Brothers to attack him...*
And how many of you didn't buy the bull💩 story the whole time 🙋
Goddess 8
Goddess 8:
he done said no or pissed one of them people off in the Industry...somebody set that up...
De'Andria Ackerman
De'Andria Ackerman:
This thumbnail is a little messy 🤔
Aesthetic Athlete
Aesthetic Athlete:
People wake up...the media is lying to you.
Mayhem Gaming Inc
Mayhem Gaming Inc:
Might want to edit this lol it’s been proven he lied 100%
No one believes it happened though. Police are even sceptical.
Maurice Moses
Maurice Moses:
What Jussie didn't know is that the entire area where he "claimed" this so called attack happened is under 24hr surveillance and they reviewed the tape and saw absolutely nothing. He released photos with his face all scratched up, scratches in the face is something that a person who knows you personally would do not some random people in the street. He just doesn't want to admit that a domestic partner or some he knows did that to him.
O B:
🔎This was definitely premeditated...who else walks around at 2am w/bleach🤔hmm. Why hate on some one for living their life to the best of their ability? These criminals acts are out of control...👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️
Justice for Jessie? I agree completely - change him for filing a false hate crime.
Pray for Jussie ( that he doesn’t drop the soap)!!
Katt Esperanza
Katt Esperanza:
fyre festival: hate crimes edition.
Infinite Fantasy
Infinite Fantasy:
I hope you post a retraction eventually because this story is..... suspicious to say the least.
Sky D
Sky D:
It’s crazy but change the thumbnail this is real life
Oh my goodness. That poor, honest, honorable man. I feel so bad for him....😂😂😂😂
Brandon Black
Brandon Black:
So two white guys in downtown Chicago at 2 in the morning while it was well below freezing had a rope and bleach.....really? And this guy checked himself into a hospital before calling the police. This is a hoax. I’ll check back in a bit for the retraction
CanCan Girl
CanCan Girl:
This is a evil world that we live in!!! So sad...
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards:
The thumbnail is in poor taste
You wrong for that damn thumbnail!
Turned out to be a hoax by a skunkin' lying Jussie. Lock him up!!
Brandon Black
Brandon Black:
Where’s the video?
D S:
Retract your story, liar. Yeah you unempressive.
Joey Finch
Joey Finch:
Why don't you make a video saying how you lied to us all about this fake hate crime.
Valentíno Quiñones
Valentíno Quiñones:
It’s 2019, BUT homophobia and racism is alive and well. I can attest to that from personal experiences smh. Looks like trump really is “making America great again” just the way he wanted 😰
Ha! Just a fistfull of people buy this dude's story.
The vast majority don't believe that odd story.
Pappa Doggie
Pappa Doggie:
Anyone watching after it was found to be staged by two brothers who work on the show with him? Dayyyyyyyum lol. Hope he gets what he deserves for lying.
He got " Brutally" attacked and has a small scratch on his face 😂😂
Dagger 323
Dagger 323:
Time to eat crow. Your hero Jussie is a pathological liar.
Jada Butler
Jada Butler:
I know you meant no harm Empressive but please consider changing the thumbnail it’s a bit insensitive. Thank you for the great content as always 💓
When you come back to this vid after finding out Jussie orchestrated it all himself.
I guess you have all the answers to your questions now. Hope your ratings goes down.
Kpop Janggo
Kpop Janggo:
Time for some people to delete and edit comments🤘
Well this didn't age well!
【N】【o】【i】【r】 【C】【a】【t】
【N】【o】【i】【r】 【C】【a】【t】:
Something is off about this story, I'mma wait till more information comes out though
Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Now he's going to prison for lying!!!! You people are so eager for something like this to happen that you lose all common sense!!!!
Glue 01
Glue 01:
And Chicago police have stated that the statement “This is MAGA country” never happened. You read their response yourself. And who keeps a noose around your neck for 45 minutes after the thugs jumped him? Idk just seems fishy
Kaen Kano
Kaen Kano:
al katraz
al katraz:
Attacked by two body building Nigerian kkk hHaha
Windy City Report
Windy City Report:
camera footage of jussie at the scene but no attackers in the footage. In the middle of downtown, where there are TON of cameras and ppl. But no witnesses and no footage
Lorraine Williams
Lorraine Williams:
Praying for jussie smollett recovery that's messed up get well soon 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
I'm not a trump supporter but damn, y'all tried to do him dirty with this one
Tryfe life
Tryfe life:
Story has more holes than Swiss cheese. My opinion. Man got horney. Man walked the streets seeking. Man found man. Found man wasn't down for it. You come up with the rest.
Jazelle Allen
Jazelle Allen:
😂😂😂 this was a set up
Mohammed Farid
Mohammed Farid:
I'm praying for all the people who believed in him , he played with a very serious matter
Arrowhead Telecom
Arrowhead Telecom:
Doobee doobee dooo.. strangers in the night. Slowly dancing...strangers in the night. Exchanging bleach and MAGA hats..doobee doobee doo
It's 2019 and this is still happening. I'm honestly disgusted in some people
I’m waiting for the apology to the whites of this country? Thanks for making things exponentially worse.
Kanosa manila
Kanosa manila:
This didnt age well
🤔 Hmmm... interesting.
The thumbnail is extremely dramatic. Who would release a photo like tht of themselves, after a "vicious" attack?
idk if hes lying or telling the truth.
But, Ima stay woke.
Yvonne Herring
Yvonne Herring:
I don't know about this story, I just don't know a lot of holes in this story 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
O'bey Me
O'bey Me:
How did thry know where he was going to be?????????this story makes zero sense!
Third Eye
Third Eye:
Liberal hoax. Story fake. Where will you find Trump supporters in Chicago at 2am with bleach and rope in that weather. Bleach would freeze in air when splashed that's how cold it was. He is lightskinted and no heavy bruised on face? Where did they hit him? Keep in mind he's an actor. Looks like an Empire scene. You really think Trumptards watch Empire to even know who he is.

Police released persons of interest photos. Looks like two black dudes based on clothing and body shape. Paid actors. He didn't see their skin complexion because they wore ski masks.
Oh thats Lauren
Oh thats Lauren:
Now everything has come out I’m DYING at the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fernanzo Jamison
Fernanzo Jamison:
Sussie needs to be in Jail for lying...Superintendent Eddie Johnson know this Punk telling a story tryna stir up Racial conflict, That's a Narcissist for you 💯
They need to be thrown under the jail.
Jeffree's Daughter MsYani
Jeffree's Daughter MsYani:
how tf can you beat up Jamal Lyon 😥😥😥how tf could youuuuuuu 😞😞
You are going to be correcting this story when the facts come to light.
Eddie Johnson
Eddie Johnson:
My heart is broken! I hate this so much! Jussie is strong and I'm praying for him!
Ra L
Ra L:
Lying mongrel!
lh Wun
lh Wun:
So Empressive, what do you think now?
For someone as popular as Jussie I'm surprised he didnt have a bodyguard
Alyssa J
Alyssa J:
I’m so sick. My heart is breaking as you’re explaining this. I pray for a speedy recovery for him ❤️
Caleb J
Caleb J:
Um...can you change the thumbnail...its very disturbing. Bless his heart ❤
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith:
Don't believe this
j barnes
j barnes:
Care to revise your story?
OG Scumperrr
OG Scumperrr:
He made a fool out of you
J J:
Never happened. The left dreams of being victims but yea. . This never happened. Lol
Making a Dream
Making a Dream:
I can't believe this happened in 2019... Feel like I'm living in my grandparents era....smh
Lila K
Lila K:
“MAGA country”... suuuure, totally
Gary White
Gary White:
This hits home. I'm praying for my fallen brother. Fix it Jesus
Sonys Girl
Sonys Girl:
I'm broken hearted!!! This happened to such a beautiful kind wonderful person. God Bless Him!!!
I don't believe this foolishness for a minute! How do people not see through this?! It saddens me that people are so easily swayed by these concoctions of the media. This is a story fabricated by the industry to evoke an emotional response, namely compassion, for the gay community. To further incite race wars and also a way for them to identify the black oppressive struggle with the homosexual movement. The two are unrelated! It is sick what this world is coming to. People, they are after your agreement! They want to influence you and remove any thought of opposition. This is why we are over saturated with gay propaganda. The powers that be in this world are shredding away morality and normalcy. They are going to great lengths to deceive and distract the people. Skip over this nonsense! Think and wake up people. There are so many more pressing and important things happening in the world. Real problems! Please, please think.
Ms. Mickie Love
Ms. Mickie Love:
Make me sick hearing this.