Jussie Smollett Attacked in Hate Crime, "Empire" Reacts | E! News

The "Empire" actor has been hospitalized after a homophobic and racially-motivated assault with a noose and chemicals in Chicago. #JussieSmollett #ENews #CelebrityNews Watch Live from E! here: http://bit.ly/2vGuD5g Subscribe: http://bit.ly/enewssub About E! News: Giuliana Rancic, Jason Kennedy and the rest of the E! News team bring you the latest breaking entertainment, fashion and Pop Culture news. Featuring exclusive segments, celebrity highlights, trend reports and more, The E! News channel is the only destination Pop Culture fans need to stay in the know. Connect with E! News: Visit the E! News WEBSITE: http://eonli.ne/enews Like E! News on FACEBOOK: http://eonli.ne/ENewsFB Check out E! News on INSTAGRAM: http://eonli.ne/ENewsIG Follow E! News on TWITTER: http://eonli.ne/ENewsTW Jussie Smollett Attacked in Hate Crime, "Empire" Reacts | E! News http://www.youtube.com/user/enews

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TRM Dude
TRM Dude:
I hope he’s ok, but virtually no one would recognize this guy and who’s carrying around a rope and bleach in the middle of a the night? All I’m saying is I’ve got questions
Ryan Lucas
Ryan Lucas:
Two white dudes walking alone in chicago at 2am with ski masks on carrying bleach and rope... this sounds like a bad movie.
Abnormal Texan
Abnormal Texan:
No one else witnessed it, he drove himself to the hospital, they wore masks so how does he know they were white? Has he posted any pics of himself since the attack?!? I’m not saying it didn’t happen I’m just saying there are A LOT of holes that need to be filled in this story!
Chase Holden
Chase Holden:
So he decided to go outside in Chicago at 2am during one of the most historically brutal cold fronts in the nations history to get some food, and two men ALSO happened to be walking around with mask (not unusual given the cold) but also rope pre tied into a noose, and a bottle of bleach. What's more these supposed assailants were able to recognize the star of a show who's primary audience is black, despite being racists who would not watch such a show.

Really makes you think
Ground Hog
Ground Hog:
This sounds fake as hell. 8 days ago he got an MAGA letter death threat that got little attention. Now two white guys in ski masks are walking around Chicago with rope and bleach and recognize this guy? Doubt it....
Jeremías S
Jeremías S:
Yeaaaa ima wait on this one 🤣
K heart
K heart:
Can't believe he was walking around Chicago alone
Kelly McShane
Kelly McShane:
Fishy. This story is far from over. Just wait.
The God Father
The God Father:
I’m black but this sound fake as hell giving the temps out there lol
H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X
H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X:
He picked the wrong city to lie like that in. He is under investigation
This sounds like he made it up BULLSHIT!!!
No witnesses walking by himself at 2 am
Why didn't he call Uber???
Let's wait and see if there is any surveillance video on this I suspect there will not be any at all
D Storm
D Storm:
Obvious hoax, but E News is delighted to help this hoax.
B Carson
B Carson:
Walking at 2am on the Chicago Streets, Crime capital of America. This sounds like a bogus story to me.
dave best
dave best:
Maybe he was walking around 2 a.m. in the morning looking for a snow cone
DoodOo Mama
DoodOo Mama:
Haha funny that he lied about the entire thing. I deeply apologize to the viewers of E!.
You were lied to once again by the same people who glorify Whoopi Goldberg 🤷‍♂️
peculiar peasant
peculiar peasant:
Another fake MAGA hat crime?
That's 2 in the record books and 2019 just started.
Even low IQ humanoids will take notice of this bizarre sequence of events.
Comrade LeBitch
Comrade LeBitch:
If your out at 2 a.m. looking for a snack, that means your looking for drugs!!! Play the racist card to cover up your dope deal gone wrong!!!!!
Tommy Eagan from Power was allegedly behind this egregious attack. Probably Kanan made him do it! #LeCheminDuRoi​
Tracy Drennan
Tracy Drennan:
Imagine you’re self identity is measured only by your level of
How victimized you believe you are ? Sad
Yeah - file this under "That never happened."
rowdy dowdy
rowdy dowdy:
MAGA Country lmao !
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson:
There's something fishy here, Two Trump supporters waiting for you in one of the most liberal cities in the country jump you and scream this is MAGA country. Something is off here.
the Rocky Reina Show
the Rocky Reina Show:
Jussie who?? AHHH I figured it out! He wants an Oscar! And this way his Reps don’t have to pay for this one! He’s young, He’s black and he’s gay! Give him the Oscar!!!
Keshawn Shaw
Keshawn Shaw:
Half the comments is crazy SMFH.
Haven't they seen his apartment building surveillance footage? That would at least corroborate his story of leaving at 2am.
Diana Eddings
Diana Eddings:
Someone should have warned him bout the Chi'
Tate Craft
Tate Craft:
Grindr gone bad vs Reproduction of Gone Girl camera scene
2 MAGA hatters walking around in - 20 C, in masks, with ropes and bleach, looking for gay black guy to beat up in high end Chicago neighbourhood with cameras on every corner, a city that voted 88 % against Trump.

Intelligent people knew this was total BS from the start.
I hope they prove this is a hoax.
Daniel B
Daniel B:
I think it was Russian collusion
Open Your Eyes People
Open Your Eyes People:
Micho Rizo
Micho Rizo:
Im confused.. if i hit the like button would it be to like what happened to the actor or would it be a like for the channel providing the content.... im so confused.#1stworldproblems
DoodOo Mama
DoodOo Mama:
Typhanie Blake
Typhanie Blake:
Shirlene Gaines
Shirlene Gaines:
Francis Unger
Francis Unger:
Actors such as him get so involved in contrived fantasy, they lose their grip on reality. The hate crime is creating fake news against whites just to cause division instead of unity.
Steven D. Bennett
Steven D. Bennett:
Gee, this story has everything but a ring of truth.
jack bran
jack bran:
Fake news. The dudes who did this alleged attack were wearing ski masks.
...I believe jussie smollet is just a fart... dude is a fart.

...with this elaborate lie....now he's just going to have to keep on lying.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith:
Nothing but cowardly through and through
generic username
generic username:
Next time he gets ventilated
looking for love in all the wrong places
Bleach freezes at 16°-18° degrees.
Saysay McCray
Saysay McCray:
C m
C m:
Turned out to be fake!!! Haha you all jump on it too quickly
Violet Blue
Violet Blue:
Where are his bodyguards?
Where are the police photos?
Minouche Jean
Minouche Jean:
N worried about building wall
Jordan Kralev
Jordan Kralev:
Investigation, Security Cameras only show Jussie Smollett at the location no masked white guys? He trying to get media attention for career attention?
Flabbabab The gr8t
Flabbabab The gr8t:
Aww I’m praying for him I love Jussie so much and he is so inspiring hope he stays strong 😂
When I heard this hrs ago.. I was screaming @$%^&**(()())))***&&^.
Also.... Stop advertising on social media PLATFORMS... your travel schedule where you're going or coming from (which is how they knew where he was headed), where you live, what the fk you're doing, who you're doing it with, , etc. It doesn't matter if you have status quo or not. Get out of your own way and ego. Let those who need to know PRIVATELY your whereabouts and that's it. Remember, there's plenty of sick MOFO out here who wish you harm. ✌🏾
Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell:
Press (x) to doubt
Nice headline...morons.
Default Name
Default Name:
At the meeting we said carry a noose and bleach with you at all times, but what ever you do, do not say " this is MAGA country " SMDH
B.S Two masked guys just happened to be walking around Chicago in sub 0 weather with a bottle of bleach (that somehow is not frozen) and a rope? Where's the video?
King OfTroy
King OfTroy:
How could u lie about something so serious
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez:
Prayers for Jussie. #empireseason6
No one in Chiraq voted for DJT, hoax
Tara Aliyeva
Tara Aliyeva:
All my LOVE for him I hope he is OK!
I have a feeling we're going to learn this is a BS lie. It's too manufactured to be about Trump by a Trump hater. He claims he was on the phone with his manager at the time yet both parties are unwilling to hand over their phones for analysis. Now, why would they not want to do this if it meant catching the alleged "hate-crimers"? Because it's a lie, that's why.
Republicans??? IN CHICAGO?!?!?!
Comfort olatunji
Comfort olatunji:
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 get well karma will come for rose people don’t worry they get what’s coming to them
mark spannar
mark spannar:
Give it time and the truth will come out. This smells like fake news and another hoax
Frank Lesser
Frank Lesser:
I smell a hoax! One of the many in recent months.
I'll bet the real story doesn't get this much coverage and definitely not this much social commentary.
Diana Eddings
Diana Eddings:
You can't just stroll around Chicago. People from there know better than to do that. A celebrity unaccompanied at night, Trouble!!
If he was white , It would just be called “Assaulted”
Braxton Orso
Braxton Orso:
Doesn’t bleach freeze at 18 or 19 degrees?
Mark Kempthorne
Mark Kempthorne:
This makes no sense at all... Where's the video? There's cameras everywhere now a days
Trey Cain
Trey Cain:
Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius:
Was it the same blue eyed white man who shot jazmin barns? Probably just another drug deal gone wrong. Blame the white man to cover up your own shady business.
Teri Ennis
Teri Ennis:
Wow I'm sorry to hear this! How sad! prayers for a speedy recovery there is absolutely no reason in life to do this Racism of all kinds must stop
Deneice Scales
Deneice Scales:
😮 No!
Davida Krappenschitz
Davida Krappenschitz:
Ugh. Our country can be a very brutal place sometimes. I hope he recovers quickly.
Banana Joe
Banana Joe:
Not buying his story. "Masked White men" late at night in Chicago? Come on. Just stirring up race.
Truth First
Truth First:
Look at the picture of him in the hospital bed. ! FAKE!!!!😟😔
So let's see if Hollywood backs up their campaign against racists by kicking this guy to the curb followed by harsh criticism of him.
Default Name
Default Name:
And then everybody on the bus clapped
Isaiah Rodgers
Isaiah Rodgers:
Racism is contradicting itself now
john ob
john ob:
How did this unknown chemical substance not freeze in this cold weather?Did the attackers have some kind of heated box to put the chemicals in before they attacked this guy?
Jules D
Jules D:
Remember when Trayvon Martin supporters were going around advocating how he was attacked for being black, wearing a hoodie? Then we find out it was actually Trayvon that was beating Zimmermans skull against the concrete whilst spewing out fiercely racist slurs - then shot as a result? Yeah, me too. This story is as fake as it gets - just another black racist lying and wanting to be a victim.
Zuul Gatekeeper
Zuul Gatekeeper:
Note: Chicago police have clarified he did't identify his alleged attackers as white or make any claim he heard them say MAGA or this is MAGA Country when he originally reported it only in follow up interviews the next day did he make those claims. Are we really to believe he forgot those important details & two white men are walking around one of the most liberal cities in a black neighborhood at 2 am with ski masks on, a bottle of bleach & a noose in hand when it's -20 outside.
Reuben Handel
Reuben Handel:
The difference between a liberal and a leftist is that the liberals don't realize that everything they are saying is false.

Can't decide which is worse
Vick Deiny
Vick Deiny:
Where were the covington boys on that night? Hmmm
Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.
Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.:
Why does it always have to be Race Wars? I honestly believe that racist people are out number. This is getting old its 2019, that 💩 happened 400+ years ago. It's 4 to 5 generations ago at best . There was muted history before and after. Pitch a new story line! The 🔊News🔊 is a cycle of 💩.
dave best
dave best:
A Chicago Police spokesperson said that the attackers’ genders are unknown, and that their faces and hands had been covered. TMZ reported that the attackers shouted “This is MAGA country,” but police said, “There is no report of that being said.”
supremacy blue
supremacy blue:
I hope his death motherf***r 🤜🏾🤜🏾🤮
Tracy Drennan
Tracy Drennan:
Uh huu
YOUTUBE Comment police
YOUTUBE Comment police:
It was bleach. Not an unknown substance
Ruth Dunn
Ruth Dunn:
don't believe it FAKE NEWS
loving densi
loving densi:
Probably because I read a lot mystery novels, something doesn't sound right to me.  I heard that the studio received a threat via mail towards Jussie eight days prior to this incident, but yet he goes to get food (by himself) at 2 am in the morning.  I'll to hear more about this before I make judgement.
Alyssa Gomez
Alyssa Gomez:
That's sick! Prayers for Jussie!
Marco Rivera
Marco Rivera:
Something sounds wrong. Downtown Chicago isnt where Id think we'd find a hot bed for KKK white guys who carry nooses and bleach just in case they might run into a black person. Eeeh, I dunno? SMH
A W:
We are with you Jussie! Stay strong.
Lane Change
Lane Change:
Who funded this fake hate crime hoax to foment a race riot? Was it Booker and Harris to prop up their anti-lynching bill?
If you're still watching cable, YOU are part of the problem.
*WARNING : Toxic Commentary below*
Jess Fulbright
Jess Fulbright:
At least you used the word alleged. That is the only good thing to say about your "reporting". I am a hick from the desert southwest and even I know you don't call Chicago MAGA country, you probably won't see two white guys walking around with a rope noose in a black neighborhood at two in the morning and this story is total bullshit.