Jussie Smollett Attacked

"Empire" star Jussie Smollett was the victim of a hate crime. According to police reports, Jussie walked out of his Chicago apartment at 2:00 AM, two white men in ski masks brutally attacked him, called him the F-word and N-word, a reportedly put a noose around his neck. Thankfully Jussie was released from the hospital and was listed in "good condition" and reportedly suffered a fractured rip. Then, Taraji P. Henson says men and women have a hard time communicating because women have more words then men. Plus, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra just had another wedding celebration and insiders are claiming Prince Harry changed since he married Meghan. Melissa Rivers, Rickey Smiley, Sharon Carpenter and Heather McDonald weigh in on today's Hot Topics! _ Follow Wendy See it first. See it now. Only at https://www.WendyShow.com https://www.Facebook.com/WendyShow https://www.Instagram.com/WendyShow https://www.Twitter.com/WendyWilliams

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Welp.......it was fake all along.
Sae Yi
Sae Yi:
Trump Deranged Syndrome has literally made people mentally unstable. This panel is a joke.
Jessie is a liar! our country is nothing like you view it in your bubble. You guys are “not terribly bright”. Cheers.
Melissa did an amazing job. You can tell she’s seasoned in this industry.
People are still commenting “where is Wendy?!”...where have you been? 😂 I doubt you care about her as much if you don’t know by now.
Rachael Bluee
Rachael Bluee:
Melissa is her mother's daughter!! Lol 😫😂 love her!
Uloaku Abazie
Uloaku Abazie:
Ok Rickey Smiley we see you.
Rickey Smiley is always on point and gets directly to the point!!! I love Rickey!! Thank you for being a huge voice in this awful country
Tom Wigglesworth
Tom Wigglesworth:
Melissa may be no comic, but she took this panel by storm and steered the show back to a more “Wendy” direction more than anyone else so far. She needs her own show.
Jon B.
Jon B.:
R.I.P Joan ❤️
Hush Animation
Hush Animation:
WAIT- Wheres SUZANNE??!!! She maaadd quiet.
*Joan would be proud of Melissa*
Tracee Johnson
Tracee Johnson:
"Licked the stamp", well you can tell Melissa hasn't put a stamp on a letter in about a decade, lol. All stamps for years have glue on them, you just peel and put/press onto letter.
OK Melissa is a great host !
jennie Bailey
jennie Bailey:
Melissa rivers looks great
Taylor Mariah
Taylor Mariah:
10:43 lmfaooo

that guy clapping : "claps claps** " yeaaa take some notes"
Other guy: "boy bye"
Surviving Big Kev: How You Cheatin’?
Freebie Babe
Freebie Babe:
Ricky!!! You're making us Alabamians proud. ROLL TIDE! 🐘
Judith Bisson
Judith Bisson:
Omg Melissa rivers.. they should of had her as host all week
santae dotcom
santae dotcom:
Melissa was on point! Loved her!!!
Gilbert Brave
Gilbert Brave:
I am loving the show. Aunt Wendy rest easy. Take your time.
I think this panel was great! Finally... they were just natural.
Style By Sheena
Style By Sheena:
Natural Elation
Natural Elation:
*Rickey, such a gentleman...* 😍
Flower Child
Flower Child:
Where the hell wendy at😤🙄..
hair dresser
hair dresser:
when is the last time Melisa mailed anything? No one 'licks" stamps, they are all self stick
Alicia Catney
Alicia Catney:
Love ALABAMA's own RICKY SMILEY💞💞 Ricky call me I'm Ready to Receive Your Love💞💞 Loving you from the 256💞💞
Alana Stribling
Alana Stribling:
Women do have a lot of words! I enjoyed Ricky Smiley, WHEN THE LADIES LET HIM SPEAK 🤐
chelsea martinez
chelsea martinez:
I miss melissa's mom
Brad Hammer
Brad Hammer:
Melissa has really grown on me over the years. As a huge fan of Joan, I think she's becoming more and more like her and I love it.
Melissa Rivers 😍👌🏼
Bring her back! 🗣
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson:
Why so much shade about the Jonas weddings from the lady in the pink....its their money
fred lanphere
fred lanphere:
I'm sorry Wendy for what u went through.. but ur man is a piece of dog doo doo.. don't let him run your life, he is trash and needs to be arrested for what he done!! Stay strong and better talk about urself... cause u talk and throw to many people under the bus. But get well soon!!!!
Chris Fernandez
Chris Fernandez:
I love Ricky I low key wish he was Porsha baby daddy
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones:
I like this panel more than any of the previous ones. The conversation flows easily and you can tell they have a good rapport with each other. This wasn't so bad. Still miss you Auntie Wendy!
Jade Hairs
Jade Hairs:
I’m so scared for Wendy, I hope she finds the strength in God to do what’s best for her in this difficult time, we all love Wendy 💕
Alice Mcclain
Alice Mcclain:
it's sad to say but I hope this really happened because if it was all a lie, that will set us back to far. and besides, MLK will be rolling over in his grave.
Melissa natural moderator. Friend to the show. Sharon is a friend to the show. Safe but great choices.
He went out at 2am to go get a subway sub...do they have a 24h/7 subway open in this area? Pieces are missing in the story. Who go out in sky masks with a bleach bottle and a rope, knowing he would get out of his hotel at 2am???
Myles Spears ASMR
Myles Spears ASMR:
10:44 Someone meme this boy in the audience
Audience engagement please. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching the view. Anyone else get that vibe? Still liked today’s hosts tho
Latrice R
Latrice R:
Rickey Smiley looking good.
Lauren L
Lauren L:
That man's face at 10:43. Hilarious!
Yassssss Rickey!!!
Frost Inter
Frost Inter:
The 'whaaat' lady screaming at 15:11!! Love her.
Natural Elation
Natural Elation:
*what's up with the eye roll @ **10:43**?* 😂
Pat Kittle
Pat Kittle:
These anti-White hate crime hoaxes just keep getting more shameless.
JD Krasinki
JD Krasinki:
10:45 everyone looking at the eye rolling boy. but i'm looking at the COP LADY!! most loyal fan ever
Antonio Barbosa
Antonio Barbosa:
I’m starting to doubt this whole story.
Paula I
Paula I:
I really like this panel keep them
Shanya Garnett
Shanya Garnett:
Lady @ 12:34 your braids are poppin!😍💕
Alice Tetterton
Alice Tetterton:
Shanya Garnett
Shanya Garnett:
I actually like Heather 😊 #waitingforwendy Love You!
Lucero Idalid Cordoba
Lucero Idalid Cordoba:
What a positive light on Meghan's story 🤗😍😍😍
The Melissa Rivers Show 😍
How you doin’? 👏🏼☕️
Anthony Brewer
Anthony Brewer:
When do release the video where they go over the facts? Oh, they don't? Funny how they talk about the IQ of the people who supposedly have done this. The irony is thick
Atheist Thor
Atheist Thor:
This certainly didn't age well.
Leticia Carrigan
Leticia Carrigan:
Rick is crazy😂😝😆
robin trammell
robin trammell:
Ricky Smiley gets right to the point. Good cast.
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas:
"Its so crazy cuz you dont know what was going through his head when this happened to him"

Actual thoughts from jussie- "I sure hope I get away with this."
true BUT thats how we do it in india. wedding celebrations are for weeks and since they are bridging both cultures/religions its all just "no duh"
Mermaid Flamingo
Mermaid Flamingo:
OMG this is the best one so far Melissa is amazing I watched all of them but this one's my favorite and I haven't lost interest like I usually do
anet parks
anet parks:
Wendy hiding out better than Osama Bin Laden was
Grant Timmons
Grant Timmons:
Ricky you took the words out of my mouth! It's only call domestic terrorism when it's a immigrant! Just cruel!
Sylvain Beaulieu
Sylvain Beaulieu:
watching Melissa do such a good job I seriously realized how much I miss Joan. I wish she was around
Ester F
Ester F:
This panel is giving me life! 😌
Omniscient 1
Omniscient 1:
Jussie made the whole thing up.
3-6 years in prison.
Waheedah's Recipes
Waheedah's Recipes:
Love Ricky Smiley is always on point with what he talking the other three hosts are great too
Hope and pray that Wendy get well soon
Monica W
Monica W:
Yep and now he's in jail. He lied, he lied, he lied! Don't always jump the gun and believe everything main stream media wants you to!!
Sounds like a set up to me. Who walks around with bleach and rope???
Q Howard
Q Howard:
Why was they cutting Rickey off I wanted to hear everything he had to say about racism.
This video: "Jussie Smollett attacked"

Newst video? "Jussie Smollet ALLEGEDLY Rehearsed assault"

Funny, how that works huh?
Ricky Smiley is the BEST!!!
anthony Blocker
anthony Blocker:
Big Kev is a big DEVIL. I feel like he’s holding Susanne and Norman hostage. They know too much. And he’s definitely trying to cash in on Wendy..He needs to go
Lekeisha Jones
Lekeisha Jones:
Dami Agunbiade
Dami Agunbiade:
I liked this team today. Really good Melissa, Sharon, Ricky and Heather. I liked the discussion and the way they talked about things. Really good and chilled session today. Hopefully they bring this team back again. Plus I hope they let Melissa host again as she kept the show going and she kept focused. Obviously no one doss it like Wendy does it.
Rainy Pow
Rainy Pow:
This is an AWESOME group!!
All should take a civil rights course. Education is the 🗝️
Blessings Wendy 🙏
What's The Frequency
What's The Frequency:
I'm thinking they are keeping this show on so the ratings will drop and they can cancel it. There is no other possible reason in my mind for this thing to keep going.
Tom Small
Tom Small:
Let this be further proof when people claim they were skeptical of the story all along. People bought this story as fact from the beginning.
I'm Mikey
I'm Mikey:
Everyone on this show takes an L
DJ Rodgers
DJ Rodgers:
Hilarious watching this knowing the actual truth about what happened.
Sherri Reeves
Sherri Reeves:
Poor Rickey, not a word in edgewise! Good to see him though! Wish he had more talktime!
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young:
Ume this aint it. Wendell needs to get back, cause this aint working for me.
So they're still talking over eachother
Star light Kid
Star light Kid:
2am to buy a sandwich? Hmm.
Jane Almonte
Jane Almonte:
Hi Wendy how u doin? Missing u ...🤗❤️
"Glam squad leaking juicy gossip"
I know that shade was directed at Memsor! lmao
Here for Rickey and Melissa but I realized i actually like them all when they’re on
sunsetblush _
sunsetblush _:

Get better soon, QUEEN!!!
hamish themack
hamish themack:
Sounds like a hoax
That's the worst news I've heard in a while...So horrible!...God bless him...
Hahahaha hahahaha “Hopefully they are punished to the fully extent of the law” hahahaha hahahaha “from the letter sent these people are not very smart” hahahaha hahahaha
itsDezz Ray
itsDezz Ray:
The Wendy Williams show just needs to call it quits!!! She needs to focus on her Health and getting her home in order..... She had a nice run. But its not worth it
Eunice Awuah
Eunice Awuah:
Who licks stamps anymore? Mine are stickers
Nex soco
Nex soco:
He got threatening letters and still went out at 2am alone? Rocket scientist and why didn't he give Police his phone for further investigation? Things that never happened.
Regina Smith
Regina Smith:
I know we talkin about Jussie but the London girl has on a cute outfit
CrisMelo DotCom
CrisMelo DotCom:
Rickie! I watch Dish Nation here on YT. :)
You are so nice holding the chairs for the ladies!
Rhonda Buck
Rhonda Buck:
How do y'all love your jussie now?? It all was fake??
Mann Made
Mann Made:
"It was a much bigger operation!"
Anunnaki Menagerie
Anunnaki Menagerie:
These C-words must be disappointed that the N-word staged the attack with his two F-word lovers