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Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account, many of them in violation of federal records rules, according to new Washington Post reporting. » Subscribe to MSNBC: About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 95 million households worldwide, MSNBC offers a full schedule of live news coverage, political opinions and award-winning documentary programming -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit Subscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: Find MSNBC on Facebook: Follow MSNBC on Twitter: Follow MSNBC on Instagram: Joe: With Emails, Ivanka Trump Knew Better | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Kevin Denning
Kevin Denning:
What is she doing in the white house in the first place
Is this a double standard country or not? Lock her up! Lock her up!
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez:
Family of Crooks, what is she doing in the White House in the first place?
Trumpster fire!
Trumpster fire!:
She is a Trump. Trumps are liars, that's what they do. Nuff said.
eric ingham
eric ingham:
And how was she qualified to even sit in the same room as Angela Merkel? Reagan would think he was back in one of his movies!
Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!
Lock Hillary up for emails?
Well then, lock ivanka up too!!! Lock her up!I
Île-de- France
Île-de- France:
If many of those emails were in violation of federal records rules, It's time to lock her bum up✊
APPLE & HAPPY x-files
APPLE & HAPPY x-files:
Crooked first family !!
Tom White
Tom White:
Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Or...or..or.. investigate her and see who's hacking her and getting info. She's probably russias back door.
Death To Ming!
Death To Ming!:
They need to investigate the entire GOP on all levels for undermining democracy. 16 million more votes for Democrats and Republicans are still holding state assemblies. Don't forget the judges that ruled in favor of it.
Champion Lehlohonolo Ntulini
Champion Lehlohonolo Ntulini:
USA has a monarchy that is Trump family. They will do wrong and get away with it.
David Coleman
David Coleman:
Priceless. Let the excuses begin!
Enuff is ENUFF
Enuff is ENUFF:
Mariah Billado, a Miss Teen USA contestant finally gathered enough courage to tell chaperon Ivanka, that her father continued to break into men-free zone dressing rooms to harass girls specifically when they're naked. Trump Organization Madam Ivanka non-chalantly said, "yeah he does that." Years later, this female Joe Paterno supported her Jerry Sandusky for president, then casually anointed herself First Queen to receive tributes from world's top kingpins. So here we are.
Jorge Vela
Jorge Vela:
Russia....if you are listening?
Norma Jean
Norma Jean:
Lock IVANKA up. "This is bigger than Watergate". Trump
Walt Snow
Walt Snow:
Oh , is this where we begin the trump minion chant ......'' LOCK HER UP , LOCK HER UP , LOCK HER UP "".............MAGA = Mobsters Are Governing America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ja Nein
Ja Nein:
At least Clinton set up her own E-Mail-Server in her home. Trump´s E-Mails are stored by Microsoft. Are you sure, that the copies of the sent E-Mails are stored somewhere in the USA ? Are the copies encrypted ? ASK MICROSOFT !
Truthy Fruity
Truthy Fruity:
Even before election 2016 it's been obious --- Donald, Ivanka, Jared, Junior, Eric COMMIT CRIMES IN PLAIN SIGHT. It's not ignorance, but CASUAL indifference: to get people to yield to their demigod entitlements. Like casually charging $100 million security team's Trump hotel rentals to taxpayers. Or Jared's casual "oops forgot to include" another non-kosher transaction in his security clearance doc submission. Or Ivanka's casual "oops it's not okay to accept $100 million gift from my Saudi boyfriend?" Or Donald telling interviewer once "Epstein likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side". And the ultimate, TREASON at HELSINKI. Seriously. Until we all react APPROPRIATELY, we are all complicit!
What we the Amercian people don't realize is how much Trump is enjoying all this. He is living his fantasy of being the "king," getting national and global attention 24/7, being saluted, being the chief of the armed forces, bossing everyone around, etc. Being the "star" on a world stage. Trump's dream come true. Meanwhile, Ivanka and the husband are busy mice making global deals for Trump, Org. and they're all playing a long game. We're being had plain and simple by a longtime and experienced family of grifters.
Orenthal Simpson
Orenthal Simpson:
Lock her up!
adam lang
adam lang:
An Email Karma Boomerang.
D. Boss
D. Boss:
LIES, LIES, LIES....Amid yet another scandal. The Trump's are dishonest and think they don't have to live by the same rules and everyone else. Vote Dem in 2020.
The Prodigal
The Prodigal:
We , the American people, did not elect Trump! 3 million more Americans elected the QUALIFIED candidate! I wish your journalist would correct that in your coverage! The electoral college over rode the PEOPLES choice & chose this imbecilic villain! All the crappy villainous presidents were elected, not by the people, but the electoral college! Why do you not give this credit to the institution thats responsible! PLEASE! Thank You!
quinten putnam
quinten putnam:
I can't wait to see THE FELON IN CHIEF answering questions or more likely dodging questions on this subject then trying to turn it around to make it look like the FAKE NEWS is to blame. LOCK THEM ALL UP!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Sep
Andrew Sep:
She needs to be questioned for 12 hours and asked the same questions over and over for the next 2 years..
kilo kola
kilo kola:
Trump will have less respect than he had before he became president. People give you the benefit of the doubt when you claim to be a billionaire, but after revealing himself to be be a total nutcase as president, and after we see his full tax returns, hes done.
Latrice Cardwell
Latrice Cardwell:
She knew , she just didn’t care , she knew that nothing would b done , remember she’s the president daughter that family is a mess everyone c this n nothing is happening don’t here nothing from #45 but he ridiculed Hillary Clinton n yes they never play by the rules I really believe if a man would have ran against Trump he would not be in the WH today they know nothing about politics......the United States need to get rid of electoral votes quick c what happen we have an uneducated President , n Family ....ijs !!
Brian Quillo
Brian Quillo:
Do the trumps really think they are above the law??
Do they not know they are the most watched family on earth right now lol how stupid do you have to be!
Ivanka does it. Jared does it. Pence did it. DJT does it. #ButHerEmails SMH
Gina Heller
Gina Heller:
I love Karma!
If these trumps are not the dumbest people I know then the have to be the 2nd dumbest people I know, they spent the entire presidential campaign turning the country against Hillary Clinton with the chant of "Lock her up" and here they are doing even worse with their email, at least Hillary had her own secure server, most of the trump followers think a server is a waitress, the dumb SOB.
Does Mr. Trump want the United States to be like Putin, controlling utterly every word that comes out of the media to control the people? I’m afraid that is what is happening. By saying that all our media outlets and reporters are corrupt, Mr. Trump is trying to make ordinary citizens believe that they are receiving incorrect and derogatory information about himself. He wants to come across as a victim of false news reporting and states he is a “great” leader who is being mercilessly slandered. It is regrettable that so many people in the United States are duped by this ploy and will only listen to talk radio and television stations that unrealistically paint President Trump as a hero of the people. Some may excuse the president’s inflammatory rhetoric about the media, but just because the president does not like news coverage does not make it fake. And a president preventing a free and independent press from covering the workings of our republic would be a criminal assault on the First Amendment!...A real Man a real President without doubt would have gone and seen the American military dead no matter what the weather, the confederate republicans and fox Nazi news would have gone ballistic and would have required President Obama head on a Plata if he had said he's not going to the American war graves in France because of wind and rain...tell me why does the drumpf always get away with everything. The drumpf is big on the military but cannot even attend the American cemetery off the fallen heroes, the liar in chief drumpf should be a shame. He gets away with it (for the moment) because the Republican majority in the Senate, without regard for the welfare of the people, would rather be senators in a dead country than retired senators in a living, functioning country. They are in flagrant violation of their oath of office, perjurers in retrospect. They have no redeeming social or governmental qualities or capabilities which are not canceled out by their greed, avarice, and indifference to the welfare of the people. i gotta say finish social media has never been as entertaining as it was yesterday. someone posted a picture of a tree branch with just one leaf left, saying "just waiting for that last leaf to fall so i can rake it. any minute now" and i just about died laughing.
Said it once, I'll say it 1000 times. Trump is LAZY.
Joe, What you said is very dangerous, and exactly the same fatal mistake Democrats made in 2016. Do not assume Trump will never be elected to anything again, he could very well be reelected as POTUS again for 2 reasons.

1. As we saw in 2018, the GOP will do ANYTHING to hold on to power. Lie, cheat, steal, Rig elections, voter suppression, Gerrymandering, election fraud, even commit treason with America's enemies. Despite the polls they will do ANYTHING they can to keep Trump in the WH, unless they become convinced their is absolutely no way he can win. The only way that happens is if the base turns against him (see Number 2).

2. The base is never going to vote against him no matter what. Never under estimate the power of peoples stupidity, especially in large groups. Trump is the leader of cult not a political party. The Trumpists will always voter for Trump no matter what. They are simple minded fools whom will never accept a word of criticism about "Dear Leader", no matter what the facts are. They will always come up with an excuse or another to avoid facing the truth. If Robert Mueller finds a smoking gun about Russia you think they will accept it? Even if they do they will not care.
lynn hendricks
lynn hendricks:
Can't wait to hear what Kellyanne and Sarah have to say about!
Sumumma Bish
Sumumma Bish:
The orange POS crime syndicate will DEFLECT our attention away from this... stay tuned...
Amber Horstmeier
Amber Horstmeier:
Dear Santa Mueller, I would like to see the 45 family in orange 🍊 for Christmas 🎄
You'd think an intelligent person would have learned from the rallies her father led chanting "LOCK HER UP", to not do THAT.

Thank God Trump has "the best people" on the job.
quinten putnam
quinten putnam:
LITTLE DONALDNOKIO wanted Hillary to be Locked Up after the same thing So I guess IVANKA will have to go also, right...
Mika is right, stop saying the Trumps don't understand. Of course they understand. They are indifferent to the law, they believe they are all above the law and their cult believe it too.
Brucifer Mephistopheles
Brucifer Mephistopheles:
Americans voted for the guy who mirrored their intellect!
I Have No Fear
I Have No Fear:
Hey China release Ivanka missing emails!!!
quinten putnam
quinten putnam:
Can't wait till they cart the entire CRIME FAMILY away to the Prison Named After LITTLE DONALDNOKIO. I think instead of naming a library after him in his case I think naming a prison after him would be more appropriate!!!!! Trump Prison & License Plate Facility...
the rockford files
the rockford files:
lock her up - lock her up :: benghazi - benghazi :: i will vote for any qualified woman - just not that one - lock her up
Kersen Sour
Kersen Sour:
The irony.... haha haha haha what an effing family this is....taking advantage of everything for their own good?! Lock her up!
luis fuentes
luis fuentes:
Crooked Ivanka they should LOCK HER UP, then take her citizenship since shes the parent of an immigrant and deport her to Slovenia. That is what republicans would do if the tables were turned
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith:
The bigger issue is Ivanka and Jared are using their government roles to further their private business interests.
ehla 01
ehla 01:
For sure they didn't count on me: LOCK IVANKA UP!! LOCK HER UP!!
Ronin Wong
Ronin Wong:
Arrest all of Orange Toad and his family. Well,, maybe not Barron, he hasn't done anything yet.
Stephen Waskey
Stephen Waskey:
crooked ivanka
I love that they used unflattering photos of Ivanka during this segment. Lol
Oh just investigate her or lock her up. I'm flexible.
Ms America
Ms America:
Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Trey...investigate now ! Crooked Ivanka should be locked up ! LOCK HER UP...LOCK HER UP !
She is not smart, but cunning and manipulative just like her father. Those two relationship is even in question. Sick family.
of course, Ivanka"s email "mistake" was done on purpose to flaunt the law --- publically.
Ivanka needs to be indicted too.
Lock her up!
aaron veranos
aaron veranos:
" . . . she had to know -- UNLESS SHE'S DUMB AS A BRICK !" ha ha ha thanks for the good laugh; i needed that
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis:
Now it's 'Crooked Ivanka' 😂😂Lock her up!
Sooooo, where's Trey Gowdy at now?
EDIT : Oh, he's on FoxNews. Nevermind...
Aaron E
Aaron E:
Somewhere Hillery has a big-a$$ smile on her face!😄
Nunya Tate
Nunya Tate:
The Trump family is all about getting over on people and committing crimes🤦🏿‍♂️
Even my wife fell for that face. Ivanka the saint. Her hubby thou hss an evil look.
People this is simple nepotism. Family linked to government bad salad mix .
Ha ha!! The Trumps circument justice again to grab a headline.
Jeff T
Jeff T:
Well, yeah, but...but...but...Well, but...Ya see, it ain't so bad, really. I mean, it ain't like her pops is a draft-dodging, spoiled-rotten, Putin-loving, treasonous, anti-America baby or anything. Now THAT, THAT would be something to be concerned over. Right?
Phillip Malone
Phillip Malone:
Ivanka has the perfect neck for a noose... STRING HER UP!!
Rich Winder
Rich Winder:
DC is over capacity,
with outright mendacity.
But, what makes it worse,
is the dark curse,
of rampant executive rapacity.
Hal Asimov
Hal Asimov:
THIS IS NOT THE SAME!!!!! Not Classified, Not a server, Not as sensitive of a position, no deleting after subpoena.
Barry William Teske
Barry William Teske:
"They don't care." Finally a truth is courageously voiced.
S Baumann
S Baumann:
Anyone else looking forward to seeing this family in prison? Be patient folks, it's coming!
Taylor H
Taylor H:
The Trump Family: A Case Study in Privilege, Projection, and Hypocracy.
Patricia Baughn
Patricia Baughn:
Ivanka didn't know that she couldn't use personal e mail regarding official federal rules???? Bull poop. She was glued to his side all during his awful campaign when he criticized Hillary Clinton for the same thing. What to do what to do with little Ivanka?? I know... Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. And throw away the key.
It's time she was in an orange jumpsuit. Lock her up, right MAGATs?
Rachel Melendez
Rachel Melendez:
Hearing pubic in Ivanka email !!!! What good for one is good for other !!!
No trust !!! Investigate ! 👍
Chris CM
Chris CM:
*But but but Ivanka's emails!!!* 😁😂😂😂😂😂
Nigel Stevenson
Nigel Stevenson:
Inmate Ivanka " lock her up".
adex Bell
adex Bell:
Crooked ivanka, lock her up big time and throw the keys away
Get Real
Get Real:
Technicolor YaYa
Technicolor YaYa:
"We" did not elect him, Joe. You and your cronies elected him.
Stop saying they are not qualified or ignorant. They are crooks, simple.
Shame on the people who voted for them.
The Hypnotoad
The Hypnotoad:
this family invaded the WH. without a single day of public service between them, the electoral college gave them the responsibility of protecting our country and seeing to its growth. never before has so much trust been placed in the hands of people so incompetent and under qualified. we are held in the lowest esteem ever, in the worlds eyes. shame on America, shame on the Posers who are destroying our country's reputation.
Mark Paintner
Mark Paintner:
Trumpy Dumpy lie, lie, lie, lie.
Lock Them Up!
Herr Drumpf
Herr Drumpf:
Pinhead ivanka and her twink husband jared need to be in jail. Lock them up.
ulm donau
ulm donau:
Listen to how Mika acts with that disappointment tone all the time.

Look people. People in politics and places of power use personal emails all the time.

Darling Nikki
Darling Nikki:
And everyone (including Mika) went cuckoo when.Samantha Bee called Ivanka a feckless C.U.Next.Tuesday!!!! Well I, for one, agree with Sam Bee's assessment and then some!
Henry Foster
Henry Foster:
Frank Winkhorst
Frank Winkhorst:
*LOCK HER UP* And lock up her Republican enablers. And lock up her crazy old man.
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith:
Looking more & more like not just "Lock up Jarred" but "Lock up Ivanka" as well. LOL
They think rules don't apply to them. It will be so satisfying to watch it all come tumbling down.
Sandra Perez
Sandra Perez:
Ivanka Trump knew...lock her up too. Corruption at its best
Beverly Beale
Beverly Beale:
Tables are turning! Watch what you say, Trump. Now, let's see, lock Ivanka up!
Sean Williams
Sean Williams:
Hypocrisy at its finest.
menace 2 society
menace 2 society:
Trump: Ivanka has the BEST private server emails "
Meo Erhum
Meo Erhum:
Lock Ivanka up, impeach trump, the earlier the better for the whole country.
hello man
hello man:
Giving ivanka too much credit. She ain't as smart as you think.
Gina Kay
Gina Kay:
The most famous chant “Lock her up” has been used for almost 3yrs for using a Personal email. Now Ivanka gets caught using a Private email and the excuse is “oh she never knew”.
Maritess Vicente
Maritess Vicente:
Thanks to the 30% who voted for this effing family. Thank you! I can’t express my gratitude enough.
The Forsaken
The Forsaken:
Trump. Violated Anti-Nepotism laws to hire them and the Congress said NOTHING,

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