Joe Rogan - Is Steven Seagal Legit?

Joe Rogan explains Steven Seagal's martial arts background in Aikido and if it's effective.

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Speedy Bohlke
Speedy Bohlke:
Seagal is totally legit...I saw him finish a buffet under 10 minutes.
John Smithee
John Smithee:
Steven Seagal is the most grounded fighter. Not because of his Martial Arts style. But because of gravity.
Tony Day
Tony Day:
Rules of Aikido - No no no......come at me like this.
Trumps Doctor
Trumps Doctor:
In Black & white videos there’s only 2 belts lol
Collab Rehab
Collab Rehab:
Only dangerous thing about Steven is his cholesterol !
Connor Foley
Connor Foley:
I am a master of the most legit martial art, autoito, it's where I agree to fight you in a parking lot then run you over in my car.
Street Wise Hercules
Street Wise Hercules:
Joe jumping in circles to not outright say Segal can’t fight, at all
stephen hamilton
stephen hamilton:
The old man that Joe Rogan is referring to is Kyuzo Mifune a10th Dan Red Belt. Trained by Jigoro Kano Founder of Judo.
roberto R
roberto R:
Aikido is great if you happen to be attacked by a group of people who run at you one at a time, and all have a strong desire to throw themselves on the floor...
Jalisco Pow
Jalisco Pow:
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face
Seagal has 2 black belts.
One in Aikido,

One in burrido.
Segal taught many of my wife’s high school friends in Kobe Japan in the late 70s.
Beck S.
Beck S.:
Steven Segal was a student of Rex Kwon Do. He signed up for the six week course.
The best way to defend against a knife attack is RUN!! 🏃‍♂️🤺
Hermann Bloessner
Hermann Bloessner:
I always think of the story when Seagal bet he could get out of a hold or lock from Gene LeBell.
Didn't go so well because LeBell is a black belt Judoka and Seagal soiled himself trying to free himself from his grip. On a film set. In front of everyone.
Is Steven Seagal legit? "It's entirely possible"
Señor Gordon Freeman
Señor Gordon Freeman:
Everyone is a martial art expert in that comment section.
Mexican Judo...judon’t know if I’ve got a gun, judon’t know if I’ve got a knife...
Nicolaas Mouton
Nicolaas Mouton:
Seagal should transition into sumo. See if his skills work on people with a similar physique
"Was your dad drunk?"

"He was 6'2"
robert broecker
robert broecker:
Joe I like the things you do but picking on his fighting skills he's old respect him I hope they will for you when you get old.
ED-E Almyghty
ED-E Almyghty:
Everytime i watched a steven seagal movie and it was a fight scene i used to ask myself wtf is he doing? Slap chops?... He's slap chopping ppl... Then i would watch jean claude van damme or wesley snipes blade to feel better.
Galleta's Dad
Galleta's Dad:
Steven Seagal black belt in KFC...extra crispy..
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta:
All these years he spent bullshitting about being a martial artist he could've spent learning one smfh.
Serrada FMA
Serrada FMA:
The Old Judo Man is Kyuzo Mifune
Known as the "God Of Judo" .
Sony Djuana
Sony Djuana:
Trust John Wick, judo is the way to fight.
Mauro Gomez
Mauro Gomez:
Steven Seagal is also a legit Choreographer and Buffet Master. He eats everything.
Jason Creamer
Jason Creamer:
"Especially today when allot of people know how to fight" I would say 98 percent of people have no clue how to fight.
Oh My Dayum
Oh My Dayum:
Joe rogan content is great. But the editing is the worst. They never show the entire videos they're watching
Mike Rodriguez
Mike Rodriguez:
Seagal is also a black belt in Judo and Karate besides being a 7th Dan Black belt in Aikido. He’s a special character though lol
The Engineer
The Engineer:
I took Aikido and it is NOT a Self Defense system. Took it for two years. I enjoyed the “Art” but make no mistake, it does NOT stand up to the pressure test. It is NOT an art to use to save your life. Do not attempt to try it EVER on the street.
Truth Hitman
Truth Hitman:
Bruce Lee is the greatest. Would kicked the living daylights out of Steven Seagal LOL
# 187
# 187:
*I'm a Bullshido black belt*
Gary Riefle
Gary Riefle:
"A lot of marital arts that are limited"... exactly why Bruce Lee came up with Jeet Kune Do. Fighters should express themselves, specific arts doesn't allow for that. Styles shouldn't fit the fighters, the fighters should fit the styles. Bruce Lee had no style and trained as if he didn't. He didn't master styles, he mastered himself. Bruce Lee was the first on record to see martial arts as self expression, he did not believe in a art that dictates the artist. Bruce Lee was a TRUE marital artist.
Marshal Dunnik
Marshal Dunnik:
Seagal is a legit martial artist, but his acting...? Not so much.
paul baker
paul baker:
Seagal I believe could fight in his nico days. But over the years he has turned into Tom pepper. Should have stayed real and thin
frida kraljica
frida kraljica:
ncaa wrestler? a goddamn 15 year old from my gym that does wrestling for mma would shoot a double on him, get him down and choke him out. no ncca caliber wrestler needed
Zach B
Zach B:
“Was your dad drunk?”
“He was 6’2”
Good talk
Renee Miller
Renee Miller:
Steven Seagal lied about knowing Bruce Lee.
jhon doe
jhon doe:
anybody seen Richie? im going to keep coming back until someone remembers seeing Richie!
He’s legit
Dynamic Entry
Dynamic Entry:
Steven Seagal would of made a great WWE Wrestler
bruce lee
bruce lee:
Segal is DEFINITELY NOT LEGIT. He has told numerous lies about his background that have been totally exposed.
Mauro Gomez
Mauro Gomez:
Steven Seagal has 2 black belts. One from Levi's and Two from Giordano.
Charles Foster
Charles Foster:
Why are we watching a bald guy with goofy headgear narrate instead of watching a fullscreen of the clip???
Robert Price
Robert Price:
Is Steven Seagull legit?
Joe Rogan: He is! But it wouldn't work on anybody, he would get taken down so fast... 🤔
"In Okinawa, belt mean no need rope hold up pants."
Mr. Miyagi , 1984
Mauro Gomez
Mauro Gomez:
Steven Seagal is a Legit Tai Chi Master. Try to fight Bass Rutten let's see what he can do.
Kekx Star
Kekx Star:
Now Steven Seagal can destroy planets with his own gravitational field. Still a beast..
Steve Beaty
Steve Beaty:
When your black belt can't reach around your gigantic stomach, you are no longer a martial artist or an actor anyone wants to see.
I remember Seagal hosting SNL. He did some move on Chris Farley in a skit where they were cops.
He dropped Farley HARD. Wish I could find the clip.
Blue Dwarf
Blue Dwarf:
The only thing legit of Segal is the hair dye he uses
sekwanele sekwa
sekwanele sekwa:
I clicked on this video just to comment NO .. no way he is legit
Traski Traskola
Traski Traskola:
‘He was legit. He was very legit. He was thin...’
Sig Urther
Sig Urther:
So, he's legit, but his skill is essentially worthless, so lauding him as some sort of martial arts master is like saying a piece of faceted glass is as valuable as a diamond.
It’s sort of like running through submission chains in juijitsu, in that your partner has to be obliging. It’s more of a training drill or conceptual demonstration, rather than a demonstration of practical application.
I Army
I Army:
He’s a Ham 100%
Chancing his luck since day 1
Mike McCormick
Mike McCormick:
Totally legit as long as your participating Aikido “opponent” falls on cue.
kid Karnage
kid Karnage:
Joe "Go full screen" Rogan
Robert Harris
Robert Harris:
The very end...

"But there's a lot of it that is limited"

Absolutely there is....but it's still applicable under the right tooling.
Arts change, time moves forward; time for the tech side to change, adapt..& move forward; it's all the same game, just a different atmosphere.
That's what we do in our discipline.
That's how we keep it progressing, how we keep it relevant.
A M:
“I caught little Steven eye ballin my wife back in 94 so I walked up to him and blasted his face with a street fighter RYU fireball! He ended up begging for mercy while holding my nut sack!”

—— Donald trump
Jay Bird
Jay Bird:
Yeah, I'll take up Aikido in case someone attacks me on the streets with a sword!
Sandy g.
Sandy g.:
Reviews video footage: “Let’s not use this because it’s easy to poke fun at him when he’s old but let’s go to that black and white one” 😂🤣
James Crockett
James Crockett:
Everyone knows aikido is momentum based though. I do, however, respect the fact that he said "not that video, its easy to poke fun at him as hes old there."
78 Stankin Lankin
78 Stankin Lankin:
He also was in law enforcement in Louisiana
2:48 ooooh my God I saw this video long ago.
Christopher Manella
Christopher Manella:
So show us the vid. Stop cutting away
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson:
That video of the old guy doing judo must be the inspiration for the judo scene in Baki
Simone B
Simone B:
Main character- Steven Seagal
Backround characters - Steven Segal
Producer- Steven Segal
Screenplay- Steven Segal
Costume- Steven Segal
Directed By- Steven Segal
Stunts- Steven Segal

Nominated for oscar by -Steven Segal.
Willie Ortiz
Willie Ortiz:
Morihei Ueshiba was an incredible aikido master flawless technique
"go full screen".... thank you joe
Johny Blitz
Johny Blitz:
“Sweep the leg”,
Mike P
Mike P:
He will break your arm in 20 different places while he finishes his slice of pizza
Brad Broussard
Brad Broussard:
I took year of Akido, in my younger days as a bouncer helped me a lot. Disarming ppl and not actually hitting them to stop them. Cause as a bouncer, lawsuits are common thing.
Chally Ho
Chally Ho:
I've got a black belt holding my jeans up I'm legit
Sam Turner
Sam Turner:
Aikido isn't good for street fights.... I had a guy coming at me with that exact 'when's that gonna come up' thing with the arm extended ready to dose me in the face, and because I had had one too many t o drink and my reaction speed was not good, I froze for just a moment and reacted too slowly and the guy punched my hand that I used to try and catch his hand and I got hit in the face by both my hand and his fist.

You need to be inch perfect and a pure expert at Aikido and then all you're gonna be able to do is something you can do with other martial arts. I also forgot to get out of the way before trying to grab his hand. Several years I did Aikido for (I can't remember exactly how long but I got to green belt) and my footwork and speed were among the best in the class. But just a moment of slowness and blam I got tagged. If I could go back, I would most definitely train in something more effective.

But with defeat comes a lesson, and my brain stormed on ways to use what I'd learned in Aikido to be way more effective. There's a technique that grabs at someones wrist, steps to the side and then spins them, it can really fuck up someone's wrist, but due to the requirement to have such inch perfect technique and accuracy, it's near impossible to pull out. However, if I were to go for another, easier to grab target, such as the fuckers face, or grab his groin, and then do a move similar to it.... then that my friends is going to be a painful night in the hospital for him.
Marco Nelissen
Marco Nelissen:
Aikido only works when you are under siege or on deadly grounds!
As kid I was studying judo, one day my math teacher came to my judo class, she flipped me so hard I never messed around in her class even again, who knew
theboss 2000
theboss 2000:
Jamie sucks when it comes to keeping the damn video clip up while Joe is explaining the footage.
officer vlad
officer vlad:
Steven got a black belt at eating donuts
Renz Davis
Renz Davis:
I would love to see Steven seagul try and lie his way out of questions with Joe Rogan
We had Aikido as part of our Judo training twice a month when I was a kid.
01 02
01 02:
Well he's definitely a Legit compulsive liar!
Nelson Muntz
Nelson Muntz:
Yo Joe! This is Steven Seagal speaking. I challenge you Joe Rogan, to a dual...of eating.
No one has a chance against Stephen Seagal in one of his movies. No one !
why not show us the videos you are reviewing lol? WHOAAAAAHHHHHH and we see nothing 🤣
John Charnley
John Charnley:
Most of the people that Joe has on his show know how to fight including Joe but most people today, generally speaking do not know how to fight.
Aikido is effective if your opponents go-to-fighting “technique” is “the handshake”
Joe Swift
Joe Swift:
"I hope I'm not mistaken" --- you are. LOL!
Joe "you can tell when someone is just giving in" Rogan.
Charles Daniel
Charles Daniel:
I think that van damme vs seagal would sell a shitload of tickets. Who wit me???
Tasha Cherry
Tasha Cherry:
I never really realized just WHO it was that I was cooking dinner for when when my ex John Harrison would invite John Wood Roy and his brother over for a grappling session in the basement 😲. Soo sweet!
Andrew Marcus
Andrew Marcus:
So, Aikido works well against zombies
Eric Lozano
Eric Lozano:
No joke i once dropped one of segals students with a leg sweep in his own dojo
Amranx TV
Amranx TV:
“At least he’s wearing a black belt”
Yeah, in a black and white video
SSuperchargedSS ChevyKingzCartel
SSuperchargedSS ChevyKingzCartel:
Tohu Bohu
Tohu Bohu:
To you Joe: This is a very good video. I’ve been in judo training when I was a child. It certainly helped me a lot. Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭😘
Kazmer Borisevich
Kazmer Borisevich:
Is Joe Rogen legit, I heard your 4’9
Elsa Debroglie
Elsa Debroglie:
Joe "Brain damage + contradiction" Rogan
Kyuzo Mifune is the old judo master Rogan is referring to. Now.....Mifune trained with Ueshiba Sensei which was the founder of Aikido and his judo technique was adapted to his size. Mifune was not 90 during that video shooting. He is revered in Judo circles for a good reason. His technique was flawless.