Jimmy Butler makes 76ers 'team to beat' in East - Scottie Pippen | The Jump

Scottie Pippen explains why he loves the Philadelphia 76ers, especially on the defensive end. Amin Elhassan shares his reservations about the Sixers, citing their need to add shooters. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: http://es.pn/SUBSCRIBEtoYOUTUBE ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoESPNFC ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoNBAonESPN ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: http://es.pn/YouTubeTV ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/espn ► Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/espn ► Follow on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/espn Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on ESPN.com: http://www.espn.com

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LSD lilbro
LSD lilbro:
There is no team to beat in the east, Tor, bos, 76ers, n bucks all hav a chance
Playoffs gon be crazy ths yr
So many ignorant comments. The sixers will be a totally different team in February and march.. They will have great chemistry a will have made a few key acquisitions
Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁
Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁:
Fam, it can’t be just me. Is Jimmy THAT NICE??? I get it Towns and Wiggins are soft so it made Jimmy look like a super hero but fam, y’all talk about Jimmy like he’s MJ or Kobe. Great addition, but that doesn’t make Philly the team to beat in the east.
"Defense wins championships"

Scottie would know!
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson:
If i hear one more clueless commentator say the Sixers need shooting...... WATCH A GAME
Shanell Moonesinghe
Shanell Moonesinghe:
Raps vs Celtics in ECF😴
Tino Chihuri
Tino Chihuri:
"They have size, they have length" LOOOL. Son have you looked at their team. They have 4 players that fit that description that will actually get on the court. Raps and Celtics have twice the amount
Dee Money
Dee Money:
I hope they make the "playoff"
Jeff F
Jeff F:
*Scotty Pippen: "76ers is the team to beat"*
*Everyone else: "Larsa Pippen is the team to smash"*
Marx was right
Marx was right:
They lost to the magic yesterday. Raptors and Celtikkks run the East.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson:
Riiiight Scottie must be having a mental breakdown from losing his wife to future
Celtics came into the season as clear favorites to go to NBA finals in the east and now it's debatable if they will even make the Eastern conference finals
Frankie Russell
Frankie Russell:
Philly looking like a recipe for disaster, with Jimmy on board.
Lacy Coleman
Lacy Coleman:
no line up, fuzzy hair, and talking crazy.....damn pip....
Filip Zoksimovski
Filip Zoksimovski:
"Butler make's phili's defence better". Orlando went 20-0 on them
sun rah 44
sun rah 44:
Larsa : future's meat cant be beat 😉
Youtuber Radical Rick
Youtuber Radical Rick:
"The team to beat" was already beat last night by a mediocre Orlando team lol.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
"They need shooting they don't have that"
Nik Pasamba
Nik Pasamba:
Dar and Cov somewhere smiling at the fact Philly lost to the Magic.
Loc Dawg
Loc Dawg:
the raptors are tied for the best record in the league how you gonna say that lmao
Go Pacers! It takes nerve to hit last second shots in playoffs: that's what wins a series. Olado thrives on this. No won on Philly has shown that kind of nerve time and again like Oladipo.
Banlist Caution
Banlist Caution:
Why does the female even talk 😂😂
k flores
k flores:
well, theyve already been beaten once. theyll be beaten again. Maybe make the playoffs again and then drop out in the third round
love ya PIP but stop smoking please and get a clue. if Boston is healthy come playoffs they'll expose Philly in 5maxium6 games, just like last year. also, you'll see how overrated Butler is, he really good, but overrated...
Antonio Burnett
Antonio Burnett:
Nick Young is a free agent... 🤦‍♂️
Scott Lawrence
Scott Lawrence:
Absolutely right philly going all the way
Designz R Us
Designz R Us:
Ross JP
Ross JP:
JR Smith could be a great addition to this team if he's bought out by Cleveland.
S L:
Sixers are the CP3 Clippers of the East
bimmer audi
bimmer audi:
I disagree with Scottie!
With this trade, they seperated themselves from the pistons and the pacers. They still arent a top 3 team in the east.
Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez:
Scottie ppippen still a beast 👍👍👍
Lwazi Makhanya
Lwazi Makhanya:
Rob Smith
Rob Smith:
They already had a great defender Covington
Kero Abdel Sayed
Kero Abdel Sayed:
until they fix this shooting problem i think they staying 4th best maybe 3rd but i dont think so
Insert Korkmaz into the starting lineup. Shooting problem solved.
José Lopes
José Lopes:
When the celtics starting line-up starts to click together they'll be the team to beat, i'm way more worried about the bucks and the raptors then with 76ers, last year's playoffs are a great argument
Hassan Haulcy
Hassan Haulcy:
See Scotties knows Philly will be the team of the east
Bun Bee
Bun Bee:
What is Pippen smoking??
Pippen vs Future
Country Style
Country Style:
uhm nope
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
Hell no. Milwaukee and Toronto.
Last night he proved it
Jimmy butler baby MJ. Bullllllieve it
Alyssa McKee
Alyssa McKee:
How they the team to beat
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
Imagine Ben Simmons develops a 10 foot jump shot and markelle fixes his shot
Plot twist- they got beat last night 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alyssa McKee
Alyssa McKee:
They still can't shoot
Not according to Tristan Thompson! The Cavs are the reigning defending eastern conference champs! The road to the finals goes through them!
please dont get jr
Keno Rolle
Keno Rolle:
If we get some legit shooters it's over
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker:
Lol nah. Boston has the top defense in the league consistently lol
Get real scottie
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins:
Still the 4th best team in the east. Okay, third. They're prob better than the Bucks now.
Dark Limeking
Dark Limeking:
Defense wins games idea.... meanwhile celtics were the number 1 defense last year
Tyrian Taylor
Tyrian Taylor:
76ers still have a lot of questions marks. Boston and Toronto can shoot and defend
james cartex
james cartex:
Coming from a Celtics fan nooo, the raptors so far this season is the team to beat in the east
Stanley Robinson
Stanley Robinson:
The Sixers the team to Beat? 😂 Not the way they Played last night and Not without Any Shooters
Ross > Butler
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze:
Scottie is lunchin.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
The raptors celtics bucks and 76ers all have a chance to win the east
Kobe Klay
Kobe Klay:
There isn’t a team to beat in the East. Philly is good but Boston hasn’t even clicked yet, which they will and Toronto......well.....is Toronto. Don’t count out Milwaukee either they can legit upset any of those teams
incoming biased CeLtic and Raptor fans oh and the sad Buck fans 😬
P4P Best.
P4P Best.:
He's not and time will tell... He has no special hability he's just regular to good at many things Wich make him a very complete player but this is not what Sixers need, he's too ball dominant of a player and needs a very high usage rate to be effective, he isn't a great shooter or scorer by any means, plus he isn't a good 3pt shooter, he also will need to move a lot without the ball to get his shots because Simmons is the one moving the ball and we all know he isn't a spot up shooter, he has never been.
Spread Love
Spread Love:
Philly needs Calvin Cambridge
No One
No One:
Toronto is still at the top, but the Sixers are probably the 2nd best team in the East, at least for right now.
Butler is overrated
If Simmons don't find a jumpshot the Sixers ain't winning nothing. Easy game plan come playoff time if he plays a good coach like Brad Stevens. That's why Celtics did them like that. The other thing that will hold the sixers back is their inexperienced coach. And Brad Stevens is the second best coach in the game, and he will find all Philly's weaknesses starting with Ben Simmons inability to stretch the floor. It's hard to be a PG when no one respects your shot. Ben Simmons is bigger than every guard he faces so he has that advantage of going in the post. But the Celtics put Morris on Simmons, which negated the size and strength he had on smaller guards. The key last year was Simmons. They should have beat an undermanned young Celtics squad. Thats bad coaching as well. I believe they didn't even need Butler either. They needed Simmons to come back this year with a jumper, then the Sixers would be off and running. Butler is looking for a 190 Million Supermax, and he can't get that as the third wheel. Philly would be stupid to pay anyone more than Embiid and he makes 29 Million a season on a contract that everyone including myself though Philly was buggin for giving him at the time due to his injury history. Now it's a freakin bargain! I ain't giving Jimmy Butler 38-40 Million a season when my best player makes 29 that was raised in my organization, unless you KD. And we know he ain't that caliber of player, to where he would make more than Steph Curry like KD at first. If you watched the game last night Orlando was leaving Simmons all the way [email protected] open. You have to shoot that. When Simmons is doubling down on his faults as if he don't need to improve them, then as they say pride is before crash!
Shaolin Soldier
Shaolin Soldier:
Toronto is not getting enough respect
Lol 😆 💀 like the Raptors, Boston and Bucks doesn’t exits in the east 💀
Toby Gillam
Toby Gillam:
So Scotty is saying Covington isn’t a good defensive player hmmmm
The sixers have about 6-7 guys in their rotation that are capable of shooting the ball at worst. only ben and markelle struggle shooting consistently. cant just ride what comentators say. actually pay attention
Defense wins championships, but without 3-pt shooting and without bench players, you can't win shit in the modern NBA.. Toronto and Boston have much stronger shooters and bench players than 76ers. When I watch teams like the Trail Blazzers play, their starters are fenomenal, but their bench SUCKS and gives away double digit leads in few minutes. These kind of teams don't have a chance at the playoffs, even having elite starters. Unless the 76ers sign 2 shooters they're 5th best team in my view, even behind Pacers and Bucks. 76ers are highly overrated. Nick Young is a great shooter who is free agent now. JR Smith is an interesting option as well, as he has low-value after the Finals. They need bench guys who can shoot at 40% from the perimeter.
Amani Kowero
Amani Kowero:
Lol the only reason the current starting lineup is better defensively is because of Wilson Chandler. I don't think Butler is a better defender than Roco.

They'll be better offensively especially once they've completed their roster and added shooting and more defense (let's get KCP).
Why are Pippen's opinions always so trash?
I think that the East is wide open. No one would be surprised if Raps, Celtics, Bucks, or 6ixers make it to the finals. You could make a case about any of the 4 teams. I would say as of this moment the Bucks are scarier simply because the other teams are either dealing w injuries, chemistry issues or depth issues. First time I’ve been excited for the Eastern conference bc there’s also dark horses like Indy or Detroit who won’t be easy outs.
Still its Raps vs Celtics in the conference finals
Ali Shafi
Ali Shafi:
Umm how can they be the team to best when they lost to the Magic. They have no depth, little to no shooting and in terms of defense and size they lost that with the trade they made.
I doubt they're better than the Bucks.
No depth and no spacing for the starters. Terrible ass trade for both teams. Even if they get Korver and some other veterans to fill their bench they’re still not doing shit against GS and Butler is getting old. They made the same mistake the wolves did when they traded for him. Should’ve just waited for The young guys to reach their primes stock up on picks and make a championship run in 3-4 years.
J S:
Huh...lmao...How?I usually like Scotties take on things but I believe he's wrong on this one.76ers are still not better than Boston(not even close)They are not better than Toronto,and u could also make a case they aren't better than the Bucks either...Just because u acquire a really good player doesn't mean it will equate to wins.I don't get why ppl don't get this...Look at all that talent Washington has...They suck ass..Chemistry is huge in sports,I don't think ppl think about that as much as they should...Not to mention Philly has absolutely no shooting besides JJ Redick
Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings
Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings:
Roco and Saric>>>Jimmy💯💯💯Bucks, Raptors , Celtics are better than 76ers.Tgey lost to the Magic💀💀😂😂