Jess Phillips vs international mens day again

Jess Phillips and Philip Davies debate international mens day again

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her body language screams petulant child
silky silk
silky silk:
what a nasty c*nt she is. over talks, sniffs and shuffles like a child, and her tone of voice is nasty. clear evidence of someone that is way out of her depth.
Wow, she's rude. Not once does he interrupt her, but she interrupts him constantly.
Joel Costa
Joel Costa:
She claims that saying that men can't raise issues in public is ridiculous, yet she publicly laughs in a professional conference when men's issues are brought up.
Mark Callan
Mark Callan:
Jess Phillips is a dreadful example of female bigotry towards men as a group
Retro Spectre
Retro Spectre:
Her ENTIRE attitude is the problem. She's smug, looks like a teenager scoffing at anything that falls outside her internal narrative. Anyone that openly acts flippant like this as a public servant is clearly not equipped to handle intelligent debate. As evidenced by her juvenile need to constantly interrupt anyone else speaking. Take a look at her other clips, she's like a toddler constantly talking.

One more thing: Not every movement demands action. Sometimes just talking things out can change minds, views, and dare I say inform. That's what modern day "ism"s don't get. Force only breeds resistance. You want real change on the fundamental level you have to win hearts and minds. And I love how she has no real reason to deny this point, so she flips it to another topic she knows she can gather support on. It's like saying: Oh, you want homes for the homeless right, but you won't vote to free slave workers in Africa....... even though we can't vote on how to run other countries....
What a horrible human being. Just screams pure evil.
Dr mac dough
Dr mac dough:
the patience that he has is remarkable
8 Atheist
8 Atheist:
I wouldn't even piss on her - and I'm really into watersports
So when feminists want what they think men have, they're fighting for equality. But when men ask for something women have, they're just pathetic little crybabies going ''well the girls get one boohoo''... got it
Akhilesh Mopuri
Akhilesh Mopuri:
Why is she acting like a child?
richard smith
richard smith:
If a male mp took the same position concerning womens day there would be uproar, Carl benjamin (Sargon) is a hero standing against people like this horrible woman and our PC mad media
Hurried Sleet
Hurried Sleet:
you can see how triggered Jess is getting when the guy is talking.
I have watched her in two videos, and in each, she is rude in each one.
Majestic Longpubes
Majestic Longpubes:
300 years ago we would have burned her at the stake and be done with it.
Dave Atkins
Dave Atkins:
She IS a massive b*tch, well said Sargon.
She won't even recognise that there are men's rights issues. She's just a horrible woman.
Brian Hewson
Brian Hewson:
This is what happens when you have a quota system rather than getting the best people for the job.
Horrid horrid women. How the hell is she not stacking shelves?
Vote Carl Benjamin, Vote UKIP.
Laughing Achilles
Laughing Achilles:
00:50 - "As am I."

I would believe her more if she wasn't so obviously fighting a smirk.
jonas fullkvist
jonas fullkvist:
she seems like a horrible person... her attitude and rudeness is very obvious...
she has the face of a devil spawn..... i could feel her evil aura true the cyber space geezus krist......
Yorkshire Pud
Yorkshire Pud:
She doesn't know what goes on on woman's day but doesn't want men to have a mens day WTF
joint ツ
joint ツ:
Suicide statistics are laughable

Let that sink in
Mohammed Sharukh
Mohammed Sharukh:
"...well the girls get it."
Yes, it's called Equality Jess.
Anyone ever noticed how women scream for equality in an already equal world, but the second they reach some form of power (Through politics or even just media like YouTube) they immediately turn into this whole female superiority mindset instead.
What problem is there with a day that focuses on the men's issues which rarely get raised?
She mentioned how it's as if "Well the girls have one, we want one" but it's more like "We have one and we want to be the only one"
She is so self-centred. "I care about men's issues, except, we cannot have a parliamentary session talking about them." But feminism is about equality. What bullpucky.
Alfie Rayner
Alfie Rayner:
4:04 she looks for an opportunity to make him look bad but her points literally have nothing to do with the argumnent
Why is it so hard to just have an international men's day? There's an international women's day, so why can't we have both?
knock knock...

Interrupting cow.
Jane Manby
Jane Manby:
she is also just plain rude and always want to be the one speaking and butting in
pat obrien
pat obrien:
she doesn't attend on IWD
when "important " issues are raised ? so let her stay away on IMD ?? problem solved.
she's an immature individual
Baza H
Baza H:
I dont find her that offensive.. she is just a tad irrelevant and trying to be so.. i wouldn't even tape her.. 😂😂😂🤣
Barnes Barnesy
Barnes Barnesy:
He is dressed like an actual businessman. Tailored suit, groomed, buttoned up to the neck.
She's wearing a cheap t shirt, cardigan and a gross plastic necklace she got from a cornflakes packet.
If she wants to be taken seriously as a maker of public policy then at least look serious. She's dressed like a child care worker not a high ranking MP in the House of Commons.
So Jess, what is international womens day, exactly?
Jess Philips: Er, well, you know, its about, er women, so her, internationally people can er, you know, know women are here.
Jess we know women are around, the clue is the screeching and attention seeking, moaning, and whining about how hard you have it, when people around you do the work.
Jess think's because SHE hasn't been in control, that's why everything goes wrong, same with communism, 'it's just not been tried MY way yet'
mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine
mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine:
Respect to him for holding his ground.
Yoho Hoho
Yoho Hoho:
She really is a vile and completely emotionally unstable, bitter woman!
The Southern Pirate
The Southern Pirate:
Wow....she had to fight hard not to laugh out loud when she sarcastically said "As am I !!" grrr
Jp Rus
Jp Rus:
When you have the mental age of a 3 year old
chris lee
chris lee:
what we see here is exactly what feminist want. they don't want to be equal they want MORE. they want to be superior, and if they lose they play victim.
She can't help herself can she
Woman only selection list for the seat by the Labour Party
Andrew Li
Andrew Li:
Her statement: Reject all real life issues that men face. Lower life expectancy, physical abuse, etc. is "laughable".
Reason: More men in parliament.

These idiots think that equal rights is the same as equal outcome. What a joke. Do you really think there are less women in parliament, the engineering, science, mathematics, or development industry because of some sort of "male dominance"? It's personal preference, and that's heavily linked to biology. Men just prefer and are good at some jobs while women prefer and are better at other jobs. Can she even name a single law or valid statistic that has a preference of men over women?? Because I can name dozens that does the exact opposite. From child custody to sentences in courts, western women are in a far advantage over men in society. How ignorant can you people get?
When a person thinks that the issues and rights of a certain group of people are "laughable", that person is on the road to tyranny.
anal seepage
anal seepage:
women im glad im in one of the fastest growing clubs on this planet... MGTOW.
Little black dress
Little black dress:
As a woman, I feel the international men's day Is necessary! What is this woman's problem lool
Julian Smith
Julian Smith:
A typical feminist tactic: When a man is making a valid point, interrupt.

Why is it so wrong for men to have the same thing that women do?
She's such a cocky git! Oh, hold on...
Dan Moore
Dan Moore:
She’s detestable
Blackcat 1966
Blackcat 1966:
Big chip on her shoulder !!! Wadn't !!! 🤣
What does international women’s day actually achieve? “Erm, well, international women’s day is, errrr, you know, sort of a long held errr, day”

Very insightful Jess
Antonio Banderes
Antonio Banderes:
The smirk never leaves her face wow incredible haha
He got shut out by both of the women, and not one of the other guys said anything to help him out.

This is part of the problem that needs to be addressed and resolved. Otherwise you have more male sui-

Unless.....that's part of their plan to eliminate the male population...
"I totally care about men's issues"
You can't have a men's day to help with the men's issues because I don't like it.
3:42 she is literally rolling her eyes and having a tantrum.
Maybe if these feminatsi's stop acting like whiny children and grow up, people might not hate them as much?
Just passing by.
Just passing by.:
The Satanic Semite BBC and it's ruling🇮🇱👹🤥masters.
I get the impression that Jess doesnt really care about mens issues, because she keeps bringing up the point of "Well there are more men in the parlament"

Its "men's issues" NOT "issues raised by men"
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall:
>monarch, PM, home sec, head of the met are all women
>"society hates womynz"

Yeah ok love
Hey we gotta girl in the house,
No mens rights
im here to fight my own agenda,
In our school (finland) Teacher's and almost any single one of the staff Make girls the first priority.
They Put them in front of lines,
If they say some boy has done something even they haven't they wont even question much,
If a boy blames a girl they wont even question
and as you can see from my grammar i may be right.
James Bailand
James Bailand:
She even laughed here...
donald marks
donald marks:
Where can I join the "me too" movement? As a man I feel violated by Jess Philips.
That was a dude!
I love her
1:06 - If that was the other way round, would that be manterrupting?
Davies: "I always vote in favour of true equality."
Phillips: "Did you vote for gay marriage?"
Davies: "I don't agree with gay marriage, why would I vote for it?"

Jess Phillips delivers the killing blow, there's no recovery.
A.Z. B.
A.Z. B.:
1:05 - hmm..did I just hear womansplaining there?
Feminists suppressing men's rights.
Free Thinker
Free Thinker:
"Men can raise men's issues whenever they want, they're the majority of parliament."
"But I'm trying to raise men's issues and you're stopping us."
"Yes because men are the majority and are in power, give me parity and I'll let you men debate on how you keep committing suicide while I laugh."

So basically being a majority in parliament makes you less privileged. I don't know why the women are complaining.
argentum convectoris
argentum convectoris:
Is it just me...or, am I right in thinking the end times are nearly here.
gas 33 515sxh
gas 33 515sxh:
-Says men cant have mens day even after women have womens day
-fights for "equality"
Robert Turner
Robert Turner:
1:04 womansplaining ...
Sopa de Caracol
Sopa de Caracol:
KWEEN!!1 The look on her face as he's droning on is killing me LOL
Jonathan Waller
Jonathan Waller:
I’m sure she means well some how 😆 also is this Owen Jones Mum ? They are very alike! ?
Freddrick son of Dermott
Freddrick son of Dermott:
It’s amazing how from such a strong starting point she totally undermines her argument with a bad attitude and an unwillingness to listen
definition of a double standard right there?
Angel of War
Angel of War:
I wouldnt even let her make me a sandwich
Neil Proctor
Neil Proctor:
Well done that man ... doing his job!
Marc G
Marc G:
I used to like her but watching this has changed my mind, it seems that people who interrupt are usually wrong , and it's rude , that guy was very patient and respectful ,
I personally can't see her fighting for equal rights to have women do jobs that are predominantly done by males, like trash collecting or home repair, or general construction workings. No, they want equality under specific terms, like CEO's or government work, or other high paying jobs that are on the very light side of actual labor.

I really couldn't expect anything else from such a person showing an overwhelming display of narcissism and entitlement, and general rudeness. Perhaps these traits are what feminist truly see in men and instead of addressing the issues, they'd rather just replicate them and create even more problems.
When someone uses the word "laughable" and doesn't laugh has a bad moral compass.
Stuart Boyd
Stuart Boyd:
She has definitely got something wrong with her attitude, if this is the level of mp's we are in trouble , she would get fired from a management job , actually she wouldn't get past the interview
Dan Shawker
Dan Shawker:
Hold the door!
Face like the back-end of a cow.
So wait, this crazy woman agrees that men have issues and these issues need to be debated but she's against men having their own day?
Mark Swarbrick
Mark Swarbrick:
He stands there with a neutral expression whilst she speaks then when it's his turn she sneers, makes negative expressions and head shakes. She is a vile, mean spirited individual.
Jesmond Jetclean
Jesmond Jetclean:
smug is a descriptive word Ms Phillips
When we allow her kind of veiled hatred into the system, we are collectively responsible for the ensuing damage.
me neither Saargon
When you can't defend your point, interrupt, talk over and mock. Her only goal is to prevent the discussion of men's issues. This is the face of feminism. It's not about equality, it's about dominion
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
"Men's issues"......You big wusses!
Peter Mirtitsch
Peter Mirtitsch:
One of these days, she might even get through an entire interview without grinning and smirking through it.
Steve Hindmarsh
Steve Hindmarsh:
The media's poor baby showing her true colours, I need say no more as she continues to dig a big enough hole for the feminist cause all by herself
Grant Frith
Grant Frith:
Her display here and in parliament is indicative of someone entirely lacking in self awareness. I used to think that line in the movie "As good as it gets" was a bit harsh.

"So how do you write women so well?"..."I think of a man and take away reason and responsibility".

This definitely says it all about this particular beast at least.
james davies
james davies:
Your out of a job 😂😂😂😂
And she will blame everyone else for it 😘 enjoy McDonald’s 😉
I know this is an old YT video, but it's rather pertinent to the discourse presently regarding Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad)).

This supposed MP keeps saying that she thinks it was 'laughable' that men cannot raise issues in Parliament... but the guy wasn't on about men 'in Parliament'; when he was originally addressing the Committee, he was talking about and for ordinary everyday men, in general.

Another gob-shitey fem-tard that seem to show that she is only concerned for women's rights and issues and that men don't have any. Without denigrating any of the issues women have faced or are facing - I have a Mother, Aunt, Sister, Daughter that I would protect and fight for if need be - men have issues too, and so do soldiers and ex-vets - cancers, mental health issues, acts of violence, taking their own life, etc.

And what many seem to forget is that we are also part of the Animal kingdom, driven by thousands of years of biology and evolution - hormones - that affect all, men and women, in different ways and to different degrees with one ultimate aim - Procreation - and the drive to ensure our offspring survive and drive forward at the expense of any others - though you could spread this argument to that of a community. We are no different to most other animal species save for our ability to communicate through the ability of speech and language, to what is currently believed to be a higher level than any other animal, make use of tools, and possibly think in very abstract ways - like self-assured destruction, arguing abstract points, being so far up one's arse to completely move away from reality and common sense.

So when I hear this MP say in that committee something like "when we [women] have parity, then you can have you men's issues heard," you know that women's fight for equal standing in our community/society - which I fully endorse, because as I said, I have a Mother, Aunt, Sister, Daughter - is no longer about that, but all about 'now lets kick men' in retribution.

Things are not going to turn out well and at some point there will be a re-set. History is replete with examples.
How can somebody as immature as Jess Phillips become an MP?

The saying goes that you could put a red rosette on a pig and Labour voters would vote for the pig! Never truer!
Kit H
Kit H:
Neither MP conducted themselves well in this interview. I am ashamed of both of them.
Jock Herer
Jock Herer:
who else is fed up of her not listening....
oneski io
oneski io:
Why does she scoff!!!!!!’
Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan: