Jenna Dewan Responds to Jessie J Look-Alike Comments

Jenna Dewan is keeping the peace as the internet compares her to Channing Tatum’s new girlfriend. More from Entertainment Tonight:


Katniss 808
Katniss 808:
They don't look a like! The only similarity is the hair cut, that's it.
shahad nasser
shahad nasser:
She didn't need to reply, and they don't look a like. For the people who just want to put women against each other GET a life.
Bleu Skye
Bleu Skye:
Jenna is definitely beautiful .
S Pod
S Pod:
No way. I've met Jenna Dewan and she is hands down the most beautiful woman I've seen in real life.
Not saying Jessie J isn't beautiful but they do not look alike beyond similar length hair.
omg two women having blue eyes, pale skin, and dark hair... btw chaning tatum seems to have "a type" why we don't criticize him too?
Keitumetse Mabuza
Keitumetse Mabuza:
Jenna is more beautiful
Leila Wagner
Leila Wagner:
Jessie j is so beautiful with or without make up ❤️
Yeah he has a type. Proportioned jawline, fleek eyebrows, hazel eyes defined cheeks and dark hair. Sounds like every dark haired woman in Hollywood. I bet he'll date another Jenna look alike like Kate Beckinsale or Katy Perry.
Carla Ferreira
Carla Ferreira:
Jessie J love you❤
Ruby Vazquez
Ruby Vazquez:
Channing Tatum obviously has a type! ☺️
Jessie J QUEEN 👑
No no no no, she looks nothing like stunning Jenna!
Me next! I look like both! hahahah
Alejandra Bel Gutierrez
Alejandra Bel Gutierrez:
all the people comparing and i just want to say thanks to CHANNING for supporting JESSIE in everything including his problem with fertility
AI Beta
AI Beta:
It's 2018
Welcome to Sirius the Jaegar
Amy Brack
Amy Brack:
Ppl need to quit all this junk. He has a type just like everyone else. They’re both gorgeous women and he is lucky to find 2 beautiful women that makes him happy. To find love once is lucky but 2x is wonderful. So good for them both
Christy Woods
Christy Woods:
They do not even resemble to Me,Completely different face shapes,and all.
Nicole S
Nicole S:
Jenna is way cuter than jesse
Erica Woods
Erica Woods:
They look nothing a like.
Carol Popham
Carol Popham:
Channing has his hands full with his new love but they Jenna and Jessie are not even alike in personality looks nothing !!!
Jake R
Jake R:
I love Jessie j she lovely person
Dayaam Dionisio
Dayaam Dionisio:
Their smile is the same
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
They both have dark short hair thats it.
Glenn Pogi
Glenn Pogi:
The most beautiful is Jessie j
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz:
He's lucky to have Jessie J!❤
Really? They look nothing alike... they both have bobs that’s as far as it goes
Nini bella
Nini bella:
Team Jenna
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north:
They look absolutely fuckall alike god people love to just put out false information to fit in
Married with children Jenna Dougherty
Married with children Jenna Dougherty:
Lol they do not look alike!!!
Rach C
Rach C:
They don't look completely different tho 👀
Don Diego Vega
Don Diego Vega:
No. The shorter girl is gorgeous.
Glenn Pogi
Glenn Pogi:
I'm a Filipino bath Jessie j is beautiful than Jenna dewan Channing and Jessie j is perfect love team
Rebecca Klompus
Rebecca Klompus:
Jenna is prettier.
Yes. They do
Therese Nydahl
Therese Nydahl:
They are the same type but Jenna is prettier
Jeannie Guel
Jeannie Guel:
Nope no she is more more beautiful ....And she looks nothing alike
Anna Woodham
Anna Woodham:
I feel sorry for Jesse J and Jenna Dewan. Why are they being judged? Ppl need to stop commenting on who's prettier. Let them move on.
At first I felt a tinge of sad feels for Jenna as Channing 'rewinds' time.. But now Steve Kazee! my goodness! Jenna has 'upgraded' for sure. No wonder they are happy to divorce.
Linda Roane
Linda Roane:
They look nothing alike. Jenna is very beautiful and exotic looking. Jesse J looks much older, and has an androgynous look.
Michael Gary Scott
Michael Gary Scott:
Jenna’s more beautiful with her little tortoise face
Jasmin Flowerz
Jasmin Flowerz:
Jessie J looks like a straight up porn actress, while Jenna is gorgeous, clean exotic pureness.
Nini bella
Nini bella:
No they don't
Jenna is way prettier than Jessie J
Peyton Sawyer
Peyton Sawyer:
They absolutely look alike. The skin tone and noses are different that’s about it.
Purple Rain
Purple Rain:
No. Jenna is quarter Arab. Jessie j a plain pink skinned Brit. 🤷‍♀️
Miss Understood
Miss Understood:
They’re both weird looking he can do better
Jen Xoxo
Jen Xoxo:
This is dumb lol. They look nothing alike and jessie j looks like shes in her damn 40s... I don't mean that in a mean way but I don't believe her age at all. apparently shes around my age 28-31 but looks older, Jenna looks younger than me...Jenna is beautiful she has a softer features.
Benjamin Pallack
Benjamin Pallack:
Jessie J is a league above Jenna
Rhi-Rhi Cook
Rhi-Rhi Cook:
Our Wookie Life
Our Wookie Life:
Jessie J is ugly as the day is long. Jenna is hot. They look nothing alike. Both have a dark long bob. The comparison ends there.