Jenna Dewan Reacts To Channing Tatum Dating Jessie J

Channing Tatum Started Dating Jessie J and Her Resemblance To Jenna Dewan is Uncanny. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So often, Hollywood divorces are filled with shocking scandals and serious allegations. But sometimes, the truth is that people tend to grow apart, and this seems to be the case with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. The two met on the set of Step Up, and stayed together for over a decade. Now their relationship is over, and both of them are doing their best to move on, and co-parent effectively. We’ll take you over their relationship timeline, and let you know how their love lives are doing. While Dewan may be dating again, Tatum’s new partner Jessie J is the one we can’t stop talking about. She and Jenna Dewan might be long lost twins, because they look so shockingly similar! Do you think that we are seeing things, or is Jessie J the doppelganger of Jenna Dewan? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and then click subscribe for the latest videos from TheTalko. Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Blue Cotton Candy
Blue Cotton Candy:
I had no idea they were dating 😱😱
Janet Ward
Janet Ward:
They're overplaying this "doppleganger' thing. Their faces are quite different.
Channing and Jenna were my favorite couple in Hollywood. I was supersad when they split up but I'll be honest, I adore Jessie J too. Channing has a very nice taste in women
Ramona Javier
Ramona Javier:
why are you guy's being so harsh towards Jessie look i love Jenna too but Jessie is actually really talented and sweet and really funny and doesn't deserve hate so you guy's need to chill he is the one dating her if he likes her he likes her no need for the comparing and the insults
Jessie J Is the most humble and sweetest person ever , im happy <3
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family:
Any singles here ????

Can't be the only one LOL
Alisha Aey
Alisha Aey:
Seriously?! They're two different people and stop hating on Jessie J, she is a good person.
Brandi Rush
Brandi Rush:
The only similarity is their hair. They do not look alike, it seems more like someone trying to create drama. I like think they are both very pretty in different ways.
Ronda Rager
Ronda Rager:
If Channing and Jenna were such a great pair-they would still be married! Get over it. As for Jessie J, great catch, don't mess it up.
tasha salad
tasha salad:
I hate this comparing the two when they are obviously both different, the only similar thing about them is the hairstyle, that's it, everything else is different, just let them date who they want imo i think jessie is a fantastic person with an AMAZING voice and a bombass personality and she's beautiful as well, so honestly he's one lucky guy
jen scaff
jen scaff:
They don’t look alike
Blissful 1
Blissful 1:
Jenna is gorgeous 😍😍😍
Richelle Knapp
Richelle Knapp:
Omg he has a TYPE!! HOW DARE HE?? 😱😱 Oh the drama 🙄🙄
User Name
User Name:
Those saying the hair look the same probably don't know Jessie J has had so many different styles
Chloe Caoimhe
Chloe Caoimhe:
I never knew they were seeing each other!
People are weird to think jessie j is ugly . she is rare beauty that is hard to find seriously . she has very fierce facial features
okami ps4
okami ps4:
Sorry mate they don't look that alike that's like saying ps4 and xbox one look alike and they worlds apart
Violett Reyes
Violett Reyes:
I'm shook that Jessie kinda looks like Jenna. Seems like Jenna was the one that wanted to leave Channing.
Eman Khashan
Eman Khashan:
Mmm no they only have the same haircut..
Demi Goldfinch
Demi Goldfinch:
Nothing at all alike it's just the haircut
Anna Cornish
Anna Cornish:
This doppelganger thing is RIDICULOUS
Grow up
Karina Wick
Karina Wick:
Omg 😱😱😱......I love all of your videos 💕💕 they make me catch up with the world
Alex and Abby Skon
Alex and Abby Skon:
I DIDN'T knew they were dating. . Good 4 them., love Jesse J.. love her song domino and flashlight
They look nothing alike and they don't have the same Bone structure at all.
xxx Magsx
xxx Magsx:
Hey channing! How about “the vow”? 😭
Alina Mus
Alina Mus:
I think if one had blonde hair they wouldn’t look anything alike
Jessie J is a beautiful soul and her voice is unbelievable.
Mind chatter art
Mind chatter art:
These two split up and found new love again with such wonderful ppl ❤️ so lovely....
interior beauty
interior beauty:
Jessie J is a pretty girl and a damn good singer.
Now ya’ll can suck that up!
Chelsea Ng
Chelsea Ng:
Jessie definitely has similar features to jenna. Both jessie and jenna have the "fierce" face shape. He clearly has a type. The jawline and the cheekbones especially.
Jennifer Baldwin
Jennifer Baldwin:
They do look ALOT alike!! I'm glad he's getting back into the dating scene and moving on. I like both he and Jenna. Happiness to them both😊😊❤
Just Zy'Ariea!!
Just Zy'Ariea!!:
9th comment, love you talko 💞💞
Ted Frey
Ted Frey:
Jessie is touring the States at the moment, suggest you go and see her before judging.
Kenia Almeida
Kenia Almeida:
His ex-girlfriend's going to be Vanessa Hudgens
Melody Tsang
Melody Tsang:
Jessie J is one of the best singers of this generation and now all people care about is her looks and compare her to Jenna. Smh.
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo:
I don't think they really look alike anyway... Jessie has harsher features than jenna
Regina Elgin
Regina Elgin:
Whatever it was her move on and be happy to everyone. They look nothing alike, their just both beautiful talented ladies.
Ma Jela
Ma Jela:
The world became such a cold place... the people are shallow af. So what if Jessie looks like a dude, who cares if she's not that beautiful. She's a great musician and she could be a warm hearted person. Our looks doesn't define who we are inside
Jessica Laffin
Jessica Laffin:
I wouldn't say they were the "It" couple.
Poto-Poto Man
Poto-Poto Man:
Husband: lets split up. This marriage doesnt work anymore
Wife: ok
Children: ????!
Yani O.
Yani O.:
I NEVER KNEW THEY HAD A DIVORCE😲 (am i the only one who didn't know??)
Sorby Waiserene
Sorby Waiserene:
jessie is more beautiful inside and outside too
Sarah Monique
Sarah Monique:
Unlike everybody else, those 2 definitely look alike to me and it goes beyond the hair color. I always feel a little weirded out when a celeb dates someone new and the new person looks so much like their ex lol.
tagabicolini pinay
tagabicolini pinay:
Twins 😂🤣🤣
regine echano
regine echano:
Yes they are different person but can deny some resemblance tho.. from Dancer goes to Singer.. wow..Love them both tho
Channing Tatum is such a butterface. I've never understood the fascination with him...
if they are so amicable, why couldn't they stay married?
Jesah Buhayan
Jesah Buhayan:
Both Jessie and Jenna are beautiful! And so look a like ❤️
Man, I'm very much straight but if you ask 'Marry, snog or avoid?'​ I'd marry Jessie anytime. Don't​ mess it up, Tatum!!
Milena Stojilkovic
Milena Stojilkovic:
And where is her reaction?
Sweet Angel
Sweet Angel:
I love channning Tatum 💗
Jessie and Channing both hit JACKPOT💯❤🔥
Camelia Ersando
Camelia Ersando:
I had no idea they split😱
Charlie L
Charlie L:
Is it just me or is the content completely off the title?!
Nora G
Nora G:
Good for him! Both beautiful ladies, I adore the two ladies! Channing has fine taste! 👌🏽
K & N's world
K & N's world:
No idea how much try looked alike WOW!!Thanks Talko
so happy for jessie 😭❤️
Run it
Run it:
His wife why beautiful whyyyy😖jason😩
E h
E h:
ok but where was the reaction?
jana palcek
jana palcek:
Well life is change even if we would like to hold to it.... expansion is new forever maybe?! Breath and keep walking
I’m a dog lmao
I’m a dog lmao:
When your single and see other couples being like “I wish I was in a couple, and my parents would let me date” lol
It’s Caitlin
It’s Caitlin:
I watched step up
I dont want this!!! No no no! I want jenna and channing to stay together!!!!
So much for 'til death due us part'!!
Another couple who made vows to each other but can't keep their word....
Olivia Tom
Olivia Tom:
I could easily resist him. Stuck with him in an elevator? Not a problem.
Rachelle Kebaili
Rachelle Kebaili:
Both beautiful women...Channing Tatum has good taste!
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman:
his ex is a lot better looking
okami ps4
okami ps4:
That felt like a long 6 mins man, gosh
dafrankeinstein 89
dafrankeinstein 89:
Jessie j not only talented but also have good heart . I love her
Kristina Eder
Kristina Eder:
😢 Does ever after didn't exist in Hollywood? 😢😢😢
hilly billy
hilly billy:
He definitely has a type when it comes to girls
Diana Saetern
Diana Saetern:
Everyone deserves to be happy. Let them be
I can resist him! No dl male for me 😂😂😂
State of Consciousness
State of Consciousness:
It’s the British accent tho 🇬🇧
Hailees BestFriend
Hailees BestFriend:
0:47 Can I glow up like that?
Crystal Naik
Crystal Naik:
I didn't know that they were dating 😨
Flutterby 84
Flutterby 84:
No way are they dating!!!
Kay E
Kay E:
Good luck to them if it’s true.. life moves on its non of our business
So no reaction to them dating then, as promised in the title. Boring.
Their haircuts are where the similarities end. They don't look alike
Becca Oliver {CraftsDotCupCake}
Becca Oliver {CraftsDotCupCake}:
Анна Онегина
Анна Онегина:
Background music is so annoying 🤦🏼‍♀️
Deborah Linton
Deborah Linton:
My ex did the same thing TWICE and married both of them. Unfortunately, like me, they also eventually left him. He just doesn't get how to have a good relationship I guess.
Jessie Heart
Jessie Heart:
I love Jessie J . Awesome catch after Jenna .
Senior Woodz
Senior Woodz:
The wall remains undefeated.
Is it just me or does he have a type. Brown hair, blue/green eyes
Tina Booth
Tina Booth:
👎 they're cheating themselves of LoVe baby!
Ms. K G
Ms. K G:
He’s not over his wife...
Alexi Dolan5SOS
Alexi Dolan5SOS:
What an odd and unlikely couple 😂dafuq
Kind of makes you wonder if Tatum isn't a fan of being single? I mean he seemed to jump into a relationship with Jenna very soon after separating from his gal prior. Then after such a long relationship with Jenna, already dating someone? Not judging, nothing wrong with that. Just noticing.
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee:
Absolutely no comparison.
Jessie j is amazing!!
Aniko Varga
Aniko Varga:
Wow he moved on quickly 🙄
Didn't know they were dating. He could do so much better...
Lanukaba Lemtur
Lanukaba Lemtur:
Whatever it is... I love Jessie J 💕
my real name is channing tatum and i'm not lieing
Who here thinks they DONT look alike 😑
Jarren Lumpkin
Jarren Lumpkin:
Harley Greicy
Harley Greicy:
Quero vocês juntos de novo.
Askare Bast
Askare Bast:
The music. Very distracting