IS JAMAL LYON LYING? Let's talk about this Jussie Smollett situation objectively...

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MelanatedGoddess Ma'aT
MelanatedGoddess Ma'aT:
I think he needs more people.
Bloodshot eyes with a lil scrape under his right eye just doesn't match up with the kind of beat down they said he sustained! 🤔
JBird Carter
JBird Carter:
I support Jussie, but I agree there is more to this story. Maybe one of his friends set him up. Maybe he was going for a hookup and it turned out to be a setup. Either way, I pray for his recovery both physically and psychologically.
Chris Xavier
Chris Xavier:
yeah why not send someone out for the food or order in?
and why are you out alone at 2 am after you have been threatened?
chicago maga country? come on now ...
Pork Chop and Gravy
Pork Chop and Gravy:
His escort date got too rough...ijs...
Sarah MayWest
Sarah MayWest:
See... THIS is why I'm subscribed to you lol. You don't follow the crowd. I was thinking the same damn thing.
Tony Yayo
Tony Yayo:
It would be career suicide if he lied about this
Geraldine Duncan
Geraldine Duncan:
I believe it but it sounds like I act out of a movie scene on Empire
If the attack story is true, I hope Jussie is okay. But......I feel it's a fake story for LGBTQ publicity.
Chicago is going through a winter vortex why would he be walking to subway at all places? I mean whaaaat
The World Is A Vampire
The World Is A Vampire:
This is a lie. A humongous lie.
Mima M.
Mima M.:
I chose to believe him, because I always believe the victims no matter what, until shown otherwise. I hope he’s not lying, because this is NOT going to be a good for anyone, especially REAL victims. However, Thank you for bringing up Jasmine story, because Black girls/ black women are NEVER believed or protected. Look how people still treating the R Kelly’s victims, Jasmine is till fighting to be believe. The black community is a sad community, especially when it comes to Black girls and women.
Andrea Johnson .
Andrea Johnson .:
I don't believe the story one bit. This guy is a multimillionaire. Why is he walking by himself 2 am in the morning to Subway when he could have used Grubhub or Uber Eats to deliver his food? Which famous person do you know go outside at that time by themselves? Sounds like he went out looking for some boy on boy action and got caught up with the wrong person/people and shit got out of hand.
Chris Turner
Chris Turner:
I must say he is a great actor. Wouldn't be hard to fabricate a story especially since he has been vocal about black lives matter and his hate for trump.
jenny chatman
jenny chatman:
I was thinking the same thing. He couldn't have his food delivered? Where was his security? I have a hard time believing that here in Chicago that nobody was out to see anything this is a city that never sleeps so where are the witnesses. It just seemed a little fishy to me. I had to ask my sister when was empire is coming back on. These days they always have scandal before a show comes back on or an album drops. I hope he's not lying but if he is shame on him.
Vodka w/3 olives
Vodka w/3 olives:
This is a great point!
Kerry Baity
Kerry Baity:
I agree with you Michelle. My thing is if you don't want to call the police, why let your friend call them? The whole note thing is suspicious as well, jmo.
Why do I feel like this is a lover's quarrel and cover-up?
Geraldine Duncan
Geraldine Duncan:
but I do think this did happen to him and I don't think it's funny
Boss Lady Talk NJ VIP AREA
Boss Lady Talk NJ VIP AREA:
Love back drop!!
Kerri Mosley
Kerri Mosley:
That last caller made all the difference. Think about things before judgement!
253_Echantress Melanin Queen
253_Echantress Melanin Queen:
I like Jessie, but I was wondering if he had a assistant or some type of security. If so, then where they at when all of this happen? I hope that he didn't lie about all this situation!!!!
I just gotta say,,,,,,Those glasses and bun are errthing.💜💜💜
Roxane Lk
Roxane Lk:
Oh I missed you!!!! You are the best❤🤙🏽🙂
No Grub hub in a winter vortex🤔 I'm here in CT and it's 4°'s colder than a witch's titty here...✋I👏ain't👏walking👏no👏where. In the Midwest😒😒😒
Your channel is great. Yes keep that energy off your channel. I'm new here and I didn't like that
Ursula Ingram
Ursula Ingram:
Your braids are very cute.
Gwen Star
Gwen Star:
May Spirit bless you Brian ...
As mother with no husband get it right. Hoe
The cover-up is ALWAYS worse than the crime.
Geraldine Duncan
Geraldine Duncan:
I live around a bunch of gay guys in the tour at night they're on the hunt
Sandra Holmes
Sandra Holmes:
I don't know why y'all feel tht Jesse story imay not be true that will b so stupid to mess up your career if it is just a lovers, dispute wait for fact before, yall judge him.
M. K.
M. K.:
Luv the hair Michelle!
I believe he is lying to demonize Trump supporters.
Boss Lady Talk NJ VIP AREA
Boss Lady Talk NJ VIP AREA:
Karl vonKlutz
Karl vonKlutz:
Think he got the cut from a finger nail and a concussion being slammed on the headboard
Let's be clear I live in Chicago I don't believe either one of their stories the Jasmine story nor his story
Denise Chestnut
Denise Chestnut:
I hope not, but why refuse to let the Authorities see your phone, if you claim you were on it talking to your manager during part of the assault??? I pray this case is solved.
The black community will look ridiculous after they realize that he’s lying
jackielajohn dejavu
jackielajohn dejavu:
All I will say is I am just going wait and see bec for me when I was younger YES I would have ran out late at night to get me a sandwich BUT now I am older and wiser. I know better. We don’t know how far the sandwich place was from his hotel. The truth will come out but until then I will hold my judgement bec this guy was hurt regardless.
Natalia Swan
Natalia Swan:
Wendy would have a comment
Lisa's Journey
Lisa's Journey:
i think he was looking for drugs,,,,
Simply Gem
Simply Gem:
Brian. FACTS
We also sing with our own 2 eyes that the girl went on twerking after she claimed she was assaulted And just because you have a part of a video does not say everything because you have witnesses that say otherwise with the Jasmine situation
CARAMELkimmie Kim
CARAMELkimmie Kim:
One big hoax that boy went tricking 2am in the morning and got set up and fuckd up🤣and none of the bleach got in his 👀 eyes and the noose story definitely sound fake asf boy bye
Erica Erica
Erica Erica:
I dont believe his story.
Natalia Swan
Natalia Swan:
Well why is so many people shocked this is actor right? I do enjoy the theatrics he gives on Empire hes a decent vocalists.
Camille C
Camille C:
I hope that he is lying because us Chicagoans are going through enough just living here. U can best to believe that Chicago finest will get to the bottom of it. 🤦🏾‍♀️ We will see because word on the street says CPD r scratching their heads & giving him the side 👁. Emhmm
Ashunda Thomas
Ashunda Thomas:
have we ever been able to rely on their police department...lets find our missing babies from Chicago... let's get to the bottom of this organ harvest claims out there, so again, have we ever been able to rely on the police department - shoot, like how they handled Kenneka's case and she had cameras all through her case...whatever the case may be - again, when have we ever been able to trust Chicago's Fakest? #ImJustSaying let's be 100%
Beauty For Ashes TV
Beauty For Ashes TV:
Whats gonna happen to his career ?? He could have just went to the hospital and said i was robbed instead of this CRAZY story
You are so right!!! Everybody so quick to believe his story. This just didn’t sound right from the jump for me. It has too much stuff in it. Not saying this can NEVER happen BUT, let’s get more information FIRST!!
Deanna Woody
Deanna Woody:
You are telling the truth
Barbie Flygerian
Barbie Flygerian:
I think this was a embarrassment ritual to join the cliques - eyes wide shut situation
Gwen Star
Gwen Star:
The address for the subway is 511 N Mc Clurg Ct, Chicago, IL 60611 and this area is very nice, use to work around there . The restaurant is open 24 hrs.  His story has a lot of holes in it. Not clear on any of it...Why didn't he want to file a police report. His ribs were broken omg...
Carolyn j
Carolyn j:
Look, Jussie was high when he went for food at 2am alone (munchies) and or he was picking up some drugs, cuz he said he love the weed on several interviews and by the look of how black his lips are ,seem pretty true. Those guys were out to get him. Jussie refused to call cops at first,why? Cuz he know he was up to no good. My opinion,yea I said it.
Jocelyn Williams
Jocelyn Williams:
Child neither 1 make sense him nor jasmine so everybody dont believe both stories
His story is possible! But definitely not probable!
It's gonna fall under the 'still under investigation' file indefinitely due to his celeb status, we'll never find if he's lying or not, I hope his account is 100% true, if it comes out he's lying he's gonna face a world of backlash, even if the truth is embarrassing tell it regardless, we want the truth.
Miss Winnie
Miss Winnie:
America has not been around 4 centuries LOL
So why aren't you able to believe his story but the girl in the club we are supposed to just believe that but it's OK to question the black man hypocrisy at its best I'm surprised that you again
D'Andre Anthony
D'Andre Anthony:
That dude was wrong with his approach to disagree with that female caller.

I didn't like how Michelle allowed that dude to immediately disrespect that caller during the conference call.

Talking over people shouldn't be allowed. No one can understand neither of there points.
Karim Bennett
Karim Bennett:
I believe he's telling the truth. Chicago is a very dangerous city for Black, gay men. The North side of Chicago is full of White men, known to sympathize with suspected White supremacists. He's lucky they didn't kill him,
Child and Animal Lusting Caboom
Child and Animal Lusting Caboom:
As far as gay men “against” black women I have seen instances where that’s the case; however, as a black lesbian woman I seen situations where the female was the aggressor as in this call. It does go both ways for the most part.

And second of all, WE need to STOP this ebt and food stamp shaming some of the most successful out there at some point needed all that assistance.
Natalia Swan
Natalia Swan:
Your right about Jazmim and Jessie its colorism and sexism.
Dannellia Woodley
Dannellia Woodley:
I'm going to say just like I said about your last story of the fake rape. It's something fishy going on with this story too. Nowdays people will do anything to be in any light that's going to shine on them.
alex herbert
alex herbert:
Stumbled onto this through BBC international news....unfortunately it seems like this young man, for whatever reason, has made an entirely fictitious claim. As we speak the two suspects being questioned are his colleagues from the show....who are black Nigerians. Does not mean he was not attacked. Simply renders the racist lynching (MAGA HAT) claims very difficult to's all very ugly.
SOTBP Conference
SOTBP Conference:
It just be easier to not call nobody. He not know bootleg to treat him. Bleach is dangerous. This is response based on presumption you presenting. Then again, did something odd get put into his drink.
Geraldine Duncan
Geraldine Duncan:
people don't want to believe in 2019 that there's races out there that will do this but there are
Malibu Barbie
Malibu Barbie:
I agree with that one caller...Gays don't like it when you disagree with them and then call you homophobic! Not agreeing and not supporting is not the same as someone trying to harm you! Oan I hope Jesse isn't Lying ...hope they have footage somewhere!
Jacques Shedrick
Jacques Shedrick:
I just want to know why didn't he have bodyguards? Why was he by himself? He should know better then to travel by himself when He know how dangerous Chicago is. Yesss..something just not adding up to me either..but what's done in the dark will reveal in daylight!! Hope he's not shining a light on him that will lead to his life in danger. 🙏🙏for him that he recovery soon..
realz shows
realz shows:
Type the people stop talking to them on live.its annoying.
T Pickle
T Pickle:
Unfortunately in this case critical thinking=racism. And that's a shame
eric brunson
eric brunson:
I’m skeptical because it does sound weird...but he was beaten and no one should be subjected to violence....I believe he was trying to hide his intentions...but honestly he’s a grown man if he was cruising that’s his business...the truth shouldn’t have been hidden
Shoe Deeva
Shoe Deeva:
Please stop putting that out there.
Sooooooooo the attack was caught on video. Update from the Chi
Gigi Oatmeal
Gigi Oatmeal:
So, y’all think bleach freezes, a noose isn’t used in erotica, CHI TOWN don’t have food delivery services in -45 degree weather, he never hooked up with anybody in his DMs, and it’s a cover up cause ain’t no footage? TMZ is lead by a 45 Supporter & a member of LGBQTIA. This is not a boy who called wolf...a deflection ✌🏽✌🏽
D'Andre Anthony
D'Andre Anthony:
As unfortunate Jussie's situation is, I hope this is true that he was attacked. It wouldn't look good for him, his family, LGBTQ community, 'Empire' and Fox.

If Jussie isn't telling the full story, his last Twitter post may tell it all.

His last tweet, 3 days ago (Sunday, Jan 27, 2019):
"Frauds are everywhere y’all. Protect the mind, heart and spirit of you and your people at all costs. Just remember... Salt, cocaine and anthrax can all appear to be sugar...(the “refined” kind of course) just be careful out here fam. Happy Sunday. Love you. Real talk. Love on."
There is NOTHING funny about this. Treating this like a joke fans the flames of hate.
The problem for Jussie is the black community doesn't believe him and the gay black community doesn't believe him. His whole story sounds bad,but to put your entire career on the line for a publicity stunt is just plain stupid. This like a NFL player punching some chic on the sideline in the middle of a game! That shits a rap!
Angel Mayberry
Angel Mayberry:
Here is the thing. People aren’t researching the topic before they are making slanderous assumptions. He had just got into town and decided to go get something to eat. He had been snapchating and instastoring the entire night. I don’t know if he is lying but I pray he isn’t because he just committed career suicide.
Teresa Roberts
Teresa Roberts:
as blacks we always find a way to attack our own. you don't have to dissect this story the police do. people always seeing if it was me I wouldn't have but it wasn't you. hopefully he will get security and realize that he's not the average Joe