Ireland vs All Blacks 2018: Where has the respect in rugby gone?

Where has the respect gone in rugby? November Internationals are right around the corner and everyone is excited to support there country. In my previous video, I saw a lot of hate between All Blacks and Irish Rugby Fans which I simply can't understand. Stop hating and focus on the game we love. Don't get me wrong I love a little banter but there’s no need for fans from various nations hating on each other. Support your country till the end but if you lose, show respect to your opponents and give credit where credit is due. Hit that subscribe button and let me know your thoughts. Where's the respect in rugby gone? #AllBlacks #IrelandRugby #RugbyUnion Please Like, Share & Subscribe ►Business Enquiries: [email protected] ►Want to Sponsor my videos, click on the link: ►Please support me in growing this channel, any donation will be greatly appreciated: ►Please Subscribe: Connect with me on my Social Media Channels: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: Watch More of Gareth Mason: Popular Uploads: Personal Videos: Inspirational Videos: Sporting Videos: Political Videos: Why I created my YouTube Channel: I created Walking Tall with G-MAN to inspire, motivate and encourage people to achieve their dreams no matter what their challenges are and to never give up in life! My name is Gareth Mason and I would love it if you could join me on this journey. Stay Safe and Never Give Up!

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Gareth Mason
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brent kelly
brent kelly:
I’m a New Zealander who has lived in Ireland for 22 years. I guess I’m a winner this November, no matter what happens.
Kahawai Kid
Kahawai Kid:
You hit the nail on the head brother. I'm a kiwi and a huge fan of the All Blacks however it's my love for the game that drives my passion. Even watching the Bok's down the AB's wasn't a catastrophe because we were treated to some wonderful rugby on the day. Of course it is ok to champion your team and support them vigorously but we're all here because we love the game, so let's be humble in our victories, gracious in our loses, and respect the beautiful game. Good luck to all the southern hemisphere teams on their tours, and good luck to all our northern hosts 👍.
Kevin Byrne
Kevin Byrne:
I couldn’t agree more . Rugby is a game of respect and brotherhood. As an Irish man I can proudly say I am proud of what Ireland have achieved to this day in rugby. Any nation ca win or lose on a given day . Good luck to all in November 👍
The 1014 Rugby
The 1014 Rugby:
Good on you Gareth!!!! There is so much to be said on this topic. A person can passionately support their own team while holding the utmost respect for the opposition. A goal of ours is to bring sportsmanship back into sports content, it's clear that you live and breathe it too!!! Much respect as always!
Roger Campbell
Roger Campbell:
Great topic G Man.
I have staunchly supported the ABs since I was a young boy. But I cringe at some of the arrogant AB supporter comments. Rugby is a great game but you’re right, where is the respect?
ABs are good but so is Ireland and the November test is going to be an awesome spectacle. I want ABs to win of course and it will hurt if they don’t. If Ireland tip is over then full credit to them. They are a great side who play brilliant rugby. If AB supporters think this is going to be a walk in the park then they are in for a shock.
Anyway love your work GMan keep it up mate.
My prediction for NZ V Ireland
27 - 19 to NZ.
When the England manager call's the Irish 'scummy' its little wonder that the fans follow on.
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter:
That's what I was wondering, it's funny that the teams that play have so much respect for each other and would probably have a beer with each other afterwards. Where as certain fans have 0 Sportsmanship and respect. Difference between rugby and soccer is respect and great sportsmanship. Let's not let it get there.
Mpumelelo Radebe
Mpumelelo Radebe:
All sport fans need to hear this.
Can't we just agree that we all hate England.
Dean Napparell
Dean Napparell:
Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our Martin Luther King once said ...we must learn to live as brothers or perish together as fools.. We are all brothers in the rugby world, this is our passion.
Unbiased Rugby
Unbiased Rugby:
Great Show Gareth, if the players can have a beer after the game when they have gone at it hammer and tongs. I think as supporters and lovers of the game we can try show the same or similar type of respect to each other and our teams. I sometimes get frustrated when the crowd boos when the opposition kicker takes a penalty or conversion, some countries dont even make a sound out of respect.
Life is way to short to get stuck on the haters, there are so many people that love your channel.
I cant wait for the Irish v New Zealand game I have a feeling it will be the most entertaining 80 minutes of Rugby this year.
I guess the footballers who somehow strayed to rugby-related video have brought their "morals" with them.
To those who still don't get it: This is exactly what sets rugby apart. This is a sport where two teams beat the life out of each other (within the boundaries of the laws) only to shake hands and applaud one another after the final whistle. As opposed to a sport where a bunch of grease-haired prima donnas spit at each other, bite each other, embellish, and the only time they're being tough is when they're talking to the the refs.
One of the big problems in society not just sports fans is that people have lost the difference between banter and just plain hateful comments. Also as a lot of it is through social media not said to someones face so we don't get the instant feedback of seeing the pain we have caused.

I think that the best thing we can do Gareth is to continue to lead by example and set the tone on our channels.
david rose
david rose:
I agree completely. Irish supporters like me spent the first 20 years of supporting rugby, avoiding the wooden spoon in the 5 nations. This teaches respect. Most Irish rugby supporters are impressed at the moment by all the top tier nations as we don't take any wins for granted. Without nz and a strong sa and aus the joy drains out of the game!
Kyle Moana
Kyle Moana:
Well said G-Man. People feel ten foot tall and bulletproof when they are typing behind their screens. Respect is hard to earn, but can be lost in the blink of an eye. Before posting anything think to yourself, would i say this to the persons faces. If not then dont post it. Keep up the good rugby vids G-Man. Love seeing your videos in my youtube inbox.
User Name
User Name:
Welcome to the internet! Where niceties and etiquette are not afforded. If your feelings are hurt by this, you will be laughed at and ridiculed. If your feelings are not hurt, you will be laughed at and ridiculed. Regardless, you will be laughed at and ridiculed.

But seriously the internet offers you the ability to share your thoughts, free from the shackles of responsibility if you so wish. Trying to police this is futile.
John McAlinden
John McAlinden:
As an Irish rugby supporter, I can tell you with certainty that everyone in Ireland has massive respect for the All Blacks. In fact the only time the All Blacks lost on Irish Soil was against Munster in 1974(?).
Kane Snow
Kane Snow:
am English I respect what Ireland new Zealand what they have achieved
john tumai
john tumai:
100% Agree Brother GeeMan. Opinions can always be respectful if the author writes as so. More reflective of the author than anything else, but very tiresome when people create arguments. They go nowhere and just ruin the channel.
craig forsyth
craig forsyth:
I'd bet money that the so called fans on the net who disrespect other nations and their fans have never played in a rugby team or been to an international or a even been to see their local club sides! They watch a few internationals and suddenly they're experts........but invariably show their ignorance by the racist/ nasty comments........
Big Will
Big Will:
A lot of people talk smack and a specific type of ABs supporter will talk them up and trash the opposing team. They're also the type that will trash their own team when they lose! Having said that, there's a lot of trash talking in the comments sections and I don't pay too much attention to it. If there's a lot of swearing, I simply avoid the comment altogether.
I love rugby as a whole and I love watching rugby regardless. I love when the ABs win but I also like the Wallabies as I have lived in Australia for 10 years. Rugby is a great game and you'll get the good supporters and the yobbo supporter! Avoid the yobbos and support team through thick and thin.
Joe Lyons
Joe Lyons:
Gareth it's not hate... it's simple WUM'S that come on to boards and are just looking for the chance of winding up people. By and large REAL Rugger fans respect one another, hell I can honestly say that I have never gone to a game and experienced even 1% of the crap that I experience on boards on YouTube, it's sad but true...
Ayanda veli
Ayanda veli:
Garerh.. you'll never win this war bacause some people are just mindless and childish. They don't have the respect that you speak about. They even cross the line and insult other countries. There are always gonna be a few rotten Apples.
Glad you brought this up Gareth because the banter does turn into hate sometimes. We need to take losing on the chin whatever the result. I think it's hard to review the game impartially when you are so passionate about your team and it's easy to fall into the trap of going back and forth with hate. Rugby has great values of respect which I think is unique and something to be proud of. Those values need to filter down to the fans on social media and talking about it is the only way to change those angry and hateful posts into the friendly banter Rugby is known for. Go the All Blacks.
Peace Love
Peace Love:
Totally agree with you G-Man. Our legends in S.Africa like Bokkies Botha, de Villiers, Matfield etc... They truly love the game and showed immense respect wether they won or not. Thanks bro
Crusader #Raider
Crusader #Raider:
As a Kiwi, yep I agree with you G-man. Give credit where it is due. If anyone beats the AB's and takes No 1 position, good on them they deserve the accolades. Most of it is banter, which is why I like reading the comments and commenting. But yep swearing and abusing each other over rugby, is crossing the line. Respect everyone, except the Aussies and Pomes lol, haha. Aussies and Pomes are OK, I just like winding them up. Especially the Aussies, cause the Aussies have a permanent kink in their backs from always being bent over by the AB's. Haha, but yep those ANZAC cousin's of ours don't mind. Keep the banter clean.
I've always enjoyed a bit of rivalry and banter but you're absolutely right. Sometimes people go to far and it can spoil great moments in sport. Regardless as an Irishman I can't wait for the upcoming world cup. Keep up the great work Gareth.
Reuben Wilson
Reuben Wilson:
Every time the Highlanders and/or All Blacks lose, I give the other team credit for third effort, even if the team I was supporting team bottles a good leads against a team like the Waratahs. It doesn't give me any pleasure watching the teams I support lose, but respect to the stronger team on the night is important, to me at least.
Ngaru Kereopa
Ngaru Kereopa:
Respect ✊ nice 👍.
International Rugby is the best.
Ireland win, they have to stand up to the physicality,skill,mental fortitude,x factor.
Your right it’s just a game, long as the standards high, go all blacks👍
Imgeta Seru
Imgeta Seru:
G Man don’t worry about those idiots! I’m a Kiwi and huge ABs fan but I respect all teams! Ireland and SA are both great nations. People take this game so seriously like its an actual war or battle. I can tell u the Abs themselves are a very humble bunch of blokes. Keep up the good work brother! 👍🏽
the kid
the kid:
If u wanna get to know rugby more.. come to this guy and he's awesome channel😎 love from grey college #FreeState❤
Real fans love the game first Gareth. Take Ireland and Wales or Scotland. Fierce rivals, no quarter given as it should be.
When the games are over hands are shaken... out of respect.
Some fans need to learn this. Booing the kicker is another sign of this during the games, nothing sporting there in some contests. This is bad for the game imo and needs to be stamped out also.
Shane Canning
Shane Canning:
90 percent off fans never even being to a game its the media socail media mostly
I get your frustration, that’s why I’m not on social media platforms like FB & Twitter. But it affects all areas, not just sport. I find channels or pages that set the standard high themselves, tend to attract other folks with similar mindsets. The 1014 is a great example, I never see nasty crap over there- maybe 2 or 3 times but it’s swiftly dealt with. Those guys focus on the actual rugby, unlike typical media, and it’s replicated in the comments. They never moan about refereeing, coaches silliness etc so neither do their followers. I think your position to remove anything that goes too far will prevent your channel attracting those kinds of people for the most part, you can reinforce that in your own videos and how you discuss the game too. Respect for players, coaches and crucially: refs, and then for each other as fans, will foster the kind of community you want to be in. Focus on the positive and you’ll attract more :)
You are the man Gareth! Love your work my man. Always look forward to your post
Meeean Azz
Meeean Azz:

That's what keeps rivalry alive! But healthy, witty banter, not insults.

When I *first started commenting* I was guilty of insults. But don't anymore.

You show *your age* when there's insults!

Example, Joe Lyons will *shit* in your porch, as he couldn't handle me pointing out.
🇳🇿 28 🇮🇪 1 lol

You should see some of the online chat rooms in Ireland before an interpro.

It would make you blush.
Chris Mouton
Chris Mouton:
Nice vid, G-Man. I fully agree with you, bro. There's loyalty to your country/team, but you got to give credit where it's due. Some people are just trolls looking for some attention. But I agree, show respect. Let's bring sportsmanship back to sport!
Trevor Roche
Trevor Roche:
GM you Are so Wright receipt for all teams
Gareth Mason your so right. 🍻🍻🍺🍺Show to all cheers
You're right Gareth. Well said. Thank you.
Jude Mcc
Jude Mcc:
Well Said! Keep up the good work Gareth.
gareth williams
gareth williams:
Right on brother. Whenever we NZ get beaten it's always by a team who really deserves the win . The end of year tours are going to be O for awsum.
Robert O'Riordan
Robert O'Riordan:
Well said Gareth, keep up the good work!
Marcus Ty
Marcus Ty:
I totally agree mate, rugby is a gentlemans game!, who ever wins the game deserves respect no matter where the team is from, and I have a big respect for you Gareth, keep it up bro!
ann johnson
ann johnson:
Nigel Owens spoke abt this because he's in close to the's sad r so passionate they know their teams work so hard to get where they of the great core values is respect some have not been taught this....losing the sportsmanship of rugby ...can destroy the game !!
Brian Cahill
Brian Cahill:
it's an early dress rehershal for the world cup,take what you can from it.....:}it's a good time to be living,looking forward to the world cup,resprect
Ngatokorua Rima
Ngatokorua Rima:
On behalf of All the All Blacks Supporters, I Apologize. 🇳🇿🙂
Craig 003646
Craig 003646:
i love the sport ill watch all competitions i support one or two teams in every comp ,,from wales then scarelts to the cheifs to scarens but ill watch all the games for the love of the game oh and who ever plays the English lol ,,,,but thats just banter :)
Respect :) bring on the 3rd
Kurt Dixon
Kurt Dixon:
Great stuff Gareth!! People need to keep their personal issues out....thats where the hate comes from...the thing is if any team is number 1 then they number one. S.A. can also make a host of reasons why we not number 1 blah blah but we not and doing something about it. Respect! Gareth!
Montague Hughes
Montague Hughes:
I agree with everything you say Gareth. I respect all rugby teams except Australia.
lorcan O'Reilly
lorcan O'Reilly:
I believe the 8 formation when Anthony Foley died and the presentation of the jersey by the maoiri show that respect between the two rugby nations is very much alive. As I always say NZ are the bar by which we all aspire to be but dosnt mean there invincible. There close 🤣
Joseph Fallon
Joseph Fallon:
Great point very well made sir!!
Great video. You are a classy guy!
Jon Paul
Jon Paul:
It's the Aussies g man, they're trolling your videos 😂. There disguising themselves as kiwis.
Hey g man! Always watch your videos and comment here and there, can’t say I’ve ever agreed with you more, it’s a game, a great game that we love and you’ve summed it up perfectly, keep up the great work! 💪🏻💪🏻
Jade Ponga
Jade Ponga:
Bokkie!!! I totally agree with you. You must know I am a proud and avid AB supporter. But YES!! I also give kudos to other Rugby Nations! When the Boks had to make transitions with regards to selections. That took 3 coaches to get that formula right. And how we both were reluctant about how the Boks won in Wellington. But I have my reserves about the Northern Hemisphere tour. And this will make good stead for how all 3 Southern hemisphere Nations prepare for RWC19.
Fionn O'Gorman
Fionn O'Gorman:
I totally agree people need to give credit and respect where it is due
Finbarr Ryan
Finbarr Ryan:
Great video and message Gareth! Much love.
luke Halliwell
luke Halliwell:
The thing is when you mentioned about being 1 sided it's because it's obvious
Damian Keane
Damian Keane:
That's some wind outside! Great vid!!
Is it windy there??? I thought my bloody window was open!😄
rugby fan
rugby fan:
Yes you are right my friend. From France. 😃
Ra Tawhiti
Ra Tawhiti:
Only true Rugby Fans respect the greatness of the game!
greg campbell
greg campbell:
If our heroes of rugby can show respect for each other... Surely everyone else can.
The person I have noticed that has really set the scene now is your own coach #Gareth.... Rassie.... Every interview I've seen he is so respectful..
Steve Hansen also respectful..
Good topic Gareth.
Perm Ragged
Perm Ragged:
A great video, needed to be said. The core values of the RFU need to be spread more. Competition is good and being loyal to your team is amazing but respecting the game and the opponent is what separates us from other sports.
Sam Renvyle
Sam Renvyle:
Perfectly said!!
Nick Tumaunei
Nick Tumaunei:
It will be a good battle between the 6 nations vs the Tri nations. The Tri nations dominated the last World Cup with all 4 teams in the quarterfinals.
The Man 121
The Man 121:
Yes. You are right gareth. You are so true.
Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop
Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop:
Gareth Mason as my Late Grand Mother always says Hate Means Hell and Hell is not a nice place even in your Mind so dont Hate. Rugby is a game of Honor among Giants.
Also Gareth another Brilliant and Honest View i hope some TV Station snap you up as a Pundit for the World Cup.
Darth Kage
Darth Kage:
Can't wait till next weekends game gonna be a cracker, think this game decides the number 1 team and number 1 player in the game
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo:
Great video ... right on the money .. let's all remember the players and the coaches all have the up most respect for each other ... after the game they have a beer and laugh together ... let's all get behind this !
Big Will
Big Will:
Love the honesty, G-man!
Christian Bachinger
Christian Bachinger:
I can't say more than what you said Gareth!

Fans MUST respect each other, as much as the players respect each other.

It's only right and fair and yes, you want your country to be respected, so respect the rest.

Just wondering if you saw my post about the old Zulu war dance...?
Mariachi San Patricio
Mariachi San Patricio:
Well needed topic.. Always a pleasure to hear your reviews Gareth. From a Mexican-Irish rugby fan..
Chantelle Cassidy
Chantelle Cassidy:
Respect I love rugby and I believe not only as an Irish person Ireland will win the World Cup rugby coming home were it belongs
Micheal O Donnabhain
Micheal O Donnabhain:
Well said G-Man.
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned:
Its inevitable that eventually the All Blacks WILL be dethroned by someone and Ireland has been gradually improving so its not impossible for Ireland to take the throne or South Africa,Australia,England,France.....Hell even America if rugby takes off big time in the states.
Carwyn J. Thomas
Carwyn J. Thomas:
Well said that man.
Judith Albert
Judith Albert:
Love hearing from you and you make sense my man the only hate you should have is hate losing lol . you should be coaching my bro you have a great love for the game, go the bok go the black xxxxx :)
Dry Weetbix
Dry Weetbix:
You took the words out my mouth ahah I love seeing respectful and competitive rugby!!
surge knight
surge knight:
Yeah that's right Gaz mate, respect is a virtue. All of us as supporters we should respect each other. I'm a proud bokke supporter and loyalty is everything but I give every team the credit they deserve but not to say a little banter is not allowed.
Eoghan Finnegan
Eoghan Finnegan:
Well said G-man 👍👍
Absolutely agree Gman,I believe some journalists like to rev some fans up too.Stephen Jones one of the biggest haters of the AB team,and his son is not much better.If i watch an AB game and the opposition play well like SA i respect them regardless of wheither they win or lose.It is the toxic comments that ruin the moments
Ali G said it best "RESTECP".
minister 4 mayhem
minister 4 mayhem:
Garret stop bitching. I remember when you had 300 subs your turning into a diva with your 8000
jj garvan
jj garvan:
I agree we are not footballers
Hori state OF MIND
Hori state OF MIND:
The boks is playing good rugby at the moment, Watch out for that world cup
Lewis Clay
Lewis Clay:
I'm English bru, I'll support my team to the death, but always love the respect and passion of all teams, especially the books! Keep the rivalry and fun, but respect is the game. It's what makes it✌🏻️🙏🏻
Jacques Lewis
Jacques Lewis:
Ireland can beat New Zealand, although it will take a Herculean effort on their part. The Springboks were firing on all cylinders and they barely beat the All Blacks on their home ground.
Donnee Mcalpine
Donnee Mcalpine:
well said G keep the good work
john condon
john condon:
I think the lack of respect is because new zealand are ruthless and sometimes this ruthlessness is seen as a lack of respect, but new zealand the team do respect everyone thats why they rarely slip off, sometimes the fans can be disrespectful, dont respect other teams
Catherine and Paul Futers
Catherine and Paul Futers:
Great video, Gareth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What people should try to remember is that when you support a rugby team you also represent that team! Before making a comment just ask yourself if your team would like the way that comment represents them on what is an international forum! Would your team like to be seen as arrogant, spiteful and bigoted or would they prefer to be represented as confident, sportsmanlike and respectful? And then think how you want to be seen yourself.

The great thing about rugby is that smaller nations are able to pull off great results against bigger ones. Saying that it can never happen is just plain daft. I have been supporting Scotland for nearly 40 years and I love it when English fans and media say that we can never beat them because that sort of arrogance always leads to a massive Scottish victory. There is a saying; 'Pride comes before a Fall', that is very true in Rugby.

This set of November Internationals will be the closest for a long time with all teams facing some unexpected challenges. Good luck to all...

... except the Welsh on the 3rd and the 'Boks on the 17th of course ;-)
Halex Hamiora
Halex Hamiora:
What do we ask of our kids when there playing sports, win or lose,Toooooooo respect the game,the players,and more importantly, have fun,get it dun
Cathal Sheehan
Cathal Sheehan:
There is respect, just the people involved in the hate in the previous video are twats.
Good video. Sadly I think it's a function of the culture in a lot of places nowadays. Showing respect is taken to show 'weakness'. It's sad.
The Irish are new to this rugby success and thus they are excited like a teenager losing their virginity .New Zealanders have been making rugby banter for the last 50years , and until anyone matches our record then the banter will just keep on flowing .When we lost in 2007 the whole rugby world laughed and clapped their hands at our failure .New Zealanders have passion for rugby this means emotions and expectations are high. The respect is still there ,being an all black means never disrespect the opposition ,always assume there is a threat and play every team like the best.
Igor Ocash
Igor Ocash:
I'm a Yank, and played Rugby Union at university for two different club sides - 50 years ago. It was pitiful quality Rugby play, but we had lots of ex-pats teaching us and helping us along: guys from England, Australia, and NZ all in the states for various reasons. We got a bit better. It was big fun. It was and is all about respect. Even 50 years ago, all those men from outside the U.S. playing and coaching us were respectful. Great times, Great fun. Lots of respect between sides after a match. That was a featured part of our coaching. I admire all the international sides, and sometimes find myself cheering whichever side happens to have the ball in an international match...
Safe to say gareth any rugby fans who abuse others arent fans and probably have very little knowledge of the game. In the 6nations i have always had a greattime with opposition fans before , during and after the game win lose or draw. I have always found a great spirit amongst fans of all nations and on occasions when fans have stepped out of line they have been quickly sorted out, usually by their own supporters. All those gowls on fansites and social media who spend their time spewing abuse arent fans