Iran, Japan, UAE & Qatar Into The 2019 Asian Cup Semis

Iran, Japan, UAE & Qatar Into The 2019 Asian Cup Semis Vietnam vs Japan 0-1 China vs Iran 0-3 South Korea vs Qatar 0-1 United Arab Emirates vs Australia 1-0 SEMI FINALS Iran vs Japan Qatar vs UAE


Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich:
Iran will be the champion ❤️🇮🇷
Joseph Mirzaei
Joseph Mirzaei:
I think also Sardar Azmoon listened to you!😄
And you also forgot to mention Iran's cleansheet by Alireza Beiranvand!
Dyako Rezai
Dyako Rezai:
My predictions for Semi-Finals:
Iran 1-0 Japan
Qatar 0-1 UAE AET
I have predicted Iran-Iraq final since the beginning but later stuck with Qatar. I'll make a risky statement and say UAE will beat Qatar to reach the final.
This might not mean much but Iran did beat Qatar just before the tournament started, if that counts for anything. Hopefully we'll be champions! 🇮🇷
My predictions are
Iran vs Japan 2:0 Iran win because the attack is very fast and the defense is very strong.Japan is not the Team what we saw in Russia and they are to young.

Qatar vs UAE 2:1 Qatar have a very good team young but strong.UAE can maybe win the match with the help ther supporters but I thin Qatar win the match.

The final will be Iran vs Qatar
and I think iran will win this 2:0
Public Vines
Public Vines:
My predictions for the Semi Finals are: Iran 🇮🇷 vs Japan 🇯🇵 1—0 for Iran 🇮🇷 Qatar 🇶🇦 vs UAE 🇦🇪 1—0

Finals Iran 🇮🇷 vs Qatar 🇶🇦 1—0
Arshia Stath
Arshia Stath:
Iran 🇮🇷
ReeXda Y
ReeXda Y:
Iran vs Qatar final
Banter Claus
Banter Claus:
Awer Mabil was a class player this tournament. He was AMAZING!
He used to catch three buses to get to training back when he was at Adelaide. He has worked so hard to get to where he is now. For me, he is my favourite player from the tournament.
Finsl : Qatar vs Japan = Xavi vs Iniesta
33 tehrani
33 tehrani:
IRAN 🇮🇷 💪✌️👍⚽️ Viva iran and iranian❤️⚽️
Behnam Rohani
Behnam Rohani:
Well, Iran has shown a great performance by now. They didn't have problems in the group D — except with Iraq which they struggled against. As for the elimination round, the easy wins of 2-0 against Omen and 3-0 with China implies that the great play of theirs at the group D wasn't just a matter of Iran's opponents; it makes it simple to understand they are preparing themselves for bringing the cup back, after a very very long 42 years. Iran's coach, Carlos Queiroz, has clearly worked with Team Melli during these 8~9 recent years; 12 delivered goals in 5 games with 0 received goals — thanks to Beiranvand.
On the other hand, Japan struggled a lot in the group F to win teams such as Turkmenistan (3-2), Omen (1-0), and Uzbekistan (2-1) to qualify to the round of 16. A wise game against Saudi-Arabia which led to a 1-0 win for them, as another 1-0 win against Vietnam — though with the help of VAR — which Japan performed in the elimination round can make something plain when you compare it with Iran's: Japan doesn't really have the capability — by far — to defeat Iran. If they play against them like what they've been showing until now, it will be unlikely for them to make it to the final.
At the other side, the loss of Australia against UAE made it easy for Qatar to make it through the final by defeating a weaker opponent. As you mentioned, Australia should have won the game, though unfortunately, they couldn't; UAE's defensive play plus their "luck" didn't let them make it to the next stage. That said, Qatar's win against South Korea was well-deserved. So, I think Qatar is going to easily break UAE, making it to the final therewith.
Consequently, I think it's going to be Iran VS Qatar game which we're going to watch at the final.
Leonegaming 03
Leonegaming 03:
Lol that intro
japan will be champion in asia cup 👑
Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf:
Geoff Weston
Geoff Weston:
@Dominic....Its not looking good for England in the cricket vs The West Indies
R.I.P Iran
Dyako Rezai
Dyako Rezai:
I got all my predictions correct:
China 1-3 Iran
Vietnam 1-2 Japan
South Korea 1-2 Qatar AET
UAE 2-1 Australia AET
- Btw I tried to be awake last night, but 3 AM I fell asleep. I was only 1 hour away from being in the Livestream.
Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf:
ONE DAY OR DAY ONE u decide:
Iran missing their star player Mehdi Tameri against Japan. Not good for Iran..
33 tehrani
33 tehrani:
IRAN ✌️👍💪⚽️ Iran is the most prestigious team in Asia and is currently the best Asian team in the FIFA Ranking and a well-organized, well-organized team with a full and very powerful technique and tactic.
Go UAE 🇦🇪🇦🇪 win at Qatar
Iranian Victory- مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی
Iranian Victory- مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی:
Feel sorry for Iranian, We lost the Game and our player played very bad today. And they deserved to get Fucked by Japan.
Iranian played like an Idiot and little child and I can not understand why. They could be a lot better then that.
Anyway, Congratulation to Japan and Fucked Iranian player as such, we do not need such a Stupid players and Coach.
ĸαѕrα αrιyαмeнr
ĸαѕrα αrιyαмeнr:
Khalid 288
Khalid 288:
UAE team luckey, becoz from beganing of the tournament, UAE played with weak team, Australia, 1st strong team UAE played and UAE reached on saimi faunal, that's right UAE played very strongly very good use .
Emese/samuel Varga/sera
Emese/samuel Varga/sera:
🇶🇦Qatar R gonna be champions🇶🇦
I'm Australian and disappointed. We have to get rid of Graham Arnold. I said it since day 1. We have to pay Ange anything he wants. He brought glory to Australia.
My prediction is that Qatar will win the the cup with a clean sheet
از هر رنگ از هر جا
از هر رنگ از هر جا:
I hope UAE doesn't win the Asian Cup. They look dangerous and phisically very strong. They defend as it depends on their lives.
I support Iran but I'm only afraid of UAE.