Instagram down again - the mobile app not loading causing outage for users

Instagram users are facing a morning without access to the popular social media service as both the app and website appear to be down and not working. Hey! Instagram has stopped working, with people unable to see people's pictures or profiles. Users are instead greeted with empty profiles and a message that the app "cannot refresh feed". Problems started at around 8.20am with thousands of reports across the UK and many parts of Europe. Independent website monitor, Down Detector, is showing a surge of issues with users currently unable to access or use the app. ot immediately respond to a request for comment. On, a warning read: "5xx Server Error." Across social media other users reported seeing a message which stated: “An unknown network error has occurred.” Outages also hit Instagram in May and July. There's no word on what's causing the issues but Ts Tech Talk will bring you updates as soon as we find out more. #Instagram #Instagramdown


and again today-
yea it happens some time, that Instagram is down. but no panic yea :)
G-one Youtube
G-one Youtube:
OMG what happen !!! my can't open
Dipesh Sunuwar
Dipesh Sunuwar:
great one
Trust Stanley
Trust Stanley:
love your videos
G-one Youtube
G-one Youtube:
what should i do?
It’s down again